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Beautycounter Lotus Glow Cleansing Stick

My Honest Review Of Beautycounter

Beautycounter Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm Review in 2021

Most folks think the gold standard of natural beauty is Beautycounter. Ive spent the last six months trying most of the Beautycounter skincare, makeup, and body products, giving each a thorough review.

In my opinion, some Beautycounter products are worth buying, and Ive switched to for the time being. But many others arent for me as I think there are skincare and makeup products that work better. In this post, I will share my opinions on natural beauty, review the Beautycounter products I loved, the Beautycounter products that werent for me, and a few new items that I want to try.

Counter + Skin Care Favorites

US $89 | CA $119If youve never tried Beautycounter, this is an incredible place to start. Give your skin-care regimen a boost with our new Lotus Glow Cleansing Stick and three high-performing treatments. The Lotus Glow Cleansing Stick melts into skin and transforms into a gentle milk when it meets water. The Overnight Resurfacing Peel refines skin texture while you sleep. Yall know this is my favorite product we sell. If you have age spots, suns spots or would love smoother skin this will be your best friend. The No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil leaves skin with a glow and can be used in place of a face lotion. Lastly, the Charcoal Facial Mask pulls toxins and gives your skin a deep exfoliation. If youd love to reduce your pore size this gem is for you.

Beautycounter Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Its my favorite time of year in the safer skincare world. Beautycounter has released their holiday collection for 2019 which means its time for a Beautycounter holiday gift guide. This year is probably my favorite release with lots of budget-friendly options that appeal to a wide variety of folks.

Beautycounter is my go-to for 99% of my makeup and 80% of my personal care products. I appreciate their commitment to consumer safety, advocacy, and of course making non-toxic products that are also high-performing.

This years festive holiday collection features 19 new gift sets that are sourced and produced responsibly and free from more than 1500 potentially harmful ingredients.

Beautycounter is a female owned and operated, certified BCORP, which means they balance people, planet and profits equally. One of my favorite sustainable moves: they offset all carbon emissions. Travel, shipping, production and more are offset, which is unheard of in our online instant delivery world. You can feel good about shopping from this forward thinking, advocacy driven, and planet hugging company.

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Wipes Lotion Gel Or Facial Foam Which One If The Best Makeup Remover

If we think carefully, facial foam is the most powerful wiper. It will wipe off makeup residue as well as the stubborn makeup effortlessly. All you need is water and generous foam and rub it gently to your face, then you are free to hit the hay. Yet, if you choose wipes or lotion cleaner, they also effective in bringing back your natural look.

My Opinions On Natural Beauty

Beautycounter skin care favorites gift set

In researching this post, I was rather shocked to see that the US hasnt passed a major federal law regulating what can and cannot be put in makeup since 1938. I was also shocked to see that while the European Union bans over 1,400 chemicals known to cause cancer, genetic mutation, or congenital disabilities, the US has only banned 11.

Maybe one day, I will change my tune, and I know this is very anti to the natural beauty movements rhetoric, but Im a fan of everything in moderation. I get Botox, regular chemical peels, use medical-grade ingredients that are in no way, shape, or form natural, eat McDonalds, you get it.

Natural products are awesome when they work because its less of the bad stuff in my body, but Im not going to spend my money on or use something just because it is natural.

So long story short, I am all for natural beauty if it performs better than other products that I use, but I will not spend money on something that doesnt work as efficiently or effectively just because its natural. If you want to read more about Beautycounters is a better choice, check out The Never List. For this review, I will be focusing on wearability, results, and overall opinions on what I liked and didnt like from the Beautycounter line.

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Breakfast & Leadership Training At The Farmhouse In Ojai

After waking up before the sun came up to hit the gym, we watched the sunrise as we ate breakfast on the terrace. The way the sun hits the mountains and paints the sky in a pink hue is breathtaking. We changed into business casual for our morning of training and were on our way to the Farmhouse.

Learning from the best in the industry is something I truly love. I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could. Its always so good to truly understand the advocacy efforts Beautycounter does on a daily basis. We have a team in place specifically for social mission. When it comes to sustainability and sourcing, I find it so fascinating to learn the extent of how everything works. The steps were taking to source our ingredients go so far beyond what others are doing. For example, were on track to be the first beauty brand to have a 100% traceable supply chain for mica. If you ever want to know more about sustainability, packaging or our environmental report ~ Id be happy to share more with you.

When Gregg Renfrew, our CEO & Founder, was asked what companies she look to for inspiration. Her answer gave me confidence in the direction our company is going. Beautycounter and herself arent looking to other beauty brands, but rather companies leading with innovation and integrity. To know were not just leading a movement for safer beauty, but sourcing responsibly and continually looking to be innovative and forward thinking is the reason Im doing this.

