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Chef V 21 Day Cleanse Reviews

Whats In Chef V Green Drink


The Chef V Green Drink is designed to be consumed 4 times each day, 16 ounces each time. The drink is made up of certified organic black kale, green kale, collard greens, green leaf lettuce, parsley, dandelion greens, green chard, apples and water. There are just 52 calories in each serving, but this drink is packed with nutrients.

Chef V’s Cleanse Prices And What You Get

There are three product options and it’s up to you to decide which one of these will work be for you and your fitness goals. If you want the BEST weight loss results and you think you are ready for a body transformation I would go with the 21 Day Challenge. If you are looking for just a quick detox and to prepare your body for weight loss than the Cleanse is the right product for you. And the rest of us who don’t want to try a full cleanse but still want the health and weight loss benefits, you should go with the Green Drink. Here are your options and what’s included:

“I want to detox my body and get ready for weight loss” : Choose Cleanseâ

There are three options when it comes to the cleanse and you’ll want to choose the one that lines up best with your fitness goals. While the prices may seem a little on the high side, keep in mind that it includes everything you need on a daily basis.

3 Day Cleanse

Chef V Review: Weight Loss Cleanse And 21

Chef V provides organic green juice cleanses and a complete 21-day detox plan to help people lose weight and keep it off for good.

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  • Tips for Success from the RD
  • Participating in a cleanse is an excellent way to get healthy from a body, mind and spirit perspective. A very safe and effective holistic approach to improving different systems in your body, you can use a cleanse to benefit your gut, to lose weight, boost your immune system and so much more. You would be hard pressed to find a part of your body that didnt benefit.

    There are a number of different cleanses that you can partake in. Some of them focus solely on juices and juicing. Others incorporate a very specific diet, teas or supplements. The type of cleanse that you do will determine what the outcome will be.

    In this article, I’m reviewing Chef V, a USA wellness brand that sells raw juices, green drinks and different cleanses. The company was created by a personal chef and nutritional therapist to help people look and feel their best each day. Chef V can be used to help you lose weight, detox your body from built up toxins and boost your energy. Let’s explore everything there is to know before committing to their plans.

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    Alternatives Compared To Chef V

    The Splendid Spoon Detox is a very beneficial program that incorporates different juices, smoothies and soups into their product line. There are over 50 different meals to choose from. I like the variety of this product line. You dont necessarily feel like youre participating in a cleanse because youre able to choose from so many different items.

    Raw Generation has a few different cleanses and a large product line of healthy foods that you can order online. The Skinny Cleanse is a healthy weight loss program that provides you with a number of juices to boost metabolism, flush out excess water weight and increase your energy levels.

    All that said, we strongly encourage going with Chef V over alternatives!

    Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses: Benefits

    chef v discount

    Without any doubt, the Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses provides all the nutrition you need to stay satisfied all day via the shakes, green drinks, and soups.

    The benefits of drinking this entire ensemble include:

    • Improvement of digestive functions in your body. This Organic Juice Cleanse also speeds up your metabolism for lasting and immediate weight loss results.
    • Total elimination of harmful substances that have built up over time in the fat cells of your body.
    • Significantly enhance the quality of your sleep, thereby allowing you to have enjoyable night rests that will also rid you of anything related to stress. You will wake up feeling very refreshed and bursting with natural energy to tackle the days tasks.
    • Improves the quality of both your skin and hair
    • Significantly boosts your immune system
    • Relieves stress by increasing the quality of your sleep.
    • Burns off excess fat from your body
    • Enhances your cognitive processes, thereby allowing you to think clearer and be more focused.

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    Blend The Veggies Instead Of Juicing Them

    Do not make the mistake of opting for an organic juice cleanse that is mostly fruit juice it is an utter waste of money and time. It is also detrimental to your overall health.

    This is because the considerable amounts of fruit sugar present in the so-called juice cleanse will bring about excessive cravings for junk snacks or food as a result of erratic blood sugar levels.

    As a matter of fact, a juice cleanses procedure cannot be successful if fruit juice is a part of the ensemble. There should be no juice at all.

    What a juice cleanse should contain are green, leafy vegetables that have been blended uniformly. That is to say it should be an Organic Green Drink that comes with a lot of nutritious and detoxifying veggies. Blended veggies can taste great by adding fruit to the mixture.

    Protein Shakes Are Like The Steaks Of Juice Cleanses

    Right when I thought I could go Donner Party on my own hand, protein shakes rescued my stomach from eating itself. Chef Vs shakes come with the cleanse and contain sprouted brown rice protein, quinoa, millet, amaranth, garbanzo bean, lentil, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, chia seed, and flax sprouts. If you didnt get a mental cleanse just from reading those ingredients, I cant help you. All I can say is thank goodness for protein shakes because they gave me the boost I needed to keep living during the detox.

