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Colon Cleanse For Gastric Bypass Patients

Get Slim Naturally Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss

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Many people dont realize that the typical Western diet is low in fiber and the enzymes that promote healthy digestion. Insufficient fiber prevents your large intestine from being able to clean itself, resulting in a buildup of toxins and other waste. This toxic buildup in your digestive tract may eventually lead to serious illness.

Fortunately, the toxic matter in the colon can be removed with a colon cleanse. After having a colonic irrigation, your large intestine will function more effectively. Your entire digestive tract and immune system will be strengthened after cleansing your colon, and significant weight loss often results.

Are Colon Cleanses Safe

Colon cleanses and enemas are safe only when prescribed by a licensed physician before a colonoscopy or for treatment of constipation. They can come with their own set of side effects, including bloating, dehydration, and cramping, but these are temporary and last for just a day before a colonoscopy.

Non-prescription colon cleanses may make big promises, but the truth is that theyre more likely to cause harm than good. Some of the risks associated with colonics include:

  • Colon perforation. A perforation is a small tear or hole in the wall of the large intestine, which can lead to severe infection. A colonic device or enema can lead to perforation when done at home or by an unlicensed individual.
  • Pain and cramping. Laxatives and enema solutions can lead to severe abdominal pain, cramping, and bloating. These can last hours or even days afterward.
  • Electrolyte imbalances/dehydration. At-home cleansing can cause vomiting and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. In turn, these can cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.
  • Bacterial infections. Its possible to introduce harmful bacteria into the body when using tools that arent sterile. This can disrupt healthy bacteria in the colon and potentially lead to infections that your body cant fight off on its own.

When not prescribed or administered by a licensed physician, a colon cleanse can make you sicker or put you at risk for serious medical complications.

Stay safe. Stay informed.

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How Do I Take Detox Juices

There are many ways you can set it in motion. However, two clear methods stand out. Choose the one that works best for you and stick to it.

  • Incorporation/Balanced Meal Replacement: With this plan, you can integrate the juices into your daily meal plan. To avoid collisions, it is better to replace certain meals that are not suitable for the body and replace them with the juice.
  • Juice Fast: This approach entails fasting. You are meant to keep off food for some time and go only on juicing. The timeframe can be as high as 60 days, and as low as 3 days. Yet, the latter is popular. Take care not to miss out on any of the days, as this can disrupt your weight loss goals.

Dietary Preparations For Elective Colon And Rectal Surgery

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A review of studies in bowel preparation for colonoscopy recently challenged the importance of traditional dietary restrictions for adequate bowel preparation.18 The consumption of low-residue liquid supplements, low-residue meals, and even regular diets until the evening before surgery have been shown to be equivalent or better than the traditional 24-hour clear liquid diet before colonoscopy. In these studies, various PEG solutions were used for MBP and many investigators attributed the improved results of the relaxed dietary regimens to the improved ability for patients to tolerate and complete the full liquid prep. In one study, increasing consumption of high-residue food before colonoscopy was a predictor of poor colon preparation, indicating that there may be a limit before detrimental effects are seen.18 The current evidence from studies comparing MBP with no MBP in elective colorectal procedures also suggests that a regular diet may be safely maintained through the day before surgery.44 Easing the dietary restrictions during preparation for colon surgery may result in equivalent or better bowel preparation before surgery when combined with PEG solution.

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Risks Of Colon Cleansing

âNatural” doesn’t necessarily mean safe. The government doesn’t regulate natural colon cleansing products, so their potency, safety, and purity can’t be guaranteed. And, each state has its own rules about whether or not practitioners must be professionally licensed.

It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before starting a new practice such as colon cleansing.

There are some potential risks and side effects, including:

Which Juices Are The Best

There are many Detox juices you can choose from. Each has its functions and mode of preparation. The aim of this post is to provide you with three that will be beneficial to your weight loss goals. Note that we took painstaking research before arriving at the conclusion. However, this should not pas for a go-ahead to consume them . Always consult a doctor about your choice and take the necessary medical guidelines to ensure smooth detoxification.

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Is There A Need For Detox Juices

From a medical perspective and the underlying risks and diversified opinions regarding the subject-matter, Detox juices might be not a good choice for you. A number of facts have emerged to support this.

First, there is a school of thought that believes that detoxification is not necessary. According to the argument, the body naturally disposes of waste and materials that have harmful tendencies. This applies both for obese individuals and other people who are living healthily.

Second, if a patient must take to it, it has to be the vegetables and fruits. The current trend of breaking down the items into a paste or liquid form is not actually the right step. Available facts opine that most nutrients are lost in the process of blending these items leaving the patient with little nutrients.

Despite these varied opinions, Detox juices still have the upper hand in the scheme of things. For many patients who would rather take more liquid than meals, these juices are the best way to nourish the body and get it back in shape after weight loss surgery.

