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3 Day Smoothie Cleanse Weight Loss Recipes

Day Diy Detox Cleanse

3 Day Smoothie Detox Cleanse For Weight Loss

Do you want to try a detox cleanse but can’t justify the cost?

Are you looking for a way to kick-start weight loss or a new health regimen?

Do you want clearer skin, shinier hair, and an improved digestive system? Or maybe you just want to have a restful night’s sleep and wake up with a renewed sense of energy.

If you answered yes to any of those questions then my DIY detox cleanse is for you.

I’ve written these recipes specifically for detox and I’ve worked out a way for you to do your own DIY detox cleanse without having to buy anything pre-made, that’s a saving of well over £100.00!

To get a 3-day detox cleanse delivered can cost in the region of £165 which is just way too expensive for most.

I’ve managed to put a plan together for around £38.00 which is a fraction of that price.

Day : Matcha Green Tea Smoothie


  • 2 large handfuls of baby spinach
  • 1 large mango
  • 2 tsp matcha green tea powder
  • ½ tablespoons of hemp hearts


  • Take all the ingredients and add them to a blender. Blend them until they are smooth and creamy.
  • Pour the smoothie into a glass, then top with hemp hearts and additional cinnamon. Serve immediately
  • One serving of this smoothie contains 355 calories, 15g of fat, 46g of carbohydrates, 9g of fiber, and 15g of protein.

    How Does The Three Day Detox Diet Work

    The Three Day Detox plan is a simplified version of the ever popular Detox Diet Week. Ive taken the most effective weight loss days and combined them into an effective Three Day Detox Diet. If youre looking for a more detoxifying and food craving reset, the longer Detox Week is ideal. However, if youre looking to drop weight or bloat fast, this will help you get there in just 72 hours.

    As youll find further in this article, you can continue on after three days, in fact this is how I eat about 50% of the week. Ive found that once a month is also very helpful for overcoming plateaus, and as the plan is and always will be free, why not participate once a month?!

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    Apple Berry Detox Smoothie

    This weight loss healthy smoothie recipe is great if youre looking to increase your metabolism!

    Try this as a weight loss smoothie breakfast to jumpstart fat burning first thing in the morning!

    A good blender is so important when making detox smoothies, or while on a smoothie diet. Check out the 15 Best Blenders for smoothieshere.

    Benefits Of Juice Cleanse

    3 day detox smoothies

    The best juice cleanse provides extra nutrition and enough fiber youre lacking in your diet. Among its many positive effects or health benefits are:

    • Has anti-inflammatory properties
    • Helps you lose weight quickly
    • Improves nutrient absorption
    • Feeds good bacteria in your gut
    • Helps lower cholesterol
    • Boosts the immune system and energy levels
    • Helps detox your liver from harmful toxins
    • Lowers blood sugar levels
    • Improves your skin and mental clarity
    • Reduces dehydration
    • Broadens the range of fruits and vegetables you eat.

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    Calorie Restriction For Weight Loss

    Weight loss happens when your body expands more energy than consumed.

    On a smoothie diet, your calorie count should not exceed 1,500 calories per day.

    An average adult woman needs to eat 2000 calories per day to maintain her weight. An average adult man needs 2,500 calories to remain status-quo.

    To lose one pound of weight per week, women need to reduce calorie intake to 1,500 per day, and men to 2,000 calories daily.

    Based on these numbers, ladies would have recorded a shortfall of 500 calories per day on a smoothie diet. And this calorie deficit will force your body to burn other sources of fat, to convert to energy.

    Whats great about the smoothie diet is that you will not be nutritionally deficient.

    Selecting the right mix of greens, liquids and natural flavors ensures that your body is not traumatized, unlike crash diets.

