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Does Juice Cleanse Help Lose Weight

Who Are Juice Cleanses Safe For

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To determine who cleanses are safe for, we must weed out those that theyre not. Eating disorders, while not the only concern to mull over when considering going on a juice cleanse, are certainly a determining factor. I would highly discourage the use of juice cleanses for anyone who struggles with disordered eating or an eating disorder since it can just be an extension of the disorder, says holistic nutritionist Amanda Carneiro of Raw Fitness and Nutrition. Also, juice cleanses can create a calorie deficit and force the body to run on cortisol, which can be detrimental for anyone struggling with adrenal issues.

As a general rule of thumb, Carneiro says that cleanses are safe for those looking for a way to detox from unhealthy foods, alcohol, or an overall unhealthy lifestyle. They can also be beneficial for giving your digestive system a break, she adds. Many people who struggle with digestive issues can have trouble digesting the fibers in fruits and vegetables. Since juicing removes the fibers, she says a cleanse can be really easy on the digestive system.

At the end of the day, the best way to determine whether a juice cleanse is right for you is to chat with your doctor about any pre-existing conditions that could adversely interact with ingredients or methods of the cleanse.

Should You Try A Juice Cleanse Everything You Need To Know About Juice Diets

Whether youre hoping to lose weight, feel more energized, or reset your system, juice cleanses and juice-based detox diets promise impressive results, fast.

A quick Internet search will point you toward a dizzying array of commercial and DIY juice cleanse approaches. Some instruct you to chug specific blends of fruit and veggie juices for a few days. Some call for adding spices and other soluble ingredients to enhance results. The well-known Master Cleanse regimen omits all solid food for more than a week, mostly in favor of water mixed with a distinctive combo of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup.

But are juice cleanses effectiveor even safe? With little credible research on juice diets, we turned to WWs science team and an independent nutrition expert for help in cutting through the hype, deciphering the claims, and understanding when caution may be warranted.

Before you decide to forgo chewing, get the lowdown on juice cleanses.

What is a juice cleanse?

Juice cleanses vary in their nuances and selling points, but most have a common thread: Replace one meal or all meals for a certain period of time with juice. Some plans instruct you to make your own juices from various fruits and veggies, while others ship bottled blends to your door. Depending on the plan, you could be skipping solid food for upwards of a weekthree to 10 days is the most common timeframe.

Benefits of a juice cleanse: fact or fiction?

Claim 1: Eliminates toxins

Claim 2: Boosts energy

The Best Juice Cleanse For The 52 Diet

Plenish 5.2, from £59, Plenish


This Plenish juice cleanse is designed to kick start weight loss without leaving you feeling hungry. Intended to be used on your fasting days as part of the popular 5:2 diet, it includes six 250ml cold pressed juices made with 3kg of organic produce.

They feel fairly substantial but total just 600 calories for the whole day – so it’s not for beginners. It’s also one of the more eco-friendly cleanses, coming with a glass straw and recyclable bottles.

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Can You Lose Weight From A Juice Cleanse

Many people may use a cleanse as a method to lose weight, as well as other methods such as intermittent fasting. Juice cleanse diets provide a very low calorie content compared to what our bodies require. Therefore, you may lose weight when following such a detox. This is because you are in a significant calorie deficit. You may lose fat mass but you could also lose water mass too. When you follow a low-carbohydrate diet such as a juice cleanse, your body may drop water weight.Water is generally used to store carbohydrates in the body in the form of glycogen. When our carbohydrate intake drops, our glycogen stores are depleted. This means the water is no longer needed to store it, resulting in a water weight loss. Due to this major calorie restriction, juice cleanses are often only sustainable for a short amount of time. These intense diets should not be followed for a prolonged period of time due to the insufficient nutrient provision they can offer. Your body isnt getting all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs, such as vitamin D. Inevitably, many find that they quickly return to their usual eating habits and patterns before too long. This usually means any weight loss experienced from a juice cleanse is unsustainable and temporary.

Lowers Risk Of Colon Cancer

How to Keep the Weight Off After a Juice Cleanse

Colon cancer is often hard to detect, but it can be aggressive. Diet can help prevent colon cancer, and research has shown that adding dried plums to your diet may reduce your risk.

A study conducted by Texas A& M University and the University of North Carolina determined that eating dried plums can positively affect and increase microbiota throughout the colon. This, in turn, can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Although theyre tasty and have many health benefits, prunes and prune juice can also have a few negative effects.

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What Are The Side Effects Of The Juice Cleanse Diet

Drinking juice is said to provide the body with healing nutrients while also eliminating toxins and waste. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, and proponents believe that juicing extracts make them easier to digest. For someone who struggles to eat enough fruits and vegetables each day, juicing is a great way to get nutrients, but it is not recommended to rely on juices to lose weight.

