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Best Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Combination Skin

Peet Rivko Gentle Cleanser


Looking for a non-foaming cream cleanser with a gentle formula? Peet Rivkos Gentle Cleanser is our top pick for removing dirt and oil without drying your skin out. Formulated without fragrance, essential oils, and floral extracts, this cleanser is suitable for all skin types but especially for those with sensitive skin. It contains a luscious blend of soothing ingredients, such as green tea, aloe vera, and comfrey, which gently cleanses skin while restoring balance to the skins pH and oil.

  • Formulated without fragrance, essential oils, and floral extracts
  • Light and creamy consistency
  • Gentle formula leaves skin feeling clean and soft
  • Calming effect works great for sensitive skin types
  • Design of the packaging hard to get product out towards the end

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What Is Sensitive Skin

According to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, sensitive skin is a condition of subjective hyper-reactivity to environmental factors. Generally substances that are not commonly considered irritants are involved in this abnormal response. These irritants vary by person. Its also important to note that sensitive skin isnt necessarily something you experience from a young age. At any age, you can begin to suddenly experience sensitivity, no matter what other skin predispositions you may have.

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes With Cotton Extract For Sensitive Skin

as of February 27, 2022 7:32 am


  • FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Made for sensitive skin, the cleansing power of Burt’s Bees facial cleansing wipes will gently revitalize and rejuvenate your skin to remove excess dirt, oil and makeup.
  • ONE STEP CLEANSER: Pamper and cleanse your skin in one easy step with Burt’s Bees facial cleansing towelette wipes that are rinse-free and disposable. Perfect for when you are on the go or need a quick refresh!
  • TOTAL HYDRATION: Infused with extracts from aloe, cotton and rice, Burt’s Bees cleansing facial towelette wipes for sensitive skin will leave your skin feeling soft, clean, and nourished.
  • FRAGRANCE FREE: Crafted for sensitive skin, our cleansing wipes are fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and Dermatologist tested to gently cleanse, tone and remove dirt, oil, and makeup without harmful additives leaving you glowing on the inside and outside.
  • VALUE 2 PACK: A cleansing face wipe pack for you everywhere you go. Keep one at home and take one on the go, so you can freshen and hydrate your skin at any moment.

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Harsh Exfoliants And Scrubs

The recent trend in facial cleansers is daily exfoliating cleansers! This shortens your skincare routine and definitely saves up on money. However, some of these daily exfoliating cleansers and scrubs come with tiny granules that are irregular and jagged in shape such as apricot kernels and the infamous walnut shell. Because of the irregular shape of these ingredients, they are prone to do more harm than good on your skin. These are too abrasive on your skin and can cause micro-tears. Surely, you wouldnt want that especially if you have sensitive skin!

Innbeauty Project Foam Around Cleanser

The Best Acne Skin Clearing Face Wash with Tea Tree for ...

This Clean at Sephora acne face wash earned a recommendation from board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, who noted it is effective enough for people with oily and acne-prone skin, but mild enough to use on a daily basis. Zeichner, who is also an associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical School, noted that this acne face wash boasts a blend of alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy, and poly-hydroxy acids to cleanse the skin without compromising the integrity of the outer skin layer. It is also made with antioxidant-rich coffee bean extract which the brand claims will deliver a glow to the face.

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Dna Renewal’s Foam Gel Cleanser

Without realizing it, many people are allergic to fragrances, causing unexplainable breakouts, bumps, and rashes. These unfamiliar dyes and scents could be the cause of your sensitive skin symptoms. With this gel face cleanser, you wont have to worry since it uses a non-irritating version of glycolic acid to gently cleanse skin and remove dead skin. Formulated by a dermatologist, you can use twice a day for best results.

To buy: $28

Is A Foaming Face Wash Good For Combination Skin

Foaming face washes are suitable for combination skin, as they are great at cleansing away excess oil. That said, its important for people with combination skin to find a foaming face wash with hydrating ingredients to avoid drying out drier areas of the face. This is important, because foaming face washes tend to be more drying than other cleanser formulas. The foaming face washes on the above list all contain hydrating ingredients to keep the skin balanced.

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If You Want To Save Money And Time When Soothing Your Skin At Night Tula’s Replenishing Cleansing Oil Will Remove All Traces Of Makeup And Cleanse For A Fresh Face

Key ingredients: Ceramides, probiotic extracts, rice bran oil, arctic winged kelp

If I had to pick a least favorite skincare product, it would undoubtedly be makeup remover. From wipes that dry out to formulas that strip the skin or cost more than face makeup itself, neglecting to remove makeup the proper way can clog pores and cause acne. Thanks to the Tula Replenishing Cleansing Oil, you can finally add a product to your routine that removes makeup and cleanses.

Infused with probiotic extracts and natural oils, the product will effectively dissolve makeup and built-on debris from the day. The mixture of ceramides and arctic winged kelp aids in moisture retention and skin-soothing, too.