My 9 Favorite Beautycounter Products

Yall know that I LOVE Beautycounter. Check out my favorite Beautycounter products that I cant live without.

Welcome to another edition of CLEAN SWAPS, where I share some of the safer swaps Ive made to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in our home. Todays CLEAN SWAPS is all about skin care and make up.

OK did you know that the average woman puts on 12 personal care products a day, including make up, deodorant, shampoos, and skin care products? That can add up to hundreds of different chemicals we are potentially exposed to daily. Not good!

Lets talk safer beauty for a sec. do you read the ingredients on your make up and shampoo? Did you know that you can use the EWGs Skin Deep Database to check the safety of the things you are already using? Its been a game changer for me to be able to see the safety ratings of the products I use so I can know which ones are most important to switch to safer.

When I first discovered Beautycounter over 3 years ago, I was impressed. Their products are lovely. And that actually work. Up until then, I felt like I had to compromise performance for safety.

Beautycounter products perform well, AND everything they sell is rigorously tested for safety. They have an extensive NEVER LIST of over 1500 questionable or harmful ingredients that you wont find in any of their products. Now this is a company I can get behind. I never have to worry about the things I buy.

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When In Doubt Go Outside

Anytime Birch is a little grumpy, fresh air on the front porch always brightens his mood! After a week in the high 90s, were thrilled for some fall temps this weekend!

Weve been playing hard between naps : )

Silly boy just learned how to climb up the stairs so its time to break out the gates! Look how proud he is.

What To Get During Beautycounters Black Friday Sale

Beautycounter Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm

You guys! Beautycounters Black Friday sale starts TODAY! From Friday, November 22, 2019 until Sunday, December 1, 2019 take 15% off of your order and receive free shipping on orders over $50 too. SUCH a fantastic deal because sales rarely happen and the free shipping is the sweet little cherry on top.

As you probably all know, Im a Beautycounter consultant and have been using these clean beauty products for over a year now. And Ive never been happier with my skin. With each new product I try I become more and more passionate about the company, and Ive loved sharing these cleaner options with you too! Theyre high-performing and I appreciate that I dont have to worry about whether the ingredients in them are safe or not. Ive been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for pretty much 5 years straight so safety is incredibly important to me, which is why the whole family uses Beautycounter now . All of the links in this post will take you to my Beautycounter site, and if you decide to make a purchase and if youd like to support my business Id really appreciate it if youd ensure that it says youre shopping with Katie Vail or something like that before you check out. If it doesnt you can always search for a consultant and find me that way too Additionally, please select the Stripes and Whimsy Pop-Up box before you check out! Thank you, friends!

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Beautycounter Holiday Collection 2019

In Uncategorized by Madison MayberryOctober 9, 2019

Friends! Im checking in today with a FUN post filled with clean beauty goodies. For those of you who share either my love of clean beauty OR my love for great makeup and fun ways to pamper yourself this post is for you.

Ive been waiting for a few weeks to officially unveil the 2019 Beautycounter Holiday Collection and this week is the week I can finally do so! Each year, Beautycounter launches a host of new/exclusive products and collections designed specifically for gift-giving. And while most of us are probably not quite ready to do our holiday shopping, I wanted to give you the jump on snagging your favorite items both for yourself and those you love. So, lets get to it! MAKEUP COLLECTIONS //Mini Lip Gloss Vault This is a repeat of last year, with different colors! Ten different colors in mini lip gloss tubes, including nine brand-new colors. Personally, Im thinking of gifting the set to my younger sister, but I may also buy another set to break up and use as hostess gifts and little goodies for friends throughout the year.

I know many of you have been asking for a smaller sized eye shadow palette and now I have one for you! This is a 5-color palette rather than our typical 9-color palettes in shades perfect for the holidays!

Top Picks From The Beautycounter 2019 Holiday Collection

Sharing the best picks from the Beautycounter 2019 holiday collection! Also throwing in a little giveaway.

I dont know about you guys, but I LOVE Christmas shopping and wrapping. It makes my heart happy to search for gifts for family and friends and I have a ton of fun picking everything out. Ill be sharing my annual gift guides starting next week so many of you requested these on IG and I looove putting them together but for today, I wanted to share some of my top clean beauty finds from this years Beautycounter holiday collection.

2. Jellies!

These make the perfect stocking stuffer and I just ordered 4 more packs for Livs little friends at school. These are like the Victorias Secret lipglosses we used to be obsessed with in high school haha but crafted with safe ingredients. Theyre are soft and shiny and have a light fragrance.

3. Mini hand creams.

I ordered the holiday haul from a presale and this was one of the things I knew I was keeping for myself. My hands get so dry during the winter months, so Ill have at least one of these stashed in my car and purse at all times. This years scents are fresh petal, mandarin violet, and soft neroli.

