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Body Cleansing Diet 7 Days

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Amazing Diet to lose 8kg in 7 Days!

Detoxifying the body is absolutely necessary every now and then, just to keep your gut healthy. The festive season has just come to an end and we have gorged on tons of sweets and dishes this month, without worrying about the calories. Well, if you too are planning to get back on track, here is a 7-day detox plan for you.

In This Detox Diet Week Article You Will Find:

  • Why does the Detox Diet Week Work
  • Detox Diet Plan Reviews
  • Benefits of a Detox Diet
  • The 3 Day Detox Diet vs. The 7 Day Detox

With all of this information you will be well equipped to start your first 7 day detox plan!

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Why Can A 7 Day Detox Be Bad For You

Not to mention the fact that, by excluding certain food groups from your diet, such as protein, dairy, wheat and so on, you run the risk of depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs to survive. The reality is that these foods provide us with important nutrients and its unnecessary and potentially harmful to exclude them from your diet, she continues.

Similarly, if you do drastically reduce your calorie intake all of a sudden youre at risk of your body being so desperate for energy to function, you binge.

While upping your intake of fruit and veg will only ever bring health benefits you dont need to go overboard and only eat fruit and veg. A good way of looking at it: during one Decoded Instagram live, Doctor Megan Rossi, aka the Gut Health Doctor, recommended focusing on what you can add to your plate aka, what new fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes or ferments you can try rather than what you should be taking away.

Health should never be about deprivation rather, tapping into your bodys innate hunger signals and feeding it the food that makes you feel good.

Like any fad diet, a 7 day detox is just another way of starving your body and losing water weight that youll, more likely than not, simply put back on.

So, if youre keen to help your body run at max capacity, focusing on building healthy lifestyle habits which support you even when youve had a few late nights and 100% fried meals is key,

Things like:

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What Is A 7 Day Detox

As per the NHS website and dietician Amanda Johnson, detox has long been a popular buzzword and focuses around the idea that, after eating particular foods, you need to cleanse your body of certain toxins or chemicals.

Nutritional therapist Chris Barker of The Lifestyle Clinic continues that, while detox originally meant medically supervised withdrawal from drugs or alcohol abuse, somewhere along the line, it transitioned into a term used by the wellness industry. In his opinion, most detox programmes are more focused on preying on your insecurities and making you pay large sums of money for wonder teas, weight loss guides and so on, rather than preaching the things that genuinely boost your health, like drinking more water and moving mindfully.

Detoxes normally promise to cleanse the organs of bad toxins and will encourage you to entirely avoid a combination of food groups like:

  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Carbs

Theyll also likely advocate things like fasting, kickstarting your metabolism, overexercising, raw foods, and so on.

But its all a myth, Johnson shares especially the part about toxins. If the human body really accumulated lots of toxins, then you would feel ill, she explains. The concept of detox diets is irrational and unscientific. In actual fact, when you starve your body of calories your body will ultimately start to build up chemicals called ketones which can result in nausea, dehydration, weakness, light-headedness and irritability.

Green Protein Detox Diet Smoothie


This detox diet week leans heavily on detox smoothie recipes, and often we need a bit more protein in our diet This recipe is full of protein, and perfect for the all smoothie detox days.

If youre looking to add more protein to your detox smoothies, try this unsweetened vegan protein powder.

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Advice On Detoxing From The Nutritionists

Start with small steps

Dr Laubscher also recommends starting at the beginning, rather than delving straight into an intensive detox.

“The key is to be wise start off swapping your breakfast for a green juice and see how you feel. Then, day-by-day, cut sugar, then coffee etc. Wellness is a journey, so go at your own pace and don’t forget to drink 2-3L of water each day, for this will make your detox journey much easier.”

She adds, “Its far better to take good care of your body each week and do a seasonal cleanse, than to do an annual post-New Year crash detox for example.”

Don’t buy into the ‘detox’ label without doing your homework

“Detox teas and supplements are unlikely to be significantly useful on their own, and often have little or no research to back their effectiveness,” Kim Pearson says.

“Avoid juice cleanses based on fruit juice. You will likely end up consuming a large amount of fructose which is not supportive of liver health. It’s important to do your research and make sure you are not likely to undertake any kind of diet or detox programme that could cause more harm than good.”

Choose the right plan for you

Pick the plan that suits you and your lifestyle best, Dr Laubscher says. “To do that, you need to look at your symptoms and toxic load over the past six months. Choosing the wrong detox plan can create an overload of toxins that can be reabsorbed back into the body, leaving your back where you started or possibly even worse off, causing a healing crisis.

Rid Your Body Of Accumulated Toxins Once Or Twice A Year With A Seven

You don’t have to wait to fall ill to cleanse your system. It is wise to eliminate the accumulated toxins and cleanse the body once or twice a year to restore physical and mental health, vigour and vitality. Remember to consult your doctor before starting this cleansing diet plan.

