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Best Face Cleanser For Hard Water

Gentle Cleansers: Easy Does It

Is Hard Water Causing/Aggravating Your Breakout?

A good gentle cleanser is hard to find. As a general rule, you want a cleanser thats labeled fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Curology’s cleanser is both, plus it balances and soothes your skin with anti-inflammatory oat extract, and keeps your skin hydrated with a combination of plant sugars that creates a unique moisture-locking barrier effect. You can get our cleanser when you upgrade your Curology subscription to the set, which also includes our moisturizer and the custom formula, delivered right to your door!

Gentle cleanser recommendations

The above cleansers are other good options. If you have another favorite cleanser that your skin likes, especially if is labeled gentle or formulated for sensitive skin, it is likely fine to continue.

Do be aware that ingredients such as botanical extracts and essential oils can be irritating for some skin typesnatural treatments are not necessarily better for your skin. The takeaway here is: youll want to check out the ingredients before you use.

Best Face Wash For Sensitive Dry Skin: La Roche

Price: $14.99

Ideal for flaky or dry skin, the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Cleanser uses gentle ingredients like prebiotic thermal water, ceramide-3, and niacinamide to hydrate skin without clogging pores.

The milky cleanser helps skin retain moisture and softness while removing makeup and soaking off dirt and oil. The no-residue cleanser keeps the skin barrier intact and pH balanced. Although its technically made for the face, it also keeps dry, sensitive hands clean and moisturized.

Price: $14.99

The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser is best for oily or acne-prone sensitive skin. The formula cleans skin and banishes oil without overdrying or irritating skin.

Active ingredient Zinc Pidolate purifies skin and maintains the pH balance. The formula is gentle enough for frequent use and is free of alcohol, parabens, soap, and oil.

Hard Water Affects On Skin

Hard water is safe to drink and use for cleaning, cooking, and bathing. In fact, many of us are using hard water every day!

But while hard water isnt necessarily harmful, it does have the potential to cause hard water skin problems, especially people who have sensitive skin.

The high mineral content in hard water prevents soapy products from achieving a luxurious lather and makes it difficult for substances to dissolve, so it can end up leaving a sort of soap scummy layer on your skin.

You can see the build-up, or scaling, caused by mineral deposits in hard water in that white tough-to-clean layer left behind on your glasses, shower doors, or inside of a tea kettle.

When hard water prevents products from rinsing off cleanly, it can cause some issues. Hard water could be to blame for some skin issues or those bad hair days that have forced you to master that messy-bun-and-knotted-head-scarf combo. Read on to find out how to protect your skin from hard water.


Soapy residue left behind on your skin can clog pores and lead to skin irritation and acne.

Pro Tip 1: If youve struggled with acne, and nothing seems to be working, hard water could be the culprit. Try washing your face with bottled or distilled water for a while and see if your acne subsides.

My Top Picks for Treating Acne

GloTherapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser

Irritated Skin

My Recommendations to Soothe Angry Skin

Inflamed Eczema

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Best Cleansing Water: Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water

There’s water in the name, but this cleanser is more than just plain tap. It boasts tiny micelles, which cluster together to lift out dirt, oil, and makeup stuck in your pores without harsh rubbing, tugging, orin some casesrinsing. For this particular formula, no water or washcloth is needed, which means you can cleanse from virtually anywhere regardless of your proximity to a sink.

Versed Down To Earth Reusable Cotton Pads

The Best Products for Double Cleansing

As Rabach mentioned, youll need to saturate a cotton pad or ball with micellar water to slough away your makeup. If youd prefer an eco-friendly alternative to using a new pad each time, grab the Versed Down To Earth Reusable Cotton Pads. These even come in their own wash bag to make reusing them incredibly simple.

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Bioderma Sbium Moussant Gel

Check price

Bioderma Daily Cleansing Gel works to remove excess oil, deeply cleansing acne-prone skin. Although thanks to its mild ingredients, it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

This lightweight cleanser also helps clear clogged pores, preventing future breakouts or blemishes.

Purifies the skin with a combination of zinc and copper sulfates that give the product a beautiful natural blue color. Combined with a patented natural complex to increase skin tolerance, and a pH of 5.5, ideal for balancing the skin.

Leaves skin clean, shine-free and with a very comfortable feeling. And with continued use, youll notice less flaky skin, and fewer clogged pores. The quality of the skin is greatly improved.

The formula is soap and alcohol free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It can also be used by men as a shaving cream.

Biodermas formula is the most successful of all that we have analyzed. It starts with two mild surfactants, which will be responsible for removing all the dirt and that make just one drop of this gel is enough to wash the entire face, when massaged into damp skin.

Then there are various moisturizers, and an anti-inflammatory and calming agent, to hydrate the skin and make it soothing for oily skin.

Sebium also contains zinc sulfate, a common ingredient in cleansers for its astringent and antimicrobial properties, and copper sulfate, another antibacterial that can increase collagen and elastin synthesis.