4. Rosewood lip trio.

5. Mini lip gloss vault.

This is another great stocking stuffer option. I like all of the colors this year and find that since theyre very sheer, I can wear pretty much every color and still like it.

6. Counter+ skincare favorites.

7. Bright Eyes treatment set.

8. Glow and go mini oils.

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How To Use The Cleansing Balm By Beautycounter

1. Apply the balm

Before you apply the balm, make sure your face is dry and not damp. Then, take an an almond-sized amount of balm from the container onto your fingertips.

2. Massage the balm into your skin

Using circular motions, massage an almond size amount onto dry skin, applying gentle pressure to the cheeks, forehead, and eyebrows. This helps relax your facial muscles, promotes oxygen and blood flow in your skin and helps get the product into your skin and pores to really dissolve impurities and makeup.

3. Remove with a wet washcloth

Once the balm has turned into an oil and youve massaged it into skin, wet a cleansing cloth with warm water and gently wipe the balm off your skin. I use a muslin cleansing cloth but a regular wash cloth works too. Just make sure it feels gentle on skin and not abrasive. Wetting the cloth with warm water is key to help open up pores and fully remove the balm so your serum and moisturize can more fully penetrate. Do not try to only rinse it off without a cloth!! The product is NOT designed to be rinsed off. You have to wipe it off with a cloth or else your pores will clog.

4. Optional: Splash face with tepid water

I prefer splash my face with tepid or lukewarm water after I wipe it off. Never hot water though, since that can actually dehydrate your skin. Cool water is also okay to use.

5. Complete your routine.
To use the balm as an intense overnight moisturizing mask

Cleansing Balm Benefits

Quick tip:

Beauty Brand Of The Year

2019 Beautycounter Holiday Collection

Last month I got to spend time in California with our leadership team, which included Goat Yoga. Yes you heard that right and I have pictures to prove it. I got peer pressured into it and it turned out to be something Ill remember forever.

I left Ojai feeling inspired and so confident in the work were doing as a Company. Gregg Renfrew is our CEO and Founder and she let us know something exciting was about to happen. Well turns out Beautycounter received the Womens Wear Daily award for the Beauty Brand of the year . Some of the other WWD Honorees were Armani, Lululemon, Revolve & Dior. It makes me so excited to know that this award wasnt the best CLEAN Beauty Brand award, something weve already been doing ~ BUT was the best beauty award all across the board. Ive known it for a while, but heres proof that skincare and make-up can be high performing, without being formulated with toxic ingredients linked to health harm. Ingredients can be sourced responsibly and companies can be successful and do good in the world.

Clean beauty is no longer just an idea it is neither a trend nor a fad, it is the future of beauty, it is the now and the forever. Gregg Renfrew

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What Is The Best Makeup Remover

It depends on every skin type. If you have sensitive skin, better to avoid alcohol makeup remover at all costs. And if you have normal skin, well, lucky you. You can use every makeup remover painlessly and hassle-free. But, bear in mind, due to the PH content differs from one person to the other, you need to be careful and set high precautions not to ruin your look by choosing makeup remover randomly.

Beautycounter Cleansing Balm Review

Ive been using the Beautycounter Cleansing Balm for three years and the thick balm has worked wonders for my dry skin. Its a daily makeup removing balm and cleanser that removes make-up and nourishes and replenishes skin. While I initially wanted to just try it out , the Beautycounter Cleansing Balm is now part of my daily skin care routine and by far my favorite balm Ive ever used. I actually look forward to washing my face each night, which is a big deal for me since Ive always hated taking off my makeup!

The Cleansing Balm was the first skincare product I tried from Beautycounter that really made me look at switching all of my products to the brand since the results was dramatically better than everything else I was using at the time .

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Yes I Am A Now A Beautycounter Consultant

I initially signed up to become a consultant to get 25% off of all the Beautycounter products that I purchased to review for this post. I also am able to earn a much higher affiliate percentage if I link to Beautycounter directly rather than a third party and I am in the business of affiliate marketing.

As I always say when I talk about Beautycounter, if you have a consultant that you currently buy from, please keep supporting their business. You also can buy outright at and not select a consultant or you can shop a select number of Beautycounter best sellers at .

The Most Exciting Delivery

Review of Beautycounters Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm and a Tutorial on how to use

I had SO much fun unboxing my Beautycounter holiday collection! It will be live on the website next week. These beautiful gift boxes and sets make great gifts for you and for all your people!

Im especially excited about the Counter+ Favorites set with a Lotus Glow Cleansing Stick and the Jellies lip glosses are AMAZING! More details later : )

Have a great weekend!

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