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Best Facial Cleanser For Dry Skin And Acne

Best Cleanser For Acne

BEST 5 CLEANSERS For Clear Skin. Cleanser For Oily, Dry, Acne, Combination Skin James Welsh

Daily care of the skin is essential for the face and a persons general health. Being the largest organ of our body, healthy skin will make us healthy. Many of the problems affect the skin health and physical appearance of people.

One of the problems affecting the skin is Acne. Acne is known as the most common skin problem. It occurs mainly during puberty due to many hormonal changes and persists until adulthood. Acne commonly affects the facial area, but it can also appear on the neck, shoulder, and back.

The severity of Acne ranges from light Acne to severe Acne. Symptoms of Acne include whiteheads, redheads, and oily skin. Through this article, you can learn about the best cleansers for acne-prone skin.

Differin Daily Deep Cleanser Sensitive Skin Formula $1099

Ive been scared of benzoyl peroxide for so long. I hadnt used any form of it since high school. But during the purge period of my acne medication, I really needed all the help I could get. This cleanser from Differin is super gentle with 5% benzoyl peroxide. It has a creamy consistency and feels surprisingly hydrating.

Curel Foaming Face Wash

Best Foaming Face Wash For Dry Skin

The Curel foaming face wash is so gentle, its perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Youll find it will remove debris without stripping the skin of any natural oil. It contains ceramides and glycerin to lock moisture in and soothe any irritation so that your skin is kept super soft. Its also pH balanced and fragrance- and colorant-free.

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Differin Daily Deep Cleanser

  • Price: $

The active ingredient in this formula is benzoyl peroxide, a powerful anti-acne agent. Many forms of benzoyl peroxide are only available with a prescription, but this over-the-counter cleanser has just enough to fight acne.

Some reviewers with acne swear by this cleanser, because it gets rid of acne-causing bacteria and clears pores. But some reviewers report redness and dry patches after use.

If you have skin thats both dry and acne-prone, use this cleanser with caution. Start by cleansing your face with it once daily before bedtime, and work up to using it twice per day if your skin can handle it.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

Best face wash for acne prone skin (Top 10 reviews)

This facial cleanser from Neutrogena is one of the best face wash for hormonal acne for several reasons. The first thing that comes to mind when you mention this face wash is how much it pampers the skin.

You can use this face wash daily. The results on the skin are amazing. It gives you fresh, supple, and soft skin. The face wash also recharges the natural skin barrier and deep cleanses the pores.

It has a different cleansing method which involves the dissolution of the dirt, oil, makeup, and grime. Asides this, the face wash helps to exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells. At the end of the day, youll get that glowing skin you have always dreamed of.


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Dr Lin Skincare Daily Hydrating Gel 4 Oz Large Hydrate

  • Gel Water-Based Facial Moisturizer: Soothe dry irritated skin with a lightweight, fast-absorbing, hydrating water-based gel moisturizer for your face.
  • Minimizes Inflammation: Intensive aloe vera treatment heals inflammation, reduces shave bumps and minimizes redness associated with hypersensitivity.
  • Restorative Hydration: Hyaluronic acid works with the skins natural repair cycle to boost hydration while healing red skin and smoothing wrinkles.
  • Oil-Free, Clean Ingredients: This non-greasy gel wont cause breakouts on problematic skin, making it the best face moisturizer for acne prone skin.
  • Cooling Sensation: This facial gel gives a fresh, cooling feeling.

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Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

  • Price: $

This drugstore favorite gets the green light from the National Eczema Association for being super gentle on skin. This cleanser simply does what its supposed to: cleanses skin gently, without drying out skin.

Its easy to get off and doesnt have any essential oils that can be a trigger for some skin types.

Reviews: This really is a no-frills product. There isnt much by way of fragrance, and theres no lather when you apply it.

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What Causes Whiteheads Anyway

The more you know about whats causing your whiteheads, the better youll be at preventing them from popping up . The main reason whiteheads occur: clogged pores.