    Ways To Follow The Smoothie Diet

    Just like most meal plans, there are different ways to follow the smoothie diet. Some people choose to take it for a few days, such as the 3-day smoothie diet, and others choose to follow it for a longer period, like 21 days. Apart from the duration of the two approaches, the two are also different in such a way that the short duration approach is more restricting compared to the long duration approach. The 3-day is more restricted because all the meals youll be taking will be in a form of smoothies and maybe adding healthy snacks like nuts along the way.

    For the long-duration approach, the smoothie diet is incorporated into a balanced diet, and you have one of two meals in smoothie form while the rest of the meals are in their solid form. The short-duration smoothie diet should not be followed for a period longer than the indicated time as it can cause a serious case of malnutrition. From the fact that most smoothies are made from vegetables and fruits, it means youll be missing out on some important macronutrients like proteins and fats.

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    Including Protein To Your Smoothie

    If you wish to increase your protein intake then you can quickly do it with smoothies. Whether you add protein powder or simply almond milk, or other ingredients in your smoothie, you can increase your protein consumption to help build or keep muscle mass.

    They can stay fuller for longer when individuals consume smoothies that are full of good fats and proteins. And because the digestive system requires to work a bit harder to burn the protein, people can burn more calories.

    Then make sure that you read the label on the product container to know exactly how much protein it has, if you are using a protein powder. That method you can compute how much to blend with the other protein-rich ingredients in your blender.

    Peanut butter is likewise an excellent source of protein. It might likewise be recommended not to include peanut butter every day to your smoothie, however utilize it moderately just a couple of times a week as a nice extra protein treat.

    A mix of whey protein, natural peanut butter, and coconut milk is an outstanding mix that individuals can integrate with other healthy ingredients to make a tasty, drinkable smoothie.

    If you are a vegan and you would, therefore, prefer not to take in whey protein, then there are numerous healthy vegan protein power alternatives offered in many health shops, or online that you can use rather.

    How To Make A Detox Drink

    My Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes (replace 1-2 meals per day!)

    Most detox smoothies include these components:

    • Greens/veggies: kale, spinach, chard, celery, cilantro, carrot
    • Fruits: apple, banana, berries, grapefruit, mango, orange, pineapple, watermelon
    • Liquid to thin out your drink: almond milk, soymilk, coconut water
    • Other healthy additions: lemons, ginger, yogurt, green tea powder, cinnamon, turmeric powder, avocado, spirulina powder, beetroot, rolled oats

    For a more filling drink, incorporate some protein and healthy fats such as:

    • Protein: hemp seeds, cashews, chia seeds, almonds, frozen peas, tofu, coconut milk, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, almond butter, yogurt
    • Healthy fat: walnuts, flaxseed, sesame seeds, avocado, coconut oil

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    What Do You Eat While Detoxing

    I always suggested drinking this detox smoothie along with plant based snacks and meal recipes. As an example, here are a few more ideas when it comes to eating healthy while doing a detox protocol.

    Why Do A Diy Detox Cleanse

    I cleanse because I enjoy detoxing my system and starting anew with a fresh body and mind.

    I want to be able to do a detox cleanse whenever I feel like it and not have to pay a premium price by having a detox pre-made and delivered.

    I use a Nutribullet blender which I treated myself to in anticipation of juicing every single day.

    Admittedly I haven’t quite been juicing daily or even weekly, although I have the most wonderful intentions, sometimes life gets in the way and plans are temporarily set aside.

    We all do that don’t we?

    But the point is, this is something you can set aside 3 days for and do pretty cheaply with amazing results.

    It’s also a great way of losing a few pounds before a special occasion and you’ll feel so much better after you’ve done a detox cleanse.

    Trust me.

    The only investment here would be to buy a really decent blender. I just love the Nutribullet, it’s one of the best kitchen appliances I’ve ever bought, they’ve come down massively in price now too and worth every single penny in my opinion.

    For this DIY Detox Cleanse, you’ll need: a blender, fruit and vegetables from the recipe card below, freezer bags for any leftovers, large cup/storage containers with lids.

