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Best Fragrance Free Facial Cleanser

Naturium Niacinamide Cleansing Gele 3%

BEST AFFORDABLE CLEANSERS – fragrance & essential oil free

| Niacinamide Cleansing Gelée 3%.

Naturiums Niacinamide Cleansing Gelée 3% is an innovative, essence-like cleanser, formulated with a clinical level of niacinamide that gently dissolves makeup, oil, and other impurities while targeting the look of dark spots and uneven texture on the skin. Niacinamide is an ingredient that helps to restore cellular energy, repair damaged DNA, and reduce the immunosuppressive effects of sun-induced UV rays.

This cleansing gel is made in the USA, dermatologically tested, certified vegan, and free from cruelty, parabens, gluten, and fragrance. Naturiums formulas are also developed to be pH appropriate to ensure optimal potency and support skin health, making them suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive and acne-prone.

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Advanced Cleansing Body & Face Cleanser


Amino Acid-Rich Cleanser to Clean and Improve Your Skin’s Elasticity

A Blend of Healthy Ingredients to Cleanse and Moisturize Your Skin

A Lightweight Cream to Leave Your Skin Silky Smooth

Creamy Face Wash With Hyaluronic Acid

Feverfew Extract to Soothe and Reduce Redness

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Formula For Sensitive Skin

Three Essential Ceramides to Protect the Skin’s Natural Barrier

Gentle Face Wash For Highly Sensitive Skin

Alcohol- and Sulfate-Free Face Wash With Glycerin

A Mild Formula That Preserves the Skin’s Natural pH Level

Soy protein, cucumber extract, rosewater Prebiotic thermal water, ceramide-3, niacinamide, glycerin Aloe, allantoin, glycerin Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, stearic acid, citric acid Feverfew extract, soybean protein Pycnogenol, green tea, chamomile, lemongrass 3 essential ceramides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid Cotton extract, aloe vera, coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, rice extract Glycerin

It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cleanser

| Confidence in a Cleanser.

If your confidence is taking a hit from blemishes or fine lines on your face, It Cosmetics has the sensitive-skin-friendly solution for you. Confidence in a Cleanser is a skin-loving cleanser that combines the cleansing power of a foam wash with the hydration of a serum. Developed alongside plastic surgeons and dermatologists, this product gently removes makeup, oil, SPF and traces of pollution while supporting and revitalising your skins protective barrier.

Ceramides and hyaluronic acid form the foundation of this cleanser, helping to attract and retain moisture, support skin elasticity, reinforce the skin barrier, and plump out the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is gentle enough for twice daily use without drying or stripping your skin and delivers immediate and lasting hydration, making it the perfect facial cleanser for even the most sensitive skin types.

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Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Facial Cleanser

La Roche-Posay Face Wash for Daily Cleansing

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Facial Cleanser

This gentle and hydrating cream cleanser is one of the best La Roche-Posay cleansers for normal to dry skin. It effectively removes dirt and debris from the skin while still retaining its essential moisture.

If you have dry skin, finding a cleanser that cleans without stripping the skin of its natural moisture is essential. This cleanser contains ceramides and glycerin, which are excellent for keeping the skin adequately moisturized.

  • May not be suitable for acne-prone skin

In addition to the ceramides and glycerin, this cleanser contains niacinamide, which helps soothe the skin. Additionally, this cleanser is suitable for those with more sensitive skin.


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  • Acne Foaming Wash 10% Maximum Strength

    NATURAL Face Wash Cleanser

    PanOxyl Face Wash for Acne

    PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash 10% Maximum Strength

    This foaming benzoyl peroxide cleanser is excellent for fighting acne on both the face and body.

    This foaming cleanser contains a 10% concentration of benzoyl peroxide. This high concentration helps kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin while also unclogging pores to treat current breakouts and prevent new blemishes from forming.

    • May irritate the skin

    For the best results, this cleanser should be used on a regular basis as part of an effective skincare routine to keep breakouts at bay.

