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Cleansing Mask For Dry Skin

Best Luxe Option: Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask

DIY Skincare Routine for Dry Skin (cleanser, face mask, serum, moisturizer)

Looking to invest in an ultra-luxe face mask? Check out this Sisley Paris option that’s popular for its smoothing, brightening, and plumping properties. According to the brand, you should expect your skin to feel smoother and softer in just 10 minutes. Nordstrom shoppers agree and say the fast-acting product also left their skin looking younger and more revitalized after only a few uses. “I read many reviews about this product before considering buying it. The price is a little steep, but now that I have used it three to four times, I can honestly say it is worth every penny,” wrote one. My skin feels soft and dewy in the morning. It’s worth the splurge!”

Best With Niacinamide: Youth To The People Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask

Clays and chemical exfoliants make up the bulk of this list, but let’s not forget that niacinamide has acne-fighting and oil-balancing properties, too. Not to mention, it helps lock in moisture and strengthen the skin barrier . In addition to 2% niacinamide, this mask includes quite the skin-clearing menu: french green, white, and volcanic clays salicylic acid and prebiotic-rich kombucha black tea to help balance the skin microbiome.

Pro: Includes a diverse array of acne-fighting ingredients.

Con: Some people can experience flushing with too much niacinamide.

Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask, Youth To The People,

La Mer Crme De La Mer

You’ve probably heard of this legendary cream but I wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t tried it due to its hefty price tag. Created by a scientist to heal his own burns that he sustained in a lab, it’s made with a patented mix of cell-rejuvenating ingredients called Miracle Broth so obviously I had to try it. It feels great going on and I do love using it when my skin feels particularly dry. A little goes a long way so I like having the mini jar in my lineup for when I want to feel a little luxe.

To buy: , from $95

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Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Peel Mask

CAUDALIE CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Glycolic Peel Face Mask, Size 2.5 Oz at Nordstrom

An acne flare or breakout can sometimes leave your skin dull and scarred, and this mask helps to target just that. This AHA peel helps brighten skin and dissolve dead skin cells. Dr. Nussbaum recommends this mask, as it contains glycolic acid, which helps to reduce excess oil and the appearance of enlarged pores. It also includes Viniferine, an ingredient that helps to lighten dark spots.

Clinique Acne Solutions Oil

Best Face Masks for Acne Prone &  Senstive Skin
CLINIQUE Acne Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask

Clay is a popular anti-acne ingredient because it absorbs excess oil while also healing blemishes and preventing future breakouts. Dr. Gohara advises using this mask,as it has salicylic acid that cuts through oil that can contribute to clogged pores.At the same time, clay sucks up extra sebum.

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French Girl Organics Rose Facial Polish

This is another one of the best powder cleansers and dry face scrubs for those who like a hint of florals. It is a wonderful choice for those with normal, combination, and oily skin. It is a beautiful pink shade, thanks to rose petals, and it exfoliates gently with brown rice powder and skin-purifying kaolin clay. The natural fragrance blend is absolutely to die for. You can find it for sale online at Revolve.

Easy Diy Face Masks To Treat Your Dry Skin

Dry Skin can be extremely infuriating to deal with, especially if you are constantly working to get results, applying moisturizer every few hours, trying different home remedies, or spending way too much on expensive products with fancy packaging but ending up with more skin issues like acne, irritation, red spots or simply repeated dryness.

You may be wondering why your skin reacts negatively after using certain products or ingredients, resulting in either acne or repeated dryness even after using the right products and home remedies?

Well, the reason your skin reacts negatively after using certain products resulting in added dryness and acne is that the ingredients applied on face are not suitable to your specific skin type and most importantly THE LEVEL OF DRYNESS your skin suffers from.

For instance Coconut oil has been an extremely popular ingredient used by many to treat dryness and get a natural glow, but 9 out of 10 dermatologists believe that using coconut on your face is actually not a good solution unless you suffer from severely dry skin.