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    Pineapple Banana Detox Smoothie

    I love detox smoothie recipes that include strawberries! This pineapple and strawberry smoothie recipe is a great way to get in your greens, while tricking your tastebuds!

    This is one of the best smoothies for weight loss as you cant taste anything except all the yummy fruit! Try it with your favorite green smoothie detox plan.

    Does The Smoothie Diet Really Work

    One Day  Three Smoothie Detox!

    First off, since youll be doing a carb and sugar detox, theres no way you wouldnt lose weight. And thats what make this diet work.

    The 21 day smoothie diet works because it takes advantage of the fact that you naturally sense when youre full .

    The idea behind this diet is that your smoothies will be nice and filling because they will contain lots of healthy fiber-rich veggies, fruits, and nuts.

    So what about calories?

    The whole idea behind the 21 Day Smoothie Diet is that it promotes weight loss by effectively cutting out bad calories without denying you of your daily nutritional needs.

    You wont go hungry on this diet youll just be drinking all your meals .

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    Lecithin: The Surprise Liver Boost

    Long used by chefs to keep food smooth and creamy, lecithin extracted from plants like sunflower thins out buildup in our livers, so the crucial organ can filter away fattening toxins and burn fat faster. Most people dont realize that the liver is their primary fat-burning and detox organ, says Gittleman. The better your liver functions, the easier it is for you to get and stay lean! Gittleman adds that the vitamin C rich acids in the detoxs tomato, lemon, and cranberry juices are also proven to help your liver work better and faster.

    One brand we like: Bronson Lecithin Granules .

    My Favorite Ingredients For Detox Smoothies

    Coconut Water: After plain filtered water, coconut water is my go-to liquid for smoothies. Low in calories and carbohydrates, and almost completely fat free, coconut water pairs well with most fruits and veggies. It’s also a natural energy drink thats rich in electrolytes that keep you hydrated.

    Spinach: Loaded with iron and other minerals, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, protein, antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory power, this leafy legend is an immunity boosting cleansing champion. With a mild taste thats easily masked by fruits and vegetables, spinach is my top choice for introductory green smoothies. You can add 1 to 2 cups into any blend without really changing the flavor.

    Beets: Rich in iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and dietary nitrates, beets build mineral-rich blood to dial up detox. Grate raw beets for the smoothest texture with conventional blenders, or lightly steam them to make them more palatable.

    Apples: Pectin is a soluble fiber in apples that help sweep the colon for digestive health. Apple pectin lowers the bodys demand for insulin, keeping apples glycemic index low. Many of the nutrients and fiber in apples are concentrated in the skin, so include the peels!

    Lemon: Low in sugar and full of nutrients, lemons are detox divas. Lemons are amped up with antioxidant vitamin C, antibiotic phytonutrients, and B vitamins. The citric acid in lemons aids digestion while ascorbic acid fights free radicals.

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    The Four Power Ingredients Of The Smoothie Detox Diet

    Like many detoxes, Gittlemans upgraded version keeps calories moderate and is built around juices and smoothies, which give your digestive system a break so your body can devote more of its resources to eliminating fattening toxins. Here are the four power ingredients that set the ultra detox apart from other smoothie diets:

    Two Spoons 3 Day Cleanse

    3 Healthy Smoothies RecipeSmoothie Healthy Recipes For Weight loss Breakfast Recipes

    Say hello to my 3 Day Cleanse! The much anticipated cleanse is finally here! I did this cleanse a couple weeks back and posted the results on my stories. Many of you have asked for the recipes, so I thought Id share them to the blog. Im really glad you want to know more about my cleanse, why I did it, and how it works.

    I believe that from time to time our body needs a digestive break. We are stuffing it daily with all types of different foods and asking it to work work work! Just like everything else, our digestive system needs to rest and reset, and to #liveitsbestlife.