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    What Is Chef Vs 21 Day Detox

    Veronica Wheat, also known as Chef V, is the creator of this detox program and has designed it to be as healthy and fresh as possible. She makes all of her products on the spot in either her California or New Jersey locations. Each batch of green juice and other cleansing products is made to order nothing is made and stored, and everything is fresh and certified organic.

    The 21 Day Detox is more involved than her shorter juice cleanse packages. This program includes the signature Green Drink, Protein Drinks, and Detox Soup. This package also includes a meal planner and cookbook created by Chef V to help guide your transformation from short-term detox to long-term healthy habits.

    This detox rotates between full three-day cleanses followed by four days of healthy routine. During the full cleanse days, you will drink the green drink four times a day, drink your protein drink twice a day, and enjoy your soup once a day. During the healthy routine days, you will drink one green juice and one protein shake, and then you can choose your meals.

    To get a look at the schedule and get a feel for this detoxs flow, you can view her official website.

    This detox is more than a quick cleanse. It is designed to help you redesign your eating habits and eliminate unhealthy cravings. By following the program for the full duration, you will experience many health benefits and lay the foundation for a healthier future.

    What You Get When You Order For The Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses

    Chef V’s 21 Day Detox

    The Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses is a potent, detoxing trio of:

    • A purely Organic Green Juice
    • A nourishing and raw whole food Protein Shake
    • A savory Soup that is loaded with organic, local ingredients .

    The Chef V Organic Green Juice is composed of nutritional greens with a healthy dose of apple juice and apple. It contains a negligible amount of fruit juice which is usually employed to sweeten a majority of green drinks out there and to make them edible, thereby diluting the health benefits of those juices out there.

    The Green Drink is composed of several ingredients such as:

    • Collard greens
    • Flax

    Each shake contains approximately 150 calories.

    These Green Detox Drinks have no more than 3 grams of natural sugars compared to the regular green juice which usually contains up to 30 grams of sugar. It is sweetened with apple.

    Besides detoxifying the body, the Chef V Organic Green Drink & Cleanses can be utilized for weight loss goals. The 3-day cleanse costs $229, the 5-day cleanse goes for $369 while the 7-day cleanse costs $499.

    The 21-day challenge which is a program that is put in place by the Chef V Company includes one-, two- or three-day cleanse that will enable you to change your eating habits. You will also take delivery of a free recipe book that will provide relevant information about healthy meals on the days youre not supposed to eat the foods on the cleanse.

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    Pros: What I Like About The Chef V Cleanse

    I really like that you get protein shakes with this cleanse, because a lot of cleanses can be really lacking in protein which can leave you feeling a little low energy. And if youre not getting protein you have to take it a bit easier in terms of physical exertion.

    With the Chef V however you get two protein shakes a day and theyre made with brown rice and hemp protein so theyre still vegan friendly and completely organic.

    I also really liked that you get to have a nice warm soup every night, only drinking juice is great but you do start to miss having hot meals, especially if youre doing the 7-day cleanse.

    And its low sugar, there is a little apple to help sweeten up the green juice but not so much that it becomes unhealthy again. Every day youll get about 30g of sugar which is a lot less than youd normally be eating.

    Besides, what sugar there is naturally occurring from fruits which is much better for you than refined sugar which has been stripped of all its nutritional value.

    You also get sent a pre-cleanse guide upon purchase which tells you how to get ready, its a list of foods that you can and cant eat, so it tells you to avoid stuff like dairy and soy products and stick to non dairy milk, lentils and lots of other helpful advice like that.

    Ricks 21 Day Cleanse Journey 51 Pounds Down So Far

    Ive seen some truly amazing and inspiring success stories over the years.

    Rick M. recently took the Chef V 21 Day Challenge and lost 22 pounds! Hes continued to lose weight and gain momentum since then was down a total of 51 pounds when we heard from him last.

    Heres a snippet of his awesome review posted to our Yelp page:

    I noticed that there is a lack of 21 Day Cleanse reviews, compared to 3 day, 5 day, and 7 day reviews. So I feel obliged to share my experience.

    This is not the first time I have done a cleanse, so I have others to compare it to as well. In a nut shell: CHEF V ROCKS! Thats the simple version. The long version is that the 21 Day Cleanse is worth every penny, it is a challenge, and it is positively altering!

    So far, I am down a whopping total of 51 LBS, due in part to Chef Vs 21 Day Cleanse! From day 1 to day 21 of the challenge, I lost a total of 22lbs.and I continue to lose weight. This cleanse has aftershocks.

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    Day 3 Day And 5 Day Cleanse

    Chef V offers three different cleanses. This consists of a 1 day cleanse, 3 day cleanse and 5 day cleanse. They are designed to help you lose weight . If youre new to cleanses, you can try the 1 day cleanse and work your way up from there.

