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Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Daily Cleansing Powder

Amorepacific Time Response Eye Reserve Creme Review

NEW Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder

Fight common aging concerns with the AmorePacific Time Response Eye Reserve Creme. This award-winning product uses the power of shea butter and green tea extracts to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin.

The result? Younger, fresher, and well-rested-looking eyes. Get the luxurious Time Response Eye Reserve Creme for $260 , and treat the rest of your face with one of the AmorePacific skin creams.

Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Ingredients

Especially for those of us with sensitive or acne-prone skin, the ingredients contained in our skincare products can be just as important as the ones contained in the foods we consume . With that in mind, here are a couple of key ingredients in the formulation of the Enzyme Peel and some main benefits with use:

Colour Texture & Scent

The powder is very fine, maybe even finer than flour. Once you mix with a few drops of water, it dissolves and lathers up to a frothy paste. If you have less powder, itll lather up more like foam. In essence, you can adjust the powder and water ratio to your preference. There is a very faint scent, its barely noticeable.

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Is Amorepacific Worth It

This AmorePacific Skincare review thinks that the brand is worth it. Now, lets get into why.

First, we took into account all of the customer reactions and responses. And, the majority of shoppers readily recommend them, reporting that the products do what they claim to do.

Even though AmorePacific is a luxury brand , customers argue that you get what you pay for. Plus, they note that just a little bit of the cleansers, treatments, and creams go a long way, so bottles tend to last longer than you would expect.

One thing we quickly learned about the brand was how passionate its team is about the formulations. From sourcing the ingredients from its private garden to packaging products for customers, the brand views this process as an art form. And, this attention to detail also plays into the cost of each item. But, its something we appreciate seeing from a company.

We also love that the company offers free shipping and samples, with no minimum purchase price. And, its 60-day return window is quite accommodating.For all of these reasons, this AmorePacific Skincare review thinks this brand is worth the investment.

How I Use The Amorepacific Cleansing Powder

Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder

Ive been using the AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder for a while now. One of my favorite aspects of this product is the self-dosing bottle. It is designed to dispense just enough powder into your hand, which then foams as you mix it with a bit of warm water. I like to use it with my Clarisonic brush , especially when my skin is in need of some TLC.

Overall, this product seems to be suited for most skin types. My sensitive skin has always responded well to the powder-turned-foaming cleanser-peel. Im not sure my skin would handle it as a daily cleanser I prefer to stick with my Obagi or Indie Lee cleansers for daily use but its a great addition for my weekly skincare routine.

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Amorepacific Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Up next in this AmorePacific Skincare review, well take a look at what real customers have to say about the brand. And, were happy to report that it has received mostly positive feedback! Below, youll find comments and ratings from the companys site, Sephora, and the BBB.

On the brands website, its top-selling products have garnered dozens to hundreds of reviews. Heres an overview of how some of them stack up:

  • Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 328 ratings
  • Treatment Enzyme Cleansing Foam: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 133 ratings
  • Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+: an average of 4.3/5 stars from 161 ratings
  • Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel: an average of 4.6/5 stars from 78 ratings
  • Vintage Single Extract Essence: an average of 4.4/5 stars from 85 ratings
  • Essential Creme Fluid: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 92 ratings

We chose to take a closer look at the Essential Creme Fluid. Shoppers report that its not greasy, is very hydrating, and has a nice smell.

One customer notes that this peel works well on aging skin. She continues to say, I have tried many other brands but this is my absolute favorite. It goes on light and soft and leaves my skin felling refreshed. It has a beautiful scent that dissipates quickly. My skin looks and feels wonderful. Its a bit pricy but a little goes a long way and the bottle lasts for several months.

Amorepacific Promotions & Discounts

This AmorePacific Skincare review found a few ways for shoppers to save on the companys products, or to get a perk when they order:

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Join the Handpicked Rewards program and earn 1 point for every $1 spent, then redeem points for products
  • Refer a friendyoull each get $20 off your purchase
  • Free samples with each order
  • Sign up for the e-newsletter for 10% off

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What Is Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder

Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder is a non-abrasive Korean cleanser. This cleanser is a powder that turnsinto a foam that hydrates and exfoliates the skin. This gentle cleanser transforms dull skin by giving it radiance.

The formula is infused with Hyaluronic Acid and is gentle enough to be used twice daily. The cleansing powder removes all residue like makeup and pore-clogging dirt, debris while being a gentle exfoliant.

Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder sells for $68 and comes with 55g of product.

Review: Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel


Amore Pacifics Treatment Enzyme Peel sounds like an intimidating skincare product, but its actually one of my favorite gentle go-tos thats safe for sensitive skin and works as one of the best anti-aging facial scrubs Ive tried.