“Coconut oil has one of the highest comedogenic ratings, which means that it could be a big problem for sensitive or blemish-prone skin, explains dermatologist Paul Dean, MD, creator of SkinResource.MD. This means coconut oil cant penetrate the pores and actually can suffocate your skin and will clog your pores becauseitsits on top of the skin.

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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

I have to give it up to my mom for introducing me to this classic serum. Even now in her late 60s, she’s constantly complimented on how youthful her skin looks. And although I think she’s largely blessed with some great genetics, Advanced Night Repair may have had something to do with it, too. Despite having tried several other serums that promise hydration and anti-aging, I continually come back to Advanced Night Repair because it just seems to work to smooth and even out texture, and helps whatever’s applied on top to absorb better. I find that it works extremely well in a multi-step routine as the light consistency absorbs fast, doesn’t feel goopy, and never pills.

To buy:, from $50

Fight Wrinkles With A Papaya & Honey Face Mask

THE BEST Face Masks – Oily / Dry / Dehydrated Skin James Welsh

Papaya is yet another natural ingredient full of vitamins and antioxidants. Papayas contain Vitamin C, flavonoids, beta hydroxy acid, and papain, a compound found only in papaya thats known for removing impurities and unclogging pores.

If you want to glow like a tropical sun, this papaya and honey hydrating face mask is for you!



  • Scoop half of the papaya into a blender or food processor and puree it.
  • Mix the papaya puree into a bowl with 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of milk.
  • Stir the ingredients together until smooth and evenly mixed.
  • Apply the mask and let it sit for about twenty minutes. Wash it off with warm water to reveal smoother skin!

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    Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

    This gentle exfoliating mask is an all-in-one facial treatment in a tube. It offers a great hydrating reset for skin in need. Standout ingredients include chestnut extract, which offers a natural exfoliating experience vitamin C for a brightening boost and skin-barrier nourishment and anti-aging niacinamide, which also helps with pore reduction, smoothing fine lines, and wrinkles.

    Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

    This award-winning mask is packed with antioxidants from the cornucopia of superfruits blended into it: acai, maqui, prickly pair, and goji berries. While the fruits are lovely, the real heroes are the four hydrators essential to drawing in and retaining skin’s moisture: squalene, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and betaine. Along with smelling lovely and having a wonderfully light whipped consistency that feels great going on, in the morning your skin will look brighter and more nourished.

    To buy: , from $15

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    What Does A Face Mask Do For Your Skin

    Face masks are targeted treatments for your skin concerns and may be added to your regular skincare routine. Depending on your skin concerns, you may want to use a facial mask to exfoliate and brighten the skin, detoxify and minimize pores, hydrate and refresh, or minimize the visible signs of aging.

    Dark Chocolate Face Mask

    Deep Clean® Purifying Clay Face Mask &  Cleanser

    Not all chocolate is bad for your skin! Surprisingly, dark chocolate is a fantastic moisturizer when used in a mask and it’s an ideal home remedy for dry skin. With just a few simple ingredientsdark chocolate, salt, and milkand a half an hour of your time, you can hydrate and refresh your skin. To make it even easier, the dark chocolate face mask video will walk you through every step.

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    Fight Free Radicals With A Honey & Epsom Salt Mask

    Epsom salt is a pure mineral that can work wonders on your skin. It fights free radicals, alleviates inflammation, and helps your body flush toxins out of your skin. Combine that with the hydrating power of honey and youve got yourself a powerful hydrating mask. Heres how you can whip up a honey and Epsom salt face mask.


  • Measure 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt into a mixing bowl.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of honey.
  • Mix until youve created a paste.
  • Smooth the paste onto your skin. Relax for 30 minutes while the mask dries. Then, wash your face with lukewarm water and gently dry your skin.