    These cleanses are based off green drinks, protein shakes and detox soups. There is a lot more sustenance to this product line compared to some of the other brands out there. Each of the products is formulated to boost your metabolism for weight loss, gently remove toxins from your body, curb your cravings and prevent energy crashes. You wont suffer through these cleanses. Theyre very gentle and beneficial.

    Even better, you can do your cleanse with your friends or family. Simply get everyone on board, and purchase your products according to the number of people that youre going to participate with.

    Whats Included?

    In the 1 day cleanse, you get 64 ounces of green drink, 2 protein shakes and 1 detox soup.

    The 3 day cleanse includes 3 bottles of the 64 ounce green drink, 6 protein shakes and 3 detox soups.

    The 5 day cleanse contains 5 bottles of the 64 ounce green drink, 10 protein shakes and 5 detox soups.

    What Exactly Is A Detox

    Chef V Cleanse

    A detox is designed to cleanse the entire body from the inside out. Our body normally has the ability to clean itself from harmful substances that we come in contact with through our environment. If the body becomes too overloaded with toxins, our bodies may not be able to keep up. Not to mention, many people are living an unhealthy lifestyle that prevents their bodies from functioning optimally. If you consume a lot of processed foods, foods high in sugar and eat an unbalanced diet, youre likely filled with dangerous toxins. A detox will use very healthy ingredients to remove these harmful substances from where theyre built up in the body.

    Its important to note, there are detox and cleanse products being sold that are pretty restrictive. They require you to consume very little calories and supplement with a number of products that might make you feel worse before you feel better. Chef V is a very gentle brand of cleanse products that provide you with helpful benefits. You wont feel like you cant travel far from home when youre using Chef V, regardless off which products you choose.

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    Organic Vanilla Pea Protein Packets

    They contain little amounts of sugar about 1 gram and share similar tastes with the protein powder . The subtle vanilla flavor is tasty when mixed in water and there is no doubt that you will enjoy these high-protein shakes, especially since it is easy to digest and absorb into your body.

    This whole food protein shake contains all the nine essential amino acids and is very delicious.

    Tips For Success From The Rd

    I encourage you to do some additional research on the Chef V product line. Determine if these are products that you can consistently consume to get the best results possible. I like the cleanse brands that work in soups and protein shakes into their system. This helps you stay full longer. I dont like the idea of starving yourself to drop a few pounds. However, Chef V provides healthy and organic ingredients that are good for your body so you can accomplish a few different things in just a few short days.

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    Why Choose Chef V

    Are you struggling to find the time to eat well, improve your metabolism, lose weight, and feel better mentally and physically? Then you may want to check out Chef V. Created by nutritional therapist and private chef, Veronica Wheat, Chef V offers organic, plant-based juices, shakes, and soups that are freshly made and then dropped off right at your door.

    Detox Diet: Which Toxins Are Eliminated From The Body

    Organic Green Juice Cleanse Review – Chef V with Coupon Code

    There are no specific reports or studies that show the toxins a detox diet is meant to eliminate or how the elimination process is carried out.

    As a matter of fact, theres very little evidence that proves the effects of detox diets when it comes to removing toxins from the body.

    There is practically no scientific evidence that backs up the claim that the body is loaded with harmful chemicals that must be eliminated via cleansing to prevent severe health conditions.

    The body is a powerhouse and capable of cleansing itself thoroughly via urine, sweat, and feces. The liver works to ensure all toxic substances in the body are rendered harmless and eliminated as soon as possible.

    However, despite this seamless operation, some chemicals can be difficult to eliminate from the body. These persistent contaminants include:

    • Phthalates
    • Heavy metals
    • BPA

    These contaminants are notorious as they usually accumulate in blood or fat tissue and can take a very long time for the body to dispose of.

    Benefits of Detox diet

    That being said, this program is not without its benefits which are as follows:

    • Elimination of harmful substances from body fat by way of losing body fat.
    • Steering clear of processed foods
    • Limiting stress, thereby promoting adequate sleep
    • Drinking more green tea and clean water
    • Regular workouts and sweating frequently
    • Eating more nutritious, healthy, and whole foods
    • Keeping away from persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals

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    Is Detoxing Effective For Weight Loss

    In order to maintain a healthy metabolism and prevent a slow digestive tract, you can use a detox to replenish any good gut bacteria that is missing in your body. This is quite easy to do using raw and whole-food diets. Cleanses and detox products use green drinks and other fruit / vegetable drinks to accomplish this goal. If youre looking to lose weight, youll be happy to know that detoxing can help you achieve this. You can burn more fat when you have a healthy gut, and you can use a detox to reset your metabolism.

    A lot of people have experienced a weight loss of a number of pounds when they do a cleanse. Its not uncommon to drop five to ten pounds in just a few short days. However, youll need to stay on track with a healthy diet once your cleanse is complete if you dont want those pounds to creep back up.

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