What’s more, the Replenishing Cleansing Oil was clinically tested, with 94% of participants noticing it left their skin feeling nourished. As a cleanser that’s suitable for all skin types, non-comedogenic, and is formulated without parabens or fragrance, it’s a product boasting a hassle-free makeup removal â whether you’re about to apply a face mask or hit the hay for the next day.

Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser Is A Staple In Many Medicine Cabinets Because You Can Cleanse Soften And Soothe Without Worrying About A Long List Of Ingredients

Cleanser Holy Grails | Best Cleanser for Acne, Sensitive Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin Review

Key ingredients: Water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser lives up to its name in that it’s notably gentle with only eight ingredients, its main one being water. It’s great for use on all skin types, has a mild and non-irritating formula, and will soften your skin for a healthy glow.

Cetaphil also won’t clog your pores, thanks to its non-comedogenic and non-alkaline formula. It’s also fragrance- and soap-free, too, so it’s almost like using pure water and lotion mixed together.

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Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

Credit: O& A Shop

Dont want to choose between having facial cleansers for sensitive skin that can thoroughly clean your face or one thats gentle? Fret not, the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser is the perfect solution. Without making you choose one over the other, this facial cleanser can cleanse away all sorts of impurities and dirt without stripping your skin from the hydration that it needs! Plus, it is hypoallergenic and extremely gentle that it can even be used for those with eczema, atopic dermatitis, and rosacea!

The Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser Is A Brand Known For Combatting The Effects Of Sensitive Skin And Contains Ceramides And Hyaluronic Acid To Hydrate The Skin

Key ingredients: hyaluronic acid, ceramides

When I went to a dermatologist in middle school after suffering for months with dry skin, my doctor suggested the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Now, after using it for almost 10 years, I understand why.

It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient Dr. Peredo and Dr. Zeichner recommends dry and sensitive skin, to instantly nourish rougher areas, like near your ears and on the crease of your chin. The dermatologist-curated formula includes glycerin to help hydrate the skin without stripping moisture away, too.

Because it’s non-foaming, the lotion-like consistency adds to the overall hydration. It’s also fragrance- and paraben-free, non-comedogenic , and even certified by the National Eczema Association.

After using this cleanser for so long, it hasn’t led to any breakouts, as is the case when I switch to some other brands. It has a firm gel formula that, when activated with water, is truly a miracle on skin that needs an extra boost. And, it’s made of simple ingredients that undoubtedly deem it my all-time favorite cleanser to use daily.

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Best Organic: Kora Organics Foaming Cleanser

Key Ingredients

Green tea is a botanical derived from the leaves and buds of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. The active components of green tea are polyphenols that are believed to benefit the skin due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr started her beauty line Kora Organics to give people luxe organic beauty products that are effective and clean. Her foaming cleanser was designed specifically with combination skin in mind. It treats oiliness, enlarged pores, and an uneven skin tone without leaving the skin feeling stripped. Its formulated with nourishing, all-natural ingredients, like noni fruit, green tea extract, sandalwood oil, and aloe vera.

It Cosmetics created this makeup-removing balm to put all others to shame. Most makeup removers can dry or irritate the skin, especially skin thats more sensitive, but this formula tackles stubborn makeup without any unwanted side effects.

This balm is infused with an anti-aging serum, so it can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while it cleanses the skin. To top it all off: Its cruelty-free and made without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

The Texture Of The Product

The Best Acne Skin Clearing Face Wash with Tea Tree for ...

Once you’ve identified your skin type, it’s easier to know what texture is best. If you have dry skin, creams, oils, or balms are the way to go. For those with oily or acne-prone skin, gel cleansers are best, she says.

  • How often should you use a drugstore face wash?

    “Wash your face two times a day with a gentle cleanser,” advises Dr. Dele-Michael. That said, folks with extra-dry skin might opt for once-daily cleansing, especially on makeup-free days. On the other hand, some people double-cleanse at night, first reaching for a cleansing balm or another oil-based formula to dissolve makeup, then a water-based face wash to remove any remaining residue.

  • Do drugstore face washes expire?

    Most cleansers will expire 12 to 24 months after being opened, though some may only last roughly six months. It really depends on the container, the formulation, what preservatives are used, and where you store it. Look for the PAO symbol, which looks like a tiny jar with a lid. The number within the symbol will tell you how long the product lasts after being opened.

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What Is The Best Face Wash For Combination Sensitive Skin

If you have combination skin that is also sensitive, some great face wash options for you include the Paulas Choice Hydralight One Step Face Cleanser, the Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Facial Cleanser, the Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser, the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, and the Paulas Choice Calm Redness Relief Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin.

Is It Better To Wash Your Face With Hot Or Cold Water

Dermatologists recommend washing your face with lukewarm water daily. Hot water may dry out your skin, stripping it of its natural oils. Whereas cold water may not effectively remove skin debris, grease and dirt. Lukewarm water is ideal for removing skin dirt, and helping preserve skin hydration and the protective skin barrier.

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Best Nourishing Face Wash For Sensitive Skin: Bioderma Face Cleanser

Price: $8.99

The Bioderma Gel Face Cleanser is made for oily skin, gently absorbing grease and purifying skin without overdrying. The refreshing gel foams into a lather and deep cleans without irritating or creating additional sensitivity for the skin.