Clogged pores are often caused by hormonal changes, which can increase the amount of sebum your pores produce. All that extra oil gets trapped in a tiny pore, leading to a whitehead. This usually happens around puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy.

Some options that contain progesterone might also be the culprit. These contraceptives can increase your hormone levels, leading to a parade of pimples on your face.

If your parents or siblings have experienced a lot of whiteheads, chances are good that you will as well. A 2006 study suggests genetics can play a role in some kinds of acne, such as whiteheads.

Spending more time working on your fitness? You might find whiteheads appearing wherever theres a lot of friction, like the area of your back where a tight sports bra sits, rubbing against your skin.

Some studies have also found a link between stress and increased acne. If youre feeling particularly anxious and stressed out and youve noticed a few extra whiteheads coming out to play, it could be your bodys response to emotional turmoil.

What Is The Best Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Skin


Selecting the best facial cleanser for sensitive skin and post-procedure or compromised skin can be challenging, as cleanser formulations often contain certain surfactants that may threaten the integrity of the skin and exacerbate conditions. When shopping for an effective sensitive skin facial cleanser, it is best to use lightweight formulations free of common skin irritants such as alcohol, soaps, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. Look for a facial cleanser formulated with hydrating ingredients such as allantoin, sorbitol, and glycerin to maintain moisture levels and promote a healthy skin barrier. Botanical extracts such as cucumber, chamomile, orchid extract, and aloe barbadensis leaf extract are also key in soothing sensitive skin. These skin calming agents contain cooling and refreshing properties to naturally comfort skin.Designed specifically for sensitive and post-procedure skin, SkinCeuticals Soothing Cleanser is formulated with a potent blend of botanical extracts and hydrating agents to effectively cleanse while soothing and hydrating skin.

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Is It Better To Wash Your Face With Hot Or Cold Water

Dermatologists recommend washing your face with lukewarm water daily. Hot water may dry out your skin, stripping it of its natural oils. Whereas cold water may not effectively remove skin debris, grease and dirt. Lukewarm water is ideal for removing skin dirt, and helping preserve skin hydration and the protective skin barrier.

When In Doubt Custom Skincare Is What Its About

If a cleanser alone doesnt seem to be enough for your acne-prone skin, it might be time to add on a custom formula with prescription ingredients from Curology.

If you havent given us a try already, today and pay just $4.95 to cover the cost of shipping and handling on your first bottle of custom acne-fighting cream, plus a non-comedogenic cleanser and moisturizer paired with it if you wish! Just apply it at night, after cleansing your face, and let it do the work while you get some beauty sleep.

Empowering you with knowledge is our top priority. Our reviews of other brands products in this post are not paid endorsementsbut they do meet our medically fact-checked standards for ingredients .

Were here to tell you what we know. Thats why our information is evidence-based and fact-checked by medical experts. Still, everyones skin is uniquethe best way to get advice is to talk to your healthcare provider.

*Cancel anytime. Subject to consultation. Subscription is required. Trial is 30 days + $4.95 shipping and handling.

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One Of The Best Face Wash For Sensitive Combination Or Normal Acne

Whatever your skin type, our advice is: keep it simple, smartypants. Whether youve got sensitive, combination, or normal skin, a gentle cleanser will do the trick. Even if one part of your face is more sensitive than the other, or more oily or dry than the other, you cant really go wrong with a simple, gentle face wash thats suitable for every skin type.

Panoxyl Acne Foaming Wash 10% Benzoyl Peroxide

Best Face Wash For Acne Prone Skin &  Pimples in India: Top ...
  • Price: $

Cystic acne is a type of acne thats usually characterized by pus-filled, deep, and painful pimples, making it important to find a cleanser that can successfully remove acne-causing bacteria and calm down any irritation caused by cystic pimples.