Zelens Z Detox Clarifying Foaming Cleanser

Check price

The composition of the Zelens cleanser is a varied mixture of cleansing, exfoliating, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients, in a good proportion.

It is perfect for all skin types, but especially for greasy and mixed skin, since it has neither soap nor oil, and its AHA. Still, due to certain toxic and sensitizing ingredients, it may not be recommended for the most sensitive skin types.

It has a large number of preservatives , and the perfume is not for all skin types.

You can enter the full technical analysis in the following article: Z Detox Clarifying Foaming Cleanser by Zelens, Analysis and Alternative .

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Install A Water Softener

To prevent the impact of hard water on your skin, you must choose the best water softener for your home depending upon your requirements. Installing a water softener helps in removing the hardness of the water and protects your skin. Water softeners help in removing excessive minerals from the water and provide soft water that protects your skin from damage. KENT Bathroom Water Softener comes with an advanced ion exchange process to provide you soft water and minimize your skin problems. Click here to request a free home visit to check the actual level of hardness in your water supply and to select the right water softener for your home.

You Can Skip Cleansing After Applying A Mask


The directions on most face masks and peels instruct you to apply the products on a freshly washed face. This is because these skin treatments require a completely bare and cleansed face so that the ingredients can fully penetrate into the skin. If youve applied any serums or treatments or any other products before the mask , it might keep the masks ingredients from getting deep enough into the skin to have an effect.

But once youre done with the mask, you dont need to cleanse again. Masks can deliver incredibly strong and highly concentrated ingredients, Dr. Marmur says, So let your skin enjoy their benefits long after youve taken it off.

And when time comes to take the mask off, follow the products instructions. For instance, sheet masks usually dont require any cleansing afterwardsjust pat the remaining goop into your skin and let it absorb. But if youre using something like a clay mask that needs to be removed, do so by just gently wiping it away using lukewarm water.

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The Basic Rules Of Cleansing

The first important thing is to be gentle with your skin.

You can use a cleanser or just wash with plain water. Sometimes, swiping a cotton pad soaked with micellar water is all you need .

Whatever cleanser you try, pay attention to how your skin reacts to it. There are some pretty obvious signs it isnt working for you.

After you use it, does your face:

  • Look shiny and feel tight?

  • Feel dry?

  • Get red and/or stingy?

  • Dont wash your face with hot water

    No matter what cleanser you use, heres our professional advice: dont wash your face with hot water. When hot water hits your face, it can strip your skin of its natural moisture barrier, leaving your skin damaged and vulnerable. Wash your face with lukewarm wateryour skin will thank you.

    If you like to take piping-hot showers, try turning it down a notch when washing your face. Or wash your face over the sink with lukewarm water before or after your shower.

    What Kinds Of Cleaners Are There

    With so many cleaning options available, and with each touting different benefits, its easy to get overwhelmed and swayed by false marketing claims.

    Knowing the difference between each type of cleaner will allow you to filter your options, and make finding the perfect cleaner that much easier.

    Facial cleansers come in different shapes and textures some cleaners require rinsing, while others can be applied with just a cotton ball. That is why it is useful to choose the one that best suits your skin type and lifestyle.

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    The Best Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover For All Skin Types

    At the end of a tiresome day, removing makeup seems like a never-ending task. But it doesn’t have to be so tedious! All you have to do is pick the right facial cleanser, and you are sorted for life. The right cleanser will clean up the remains of a busy day from your face and will restore your natural beauty.

    Without a doubt, cleansing is a key element in your beauty and skincare regime. To get rid of dirt, dust, and makeup build-up from your face, your best bet is to choose a high-quality facial cleanser. You will come across multiple of them in the market, and all of them will help you out in wiping off the traces of leftover makeup, leaving your skin clear and smooth.

    However, not all products are the same. If you’re on the lookout for the best facial cleanser for your skin type, we are here to guide you. We have listed down the different types of makeup removers and cleansing products available out there, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your skin type, you can choose a product that suits you the best!

    Face Halo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

    Mug Scrubs: The 8 Best Face Washes for Men

    According to Rabach, makeup pad removers are great to remove heavy eye makeup because normal cotton balls may shred. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg says shes obsessed with The Face Halo because all you need is water! It saves the planet and it works like magic. These eco-friendly makeup remover pads took the beauty industry by storm, and can be washed up to 200 times to reuse again and again.

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    Bioderma Sensibio H2o Micellar Water

    I recommend Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water for my patients with sensitive skin, says Wu. It gently cleanses and contains ingredients like mannitol to help hydrate sensitive skin, which tends to be dry. Celebrity makeup artist Latrice Johnson echos this sentiment this is her go-to makeup remover for sensitive skin because its gentle, yet effective.