With long-term use, the D.A.F. complex will strengthen and improve the tolerance of facial skin. Its also safe to use on sensitive, oily neck or upper back skin.

Lancme Crme Mousse Confort

BEST CREAMY CLEANSERS (for Sensitive, Combination and Acne-Prone Skin)

For a rich, luxurious experience when washing your face, try the Lancôme Crème Mousse Confort. It will envelop your face in a creamy foam that helps dissolve away makeup and other impurities from the surface of your skin including waterproof products. With rosehip oil in the formula, it also leaves skin feeling soft and satiny-smooth.

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Dove Beauty Bar More Moisturizing Than Bar Soap For Softer Skin Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic Sensitive Skin With Gentle Cleanser 375 Oz 24 Bars

as of February 27, 2022 7:32 am


  • GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN: Nourish your skin with Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar. With its fragrance free and hypoallergenic formula, it gently cleanses for softer skin than ordinary bar soap
  • DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED: Formulated with ultra-mild cleansers and ¼ moisturizing cream, Dove moisturizing Beauty Bar leaves skin instantly soft and smooth with lasting nourishment
  • MILD AND MOISTURIZING: Help maintain your skins natural moisture barrier and hydration with this Beauty Bar for women, ideal to use as a gentle face cleanser and body soap for sensitive skin
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANSING: A Beauty Bar that washes away dirt and germs, but wont dry skin as ordinary bath soap can. This hypoallergenic bar is gentle enough to use every day on your body and your face
  • THOUGHTFULLY MADE: This Beauty Bar contains no sulfate cleansers and is certified Cruelty-Free by PETA, so you can feel good about switching from an ordinary soap bar to a Dove Beauty Bar

Best Cleanser For Sensitive And Oily Skin With Acne: Cerave Sa Smoothing Cleanser 9

When skin pumps out too much oil and/or flares up with acne, its only natural you want to attack it with fast de-greasing cleansers that give a satisfyingly stripped feeling. However, thats precisely what you mustnt do. Alcohol and sulphates may have an instant effect, but they also remove the good lipids and moisture that skin cant live without so it will produce even more oil to compensate. These agents are also serious irritants, and when you realise that acne is an inflammatory condition, youll understand theyre the last thing oily and acne-prone skin needs. The solution? An oil-free, wash-off gel or foam with only the mildest surfactants, but a good dose of salicylic acid . Oil-soluble, this acid travels deep into pores to rid them of greasy congestion and clogging dead cells, but it also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This cleanser will leave skin squeaky-clean but not feeling squeaky, it will take down redness, and it will smooth and soothe.

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Ingredients To Look For In A Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is best known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, which is ideal for repairing and hydrating skin. Its skin-soothing qualities are especially beneficial for sensitive skin types and its full of essential vitamins and minerals.


Chamomile is rich in antioxidants and it contains anti-inflammatory properties. It can help support healthy skin by calming skin and improving the appearance of aging skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Green Tea

Green tea is another fantastic source of antioxidants. In addition to its skin-soothing properties, green tea can be beneficial for maintaining youthful skin by hydrating skin and promoting collagen production.

Best Face Washes For Sensitive Skin

The 12 Best Facial Cleansers For Aging And/Or Sensitive ...

Anyone with sensitive skin knows that finding the right face wash can be a challenge. Cleansing skin means stripping it of dirt and debris but can often cause redness, itchiness, or discomfort for those with sensitive skin.

The solution? Use a gentle face wash without harsh chemicals, extra additives, or strong fragrances. This is often easier said than done, especially for anyone facing additional skin issues such as dryness, acne, hyperpigmentation, or wrinkles. But generally speaking, its best to look for hydrating face washes made specifically for sensitive skin that can gently remove oil and impurities from skin without stripping away natural moisture.

When it comes to sensitive skin face wash, whats not in the product is almost more important than what is. Wondering what to steer clear of? It can be best to avoid strong scents and strong chemicals such as parabens or sulfates. Soap-free cleansers are always a good idea, and skip harsh exfoliating products unless you have acne-prone skin.

Sometimes, trial and error is the best way to find the best face wash for sensitive skin. Luckily, many skincare brands are making options for sensitive skin for all skin types and budgets. Here are some of the best face washes for sensitive skin you can find for a healthy complexion free of irritation and redness.

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Face Wash: The Bottom Line

Talk to any dermatologist or esthetician, and theyll likely tell you that cleansing is the cornerstone of any skincare regimen. After all, a face wash is a catalyst for a clean canvas that enables all of your other products to work effectively. Facial cleansers sweep away excess oil, makeup, and other impurities that accumulate throughout the day.

As with all skincare products, choose a face wash based on your skin type and needs. Lighter gels and foams work best for those with oily, acneic skin, whereas dry and sensitive skin will see better results from a cream or balm formulation. Believe it or not, all skin types can benefit from an oil cleanser. The secret is choosing one with suitable oils.

Youll get the most benefit from cleansing if you do it twice a day morning and night. Whats the best face cleanser, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

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