Perfect for all skin types, including those with sensitive and acne-prone skin, it can be used daily to gently exfoliate the skin and treat signs of dullness, dryness, and uneven tone and texture. Its also an advanced anti-aging formula, which over time helps treat signs of wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity and firmness, sun spots or damage, and pigmentation issues.

Amore Pacific has always been one of my go-to K-beauty skincare lines known for advanced anti-aging products that actually work, feel incredible to use on the skin, and are extremely gentle .

If youre comparison shopping and looking to check out other K beauty brands, check out our review on Dr. Jarts Ceramidin Cream here. It pairs perfectly with the Treatment Enzyme Peel!

Amore Pacific products are naturally formulated and lack any harmful ingredients or chemicals that can damage your skin.

So is Amore Pacifics Treatment Enzyme Peel the best anti-aging facial scrub on the market and worth the price?

We reviewed first so you wouldnt have to.

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Amorepacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Serum Review

Serums offer more concentrated hydration than moisturizers and are best applied after cleansing. The AmorePacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Serum features a lightweight formula that is easily absorbed into the skin.

This serum features bamboo sap as its superstar ingredient. This substance works to provide a smooth complexion with a natural glow. Add it to your cart for $100 .

Amorepacific Color Control Cushion Compact Review

The AmorePacific Color Control Cushion CompactFoundation provides light to medium coverage while protecting your skin from the suns harmful rays . This buildable product is infused with green tea and bamboo sap to nourish the skin with antioxidants and hydration.

This AmorePacific cushion foundation is available in five shades, ranging from light to medium, with pink or yellow undertones. Coming with one product refill, this foundation rings in at $60 .

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Return & Refund Policy

If the item you ordered arrived in a physically damaged or defective condition or is different from their description on the product detail page , or has missing parts or accessories, it will be eligible for a free replacement, provided the exact item is available with us.

Few items are eligible for free replacements. If an eligible item is out of stock from us it cannot be replaced. Only a refund against the returned item will be issued.

What are the conditions for Free Replacement?

Items within return window and in stock us are eligible for free replacement. The free replacement order will be shipped through standard shipping once the original order is returned. Free replacements can be requested if the following conditions apply:

  • Item received is physically damaged
  • Item received has missing parts or accessories
  • Item received is different from their description on the product detail page on our website
  • The Item received is defective.


  • A free replacement cannot be created for an item that was returned and replaced once earlier.
  • If the item has missing parts or accessories, you may try to contact the manufacturer for assistance. Manufacturer contact information can usually be found on the item packaging or in the paperwork included with the item.

Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder

AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder ...

May 13, 2020

The Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder from luxury Korean skincare brand AMOREPACIFIC contains both papaya and green tea enzymes which provide gentle, natural exfoliation in order to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Its a powder-to-foam formula that has an extremely long shelf life and works just as well beside the sink or in the shower, Lets delve deeper into this deep cleanser.

Price: $60

Find it HERE

Tested May 2020

I first tried the Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder after receiving a deluxe sample from Sephora in 2018. I loved it so much I bought the full size bottle and then Liz bought another bottle for my birthday last year. Thats all the product Ive needed to last over 2 yearsjust 2 bottles! I only use about a nickle size of this powder to effectively foam and cover both my face and neck in the most tiny and luxurious bubbles. But Im getting ahead of myself, lets talk about the brand a little because theres a lot more thats special about AMOREPACIFIC than just their bubbles.

Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing PowderTreatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder + Water

I use this cleansing powder almost daily and while it never irritates my skin, I do find that during winter months or really any time my skin feels congested I need a little something extra. For those times I reach for an AHA/BHA serum. My point is, dont expect the results of an acid from this gentle exfoliating cleanser, its a middle ground between those and simple cleanser.

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Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel: Worth It Winner

When youre in need of a gentle get extremely effective exfoliating scrub that can be used daily , Amore Pacifics Treatment Enzyme Peel is definitely a worth it for its price winner for use.

Out of all of the different treatment products and facial scrubs I have experimented with on the market, none have outperformed Amore Pacifics Enzyme Peel in terms of anti-aging benefits with use, and its also extremely safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin or those with acne or acne-prone skin types.

Not only is skin fully resurfaced, brightened, and more even in tone, texture, and radiance, it feels incredibly soft, smooth, and dewy immediately after use.

While it is not cheap or a drugstore brand type price option, it feels like it is worth every penny, simply due to how your skin changes within days and weeks after you start using it.

Refreshing, light, detoxifying, and dewy are the perfect terms to describe the main effects.

