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Clarins Cleansing Milk Normal To Dry Skin

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Best skincare products for dry skin / Clarins / #AD
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer :No
  • Product Dimensions :5.08 x 4.57 x 17.02 cm 181.44 Grams
  • Date First Available :Jan. 25 2013
  • Manufacturer :Mainspring America, Inc. DBA Direct Cosmetics
  • Place of Business :HENDERSON, NV, 89074 US
  • ASIN :B007Z98P6K

Clarins cleansing milk with alpine herbs 200ml/6.9oz – normal or dry skin.

About Cleansers & Toners

Day after day, the skin of your face is subject to multiple attacks. This range of cleansers and toners allows you to cleanse, purify and tone your skin. Ourcleansing milks or lotions suit different skin types and can even remove waterproof makeup. Choose your skincare according to your skin type: oily or dry and sensitive. Lotions and masks offer targeted solutions to specific skin problems.You can forget dull or irritated skin, impurities and dead cells. Our cleansers and toners purify and revive your face making your skin velvety soft and smooth.

How To Choose A Toner For Your Skin Type

  • Toner for combination & oily skin
  • Use a purifying formula to balance out excesssebum and tighten enlarged pores. The Toning Lotion with Irisis formulated for oily and combination skin because it refines your skin texture while promoting a matte finish.

  • Toner for dry & sensitive skin
  • The Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion is a great toner for dry and sensitive skin because it is alcohol-free and itsinfused with a soothing formula to repair dry and damaged skin.

  • Anti-ageing toners
  • Looking for an anti-ageing toner? Prep your skin with the Extra-Firming Treatment Essence before applying other anti-ageing products. It absorbs quickly, conditioning your skin for the nextstep.

  • Toner for dull skin
  • Restore luminosity to your complexion with a brightening face toner like the White Plus Pure Translucency Brightening Milky Treatment Lotion. Dont forget to keep your complexion freshand hydrated throughout the day with the My Clarins RE-FRESH Hydrating Beauty Mist. For more information on how to remove make-up and cleanse your skin thoroughly, read this.

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    Choosing A Cleanser For Your Skin Type

  • Cleanser for oily skin
  • If you have oily skin, look for a gentle formula that balances your skinspH levels and removes build-up without dehydrating the skin. Try the Gentle FoamingCleanser with Tamarind, a suitable cleanser for oily skin that eliminates impurities without stripping your skins natural oils.

  • Cleanser for dry skin
  • If you wantto buy a facial cleanser online for dry skin, you should get a cleansing milk with moisturising properties, such as the Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs. This is a popular cleansing milk in Malaysia, doubling as a gentlemake-up remover that leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and silky smooth.

  • Cleanser for sensitive skin
  • Looking for a gentle face cleanser for sensitive skin? Try the One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, an exfoliating cleanser that gently removes impurities andprotects the skin, or the shea butter face wash that naturally softens the skin.

  • Cleanser for dull skin
  • If you struggle with dull skin, go for our best-selling mousse cleanser, packed with plant-based ingredients like Acerola extractsthat naturally illuminate your skin.

  • Cleanser for young adults
  • Our My Clarins series is perfect for young adults, especially the Micellar Cleansing Milk, a cleansing milk make-up remover that rebalances the skin to preventacne and blemishes. The RE-MOVE Purifying Cleansing Gel is a hydratingcleansing gel that purifies the skin and eliminates sebum.

    The Importance Of Face Cleansers And Toners

    Køb Clarins

    Cleansing and toning are important aspects of every skincare routine. If you want a smooth, radiant and poreless complexion, you need a suitable cleanser and toner for your skin type that wont trigger breakouts, clogged pores and other blemishes. A cleanser helps remove dirt, sebum and impurities from your skin effectively.Wondering why you should use a toner? A toner functions as the second step of cleansing. It helps to remove excess dirt while minimising the pores, and also maintains the pH levels of the skin. It wipes away all the potential pore-cloggers that could lead to breakouts and other skin blemishes.

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    Cleanse Your Skin With Clarins Velvet Cleansing Milk For Normal Or Dry Skin

    The Clarins brand is a French company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-end cosmetic products. It was born in 1954 and has been able to adapt to our environment to make products in accordance with our lifestyles. Nowadays, given our urban world, it is more important than ever to clean your skin properly. Anxious to bring you the best of its expertise while meeting the needs of its time, Clarins offers you its Velvet Cleansing Milk Normal or Dry Skin.

    Worth The Hype Clarins Cleansing Milk Review & Photos

    Clarins says, “Soothing cleansing milk lifts away make-up and impurities with spa-like efficiency. Clarins proprietary blend of softening and toning plant extracts including Alpine Herbs, St. Johns Wort, Sweet Almond, Marshmallow and Linden helps maintain skins perfect moisture balance for optimum comfort and radiance. Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and perfectly refreshed.”as a botanical-based, balancing lotion-textured cleanser.dry-to-normal skin types, this daily-use cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortable. It naturally sets the stage for a healthy, beautiful complexion.”

    • Ingredients:
    • Bio-ecolia: preserves the skin’s balance.
    • Hydrophilic oils: cleanse.
    • Vitamins A , E: improve skin quality.
    • Alpine herbs: soften.
    • St John’s Wort, Sweet Almond: moisturize.
    • Melissa, Juniper, Arnica: tone.
    How Product Comes Out
    Cleanser Squeezed Out of Packaging

    How Clarins Suggests Using It

    Dime Sized Amount of Cleanser
    Cleanser Rubbed into Skin without water
    Cleanser completely rubbed into skin

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    What’s Happened To The Clarins Cleansing Milks And Toning Lotions

    May 25, 2021

    Have you been wondering what has happened to the Clarins Cleansers and Toners?

