Thursday, June 1, 2023

Clear Proof Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask Mary Kay

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The Charcoal Mask for Clear Skin | Clear Proof Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask | Mary Kay

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Benefits Of The Mary Kay Charcoal Mask

This Mask contains rosemary and mint extract that refresh and detox the skin.

In addition to that, honeysuckle botanical extract soothes and calms the skin.

Ive shared a couple of benefits, but I think it would be nice to bring a bit more details about this mask:

  • Unclog pores, oleosity control
  • Botanical extracts Soften the skin
  • Rosemary and mint extracts give an immediate feeling of refreshment.
  • Creamy and fluid texture and easy to remove.
  • You dont need a considerable amount to cover the entire face
  • Prolonged and visible effect for up to three days after application of the mask the skin appears firmer, clear, with controlled oiliness

Why Does This Entry Deserve To Win

With a complex opportunity to both activate Independent Beauty Consultants and excite beauty consumers, Mary Kay and Fullscreen developed a creative strategy and activated fans through strategic copy, custom creative, real-time engagement and targeted media.

To differentiate this product from other beauty masks, Mary Kay and Fullscreen developed a creative strategy anchored in the product benefits. Original production for Charcoal Mask photography tied to product elements like activating charcoal and relevant seasonal content inspired beauty consultants and fans to engage with the visual-first content and talk about the product and its effectiveness. Fullscreen created custom content for each of Mary Kay’s key social channels, leaning into beauty trends of how to content in new ways.

To further activate fans on social, the Mary Kay brand page engaged with fans joining the conversation in real-time. From answering product questions to acknowledging user generated content, personal acknowledgement and celebration helped fuel awareness and excitement across all channels.

Once one million masks were sold, Mary Kay’s brand pages celebrated this milestone by creating unique content for Independent Beauty Consultants to share on their personal accounts and shared a real-time Instagram Story thanking fans for embracing the new charcoal mask.

The strategic paid media campaign allowed Mary Kay to reach new fans and activate existing customers and Independent Beauty Consultants.

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How It Works

  • Skin has a natural exfoliating process. Sometimes this process doesnt work as effectively as it should, so oil, bacteria and dirt get trapped inside pores, contributing to problem skin. The Clear Proof® Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask helps remove these impurities and offers a gentle solution for supporting clearer-looking skin.
  • The mask contains activated charcoal and mineral clays to absorb pore-clogging impurities and excess oil, taking skin beyond everyday clean. As a result, your skin looks clearer and healthier, and pores appear smaller.

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