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Does The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Really Work

Green Smoothie Cleanse Preparation

Does JJ Smith 10 day green smoothie cleanse work? Weight loss/Heart Disease?| Yolanda Pharms

Herbal Goodness organic teas are made from plants that are grown in non-GMO soil. Also, during the manufacturing process, plants that the teas are made from are cleaned and thoroughly inspected. It just gives you another point of confidence that youre respecting your health. Yet, to succeed with a green smoothie cleanse, you may need to prepare for the dietary experience.

Following are preparation areas that you may benefit from focusing on:

As tempting as it may be, dont dismiss preparing yourself before you start a green smoothie cleanse. Whether or not youve dieted before, this is a shift. Another part of preparing for the cleanse is getting the right ingredients. In addition to the aforementioned foods and HerbalGoodness organic teas, here are other foods that you can get for the diet: kale, spinach, salad greens, grapes, bananas, cherries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, grapefruit and lemons. Because, at HerbalGoodness, we want to help you with the green smoothie cleanse, heres a recipe that you could use to kickoff Day 1 of the cleanse.

Day 1 Recipe

Youll love these 10 day green smoothie recipes inside out. Theres the rewarding taste and the energy support, not to mention the vitamins youre feeding yourself.



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  • Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Snacks

    I first found out about J.J. Smiths green smoothie cleanse on a friends facebook page. I tried it, lost 6.2 lbs in 5 days, and was forever hooked!

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    Now Im letting you know what you need to survive the 10 day green smoothie cleanse without dying lol.

    I am currently on day 4 of my 2nd attempt and not only do I feel fabulous, I can visually see that I have lost weight from that dreaded mommy belly area!

    The mental fog has lifted and I feel so zen right now! The benefits of completing a green smoothie cleanse are tremendous!

    Day Detox Smoothie Diet

    This 7 day Detox Smoothie Diet is so popular, its been made into a best selling cookbook!

    You dont have to buy the book to get the 7 day green smoothie cleanse plan though if you do buy it, you get 3 other plans as well.

    Here you will find the FREE Detox Week weight loss cleanse. It will help you shed weight fast, with the help of detox smoothie recipes

    Check out this free weight loss cleanse, and the book that has become a best seller!

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    A Sisterly Quest For Vitality Through Liquidised Kale

    • 1 scoop SunWarrior plant-based protein powder
    • 1Tb spirulina powder

    Lis to Jill

    Wake up feeling: Tired.

    Make up the days smoothie with as much energy as one can muster after eating rabbit food for a week. Taste the smoothie, revolting. Manage to eat half of the morning portion then ditch it along with the rest. It was the texture more than anything, just not nice. Make up the day 6 smoothie which was my favourite. Im sure there was some method to JJs madness with the order in which she wrote those recipes but I couldnt give too much of a toss today.

    I am really lethargic today, I did go to bed quite late and was up briefly at 6am then properly at 7am. So probably not quite enough sleep. I am however determined to go to yoga tonight and push on through. Feel like I am no longer limping to the finish line, Ive dropped to my knees and am reaching for the white flag.

    Not a bad afternoon, did a few difficult emails that Ive been storing up at work for a day like today . I have definitely had a few cranky days on this cleanse.

    6pm. Its time for downward dog. The class is good, I am somewhat disturbed to be sweating and breathing heavily during the warm up but I get through the rest of the class without too many stumbles. A quick happy baby and Im home.

    8:20. Rooibos tea, a spoon of peanut paste and some trash TV.

    Lets be having you, Day 9.

    Jill to Lis

    8pm. Rooibos tea and peanut butter. It has never tasted so decadent.

    Prep Your Smoothies & Snacks

    Nutrition Works 10 Day Green Smoothie Cookies And Cream
    • Place your snacks in the appropriate pre-portioned containers or baggies.
    • If you work, you can make your smoothie recipe the night before, place in the freezer using these bags or simply leave in the refrigerator overnight in your to go container.
    • Some people prep their entire smoothies recipes by placing the appropriate ingredients in freezer bags and taking them out when needed.
    • However remember fresh not frozen is always best!

    The Green Smoothie Cleanse is a 10-day detox/cleanse made up of green leafy veggies, fruit and water. Green Smoothies are filling, healthy and you will enjoy drinking them.

    The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse is a truly health-transforming experience. Here is how you do it: 1. Each day you drink up to 60 ounces of green smoothies per day. Simply prepare your entire days worth of green smoothies in the morning and pack it up to take with you.

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    Does The Green Smoothie Cleanse Actually Work

    Hey guys! Whats new? I hope your week is off to a great start. Im really finding it hard to believe that the 4th of July is this Sunday. Seriously, where has the time gone! I need to seek out a few friends who may be barbequing because I definitely have nothing planned or prepared.

    I wanted to center this post around a popular craze that has been around years The Green Smoothie Cleanse. I learned of this cleanse about five years ago. Id seen so many blog posts, advertisements, and recipes about this smoothie craze. The fact that you can lose weight by drinking a few smoothies a day reeled me in. I researched every article I could find and spoke with a few people who had success.