However, you wont have to worry about disturbing painful cysts or breaking the bank when using this deep cleaning cleanser.

Board certified dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse, FAAD, explains that it unclogs pores and redness with each wash.

This cleanser helps kill acne-causing bacteria and is comedolytic, meaning it unclogs pores, Shainhouse says. Similarly, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce redness.

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Treeactiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

  • Get The Acne-Free Skin You Need: Our cystic acne treatment with pure Tea Tree Oil for face now offers twice the amount for the same price, so you can combat more stubborn zits add this acne minimizer to your regimen to achieve blemish-free skin fast.
  • Your Instant Acne Remedy: Unlike other products, our adult and teen zit clay wastes no time our Sulfur and Bentonite pimple spot treatment offers rapid results by unclogging pores and lessening the look of acne, leaving your skin clearer and fresher.
  • No More Redness And Irritation: You dont need to suffer in pursuit of beauty, so use our pimple cream spot treatment to say bye to breakouts with only plant-based ingredients, our zit cream eliminates acne-causing irritants without causing discomfort.
  • Offers 120+ Treatments: A little goes a long way with our cleansing acne cream that shrinks zits in no time, youll be surprised by the good results when you wake up our proactive acne spot treatment for face and body is ideal for all skin types too.
  • Directions For Use: Apply a tiny amount of our zit, whitehead, and blackhead clay rinse after 15 minutes for best results, leave it overnight and use it with our hydrating Acne Treatment Face Spray and gentle Acne Treatment Face Cream Moisturizer.

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Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

Men and women have different skin, and as such, different skincare needs. For this reason, men may find they enjoy better results when using products designed specifically for their skin. A great daily cleanser that all guys can use is our Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash. Its made with energizing caffeine and menthol and has a light gel texture that washes away dirt and sweat for fresh-feeling skin. When used prior to grooming, it also helps prepare mens skin for a comfortable shave.

For Mens Mature Skin:

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Best Face Washes For Dry Skin In India

If you are looking for the best face wash for dry skin then you would find our guide very helpful.

We list the 15 best face washes for dry skin in India. if your skin gets itchy, dry, flaky and rough then a dry skin face cleanser will help you immensely. Our list of the best face washes for dry skin in India include all the popular ones like Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, Lakme blush and glow face wash, Himalaya neem face wash and many more.

From fragrance to deep skin exfoliation to prevention of acne scars, the list covers the popular ones including the best face wash for dry skin. Once you pick the right face wash for dry skin, you can largely resolve your skin issues. Yes, picking the right face wash for dry skin can actually get rid of most of your skin issues.

We cover the following:

  • 15 Best Face Washes For Dry Skin In India
  • FAQs On Dry Skin Face Washes

A Hydrating Cream Cleanser With Three Kinds Of Hyaluronic Acid & A Gentle Lather

The Best Face Cleansers / Dehydrated – Dry – Sensitive – Acne – Oily Skin Types

Hada Labo’s philosophy is one that sensitive and rosacea-prone skin types could benefit a lot from adopting. Their products contain only what the skin needs to stay hydrated, calm, and healthy â which means you’ll never find fragrance, alcohol, parabens, dyes, or sulfates in them.

This cream cleanser is great for anyone with combination to dry skin. Glycerin and three kinds of hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin while you cleanse, and the rich formula comes out of the bottle as a cream, but creates a soft lather when you rub it behind your hands. It’s super concentrated, so you only need a pea-size amount to cover your entire face.

Helpful review: “My skin is dry, sensitive, and acne prone. This cleanses my skin without stripping it of its moisture barrier , and there are no added scents that could irritate my skin.”

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Get To Know Retinoids

Studies suggest that retinoids are one of the most effective acne treatments out there. Retinoids are basically a really strong version of vitamin A that exfoliate skin and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

You can find retinoids in topical treatments like creams, gels, or masks or in oral form. Some retinoid products are available over the counter, and a dermatologist can prescribe something stronger if necessary.