    But Ill be honest with you I wasnt always a pro cleanse kind of girl. I used to be the BIGGEST detox skeptic. Thinking it was a marketing ploy and tactic to hook people into dieting, made of false promises and unhealthy ideals. I can assure you, this is NOT what my detox is all about. And Ill go more into this further below. But doing a cleanse has shown me real benefits to my health and digestions, and for that I am a total convert. I like to do this detox every once in a while, 2-3 times a year when Im looking to refresh my metabolism, digestion, and regroup back to healthy habits.

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    Reduces Insulin Production Over Three Days

    As the smoothie diet requires consuming less food, your body will produce less insulin. With reduced insulin, the body is tricked into burning more fat.

    The best way to maintain insulin levels low and fat-burning high is to sip the smoothie throughout the day.

    Avoid downing the smoothie in a few gulps as this insulin levels to spike.

    What To Eat After The 72

    After 72 hours of detoxing, Gittleman recommends switching to three daily meals, each containing:

    • 1 serving whey protein powder
    • 2 eggs or 8 oz. cooked lean protein
    • 1 tbsp. chia, flaxseeds, coconut, flaxseed oil or 1/2 avocado
    • unlimited non-starchy vegetables

    Also enjoy up to two servings of fruit daily. Season meals with unlimited herbs, spices, lemon or lime juice, vinegar and/or mustard. Natural zero-cal sweeteners like stevia are also fine. Drink plenty of water, adding unsweetened cranberry juice as desired. After two weeks, experiment with healthy starches to see how many servings you can include while still losing weight.

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    Dinner: Thai Chicken Soup

    Canned soup doesnt even come close to comparing.

    For one thing, this Thai Chicken Soup is low in sodium. Canned soups may be tempting with their promise of a quick dinner, but theyll will push you right past your daily salt quota. And, it bears saying, wont taste as good as this chicken soup will.

    The most exotic ingredient in this recipe is fish sauce, which most grocery stores do carry. Use organic chicken if you can. For an even more nuanced flavor, add lemongrass.

    For a vegetarian option, try this Thai Curry Vegetable Soup

    Did we miss your favorite smoothie recipe? Share your recipe ideas with us in the comments wed love to hear them.

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    Breakfast: Blueberry Maple Protein Shake

    Pin on Katina

    Blueberries are on the top of my food recommendations list. We should all have more berries. Blend together some organic yogurt, blueberries, a little maple syrup, vanilla extract, and some non-dairy milk to make this blueberry maple smoothie.

    Tip To make this recipe dairy free, substitute yogurt for coconut yogurt, or try adding a banana instead to make it creamy.

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    What Kind Of Blender To Make Smoothies

    You can either use a conventional blender or a smoothie maker.

    The difference between a smoothie maker and a blender is that smoothie makers are portable and designed with convenience in mind.

    Smoothie makers make one portion at a time. The jug conveniently transforms into a cup. This leaves you with less cleaning up to do. Since smoothie makers are smaller, it takes up less space.

    But if you are making smoothies for 2 or more, then it makes sense to opt for a blender.

    Whichever option you go with, you will still get a decent smoothie.

    What Is The 24

    Our one-day shake diet, devised by dietitian Nigel Denby, feeds your body with protein and nutrients to make sure you don’t lose any muscle tissue and can make you even more efficient at burning fat.

    You can use our plan every week to regularly lose between 1-2lbs while eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly the other six days a week.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Don’t be tempted to skip any of your shakesstarving yourself is definitely counter-productive.
    • On your shake day, just have your three shakes and two litres of waterno tea, coffee, alcohol or snacks.
    • Don’t kid yourself you can eat whatever you want all week and then use the one-day shake diet to put everything right. You need to eat healthily six days a week and use the one-day shake diet to boost your weight loss. You can use the one-day shake diet occasionally.
    • Don’t be tempted to buy in smoothieswhen considering, are smoothies good for you, these are the worst options. They are full of sugar, and you need all the nutrients and protein in the homemade shakes to help maintain your muscle tissue.

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