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Do Juice Cleanses Help With Bloating

The Brutal Truth About Healing It Just Takes Time

NATURAL LAXATIVE JUICES to Relieve Constipation and Reduce Bloatingð©

When I started this diet everything got worse! Everything! I was more bloated and swollen than I had been in years. It got so bad that I almost quit a week in the first week was the WORST for me.

Not what you wanted to hear? Me neither. But, if you have been battling belly bloat for years like I was along with other chronic health issues you come to learn that healing is not quick, not easy, and it doesnt happen overnight! Sigh. Wouldnt that be great?!

How long did it take for me to see results?

It took about 3 months before I started to see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. At 4 months my belly bloat seemed to have completely disappeared.

Seriously, it is crazy! I still am having a hard time believing it. The bloating, swelling, only being able to wear stretchy clothes, and constantly being asked when are you due? have completely halted.

It has only been 4-5 months, so we will see if any bloating returns, but after trying so many different things for years I can honestly say that nothing has worked so well and for so long as drinking celery juice. I can actually wear jeans again!! Yay!

Dont quit if you dont see results right away

Have you guys found anything that has cured your belly bloat? Let me know in the comments below if you have and as always, ask any questions you have about this process in the comments below!

For more tips on how I recovered from chronic illness you can come join us over on instagram @avenlylaneinspireand .

Strong Body Odor Yes You Might Stink

Another common detox symptom is to have a strong body odor.

This is due to the cleansing of your gut. Accumulated waste and toxins are being evacuated

Your body does not only eliminate toxins through your urine but you also sweat them out.

And the more toxicity you have in your body, the stronger your body odor will be.

Its kinda like people who drink a lot of alcohol or consume drugs. Their skin tends to smell really bad

Or like those people who work hard at the gym but have a very bad diet You can smell them from a distance!

During your cleanse, make sure to drink a lot of water to encourage more urination and sweating.

Water is also going to help your liver and kidneys filter all of the toxins.

You can also go to the sauna to sweat the toxins out But be careful if you are fasting.

Its best not to go to the sauna when you are not eating, to avoid losing too many electrolytes.

Drink green vegetable juice to maintain good electrolyte levels and counteract the acidic load from the toxins.

Probiotics will also help restore your gut flora, which will help with body odors

/9your Metabolism Undergoes A Change

One of the benefits of juicing is that it serves a lot of dietary fibre, which works not just to regulate digestion and eliminate toxin build-up, but also gives a kick to your metabolism, even if for a time being.

Some juices, which also make use of ingredients like pepper have been linked to boosting metabolism and speeding up weight loss. However, for some, it can also work entirely differently-slow your metabolism further down. Hence, juicing is not something to try in an instant, but with precaution.

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By Step This Is The Best Belly Bloat Cleanse I Have Ever Done

Before we get into it can I just get that out of the way? Bloating sucks. Bloating freaking sucks! And it is one of those health issues that a lot of people roll their eyes at and think here we go, another 20 something year old girl complaining of bloating.

It is one of those issues that most people just dont get.

I cant tell you how many times I would try and explain to a friend my bloating and swelling issues and they would look at me and say You arent bloated, you dont look swollen! It is hard to find empathy out there, especially with chronic health conditions like this.

It was usually at that point when I would bust out the pictures.

As you can see, swelling and bloating can be a lot more serious than gaining 5 lbs during your period.

What Else Does A Juice Cleanse Do To Your Body

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While you may lose weight on a juice cleanse, juice cleanses dont give you sufficient protein, fiber, or fat. Juice cleanses that last more than three days can impact your large intestine and your muscles. If you dont feed your body sufficient protein, your body may start to break down your muscles to provide energy .

If you dont have enough fiber in your gut to move things along, you may develop diarrhea or constipation. Fiber also has another job. Most people who want to do a juice cleanse make it a point to avoid sugar. But fiber, especially insoluble fiber, helps absorb sugar. Without fiber, your body is taking in a lot more sugar than it should, in the form of fructose from juicing .

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Your Diet Gets An Healthy Boost

Juice cleanses are great because it eliminates wheat, dairy, gluten, alcohol, and caffeine from our diet. Most people are pretty numb to what they eat, which means they are used to feeling groggy and sluggish. When you stop eating whats bad for you for a while and then reintroduce them, your body more easily recognizes what foods it doesnt process well.

Like when youve always been able to eat loads of bread, and then after your cleanse, your body doesnt feel good after youve had it. A juice cleanse puts your body back in check.

Vitamins Don’t Get Delivered Like They Should

You know how a tangerine can help your body absorb the iron in spinach? That kind of food-combo teamwork is a real thing and can be really affected by a juice cleanse. “Good fats are very important for the correct functioning of our body’s internal processes. Removing these from the diet can mean the body can’t perform at its optimum level,” says nutrition expert Emma Brown.”For example, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K and E require fats in the diet in order to be absorbed. If your diet does not include some fat, the uptake of these vitamins from food will be limited.”