Note: It is essential to drink at least eight glasses of water during these seven days to aid elimination.

Day 1 and 2: Fruits and vegetables. Add three bowls of vegetable soup.

Eat any of the two fruits every three hours apple, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, melon. Lunch and dinner should be a bowl of salad comprising tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, grated carrot and spinach. You can add a pinch of salt, pepper and lemon juice for the dressing.

Vegetable soup

Ingredients: pumpkin, carrot, cauliflower, celery, green vegetables

Method: Steam the vegetables. Add water and blend the vegetables in a blender. Heat olive oil in a pan, and then add vegetables and seasoning of your choice .

Consume a bowl of soup in the morning, noon and night.

Day 3, 4 and 5: Add two boiled or baked potatoes and cooked vegetables to your diet. Two baked or boiled potatoes can be consumed at any time during the day. You can add lemon and spices to make the potato tasty.

Day 6 and 7: Add 4 chapattis to your meal.

Add 2 chapattis without oil/butter or ghee for lunch and dinner.


Does natural’ mean safe’?

The writer is a certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist.

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More Tips For Your Natural Gut Cleanse

  • You may have two snacks a day, one after breakfast and one after lunch, but do so in moderation.
  • Exercise is also good for the gut, but during the cleanse, choose low-impact options such as yoga.
  • Mix and match the options above to excite your meal plan for the next 7 days and be creative.
  • You may also add fish oil capsules and aloe vera to your list of supplements.
  • Eat fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut as appetizers, side dishes, or toppings for your salads.

Dont forget: finish your day off with a good night sleep. Aim to get over eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, where possible. A long sleep every night will help your overall health, giving your body the rest it needs, and boosting your gut reset diet.

Here’s BIOHM avocado egg boats recipe for healthy gut health from BIOHM Health:

You can do the 7-day gut cleanse diet anytime, but make sure you do it with the approval and guidance of your doctor. The information above should help teach you how to cleanse your gut. This way, you can be proactive in taking care of your health, especially if you feel your digestive system is already out of balance.

What are your favorite gut cleanse recipes? Share them in the comments section below!Up Next:

Why Should You Follow 7

Cleansing or Detox Diet?

Various body organs such as lungs, liver, kidney and even your skin detoxify your body in their own way. Your body being naturally programmed to digest healthy and nutritious foods flushes out the undigested foods through poop, pee, and sweat.

Though most of the undigested food gets decomposed by your body, but some undigested foods still remain in your body, which gets transformed into toxin and later into fat. Modern eating habits, which include enormous processed, unhealthy, junk foods, smoking, drinking alcohol etc. lead to the accumulation of harmful venom inside your body.

Apart from that, sedentary lifestyle also adversely affects your blood circulation, and your bodys normal ways of detoxification. As a result of which toxins begins piling up inside your body. To relieve your body from toxins, detoxification is paramount.

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Foods To Avoid During Your Detox

  • Red meat, chicken, turkey and any meat products like sausages, burgers, and pate
  • Milk, cheese, eggs, cream
  • Butter and margarine
  • Any food that contains wheat including bread, croissants, cereals, cakes, biscuits, pies, pastry, quiche, battered or breadcrumbed foods, etc
  • Crisps and savoury snacks including salted nuts
  • Chocolate, sweets, jam and sugar
  • Processed foods, ready meals, ready-made sauces and takeaways
  • Alcohol
  • Fruit smoothie made from fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and honey to sweeten if needed.
  • Muesli and yoghurt – 337 calsHomemade muesli made from oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit served with natural yoghurt.
  • Fresh fruit and yoghurt – 148 calsFresh fruit and a pot of natural yoghurt sweetened with honey.

Distance Really Does Make The Heart Grow Fonder

Youll always want what you cant have is a very real sentiment. If nothing else, this cleanse has reminded me of all the little indulgences in my normal, day-to-day eating that bring me genuine joy. And going without them for 7 days makes them that much greater. You better believe that first latte went down like an oiled watermelon on a slide and that first fried egg tasted like a Michelin-star meal. It sure is good to be back.

*ILY Mom!

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What Is The 7 Day Cleanse Diet

What are the rules of the 7 days cleanse diet?

In the 7 days cleanse diet, the goal is to reduce the consumption of animal foods and to increase consumption of vegetables and fruits.

You do not have to completely remove protein from your life, but some recipes should be followed to cleanse the body and accelerate fat burning.

While applying the diet, we need to stay within the framework of some rules. We can list some of them as follows:

Do I Lose Weight During A 3 Day Detox

Pin by Remi Billie on Recipes

Yes, you will lose weight during a 3 Day Detox.

However, I havent designed this detox program for a quick weight loss but as a way to reconnect to your body, mind and regain inner balance.

Your body will be nurtured with fresh nutrients and since you wont be eating processed and fat foods anymore the weight loss process will naturally occur.

You will find the basics of my 3 day detox below.