Bowel Cleanse Before Surgery

Colon Cleansing

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Halobabe99sadieleeHi Karif, My surgery is tomorrow morning. I am now on the liquid pre-op diet. The same as the first meal after your surgery. My doctor gave me a prescription for MOVIPREP Powder Kit. It is a prescription formula that comes as 2 doses. You have to mix package A & B with a whole quart of water and drink 1/4 every 15 minutes. It has 2 applications of this stuff. And I’m suppose to fini**** in 1 hour. Then do it again at 4. Not happening!!! I called my friend who is a Nurse and she told me just to make sure that I finish at least 1 quart. Which I did. And my bowels are running like water and clear. She said that is what they are looking for. But I could not eat anything solid today. I think I would rather drink Buttermilk and I have never drank Buttermilk. At first it taste like Alka-Setzer but it has a sweet aftertaste. YUUUCK! YUCK! & more YUCK!! It would have been nice if your doctor gave you better instructions or more help. Funny how not all Bariatric doctors practice the same laws or rules of engagement. But runny and clear is what you are looking for. Also, I have had the magnesium citrate and it works to do the same thing as this stuff. Wish I had that as an option. Sharon

IN ITTOWIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why Is Bowel Irrigation More Beneficial Than Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Bowel Irrigation uses a physiological solution that is not absorbed in the Digestive System, it does not interfere with the body fluids, and it does not cause any laxative effect.
  • In Bowel Irrigation, the water moves with your own peristaltic in the physiological direction , the same way food moves. This is the reason why you do not experience any unpleasant feelings. With Colon Hydrotherapy, water is pushed against your bowel peristaltic and it may give quite unpleasant feelings.
  • Bowel Irrigation is a non-invasive method, where you drink 200 ml of warm saline water in 5-minute intervals. We do not use any tube or water pump.
  • With Bowel Irrigation, you will get your Entire Digestive System Cleaned and Rejuvenated, from the mouth to the stomach, duodenum, small intestine and large intestine . With Colon Hydrotherapy, you only get your colon cleansed, and this is the big difference!

Cleanses And Colon Health For Vsg

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I’m asking here because, frankly, I feel like the Nut/Nurse at my clinic isn’t so up on this issue with regards to VSG patients.

I hope I’m not the only one, but, the “ongoing” bathroom issues continue but issues re: constipation recur easily and if I don’t stay on top of things daily. My concern is, after 6 months of it now…how healthy are my bowels, etc? My thinking is that the high high protein/low carb does and is doing a number on things down there. I worry about damage and wondered if others have tried any particular cleanses or products for “colon/digestive health”..? I have no idea what to look for and what is or is not safe for VSGrs?

I know there are capsule products I have seen at the pharmacy – that put the good bacteria in, etc…but I have no idea what is good or not???

Any thoughts, experience or feedback would be great!


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Types Of Mechanical Bowel Preparations

MBPs are preparations that are taken by mouth to achieve clearance of the colonic contents. Although enemas and diet restrictions are also a mechanically driven way of lower intestinal cleansing, they are usually not classified as MBPs. There are three classes of cleansing methods: osmotic agents , stimulant laxatives, and regimens that involve a combination of osmotics and laxatives. Table 1 provides side-by-side comparisons of commercially-available and over-the-counter formulations of MBPs.

Why You Should Avoid Detox Juices

The Doctors: Karaoke Yoga Workout &  Robotic Gastric Bypass Review ...

You must have heard about the nutritional benefits that come with the juice. In addition, there are patients who it worked for and some others who slipped into a deplorable state after taking one. Before you take the next, consult your doctor and explain your point to him. It is pertinent to take the guidelines from the medical perspective. If the doctor is against the idea of consuming Detox juices desist from it.

On the contrary, even after you get the nod, there are other issues to deal with. Over the years, many facts emerged pointing to the fact that these cleanse juices are not good for the body in particular and your health in general. We present you with the reasons why you should not use Detox juices as a means of getting rid of toxins in the body.

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Miralax Gatorade Bowel Prep Instructions

If you have any concerns regarding these instructions please call our office day or night at
The Miralax Preparation requires a total of 3 different Laxatives:
  • You will need a bottle of Miralax to be purchased at your pharmacy.
    • You will need to purchase a 64 ounce bottle of green, yellow or clear Gatorade, Propel or Crystal Light to mix the Miralax in. No red, orange or purple liquid may be used.
  • You will need to purchase a 10 ounce bottle of Magnesium Citrate at your pharmacy. No prescription required.
  • You need to purchase 4 Dulcolax tablets.

    Take all regularly scheduled medications unless otherwise specified by your physician here.

    7 DAYS prior to your procedure: STOP PLAVIX, COUMADIN, ASPIRIN. Stop all iron and vitamin E supplements. You may take your other vitamin supplements. STOP herbal medicine therapy including: ginger, garlic, valerian root and fish oil. Check with your physician first please.

    3 DAYS Prior to your procedure: Eliminate all seeds from you diet. Examples: multigrain breads & cereals, poppy & sesame seeds, all fruits with seeds, jams, tomatoes, cucumbers, popcorn, nuts, etc.


    At Colonic Care We Have A Package Specifically Designed For Clients Who Are 6 Weeks Post Op Or More From Gastric Surgery We Have Been Able To Help So Many Clients Regulate Their Digestion After Surgery That Has Improved Not Only Their Health And Wellbeing But Also Their Weight Loss Results

    Physical: Help balance weight and appetite in a healthy and sustainable manner.