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What Is A Juice Cleanse

Alternative healthcare practitioners and the raw food movement have recommended juicing for health and detoxifying the body for close to 90 years. The belief is that juicing extracts more vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables than you get from eating them. The theory is that this makes it easier for your digestive system enzymes to do their job. Proponents claim this alleviates bloating, decreasing inflammation, and helping your body work better. Some believe juicing can even help with cancer .

The truth is that you may lose some weight while on a juice cleanse, but there are some critical health risks you may want to read about pre-cleanse.

Lets go over how a juice cleanse works:

  • There are different types of juice cleanses but all restrict you from eating sugar, caffeine, processed food, and most solid food.
  • You drink only fresh juices made of fruits and veggies and clear liquids during a specific time.
  • Some juice cleanses allow you to have a green smoothie, eat leafy greens, or small vegan meals or snacks once per day.

You Could Damage Your Liver

Carrot Mandarin Detox Juice For Bloating and High Blood Pressure

The effects of too much sugar or fructose can be likened to the effects of alcohol: It severely taxes and overloads the organ, leading to potential liver damage. Juicers should be conscious of this because many pre-packaged juices found at the store contain high amounts of sugar. “Homemade juice recipes also call for multiple servings of fruit to help make the drink taste more appealing, but this increases the sugar content,” says White.

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You May Lose Your Focus

Focusing on tasks could become more of a challenge during a cleanse. “Because you’ve decreased the normal amount of calories you usually eat, you will begin to feel tired, sluggish, and you will start to lose muscle mass because your body is taking the protein out of your muscles to give you energy,” says Kaufman. Our point: It’s not just your body that can tire during a cleanse, but your mind can, too.

Ways To Avoid These Common Juice Cleanse Symptoms

Here are 4 ways to prepare for the potential detox symptoms of juicing:

Preparation is key! Before starting a juice cleanse we highly recommend up to a week of preparation to reduce unpleasant symptoms.

Drink as much fresh juice daily as you want you cant have too much! Also, drink plenty of hydrating fluids such as water, coconut water, and herbal teas.

Avoid gluten, dairy, alcohol and start to eat more plant-based foods leading up to your juice cleanse.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables if you feel the need to chew on something. Raw nuts and seeds are also acceptable to eat if you feel you need a little something extra.

Whether it’s headaches or detox bloat, be sure to educate yourself on the full range of what to expect during a juice cleanse, how to keep your side effects minimal, and how to maintain your results.

If you have any specific questions regarding what to expect or what you are experiencing during your cleanse please do not hesitate to contact us at

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What Happens When People Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When people have IBS, they usually experience a range of gastrointestinal symptoms, including cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea. These symptoms are caused by an inflammation of the intestines and colon. Changing your diet can help significantly reduce the frequency of flare-ups, but there is no definite cure for irritable bowel. If left untreated, ongoing intestinal inflammation can lead to further health complications and conditions, including organ damage or ulcerative colitis.

The Good News About Juice Cleanses

Pin on Cleanse Detox

posted on June 5, 2018

Its officially swimsuit season and some of us arent feeling ready to flaunt our winter curves on the beach. For many of us, getting back to our beach bods means pulling out the bicycle, eating more fruits and vegetables and less heavy carbs, and hitting the gym. We might also be curious about just how effective juice cleanses are in kick-starting healthier eating habits, detox, and weight loss.

Several articles deep into my search of do juice cleanses work? suggests that the jurys still out. The scientific community is definitely less enthusiastic about juice cleanses than many consumers, trainers and, of course, natural juice companies. But theres not a lot of evidence either way.

So before you buy a set of all-natural, freshly made and unpasteurized juice for a several day long detoxand cut out all other fooddouble check with your doctor, naturopath and/or dietitian to confirm that you have all of the information and its right for you. Obviously, dont buy a made-from-concentrate juice from your local corner store.

What do the yaysayers and naysayers have to say about juice cleanses? Today well look at the pros and cons, starting with the good news.

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Grapefruit Cucumber Apple And Lettuce Juice

We already used grapefruit with pineapple in one of the previous recipes. Now, well mix it with cucumber, apple, and lettuce. This juice has anti-inflammatory properties, high vitamin content from the cucumber, and fibers and antioxidants from the apple. The lettuce provides diuretic, flavonoid, and protective characteristics for the gastric mucosa.


  • ½ cup of water .


  • Put the grapefruit juice and the rest of the ingredients in the blender. We suggest half a cup of water, but you may find you need more or less liquid.
  • Blend and serve.