    Active Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide Inactive Ingredients: Carbomer Homopolymer Type C, Carbomer Interpolymer Type A, Decyl Glucoside, Dimethicone, Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate, Glycerin, Palmitic Acid, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6, Polyoxyl 40 Stearate, Propanediol, Purified Water, Silica, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate, Sorbitan Stearate, Stearic Acid, t-Butyl Alcohol, Xanthan Gum

  • National Center for Biotechnology Information. “Benzoyl Peroxide”

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    The 48 Best Fragrance

    Have you ever smelled a skin-care product that says fragrance-free on the label, but it still has a scent? This is where things can get tricky. Oftentimes a product will be marketed as having no fragrance, when in fact, the company is referring to no synthetic fragrance and there is actually natural fragrance from essential oils or other ingredient extracts.

    To this point, Spokane, WA dermatologist Wm. Philip Werschler, MD says its important to remember that unscented and fragrance-free are different. Unscented means the product often has a masking fragrance to hide an offensive odor. Many skin-care products have an offensive odor from their constituent ingredients. For example urea, sulfur/sulfa, hydrolyzed collagen, or other animal extracts can be considered offensive by some noses.

    Fragrance-free, on the other hand, means no synthetic fragrance ingredients, but it doesnt always mean the product wont have a smell. Many products are naturally fragrant thanks to their ingredient lineup, so its important to know the difference between the two. I tell my patients that skin irritation is not always from fragrance, and fragrance-free doesnt always mean no odor. I know this is seemingly complicated, but unfortunately thats the reality. If someone wants fragrance-free, they need to read labels for no added fragrance and then try it and see what their noses or skin tell them!


    Milk Vegan Milk Facial Cleanser

    Shop at Milk | $$$

    If youre looking for a gentle milk cleanser, then Milk is what you need. Made with a blend of vegan milks this cleanses thoroughly without leaving any residue or stripping the skin. The texture is like a cream that suds up to a milky lather. Very softening and moisturizing, making this milk cleanser a good option for dry skin. As it doesnt contain harsh chemicals and fragrance this is also safe to use on sensitive skin.

    Free of: Paraben, Phthalates, Sulfates SLS And SLES, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Fragrance, Animal products


    Best cruelty-free and vegan face wash: oily, combination and acne-prone skin

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    Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser

    Paula’s Choice Face Wash for Daily Cleansing

    Paulas Choice Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser

    This salicylic acid cleanser is one of the best Paulas Choice cleansers for acne. It removes excess oil and pore-clogging debris without drying out the skin or causing any redness.

    This gel cleanser contains the chemical exfoliator salicylic acid, which is a beta-hydroxy acid . Salicylic acid sheds excess skin cells and decongests pores to fight acne and blackheads, leading to a clearer complexion.

    • May irritate sensitive skin

    This cleanser has a 0.5% concentration of salicylic acid. The low concentration helps clear the skin of excess oil and debris without irritating it.

    Salicylic Acid 0.5% , Water , Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate , Acrylates/Steareth-20 Methacrylate Copolymer , Glycerin , PEG-200 Hydrogenated Glyceryl Palmate , Sodium Laureth Sulfate , Arginine , Butylene Glycol , PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate , Panthenol , Disodium EDTA , Citric Acid , PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil , Sodium Citrate , Phenoxyethanol , Caprylyl Glycol , Chlorphenesin .

  • National Center for Biotechnology Information. “Over-the-counter Acne Treatments”

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  • Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser

    Best Fragrance-Free Body Care Options For Sensitive Skin

    | Skin Care Acne Facial Cleanser.

    This is a face cleanser thats ideal for any type of sensitive skin, but particularly targets the acne-prone. Its a daily wash that serves to break down excess oil and impurities on the skin, reducing congestion and leaving skin feeling refreshed and purified.

    Salicylic acid is the main star ingredient, a formula that gently exfoliates and deeply cleanses pores. Thyme extract comes through to provide clarity to the skin, while aloe vera and chamomile extract soothe and hydrate. You can also use this product with peace of mind, knowing that it is 100% vegan, cruelty free, and has fully recyclable packaging.

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    Best Face Washes For Dry Skin

    We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

    When you have dry skin, moisturizer might be the product you reach for the most. But face wash can be just as important in your skin care arsenal for keeping your skin looking and feeling its best.