    How We Chose The Best Face Masks For Dry Skin

    Heres how we determined our top face masks for dry skin:

    • Positive reviews. We looked for masks that are well-liked by reviewers and have consistently high ratings from customers.
    • Hydrating ingredients. The masks listed below all contain some form of hydrating or moisturizing ingredient, whether thats glycerin, honey, aloe, hyaluronic acid, or oils and butters.
    • Natural components. We prioritized masks that contain natural ingredients over those with long lists of synthetic components.
    • Cruelty-free. Whenever possible, we opted for masks that arent tested on animals.

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    Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore

    Triple Lipid Restore has earned holy grail status for me and produces results almost immediately: My skin drinks it up and looks healthier and more radiant by the following morning. Packed with ceramides, fatty acids, cholesterol, and natural oils that help lock in moisture all of which makes it sound extremely heavy and rich this cream has a surprisingly lightweight texture that applies incredibly smoothly, absorbs quickly, and makes skin feel supple and cushiony. It’s especially good for combating wrinkles and the effects of aging as it’s formulated with vitamin E to help cell repair and fight free-radical damage. And although pricey, in my opinion, it’s totally worth it .

    To buy:, $130

    Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask

    Skincare for Sensitive Skin | Sephora

    Who doesn’t love avocados? Just as the fatty acids in it are good for your health, they’re great for hydrating your skin as well. This super creamy, velvety mask gives ultra dry skin a major moisture boost Origins claims for up to 72 hours. I’ve never gone that long without washing it off and applying other products, but I can attest that this mask does wonders to plump and hydrate dry, dull-looking skin. It’s also formulated with Swiss Glacial Water, “thought to be among the world’s purest, most mineral-rich water,” so it’s like a facial treatment from the Alps every time you use it.

    To buy: , from $13

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    Naturopathica Calendula Hydrating Cream

    I find myself reaching for this when my face needs some extra TLC. Unlike a lot of moisturizers, its first ingredient is aloe vera so it works great for soothing irritated, chapped skin. It has a slightly medicinal smell, and you do need to work it in a bit to get the thick cream to absorb, but this stuff really hydrates. After just a couple days of use my face looks brighter, smoother, and dry patches are a thing of the past.

    To buy:, $68

    Paraffin Wax Treatment For Hands

    Your face is not the only place that is susceptible to dry, chapped skin. Many of us find that our hands simply cannot get enough moisturizer, especially in winter or after frequent hand washing. That’s where a paraffin wax treatment can help.

    This at-home remedy is as luxurious as any wax treatment the spas offer. You simply dip your hands in melted wax , wait 30 minutes, then peel it away. It leaves your hands soft and supple, and works great on your feet, too. Be sure to heat the wax to the point where it melts, but if it’s steaming or bubbling, it’s too hot for your hands. Complete a patch test on the back of your hand to make sure the wax is a comfortable temperature.

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    Ren Clean Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

    REN Clean Skincare REN Clean Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, Size 1.7 Oz at Nordstrom

    Glycolic acid is the star ingredient of this mask, which removes dead skin cells from the surface to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. It also features papaya extract to help firm the skin and improve its texture.

    Best Hydrating Mask For Dry Skin


    Flakiness, itching, rough texture these are all frustrating symptoms of dry skin that are a concern for many. Dryness can also be a prelude to dermatitis and make aging skin look even worse. It can be caused by climate, skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis and, maybe somewhat surprisingly, aging. As we age, skin becomes thinner and more likely to dry up. This often makes wrinkles and fine lines look more prominent as well. In short, yes, you want to do everything you can to nourish and hydrate your dry skin to keep it soft, smooth and healthy. And super hydrating masks and moisturizers are your best bet. Hydrating masks in particular give a powerful burst of moisture to help heal parched skin and restore its radiance. As you peruse ingredients lists, you may encounter glycerin, hyaluronic acid and panthenol and certain botanicals as a few of the ingredients that provide skin-quenching, lasting hydrating to give you plump, rejuvenated skin.