Explaining the side effects of a juice cleanse diet, the expert said, “the side effects for someone who is following a fruit cleanse diet for a long time is that it may lead to extreme weakness, dizziness, constant headaches, and dehydration. Since this kind of diet only includes fruits and vegetables, you are only getting vitamins and minerals from the diet. But you are depriving your body of nutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrates or energy in the diet. So, a person might miss out on B12, iron, which you do not get from fruits and vegetables.”

Because this diet is not very sustainable, you will need to stick to it if you want to reach your goal of healthy weight reduction. She does not recommend this diet for the general public, especially without supervision. Like fasting, you can follow it once in a while to clean the system, wherein you have fruits and vegetable juices to cleanse your system. But avoid making it a lifestyle choice to lose weight.

When Should You Drink Prune Juice For Weight Loss

If you do decide to drink prune juice, the time you drink it may influence your weight loss.

The calories in prune juice are mainly from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates raise insulin. Insulin in turn can mess with the production of sleep hormones. Sleep is important for your weight loss and health.

Thats why you preferably want to drink prune juice earlier in the day or at least not right before bed.

Prune juice wont be that fattening at night that it means the end of your weight loss journey but you preferably want to stop drinking it a while before bedtime.

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Is A Juice Cleanse Without Food Better Than A Juice Cleanse With Food

Nope! You do what works for you.

While juice cleanse purists may scoff at the idea of eating food during a juice cleanse, its really NBD.

As we mentioned earlier, detoxing as a result of a juice cleanse isnt really a thing, anyway. And besides, whole foods can be just as pure and unprocessed as fresh juice, with the added bonus of increased satiety and more fiber.

If you enjoy juicing and juice cleanses, thats fantastic. Juice is delicious, after all. But if you want to eat, dont ever think you have to white-knuckle your way through a cleanse without food.

Juice Cleanse: Does It Work Is It Safe


Jodi Mohrmann, Managing Editor of special projects

Consumer Reports

Whether you are trying to lose weight or detox your body, the juice cleanse has become wildly popular — and thats gotten the attention of the investigative team at Consumer Reports. Juicing involves drinking only extracted juice from fruits and vegetables for a couple of days. But does it work and is it safe?

Juicing enthusiast Jim Schwab cleanses about three times a year. While he doesnt do it to lose weight, he says it helps him kickstart a healthy diet.

I use it as a way to kind of reset my body when I get into bad habits of snacking and over portioning, too much sugar, too much caffeine, Schwab said.

He has been juicing for several years, and although the trend has been around for a while — theres an increase in the cold-pressed juice market, by more than $116 million by 2025.

A five-day cleanse can cost anywhere from $125 to more than $400, promising to make you feel and look better to having more energy — some even delivering cleanses right to your door.

You feel more consistent, your mind is much clearer because youre sleeping better, you generally feel better, Schwab said.

If you think about it, it makes sense. If youre not eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and suddenly start drinking them, that burst of nutrients might feel really good, explained Consumer Reports Health Editor Trisha Calvo.

And what about the promise of detoxification?

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Your 5 Most Common Juice Cleanse Q’s Answered

The biggest cleansing season of the year is upon us, and while most of us just want to dive right in and shed last season’s toxic build-up, many of us still have lingering questions and concerns – is juice cleansing really worth it? We’re breaking down a few common juice cleanse Q’s, including the classic, ‘will I lose weight in twenty-four hours or what?’

How Much Weight Will I Lose On A Juice Fast

Going on a juice diet for weight loss seems like the easiest way to shed stubborn fat and shrink your waistline. Compared to most diet plans, juice fasting requires no cooking and involves low costs. Proponents say that you can drop 10 pounds or more in as little as one week.

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But, there’s a big difference between weight loss and fat loss. While it’s true that juicing can help you slim down, it doesn’t mean it’s safe.


Your activity level, calorie intake and metabolic rate will ultimately determine how much weight you can lose on a juice fast.

If you cut out 500 calories per day, you may lose up to one pound of fat a week. Regular exercise raises your energy expenditure and can lead to faster weight loss.

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Whats The Difference Between Cleanse And Detox Diets

Its difficult to differentiate between detox and cleanse diets because neither method has a standard, scientific definition. Plus, theres significant overlap.

The two terms are often used interchangeably when referring to this style of dieting, though some people claim that distinct differences exist.

Both diets are intended for short-term use, usually lasting anywhere from one to 30 days.

The main differences seem to lie in the overall intent behind the respective methods.

Give Yourself A Break

Detox smoothie

One of the main ways in which a juice cleanse can help you shed pounds is by breaking your bodys habit of consuming overly-processed foods. Most processed foods are full of added oils, starches, and sugars, none of which have real nutritional value. What they do have is calories, though. Lots of them. Eating high-calorie, low-nutrient foods leaves your body depleted and hungry despite the fact that you temporarily feel full. Your body craves even more, hoping for the nutrients that would help your energy and metabolism but instead getting the calories that get packed away as extra fat.