    They have been a go-to for many of us over the years, great quality and consistent, but where have they gone?

    You can be forgiven for thinking you are ordering your favourites when you are browsing the Clarins website, as the new products are very similarly packaged.

    The best selling Cleansing Milks have been discontinued. As have the original Toning Lotions .

    The Cleansing Milks have both been replaced with the new Velvet Cleansing Milk for all skin types. The formula is said to be ‘greener’, more sustainable and is enriched with Gentian and Lemon Balm.

    The orginal toners have been replaced with three new toners.

    Soothing Toning Lotion, again a ‘greener’ formula, for dry to sensitive skin seems to be entirely new. It is Pink in colour and a slightly thicker formula than Clarins original toners, which helps with hydration. It is enriched with Organic Camomile and is alcohol free.

    Hydrating Toning Lotion for normal to dry skin looks to replace the original Toning Lotion for normal to dry skin. It is again Yellow in colour, but enriched with Saffron Flower and Aloe Vera. It is also alcohol free and the formula is more sustainably sourced.

    It is good news that Clarins are commiting to a greener and more sustinable future with regards to product formulations, however it did feel like a really last minute and sudden withdrawal of our old favourites.

    Suitable Cleansers And Toners For Each Skin Type

  • Normal to Dry Skin

    • Hydrating Toner for Dry Skin

    • Indulge in the floral-citrus notes of the Hydrating Toning Lotion that balances and nourishes the skin for a dewy, radiant complexion. Made with Aloe Vera and Organic Fig, this plant-based toner gives you an instant surge of moisture, protects and balances the skin barrier for a clean complexion like never before.

    • Hydrating Cleanser for Dry Skin

    • Packed with a hydrating punch, the Hydrating Gentle Foaming Cleanser is formulated with Alpine Herbs and Aloe Vera to deliver smooth and supple skin for its users. This hydrating face wash also incorporates Organic Lemon Balm extracts that provide a gentle cleansing experience, restoring radiance to dull-looking skin.

  • Oily skin

  • Normal and Combination Skin

    • Face Wash for Normal and Combination Skin

    • Unravel your silky smooth skin with the Tamarind-infused Gentle Renewing Cleansing Mousse. Rich in AHAs, this cream-like mousse gently exfoliates and eliminates pore-clogging dead cells, leaving your skin renewed, refreshed and glowing. Specially formulated with Organic Saponaria extract, its naturally lathering properties makes it a suitable face wash for all skin types, including normal and combination skin.

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Shop more cleansers and toners at our site.

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    How To Choose A Make

    Cleansing milks are perfect for removing make-up without water, making them convenient for travelling. Apart fromstripping make-up and dirt, they also moisturise the skin, preventing dehydration. Its important to use an eye make-up remover with a gentle formula to remove stubborn make-up like mascara. The Gentle Eye Make-Up is a purely water-based, soothing lotion that easily erases all traces of eye make-upwithout any irritation or discomfort.

    The Professional Makeup Removal Method From Clarins

    You should also know that, for an optimal result, it is essential to clean your skin well by respecting certain steps. Start by heating the Velvet Cleansing Milk for Normal or Dry Skin in the palms of your hands to bring it to your skin temperature. Then apply it all over your face, as well as your neck. Put your hands flat, and remove it as quickly as possible, as if your skin is hot. Repeat this gesture 7 times. You should see the Velvet Cleansing Milk for Normal or Dry Skin thicken and suck. Thus, all the impurities will be removed from your skin tissue without ever irritating it. Finally, all you have to do is rinse your face.

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    Anti Pollution Cleansing Milk Normal To Dry Skin


    The natural plant extracts in the Clarins Cleansing Milk Dry/Normal soothe redness, cleanse effectively and put moisture back into drier skins. Suppleness, elasticity and complexion are all improved, as the Milk moisturises and neutralises the drying effects of hard water.

    To optimise the effectiveness of the product, Clarins suggests a specific method in the cleansing of the skin. Warm the Milk in the palms of your hands, then lay them flat against the face do not press. Lift the hands away from the face 5-6 times, to literally lift the dirt away from the face. This suction effect draws out impurities and removes all make-up without pulling at the skin.

    Complete this ritual every morning and evening, followed with a toner and a moisturiser best suited to your skin type.

    The Gentle Cleansing Of Velvet Cleansing Milk For Normal Or Dry Skin


    The Velvet Cleansing Milk Normal or Dry Skin is specifically designed for fragile skin. In other words, it is designed to effectively cleanse the skin, but without ever harming it. For this, it is formulated from plant extracts such as St. Johns Wort, lemon balm or sweet almond. These natural active ingredients are perfectly accepted by the epidermis and also help to rebalance dry skin. In other words, the Velvet Cleansing Milk Normal or Dry Skin does not just clean your face. It ensures optimal comfort and shine. From then on, a pleasant feeling of softness envelops your entire skin. Your skin becomes more supple while enveloping itself in a succulent freshness.

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    Why Should Cleansing And Removing Make

    Going to bed with your make-up on will onlyattract bacteria, leading your skin down a rough path towards clogged pores, acne, breakouts and other skincare concerns. Thats why its extremely important to start your skincare routine with a cleanser and make-upremover, and follow up with a gentle, alcohol-free skin toner to balance your skins pHlevels and reduce open pores.

    When To Wash The Face And Apply A Toner

    Its recommended to wash your face no more than twice a day. Too much cleansing can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it dehydrated. Start by cleansing your face in the morning, and then in the evening before you wind down for bed. Use a gentle face cleanser without harsh chemicals to avoid allergies or breakouts. You can also try an exfoliating cleanser once or twice a week to scrub away dead skin cells. Use a toner right after cleansing to wipe away all the leftover gunk.

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