    The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by J.J. Smith was recommended to me by a friend. After reading the book from cover to cover, I dove right in. The book is great as its an easy read and the content is laid out in thorough detail. I had nothing to lose. I selected the modified version of two smoothies per day and a light dinner as opposed to the full cleanse of three smoothies per day. In full transparency, I started off great but only made it to day four before giving up. Apparently I wasnt as disciplined as I thought I was. I found myself starving in between smoothies and I ate very little snacks in between big mistake. However, in those four days, I did manage to lose a few inches. Oh well, next time I thought.

    A few things to consider:

    xo Kee

    How To Make A Green Smoothie

    Green smoothie recipes are really easy to make. Try making your own recipe, or one of the 10 weight loss smoothies below.


    Step 1 add all green smoothie ingredients to blender

    Step 2 blend your weight loss green smoothie until smooth

    Step 3 serves since out your blender, and enjoy

    If you like your green smoothie colder, you have two ways to do that:

  • Freeze the fruit, or buy frozen fruit.
  • Add 1/2 a cup of ice.
  • To make a green smoothie smoothie, all you need is a blender, and not even an expensive one, Ive been using my $20 blender for a number of years and try as I might I havent broken it yet!

    Special Tip: If youre serious about green smoothies, I recommend you check out our list of best smoothie blenders. A good smoothie blender encourages you to drink more green smoothies, and the health benefits are worth splurging for.

    Keep scrolling for 10 green smoothie recipes for weight loss

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    Problem With Common Detox Diets

    Many detox diets involve severely limiting your calories and not eating nutrient rich foods for days or weeks. This is definitely not healthy and there is usually no medical evidence supporting these restrictive detox diets. They dont result in lasting weight loss and can be risky to your health.

    With a smoothie cleanse, I am not talking about those crazy no-calorie, diet fat cleanses made popular by some celebrity like the lemonade cleanse where you only drink lemon water.

    A green smoothie detox is not a starvation diet. Green smoothies can act as a full meal replacement and are made with leafy greens, fruits and healthy proteins.

    Things You Should Know About The 10

    10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

    If you have ever researched ways to lose weight, chances are you have heard of drinking green smoothies. One of the most popular weight loss programs that has emerged over the past few years is JJ Smiths 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. This program proclaims that you can lose up to 15 pounds in just10 days.

    The program consists of consuming 3 blended smoothies per day that contain green leafy veggies mixed with a combination of fruit, water, and ground flaxseeds. A small number of foods that are primarily vegan-based are also allowed as snacks per day. You must also drink lots of water, drink herbal detox tea and take various other supplements that promote regular bowel movements. The program can be found in JJs New York Times bestselling book which is available at pretty much any major retailer.

    It wont take much research to find rave reviews from hundreds of thousands of people on social media, amazon, and the like, who have reported tremendous weight loss success after completing the program. Having done the cleanse myself several times, I can also say from personal experience that it does work if followed properly. A persona can, and likely will, lose more weight after the 10-day cleanse than he or she would after completing a whole month of typical diet and exercise.

    #1 You will spend considerable time in the restroom

    #2 You can still overeat on the cleanse

    #3 Its nearly impossible to exercise while on the cleanse

    #5 Beware of the salt water flush

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    Day 10 Jjsmith In 2019

    Best 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Recipes from DAY 10 JJSmith in 2019

    Considering that shakes contain fresh fruits, vegetables, as well as healthy protein the options are countless. We blend it up with lots of range so the smoothies do not obtain monotonous. I am uploading our magnificent 6 superfood smoothie mixes which are loaded with superfoods that will begin your early mornings off.

    Health Benefits Claimed In 10

    The diet in this book claims to reduce the risks for: allergies, bloating, brain fog, constipation, poor digestion, low energy, fatigue, food cravings, headaches, indigestion, infections, insomnia, overweight/obesity, chronic pain, sensitivities, yeast infections

    As always, this is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition. Consult your doctor before starting a new diet. This page describes what the authors of the diet recommend Chewfo is describing the diet only, not endorsing it.

    Get a copy of 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse for a detailed explanation of why a green smoothie cleanse is good for you, detox methods, testimonials, 10 Commandments for Looking Young and Feeling Great, green smoothie recipes for the 10-day cleanse, over 100 green smoothie recipes for after the cleanse, and clean high protein recipes.

    Theres a Facebook page at . JJs website is .

    How has this diet helped you? Please add a comment or question below.

  • Penny HammondJuly 10, 2015, 6:36 pm

    Wow, thats impressive!The modified cleanse might be a better idea for you check with your doctor and take it easy!

  • TeriDecember 23, 2015, 6:52 am

    Happy Birthday Bobsy!!

  • CrystalMay 21, 2014, 11:53 am

    just wanted to thank you for your sitei ran into it for the FMD plan and it really helped clarifiy confusion while i was waiting for the bookthis cleanse post does the same thingvery helpful!!