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    Best Brightening And Exfoliating Masks

    Brightening and exfoliating masks help treat a number of skin ailments, including dark spots, breakouts and overall dull texture. Dark spots can be caused by acne , sun damage or simple aging. Dark spots can make skin look mottled and uneven, while also making the sufferer seem older than they really are.

    Brightening masks can contain ingredients like vitamins C and E, kojic acid and ferulic acid to help inhibit melanin production and gently and gradually lighten hyperpigmentation, whatever the cause. Exfoliating masks can also help lighten dark spots by sloughing away at the outer layers of skin, which often contain dead skin cells. Exfoliating masks help treat breakouts and dull texture in the same manner, by slowly removing dead skin cells and oil from pores, minimizing them to make them less noticeable and to refine texture. Exfoliating masks will often contain alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids like lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. These acids are very good at treating blemishes and breakouts by breaking down the factors that clog pores.

    Uma Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser

    This luxurious and all-natural powder face wash works to brighten and gently resurface the skin. It is made with a delicate blend of soothing flower petals, a collection of gorgeous essential oils, and just a hint of clay to pull impurities and excess oil from the skin. It blends well with water as well as other mediums, and can even be left on the skin as a mask. You can find it at Nordstrom.

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    Dr Jart+ Ceramiden Cream

    It’s not for nothing that certain products have a cult following and Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Cream is one that earns its praise. This ultra-rich cream has a thick, velvety texture that absorbs beautifully into the skin, immediately making it feel dewy and plump. Bonus points for being the only face cream on here that is packaged in a tube so I can squeeze out exactly how much I need no more, no less without having to continually dip my fingers into and potentially contaminating the product every time. Also, the directions for use are simply “Apply an appropriate amount on the face.” I love that it really should be that simple.

    To buy: , $48

    Coconut Oil And Cocoa Butter Moisturizer

    Struggling with DRY SKIN? Add these AFFORDABLE PRODUCTS to your ROUTINE!

    Your kitchen holds one of the best beauty secrets and it is particularly useful for combating dry skin. Coconut oil can do the job all on its own and it is ideal for everyday use in the winter. Simply slather a little on and wipe off the excess with a damp washcloth before applying your daily makeup. It acts as a perfect foundation primer and keeps super dry skin hydrated. For added hydration, mix coconut oil with cocoa butter and olive oil for your own DIY moisturizer. Keep in mind that coconut oil is an oil, and therefore is comedogenic . If you have oily skin or are breakout-prone, it’s best to skip this recipe.

    Key Ingredients

    Cocoa butter comes from the cacao bean, which is found inside the cocoa pod, which grows on the cacao tree. Because it’s rich with fatty acids and antioxidants, it makes for a great moisturizer.

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    How To Choose The Best Face Mask For Oily Skin

    Look for oil-absorbing ingredients: Dr. Jaliman says to go for masks that contain natural and pure ingredients that wont inhibit hydration or clog your pores. Those ingredients include kaolin or bentonite clay to draw out impurities, activated charcoal to deep clean, and alpha or beta hydroxy acids to exfoliate.

    Dont overdo it: When used for the proper amount of time, these ingredients are effective. But leaving them on your skin for too long can cause unnecessary dryness. Dr. Nazarians rule of thumb? Get your mask on for no more than 10 minutes at a timeonce a week if your skin is sensitive, and twice a week if its normal to oily.

    Always moisturize after: After rinsing off a mask, your oils may be controlled but your skin might also feel a little tight. Thats your moisture barrier screaming for a drink. Its important to repair and support skins natural hydration after all masking, or even after washing, Dr. Nazarian says. Use an oil-free moisturizer that contains ingredients that strengthen skin, such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, or squalane.

    Now that you know how to use them, here are some expert-approved face masks your oily skin will love.

    A cult favorite for good reason, this clearing treatment has it all: kaolin clay, activated charcoal, and exfoliating acids to absorb oil, reduce breakouts, and smooth the skin for a calmer, more even radiance. It can also be used to spot treat blemishes overnight.

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