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General Guidelines For Clean Eating

Although its good to know the types, its a good idea to know some basic principles that you can follow to keep your eating as clean as possible.

On the whole, youll want to prioritise eating whole, fresh food rather than canned food. Canned food often has lots more sodium, which can lead to increases in blood pressure.

If youre hungry between meal times, its a good idea to stock up on some healthy snacks. Fruits, berries, nuts and seeds are great choices that are full of fiber. High fiber contents within food help keep you full without consuming many calories.

Youll also want to start experimenting with different herbs and spices rather than using salt all the time to flavour food.

Protein and fiber are both nutrients you should ensure you are getting enough of. Both help you feel satiated, meaning you stay full and therefore, will feel the need to snack less. Protein is essential in preventing muscle loss and fiber helps improve digestion.

A good habit to pick up is to check the food labels. You may be surprised how much sodium/salt or sugar are in particular foods. Certain types of foods are also be high in saturated fats, so its good to be aware how much you are consuming.

Eating a clean diet doesnt mean starving yourself or being overly restrictive with your food choices. This causes nutritional imbalances, which can lead to health problems.

Snacks When You Feel Hungry

There will be occasions when you will be following the instructions of the liver cleanse to the T but due to increase in metabolism, you will still remain hungry. During these occasions, we strongly recommend that you do not starve yourself for carrying out the process of liver cleanse but take juices, smoothies, and salads which can help in your quest for removal of toxins. As of now, let us look into juices, smoothies, and salads. And, kindly note, when we mean detoxification or liver cleansing, we mean the inclusion of organic vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Juice Recipes

1. Juices Between Morning And Lunch

  • The ingredients are grated carrots, strawberries, red apples, kale leaves, ginger root, tomato etc. You can mix all the mentioned in a blender and relish the taste.
  • The ingredients are celery, spinach, carrot, and pineapple.
  • Asparagus, avocado, banana, broccoli, guava juice.
  • 2. Juices Between Lunch And Evening

    You can mix vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits beetroot, collard greens, radishes, carrot, and papaya.

    A mixture consisting of cucumber, ginger root, cranberry seeds and collard greens.

    Steamed sweet potatoes, beetroot, kale, garlic, onion and grapes, and papaya.

    3. Juices/Salad After Dinner

    You can have juice consisting of apple, Kiwi fruit, mango , pineapple and garlic.

    You can have the juice of pears, radish, raisins, strawberry, tomatoes and turnip, and horseradish.

    4. Salads Of Fruits And Vegetables

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    Who Is The 7 Day Detox Plan Good For

    Simply put, a detox plan of any kind is an option for anyone who wants to reduce the toxins and ‘cleanse’ their body.

    Suzie says, “Most detoxing programmes focus on the liver, which is generally pretty overworked as it acts as a filter for everything that enters the bloodstream. When the liver becomes overloaded, we begin to feel poorly, hence a detoxing plan can help to support the liver and all the other organs involved in elimination, in their work.”

    “If the body is struggling with any of its detoxification processes, and there can be many reasons for this, toxins that we come into contact with 24/7 and those produced from within, are not eliminated as efficiently as the body would like. This can lead to many different symptoms but also cause inflammation within the body, again triggering symptoms, sometimes joint pain, headaches or energy dips as an example.”

    Anyone suffering with these symptoms could try a detox, as there’s plenty of health benefits associated with this extreme ‘clean’ way of eating.

    As Claire says, “Many individuals report improvements in their feelings of wellbeing, reduced stress levels, increased energy, improvements in digestive functions, reduced brain fog, improved skin conditions and benefits with weight-loss.

    Detox Diet Meal Recipes

    7 Day Body Detox Plan

    These detox meals are 30% lean protein and 70% vegetables, so if you have a favorite chicken recipe, use it in lieu of one of these recipes, enjoy it with some grilled veggies or a salad.

    Just do your best to skip bread, pastas and sugar this week. Im not against carbs, but for maximum results its good to avoid flour or sugar based carbs on this cleanse diet week.

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    Benefits Of A Detox Diet Week

    There are so many benefits to a detox diet week! I wrote an entire article about it!! You can find that article in the link below.

    Here are my top 5 reasons to try a detox weight loss plan:

    • Fast weight loss
    • Longer life expectancy
    • More energy

    There are so many reasons to try a detox for weight loss, the above 5 reasons are just my personal favorite.

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    Day Detox And Restore Plan

    I tried so many versions of magical detox diets and struggled a lot until I understood exactly how it works. The concept is really basic unless you suffer from chronic illness, a detox should be actually a re-connection with the whole food, an easy to do and intuitive one, adapted to the season and to your own lifestyle. For me, it would be impossible to keep a juice-only detox during winter when my body craves warm food.

    Putting lots of pressure on your body and feeling guilty about all the little things that you just cant handle will not lead you to a balanced state of body and mind. Moreover, you will feel stressed, your body will react, and your detox will have no results.

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