As effective as retinoids are, they can also be a bit harsh. Be sure to wear extra sun protection when using one, since they can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Start with a small amount of retinoids and slowly increase the amount as your skin adjusts.

Hada Labo Tokyo Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

  • Price: $

This product line is extremely popular in Japan and for good reason. Hada Labo Tokyo Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is alcohol-free and paraben-free.

Its also packed with hyaluronic acid that seals moisture into your skin, and it uses derivatives of coconut oil for an extra moisture-sealing barrier.

Reviewers love that one bottle lasts a long time, as you only need a pea-size amount to get a good clean.

Also, while some people arent affected by using coconut oil on their face, others find that it clogs their pores. If youve noticed that coconut oil clogged your pores in the past, you might not like this product.

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How Often Should You Cleanse If Youve Got Acne

Finding what works for you can be tricky but a common issue is having the urge to over wash your skin. It might be tempting to cleanse more often to get rid of an oil-slick t-zone but its important not to strip the skin.

If you have acne-prone skin you should cleanse just as much as everyone else. Twice a day for 30 seconds. Acne is not caused by unclean skin advises Dr Ejikeme, Founder & Medical Director of Adonia Medical Clinic.

Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser For Normal To Oily Skin

Best Cleansers, Facial Washes For Oily And Acne

When you are seeking a facial cleanser for acne and oily skin, theres something you should look out for. You need a face wash that is gentle on the skin and foams. This way, it will help you clear out excess oil and other impurities from your pores.

This is exactly what this Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser presents you. It contains three ceramides that ensure that your skin maintains its natural barrier during cleansing. Along with this, the cleanser contains hyaluronic acid that keeps the skin moisturized.

The niacinamide present in this cleanser helps to calm and soothe your skin. Because of the foaming, you are sure that this cleanser reaches deep into the pores. Check out the pros and cons below:


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Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser

When your skin feels super irritated, its usually due to damage to your skins natural moisture barrier. While keeping your skin clean is still essential, using regular cleansers may make the irritation worse. Instead, reach for Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser.

This ultra-mild formula is ideal for those with highly sensitive skin. Its formulated without soaps, surfactants, parabens, or artificial fragrances, instead containing gentle ingredients, including Centella asiatica extract. The unique, water-light cleanser soothes and strengthens the skins natural moisture barrier, leaving the skin hydrated and comforted for up to eight hours. It can even be used without water: Just swipe it on with a clean cotton pad and follow up with your go-to calming moisturizer.

For Acne-Prone Skin:

How Often Should You Wash Your Face

oDermatologists recommend washing your face 1-2 times a day, morning and/or evening, depending on your skins needs. Those with dry or sensitive skin may prefer to cleanse only once, while those with oily or acne-prone skin may elect to cleanse morning and evening. After exercise, it is recommended to wash your face to remove excess sweat that may have accumulated. Lastly, for those who wear makeup, it is important to efficiently cleanse to remove makeup and residue before bed.

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Lavo Glycolic Acid Face Wash

Lavo Glycolic acid face wash is formulated to be a gentle face cleanser with natural exfoliators, unlike other scrubs that have plastic microbeads. Lavo face wash nourishes and hydrates your skin with vitamins and antioxidants.

The cream has glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and lactic acid. In combination, these ingredients penetrate the pores and dissolve dead skin cells to open up clogged pores and remove acne-causing bacteria.

Pineapple and papaya extract in the face wash act as natural exfoliators to reveal fresh skin. Lavender and vitamin B extracts regulate sebum production thereby maintaining oil production.

Lavo glycolic acid is effective on both men and womens skin. The cream is irritation-free and can be used on sensitive skin.

  • Exfoliates skin and opens up pores
  • Removes excess oil by dissolving it
  • Irritation free can be used on sensitive skin


  • Some users have complained about leaving the skin dry
  • Lavo face wash does not lather well

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