    The Effects Of Hard Water On Skin

    Most people suffering from dry skin tell us they have tried nearly every cream, lotion, and moisturizer out there. Regardless of what they use or how often they use it, their dry skin will often persist. Many think dry skin is just something they have to live with. They may not have given much thought to a simple environmental factor like their waterthe possibility that the water they bathe in, wash their dishes, clothes and linens in, and even drink may be contributing to the problem.

    Hard water is a common culprit in the fight against dry skin, but many people don’t really know what hard water is. Others may have heard of it, but even some who think they may have it may not take the time to have their water tested to see how hard it actually is, or to find out what they can do about it.

    Water tests typically examine levels of:

        • Alkalinity
        • Inorganic chemicals
        • Organic chemicals

    Hard water is defined as highly alkaline water that contains high levels of iron, magnesium and/or calcium ions. pH is a logarithmic scale starting at 0 and going to 14. Zero is as acid as you can get and 14 is as alkaline as you can get. Seven is the ideal pH of water, and what we consider to be neutral. Each integer represents 10 times the previous one . The natural pH of the human body at a cellular level is around 7.3.

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    Choosing The Right Type Of Facial Cleanser

    With so many cleansing options available, its easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Knowing the difference between each type allows you to filter your options and makes the hunt for the right cleanser a whole lot easier. To help us decode the different types of facial cleansers, we talked to Dr. Howard Sobel, M.D., founder of Sobel Skin + Sobel Skin RX and Clinical Attending Dermatologic Surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Water Cleanser

    THE BEST CLEANSERS For All Skin Types â James Welsh

    Check price

    The Neutrogena option is full of surfactants that do not benefit the skin at all, as most can be mildly toxic, drying or irritating.

    As active ingredients, it only has hyaluronic acid, which is a great moisturizer, and Polyquaternium-10, which acts as a barrier, protecting the skin from external pollutants.

    But I think there are not enough benefits to counteract the effects of the other problem ingredients. So it wouldnt be an option for me.

    You can enter the full technical analysis in the following article: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Water Cleaner, Analysis and Alternative .

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    How To Pick The Right Moisturizer

    Moisturizers hydrate, support the skin barrier and lock in moisture, says King. These qualities are important for keeping the skin healthy and plump. An impaired skin barrier will leave the skin more vulnerable to damage, dryness, irritation, inflammation and infection.

    But how do you choose a moisturizer thats good for you? According to King, all skin types should look for a moisturizer that contains humectants, emollients and occlusives. If your moisturizer includes a combination of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, squalene and thicker oils or waxes like beeswax youre on the right track.

    Those with normal skin will likely find a daily lightweight lotion to be moisturizing enough, explains Love. Those with drier skin may require a thicker cream, particularly in the fall and winter, to maintain moisture balance. For those with extremely dry skin and/or a defective skin barrier , combining a moisturizing cream with an occlusive ointment may be necessary especially in the fall and winter.

    At the end of the day, the right moisturizer for you should leave your skin feeling undoubtedly nourished not dry, itchy or irritated. Because there are so many moisturizers in the market, we sought out to test them ourselves.

    Cleansing Milks Or Lotions

    Theyve had a resurgence recently, especially from Korean and Japanese brands, though they used to be the cleaners of choice in the early 1900s, when there were no surfactant-based cleaners, just harsh soaps.

    Whereas in the past cleansing milks were highly alkaline due to ingredients like triethanolamine, today most are emulsified with milder surfactants, and are super safe and gentle on the skin .

    Their consistency is thick and creamy, and they contain moisturizing, softening and nourishing ingredients, which deeply benefit dry skin.

    They gently cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils and without drying it out. And they usually dont contain potentially irritating ingredients, like fragrances, dyes, or alcohol.

    IDEAL FOR: Dry and sensitive skin.

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    Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser

    The Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser is an OG cold cream and star at removing makeup much like the cleansing balms of today. Its super affordable, great for dry skin and available at your local drugstore, but be sure to follow our expert advice and follow the cream with a gentle, water-based cleanser to ensure youre removing all the gunk off your face properly.

    Cleansing Foams Or Mousses


    Foam or mousse cleansers are light . They can come straight out of the pump as a foam, or they can start as a gel or cream, and then turn into a mousse once mixed with water.

    In the case of the latter, this is how most gel cleansers work, so calling them foam facial cleansers is really just a marketing option.

    This type of cleanser removes excess oil just as effectively as gel cleansers.

    IDEAL FOR: Oily and combination skin.

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    Best Overall: Philosophy Purity Made Simple One

    Philosophy created this cleanser to multitask for even the most complicated of skin. It gently cleanses, so its not too harsh for those with sensitive skin. At the same time, it also smoothes, removes makeup, and extracts dirt from your pores. The natural oil extracts also help condition and balance your skin for a clearer complexion.

    This product has thousands upon thousands of five-star reviews on Sephora, and the brand positions it as the number one face wash in America.

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