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    What Is The 10

    The New York Times best seller 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse claims to jump-start the users foray into weight loss, covering the best-kept secrets on how to reduce ones weight quickly and boost their energy levels. The result of applying the advice contained in the book is that users will clear their minds and improve their overall health.

    Green smoothies are known around the world to be full of super-nutrients from key leafy greens and fruits. The book takes advantage of these super foods by providing a shopping list and key recipes, as well as suggestions to get the best results out of consuming the smoothies.

    Days Of Torture For The Promise Of A 10

    44 Best Smoothie Cleanse &  Juices images

    In the pursuit of that ever-so desirable summer beach bod, I found myself committed to trying the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith. The cleanse is a 10-day detox of processed foods, dairy, meat, and caffeine to give your body a much needed break and allow it to work on others things AKA burn fat.

    More substantial than a juice cleanse, the green smoothies are based with kale, spinach and other leafy greens and are then mixed with various fruit combinations, which make the smoothies quite yummy unlike their bright green appearance. The best part of the cleanse is that is not a starvation diet. In fact, it is encouraged that you snack between the smoothies when you are hungry. Some allowed snacks include crunchy vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumbers, apples, raw unsalted nuts, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, and plain greek yogurt.

    This 10-day adventure was said to be a challenge and one of the hardest things you can do. The benefits are not even going to show up until after the first three days on the cleanse. However after that hump, youre promised to feel more energized, sleep better, have less cravings and bloating, and of course, shed some pounds. JJ clearly states that this is not an end all solution. The cleanse is meant to reset your body and encourages you to continue eating healthy by incorporating smoothies into your daily routine. Read on to hear about my experience.

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    Detox Smoothie Recipes For A Weight Loss Cleanse

    Youve likely found this weight loss smoothie article because youre looking for weight loss smoothies. I can tell you that youve come to the right place!

    Not only with you find 10 smoothies for weight loss, youll also find information to help you start a smoothie diet or a green smoothie detox, benefits of detox smoothies, directions on how to make detox smoothies, even a smoothie diet meal planner!

    At the end of the article, I will share more weight loss smoothie recipes so keep scrolling for more smoothies recipes.

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    Pin On Easy Smoothie Recipes

    Best 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Recipes from Pin on Easy Smoothie Recipes

    Consuming your fruits and veggies is way much better when they taste such as this. Whether you like berry smoothies, chocolate protein drinks, or green equipments, we have actually got a smoothie youll like. For even more brand-new year-friendly recipes, take a look at our favored healthy snacks. And also, check out the most effective blenders for making healthy smoothies!.

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    Day Green Smoothie Cleanse By Jj Smith

    Have you ever wanted to try a juice or smoothie cleanse? I know I have, but I wasnt sure where to start. There is so much information available in print and on the web that it can be a little overwhelming. The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book by JJ Smith is a great guide and resource to help you from start to finish.

    The author, JJ Smith, is a nutritionist and certified weight loss trainer. She shares sound information and advice on what a cleanse means, how it will benefit you, how to get started. Unlike other books and resources, she also offers tips and information on what you can do after the cleanse to achieve and maintain optimal health. I like that she includes detailed instructions on preparing for and conducting a full 10 day cleanse. This includes a shopping list, over 100 recipes, and tips to help you succeed. This book covers the why, what, and how to help you improve your health.

    * This article contains affiliate links. Purchase through our affiliate links and we receive a small commission without any extra expense to you!

    The recipes included with the book are really good terrific. I juice and make smoothies regularly. You can never have too many recipes. One of my favorite recipes was the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie with greens, almond milk, cherries, bananas, cinnamon, and cacao powder. The kid-friendly recipes were a hit with my children. One of them was the Blackberry Almond with greens, almond milk, banana, blueberries, blackberries, and dates.

    Adding Protein To Your Smoothie


    If you wish to increase your protein consumption then you can quickly do it with smoothies. Whether you include protein powder or just almond milk, or other ingredients in your smoothie, you can enhance your protein consumption to help construct or keep muscle mass.

    When people drink smoothies that have plenty of excellent fats and proteins, they can stay fuller for longer. And due to the fact that the digestive system requires to work a bit harder to burn the protein, people can burn more calories.

    Then make sure that you check out the label on the product container to understand exactly how much protein it has, if you are using a protein powder. That way you can compute just how much to blend with the other protein-rich ingredients in your blender.

    Peanut butter is likewise a great source of protein. It might likewise be advised not to add peanut butter every day to your smoothie, but utilize it sparingly only a few times a week as a good additional protein reward.

    A mix of whey protein, natural peanut butter, and coconut milk is an exceptional mix that people can integrate with other healthy ingredients to make a tasty, drinkable smoothie.

    If you are a vegan and you would, therefore, choose not to take in whey protein, then there are various healthy vegan protein power alternatives available in most health stores, or online that you can use instead.

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