A juice cleanse will break this cycle. Your calorie intake will drop, and phytonutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals will take up the slack. Once you taste and feel the difference, processed foods will no longer hold much allure. This is why fresh juices from Mothers are better than store-bought, highly-processed juices.

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Juicing The Right Way Our Top Tips

  • Smoothie – spruce up your juices and consider smoothies instead. Not only will they be more textured so youll consume them slower, but theyll contain extra nutrients, too.
  • Roughage – add some fibre to your juiced drinks. A pinch of ground flaxseed, a handful of oats or some chia seeds will add essential fibre while having a more satisfying mouth-feel.
  • Eat fat to lose fat add nut butter, oats, avocado, to a smoothie to increase the protein and healthy fats.
  • Dont forget whole food – pair juices with a diet rich in whole foods, healthy fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates for sustainable weight loss that will last long term.

The advice in this article is for information only and should not replace medical care. Please check with your GP or healthcare professional before trying any supplements, treatments or remedies. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

22 September 2021

Does Prune Juice Work With Healthy Weight Loss Plans

If you drink prune juice and eat the same foods in the same amount, prune juice will not help you lose weight. Nothing will help you lose weight except eating fewer calories and exercising. The way prune juice can assist your weight loss plan is if the juice is used as a healthy substitute for unhealthy foods. The high fibre content of prunes can help you stay fuller for longer, thereby regulating appetite, and can also help clean the digestive tract. If you currently eat foods with little or no fibre, prune juice can act as a natural laxative by regulating digestion. According to the book âAdvanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism,â potassium rich foods such as prune juice can help balance metabolism. A well-balanced metabolism ensures that calories are being burnt efficiently, thereby assisting with weight loss.

  • If you drink prune juice and eat the same foods in the same amount, prune juice will not help you lose weight.
  • The way prune juice can assist your weight loss plan is if the juice is used as a healthy substitute for unhealthy foods.

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Some Benefits Of Consuming Plums

  • They are high in fiber and sorbitol which help to have a better bowel movement and relieve constipation.
  • Sorbitol is a natural sugar that works as a laxative.
  • Plums are an excellent source of potassium.
  • They help increase bone mineral density.
  • They are SUPERFOOD for post-menopausal women!
  • 4 plums contain around 100 calories
  • Antioxidants along with soluble plum fiber can help lower cholesterol levels.

Lose Weight And Feel Great

2 day juice cleanse| Lose weight in 2 days| affordable detox

Now you know: A juice cleanse can help me lose weight! A juice cleanse is a perfect pick-me-up for the discouraged dieter, as it gets your body in shape to lose weight on its own by kicking its sugar and processed food habits to the curb, and prepping the intestines to metabolize food like a lean person would. Combining your juice cleanse with more permanent changes in your diet and exercise regimen is a great way to lose weight and feel great.

Mother’s Cafe

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Potential Downsides Of Juicing

Most people who do juice cleanses dont eat enough solid food to meet their energy needs.

Consider how a 10-day cleanse might make you feel: It could lead to tiredness, headaches, irritability, or other issues resulting from hunger and energy restriction.

Whats more, because juices lack fiber, theyre less filling than whole fruits and vegetables. Many store-bought juices are also high in sugar and artificial additives.

These factors may make it easier to consume a large amount of juice in a short period. As a result, you may take in more sugar than intended when consuming excessive amounts of juice.

Its important to get enough fiber in your diet, as fiber offers a plethora of health benefits. It promotes blood sugar management, heart health, and gut health and is associated with a reduced risk of developing colorectal cancer (

How Long Does A Juice Cleanse Last

Juice cleanses usually last between 1 and 10 days.

The duration of a cleanse can vary depending on the structure youre following or however long you choose.

Some require a programme of store-bought juices while others provide recipes for making your own at home.

If youre going to try a juice cleanse, we recommend no more than a couple of days. You should also consider speaking to your GP for advice before starting.

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Impact Of Juice Fasting On Your Health

Drinking only pressed juice for days at a time might sound challenging, but it comes with its own set of benefits. Fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients and contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. â

Juice contains several active components that can improve your health:

  • Antimicrobial properties that fight germs
  • immune system support

A juice fast will likely make you lose a few pounds while youâre doing it. But after itâs finished, itâs probable those pounds will return.

Thereâs no evidence that juicing is better for you than just eating those same fruits and vegetables instead. But some might prefer the idea of drinking their vitamins rather than eating whole fruits and vegetables. Whole produce can contain lots of fiber, which could be hard on the stomach when eating large quantities.

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