    In fact, choosing the right cleanser for your skin type might just be essential to achieving the glowing, even skin tone youre after. A lot of cleansers contain powerful hydrating ingredients, like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin, that work wonders on dry and sensitive skin.

    As a 2011 clinical review noted, the oils, dirt, and toxins in the environment wont dissolve with water alone. Thats why everyone should cleanse their face at the end of each day.

    If you dont cleanse your skin daily, youre likely to experience more breakouts when the remaining oil, dirt, and toxins clog your pores.

    Cleansing your face gets impurities and dead cells off the surface, which can prevent acne outbreaks, inflammation, and other skin conditions. Plus, the remainder of your skin care routine will be more effective, as skin care products work best on a clean face.

    We rounded up 10 of the most highly recommended face washes for dry skin.

    When compiling this list, we kept in mind the following ingredients that are great for dry skin:

    • hyaluronic acid

    Calm Redness Relief Cleanser

    Paula’s Choice Face Wash for Daily Cleansing

    Paulas Choice Calm Redness Relief Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin

    If youre struggling with redness, this calming cleanser will help soothe the skin while gently cleansing away dirt and debris.

    This milky cleanser is super gentle on the skin and easy to rinse off, so it wont cause any further redness. It contains plant extracts and other replenishing ingredients that hydrate and soothe the skin. Additionally, this cleanser was made to be gentle enough for those prone to rosacea.

    • May not be suitable for acne-prone skin

    Two of the key soothing and hydrating ingredients in this gentle cleanser are chamomile extract and aloe leaf juice.

    Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate , Glycol Stearate , Methyl Gluceth-20 , Glyceryl Stearate , Hydroxyethylcellulose , Chamomilla Recutita Matricaria Flower Extract , Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice , Cocamidopropyl Betaine , Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate , Sodium Hyaluronate , Sodium PCA , Caprylyl Glycol , Hexylene Glycol , Propylene Glycol , Citric Acid , Phytic Acid , Phenoxyethanol .

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    Dove Beauty Bar For Sensitive Skin

    | Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin.

    You might be thinking no soap! whats that doing here? but Doves beauty bars arent soap. This one particularly is a fragrance free, hypoallergenic formula thats dermatologically tested to be perfect for sensitive skin routines. Unlike many face cleansers, this bar is suitable for daily use not just on the face, but also on your hands and body, making for an excellent all-round wash.

    The formula of this beauty bar contains ¼ moisturising cream and mild cleansers to help protect skins moisture, as dirt and impurities are gently washed away. Skin is not dried out like you might expect from a bar, instead it is left softer, smoother, and healthier than before.

    The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

    Which Is The Best Face Wash And Moisturizer All In One Fragrance Free ...

    This fragrance-free, vegan and cruelty-free cleanser is perfect for readers who have had a poor experience with other cleansers, whether they caused them to break out or experience mild irritation, The Ordinarys Squalane Cleanser is hydrating and suitable for all skin types, with a balmy consistency and gentle feel on the skin, its a great everyday cleanser.

    Price: $13.90

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    Farmacy Whipped Greens Foaming Cleanser

    | Whipped Greens Foaming Cleanser.

    Farmacys Whipped Greens Foaming Cleanser is a soap-free, pH-balanced and oil-free foaming cleanser suitable for combination-to-oily skin, that cleans pores and draws out dirt, oil, and impurities without over-stripping. Made of naturally-derived ingredients and entirely free from parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, formaldehyde, and phthalates, this cleanser is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

    Moringa seed extract and moringa water, sourced from a farm in Coachella Valley, CA, purifies and refreshes the skin by removing the impurities caused by pollution. Papaya enzyme then gently exfoliates to clean pores of dirt and impurities, revealing a fresh-looking complexion. Green clay from the Auvergne region of France helps to absorb oil, detoxify the skin, and remove buildup without ridding skin of its natural moisture. Finally sodium PCA maintains skin hydration to promote a supple, healthy-looking appearance.

    Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

    | $$$

    Luxe gel-based cleanser with tiny natural fruit fibers that deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin at the same time. The fruit parts dissolve while you cleanse and the gel transforms to a foam making your cleansing routine a lot more interesting. The oil-free formula made with Japanese Wild Rose and Japanese Leopard Lily eliminates excess oils, unclogs and tightens pores and leaves your skin feeling refreshingly clean.

    Free of: Paraben, Phthalates, Sulfates SLS and SLES, Mineral oilParent company: Tatcha is owned by Unilever, a company that is not cruelty-free


    Best cruelty-free and vegan face wash: for dry and dehydrated skin

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    Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

    A fragrance-free foaming cleanser suited to normal, combination, and oily skin types, the plant-based Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser provides a deep clean without being harsh on the skin. Green clay works to pull impurities out of the pores while rice esters restore hydration levels.

    Best for: normal, combination, oily skin

    Bioderma Sensibio Foaming Gel

    Top 10 CETAPHIL skin care products| Dr Dray

    Designed with sensitive and reactive skin in mind, the Bioderma Sensibo Foaming Gel provides a thorough clean while respecting the skins barrier. While most fragrance-free cleansers for sensitive skin have milky or creamy consistencies, this cleanser comes in a satisfying foaming gel that contains coco-glucoside and glyceryl oleate to restore and moisturise the skin as it cleanses.

    Best for: sensitive skin

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    What Were Looking For:

    Skin type: To get the obvious stuff out of the way first: Pick a cleanser appropriate for your skin type. If youre a self-proclaimed beauty guru, you may be thinking, No duh. But in my experience, most people actually have no idea what their skin type is when asked. If you have zero problems, like acne or dry skin, you were most likely blessed with normal skin. But for those with more complicated issues like excessive dryness that causes tightness and flaking, or blemishes stemming from oily skin things arent quite as straightforward. You need to be mindful of ingredients and the texture of your cleanser, choosing one specifically for your dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive, or combination skin type.

    Texture: Once you figure out your skin type, take into consideration the texture of the cleanser. Dry skin types need creamy, almost moisturizer-like face washes or hydrating oil cleansers to remedy the damaged skin, while oily and acne-prone types should opt for foam or gel textures, which will sop up any excess oil. Oily skin can sometimes get away with cleansing oils, too, because believe it or not, oil attracts oil, which leaves your skin balanced. Sensitive skin types should use something creamier because itll likely be less harsh and irritating on your already fragile skin.

    How To Choose A Face Wash For Dry Skin

    With so many cleansing products on the market, its easy to feel overwhelmed. Heres how to narrow down which cleanser to select:

    • Check the ingredients. Is it important to you that a product is cruelty-free or vegan? Are you concerned about certain ingredients, like parabens or phthalates? Answering these questions will narrow your options considerably.
    • See if the product treats your condition. Are you concerned about skin thats overly dry? Are you looking to prevent acne outbreaks? Most products excel in one or two areas, so be realistic about your expectations, and find a product marketed toward your number one skin issue.
    • Avoid harsh additives. Alcohols, fragrances, dyes, and other ingredients can be harmful to dry skin and cause further dryness. Products with fragrance or parfum can lead to irritation, redness, allergic reactions, rashes, and dermatitis. Look for products that are creamy and have hydrating ingredients, like aloe and hyaluronic acid.
    • Check the formula. There are so many formulations and textures when it comes to facial cleansers. Do you want something that foams? Do you prefer a gel consistency or a creamy consistency? While some of it depends on skin type , a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

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    Fresh Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash

    This best-selling three-in-one soy-based cleanser gently melts away makeup and mascara without the sting of regular makeup removers. It removes impurities, balances pH, and tones pores for clean, balanced skin every time.

    Borage seed oil nourishes and softens, while rosewater and cucumber extract help to cool, calm, and soothe. The star ingredient – soy proteins – are rich in the amino acid hydroxyproline, which is known to improve elasticity and smooth skin to promote a healthy-looking complexion. The soy proteins in Freshs soy face cleanser are upcycled, meaning theyre repurposed from the food industry – kind to your skin and to the environment!

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