Risks Of Juice Cleanse Programs

Juices rarely contain fiber and typically have a great deal of fructose, a form of sugar. High fructose initially raises the blood sugar and then drops it down faster than normal, which can be a problem for people prone to low blood sugar , especially if they are pre-diabetic. Some of the symptoms of low blood sugar include dehydration, headache, hunger, irritability , low energy levels, weakness, and fainting .

Some juice cleanse or detoxifying protocols want you to take laxatives or do colonic hydrotherapy/irrigation. For some people, just a regular juice cleanse can cause diarrhea. If you have diarrhea or overstimulate your large intestine, you could become dehydrated and have imbalanced electrolytes .

People with kidney disorders or those who are prone to kidney stones may be harmed by juice cleanses. Some vegetable juices have oxalate, a naturally occurring organic acid found in plants. This acid can hurt the kidneys if consumed in large amounts. In one known case, a person on a juice cleanse for six weeks went into kidney failure from the quantities of oxalate he drank daily. The threshold for low oxalate intake is 4050 mg daily. If you are going on a juice cleanse, it is important to add up the amount of oxalate you are consuming every day and keep it below this number, especially if you have had kidney stones in the past .

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Celery Juice For Bloating

This simple celery juice recipe is super easy to make. When youve never had pure celery juice before, start slow! In the beginning, celery juice may cause extra bloating. It is believed to promote acid production. This then can help to break down undigested food trapped at the bottom of your stomach. It can cause some additional bloating in the beginning. Once the digestive tract is cleaned, bloating should start to disappear.


  • 1 bunch of organic celery

How to Prepare:

  • Simply wash the celery stalks thoroughly
  • If youre using a centrifugal juicer, you can juice whole stalks
  • If youre using a slow juicer, cut the stalks into 1-inch sized pieces
  • Reasons You Should Try A Juice Cleanse

    Daily Detox Drinks – Debloat, Cleanse, Weight Loss | Joanna Soh | HER Network

    Aside from being delicious, a cold pressed juice cleanse has a lot of health advantages to offer. Whether youre a healthy lifestyle veteran or a total newbie, juice cleanses have something to benefit everyone.

  • Gives your digestive system a break.
  • Juices take a lot less effort to digest than solid foods do, so its like a little vacation for your system. Once your cleanse period is over and you transition back to solid foods, your body will be able to digest healthy foods more easily and extract more nutrients.

    Increased fibre and fluid intake during a juice cleanse help reduce bloating and reduce feelings of sluggishness. Choose a juice cleanse that has high-fibre ingredients like carrots or beets to make the most of this benefit.

    Sugar and caffeinated drinks may give you a temporary boost of energy, but after that energy is spent youll probably feel more run down than you did before. Juices full of fibre and other nutrients provide a steady stream of fuel to your body so you dont experience the dreaded 3pm slump.

  • Strengthens your immune system and nourishes your body.
  • Raw juices with any kind of citrus, leafy greens, or ginger are packed with vitamin C. This helps to strengthen your immune system so you can better combat cold and flu germs. Just make sure the juice in your cleanse is cold pressed so there are no nutrients lost to heat.

  • Helps control appetite.
  • Find Your Juice Cleanse

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    Top Juices For Belly Bloating Get Rid Of Extra Puffiness Fast

    Do you often suffer from thesluggishness and discomfort of belly bloating? You might juice, but arent sure how to make juices for belly bloating.

    Its a fairly common thing tohave happen. It makes you feel like youve swallowed a soccer ball thatsjust sitting there in your tummy. Often your abdomen pooches out so youcant fit comfortably into your clothes.

    Bloating is a sign of excessive gasin your intestines or that fluid has built up between the cells in yourabdominal area. Often, bloat can be prevented or reversed just by alteringyour daily diet and drinking plenty of water and other healthy fluids likejuice.

    Among other things, a diet thatshigh in salt can cause water retention, which in turn sometimes brings onbloat. Thats because the excess salt dehydrates your bodys tissues, soit retains water to combat it. Its pretty clear what you should do ifyour high-salt diet is causing your bloated feeling and belly distension cutback on salt and processed foods, and drink lots of water to flush out all thatextra salt in your system. Overindulging in alcohol orcarbonated soft drinks sometimes brings on bloat. You know what to do there, too. And sometimes bloat is associated with agastrointestinal upset like indigestion or constipation.

    Besides drinking more water andcutting back on your salt, alcohol and carbonated beverage intake, is thereanything else you can do? Are there specific juices that will help makethe discomfort of bloat go away?

    Your Body Gets Detoxed

    Our bodies naturally have a detox process, thank heavens. But in order for that to work properly, you need a broad range of plant-supplied nutrients .

    Juices give your body everything it needs to support the detox process and help to remove the toxins that have been stored in your body for maybe your whole life!

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