But Ive also never had a facial treatment scrub provide so many benefits that left my skin looking visibly more youthful.

Highly recommended!

Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder Ingredients

mannitol, sodium cocoyl glycinate, sodium lauroyl glutamate, zeolite, silica, betaine, allantoin, potassium laurate, polycaprolactone, fragrance, zea mays starch, peg-75,dipotassium glycyrrhizate, disodium edta, trehalose, water, butylene glycol, papain, lactobacillus ferment lysate, yellow 5 , zingiber officinale root extract, zizyphus jujuba fruit extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract

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Green Tea Leaf Extract

  • Fights any preexisting DNA damage caused by sun damage
  • Antibacterial agent that treats and prevents acne and breakouts, prevents the formation of new acne blemishes and acne-causing bacteria
  • Helps maintain smoother and softer skin, thats more even in tone and texture
  • B2 contained in green tea in high quantities helps and maintains structure and firmness to the skin, anti-aging properties including minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vitamin E supports skin cell growth and expedites cellular turnover while hydrating the skin, providing moisture benefits for all skin types, even very dry skin, restoring radiance, and adding smoothness
  • Fights skin cancer by promoting DNA repair and cellular turnover, prevents against future damage from UVA/UVB rays
  • Protects against free radical damage in the environment, sun damage, and future damage

Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder Full Ingredient List

Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder Review – Worth the Price?


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How To Use It

Dispense powder onto your palm, add a small amount of water, and fully lather. Massage onto face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water

AmorePacifc instruction

Sometimes I dispense a bit more powder when I want this to sit on my skin for a bit longer, and Id have this more like a paste and leave on my skin for a few minutes. Other times Id have it quite frothy and just rinse after massaging for a minute or so. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth, talking about babys bottom soft. I then carry on with serum/moisturiser.

Amorepacific Vintage Single Extract Essence Review

The award-winning AmorePacific Vintage Single Extract Essence is a versatile product. While it aids in firming and evening the tone and texture of your skin, it also serves as a protective barrier against common environmental stressors.

This bottle is infused with green tea leaves that contain catechins, which are fermented for 100 days before the product is produced, ensuring they reach a powerful strength. This product is best used on freshly cleansed skin and before moisturizing.This AmorePacific toner costs $95 for 70 ml or $175 for 150 ml.

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Amorepacific The Essential Creme Fluid Review

The AmorePacific The Essential Creme Fluid is like a moisturizer but offers a thinner, runnier consistency. It features a fast-absorbing dose of hydration to quench very dry skin.

Formulated with the brands trademarked Neutra-Melting Emulsion Technology, this fluid wont leave a sticky or greasy residue behind. It also contains AmorePacifics Tea Essentialsjust 1 gram of this substance contains the goodness of 150 baby green tea leaves to provide deep nourishment.

For best results, use The Essential Creme Fluid twice daily on cleansed and toned skin. It rings in at $98 . And, follow up with something that targets your eyes, such as the AmorePacific Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence.

Washing Your Face Is About To Get A Lot More Indulgent

Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder ...

These luxe cleansers are a joy to use

When it comes to glowing skin, a thorough cleanse is a crucial step in any skincare routine. But the truth is, a wipe or quick splash of water just isnt enough. Whether its sweat, makeup or pollution, all of this must be removed at the end of the day. Whats more, you want that all gone before applying any other products in your routine so that your skin is more receptive to them. Thats why its important to select a cleanser that deeply cleanses the skin but is also pleasurable to use.

Amorepacifics two new cleansers, Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder and Treatment Enzyme Cleansing Foam, will elevate your cleansing experience. Both feature green tea-derived enzymesextracted from the green tea grown and harvested by themselves on Jeju Island in the brands native South Koreawhich exfoliate as well as support a strong moisture barrier.

Heres the lowdown on both of them.

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Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder Review

The perfect cleanser is hard if not impossible to find. I have always struggled with cleansers until I was introduced to the Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder. This cleansing powder helped me discover my outer beauty in the most gentle way possible. Without wavering too much, lets start with my Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder review.

Amorepacific Age Correcting Foundation Cushion Review

A good skincare routine will help combat common signs of aging, but why not choose makeup products that will further treat your skin? The AmorePacific Age Correcting Foundation Cushion offers a potent dose of green tea to help fight wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven tones.

This product is essentially four products in one. In addition to its age-defying properties and the light to medium coverage it provides, it also features a built-in primer. And, it protects against sun damage with its SPF 25 formula.

Available in five shades, get the Color Control Cushion CompactFoundation for $80. For more age-defying results, check out the AmorePacific Future Response Age Defense Serum.

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