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Collagen Deep Cleansing Snail Face Serum

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Collagen deep cleansing snail face serum review|Beauty secret by samira

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Collagen Deep Cleansing 30ml

Snail Face Serum – High potency anti aging facial serum. Stimulates collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Also helps in brightening skin, evens out skin tone and fades dark spots. It is a full-effect stock solution, an extract extracted from the snail mucus which when applied to the surface of the skin continuously smoothen it for a translucent look. It dehydrates the skin with efficient hydrating lock water, supplies and radiant skin, instantly provides a lot of moisture to the skin. The benefits of snail mucin, when applied topically, include faded dark spots and firmer, plumper, more hydrated skin. Some people claim it’s the key to clearing up post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation for good.Its unique ingredients make the skin easily absorb moisture and zero sticky feeling, while preventing water loss, so that the water-deficient skin instantly replenishes moisture and moisturizes. It replenishes damaged skin, protects sensitive skin and strengthens skin protection screen. Because the ability of the stratum carenum to maintain moisture is reduced, the sebum film on the surface of the skin is incompletely formed as a damaged skin needs a lot of water to be replenished.

Usage 1. Clean the facial skin

2.Apply proper amount to the palm or cosmetic cotton to the face.

3.Pat/beat gently on skin until it absorbed.

4. Ideal for use as a base before makeup and at night.

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Collagen Deep Cleansing Snail Whitening Cream



WHITENING CREAM This cream is enriched with whitening and moisturizing ingredients that rapidly infiltrate into the cuticles, remove melanin, improve the dull, sallow & uneven skin and enhance its whitening ability, keeping fair, smooth, moisturized and elastic.

Usage: After skin cleansing or before going outside, apply the cream to the face or the areas of the body as required and gently massage until absorption.

Rich in lightening and moisturizing ingredients, the product quickly penetrates the stratum corneum to eliminate melanins, immediately treat the complexion dull, yellowish and irregular, strengthen the bleaching capacity of the skin so that it remains thinned, hydrated, softened and toned. Use: After cleansing or before going out, apply on the face and area to lighten the body, massage gently until absorbed


Collagen, Snail Extract, Purified water, caprylic/capric Triglyceride, Glycerol, Petroieum Jelly, Ultra fine Titanium Dioxide, Ployglyceryl-3-Diisostearate, Ployglyceryl-3-Dipolyhydroxystearate, Magnesium Sulfate, Fragnance, Methyl Parahydroybenzoate, Propyiparaben.


Camsi Intenational Holding Limited Add: Sea Meadow House, Blackburne Highway, POBox 116, Tortola Road Town British Virgin Islands, Uk


Collagen Deep Cleansing Snail Face Serum

Collagen Deep Cleansing Snail Face Serum 30ml


Anti Acne Whitening Brightening Anti Aging Net: 30g

Snail secretion filtrate.Hyaluronic Acid.Serum. Replenishing and moisturizing. Nourish skin. Serum facial skin care.

Water, Glycerol, poly , Carbomer, AI-lantoin, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Glycine, Hydroyethyl Cellulose, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrogenated castor oi(Triethanol-amine, 2-phenoxyethanol

Snail secretion filtrates and sodium hyaluronate are added so as to rejuvenate, moisturize, nourish and lift the skin while making it firm.

1. Cleanse the face, apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum liquid.

2. Reapply it to the positions exposed to fine lines.

3. Gently apply from the bottom up, and inside to outside with finger pulps.

4. Gently massage the face with the palm for a better absorption.

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