    Mental/Emotional: letting go of things that are weighing you down, slowing you down, holding you back

    Spiritual: self sabotage, not believing that you are worthy/deserve everything your heart desires

    Includes: Herbal Appetite Suppressant, 5 point detox, Protein Powder,, Enema Kit, Enema Coffee, Unlimited Kangen Water, a Colonic Care Drink Bottle and a copy of Sues Cookbook. Also includes a free EMS/Fat Cavitation Session with Linda.

    5 Step Protocol:

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    Role Of Oral Antibiosis

    There is little doubt among surgeons that administration of preoperative parenteral antibiotics prevents SSI and is covered elsewhere in this issue. What is less clear is the role of oral antibiotics and mechanical bowel prep in reduction of SSI. Colorectal resections have a higher SSI rate than other elective abdominal operations because of the high bacterial load present within the colon lumen, estimated to be 1012 colony-forming units per gram of stool.7 Cleansing the colon of gross fecal material is a logical strategy to reduce microbial contamination at the surgical site and potentially reduce infections.

    Conversely, a 2004 study by Espin-Basany et al showed no decrease in postoperative septic complications when three doses of oral, nonabsorbable antibiotics were given in addition to MBP. They did, however, find an increase in the amount of nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain associated with the administration of the oral antibiotics.10

    The oral antibiotic preparation that is the best tolerated and best studied is the original Nichols and Condon prep. The regimen is as follows:

    • 1 g oral neomycin given at 2 pm, 3 pm, and 10 pm
    • 1 g erythromycin base given at 2 pm, 3 pm, and 10 pm
    • Metronidazole 500 mg given may be substituted for erythromycin for better tolerability. Metronidazole has excellent anaerobic activity, enterohepatic circulation, and has been shown to be clinically effective.11,12,13,14

    If The Pipes Get Clogged Follow These Recommendations For Constipation Relief

    Gastrointestinal System: Intestinal Obstruction & Ostomies – Medical-Surgical (GI) | @LevelUpRN

    · Drink plenty of water . Sip continuously.

    · Add prune juice to your protein shakes. Or, blend in one pitted prune into your protein shake.

    · Increase fiber intake from fruits and vegetables, follow food or liquid texture guidelines as described at each stage. Once at the solid stage, fruit and vegetables should be the main sources of fiber.

    · Fiber supplements mixed with water are usually safe and can be effective. You may include fiber like Metamucil, Fibercon, Benefiber, Colon cleanse, PGX or Citrucel.

    · Walking and staying active helps restore bowel movements. Increase your physical activity!

    · Smooth move tea also helps. You can let it get cold and use it as the liquid base for your protein shake.

    · Avoid diuretics such as caffeine .

    · Avoid drinking alcohol. Especially during recovery!

    · Some nutritional supplements, including calcium and iron, may contribute to constipation you may stop taking your supplements for a brief period of time until your bowel movements are restored. Talk to your surgeon about taking a stool softener or laxative. Milk of magnesia has been a good option for immediate relief to our patients.

    · Narcotics can slow bowel function resulting in constipation. Be sure to consult your physician in regards to medication and constipation.

    · If you have a magnesium deficiency, hypothyroidism or a sluggish thyroid you may benefit from taking Citrate Magnesium, start with 400 mg and if BM is not restored, increase to 600 mg.

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    After Bariatric Surgery Patients Have A Smaller Stomach

    After bariatric surgery, patients have significantly reduced stomach volume, due either to resection of a part of the stomach or to diversion of the gastrointestinal tract to bypass most of the stomach . This causes early satiety with smaller amounts of food and leads to weight loss. However, this restriction in stomach volume also makes it more difficult for the patient to tolerate the intake of large volumes of fluids for bowel cleansing before colonoscopy.

    Bariatric surgery patients may require colonoscopy for indications such as colorectal cancer screening, chronic diarrhea, or GI bleeding, all of which are commonly encountered during routine clinical practice.

    What Is A Pouch Reset

    The stomach is an amazing organ. It stretches to accommodate large amounts of food and then shrinks back to its normal size as the food is pushed into the digestive track. Even after bariatric surgery, the stomach continues to stretch and then contract. Folds of tissue within your stomach, called rugae, expand and contract in response to food .

    Today, we are inundated with food. And its easy to eat until our stomachs physically cannot hold more food . Historically, this was OK, since food was scarce as animals and plants were not available year round. But when we continue to eat until we cant hold more food and do this day in and day out, our hunger and full signals get skewed. Soon, its only when our stomach reaches the I cant eat another bite stage, do we start to say, Im full.

    One theory is that when you overeat, the rugae in your stomach stretches, and with a constant flow of food it never returns to its normal size. This causes your stomach to accommodate larger and larger amounts of food before you feel that sense of fullness.

    A pouch reset is a tool to get your stomach back to its normal size. This is done by severely reducing your food intake.

    Note: While you can do your own pouch reset, it is strongly recommended you do it with the support of a bariatric surgeon and dietitian. In Angies case her insurance covered 100% of the cost of her pouch reset.

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