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Dr Steven Gundry Gut Cleanse

This Is One Powerful Mushroom

Dr. Gundrys The Plant Paradox 3-Day Cleanse Explained

Im joined by Im joined by Brandon Mizrahie, the CEO and founder of RENUDE the stripped-down beverage company and makers of the delicious chagaccino. Brandon and I explain what chaga, King of medicinal fungi, could do for YOUR health and why the chagaccino should become your new go-to drink.

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Is Dr Steven Gundry A Quack

Prospective customers sometimes wonder whether Dr Gundry is a scam or quack due to some of the health claims he makes.

While he does have impressive medical credentials, if you search online reviews of his products youll come across very mixed opinions.

There are many customers reporting that they feel taken advantage of financially or that the products they purchased did not provide any of the advertised results.

This is supported by some of the company’s aggressive marketing efforts and constant upselling of products, prompting many complaints accusing them of just trying to make money.

On the other hand youll find proponents of his books and products arguing the opposite, that what he recommends in the Paradox Diet has helped them lose weight and alleviate some of their digestive issues, arguing that it is the standard American diet which is causing more harm than his products.

Its also important to note that highly restrictive diets can have negative consequences in the amount of stress and anxiety they cause around food, ultimately undoing any benefit they would have provided.

We recommend a low risk approach to his products, you may want to try out his diet recommendations first before purchasing any of the supplements.

If you have any experience with Dr. Steven Gundry MD or their products, please leave your reviews below.

What Is The Plant Paradox Diet And Does It Work

The Plant Paradox Diet is based on a popular diet book. Its central tenet is that you should avoid lectins, an antinutrient found mostly in plants.

The diets creators claim that lectins may cause weight gain, inflammation, and chronic disease.

However, theres not much scientific evidence to support the idea that all lectin-containing plant foods are harmful. In fact, many foods with lectins are extremely nutritious.

Thus, you may wonder whether this diet is worth pursuing.

This article reviews the Plant Paradox Diet to tell you how it works, whether it aids weight loss, and its benefits and downsides.

diet review scorecard

  • Nutrition quality: 4.75
  • Evidence-based: 1.5

BOTTOM LINE: For lectin-sensitive individuals, the Plant Paradox Diet can be a game changer. Yet, for most people, its excessively restrictive, banning many nutritious foods. No evidence suggests that all lectin-containing foods are inherently unhealthy.

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A Better Alternative To The Gundry Diet

So, if Gundrys hypothesis is wrongor at least grossly exaggeratedwhats the better alternative? At Hallelujah Diet, we believe approaching good health is much less complicated. Its all about eating plenty of fresh vegetables and leafy greens, even if they do contain lectins, because these foods are scientifically proven to provide us with nutritional benefits. Following the Hallelujah Diet is a much safer way to ensure that you get all of your core nutrientsno fads, false claims or exaggerations.

Who Should Use Gundry Md Total Restore

Dr. Gundry Reveals His Solution For Leaky Gut

Gundry MD Total Restore is for anyone who wants help achieving *

  • Easy, regular, comfortable digestion
  • Youthful energy and improved mood

*Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.

Gundry MD Total Restore is a healthy supplement designed to support your body naturally. It is not a substitute for prescription medication. As a physician, I recommend consulting with your own health care provider before beginning any new program.

Want to know what other people are saying about Total Restore? Check out Total Restore Reviews.

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Walnuts Macadamia Nuts Pistachios Pine Nuts

According to Dr. Gundry, some nuts, such as cashew nuts, are seeds, and peanuts are legumes, both of which are high in lectin and should be avoided. But real nuts are low in lectins, such as pistachios, walnuts, and macadamia nuts. These nuts are beneficial for health and are good to maintain a healthy heart.

Pine nuts and pine nut oil are lectin-free and high in nutrients. You can eat a handful of pine nuts every day. Pesto sauces contain pine nuts, olive oil, and basil, which are all superfoods you can consume.

What Are Potential Causes Of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Another way to think about leaky gut syndrome is to consider your intestinal barrier as similar to a net. Usually, the net is tightly woven and things can not pass through it that arent supposed to pass through it. But with leaky gut syndrome, the joints where the net meets itself get distorted and the holes in the net get wider. This means your intestinal wall gets weakened. It cant really do its job.

Now, your digestive net is meant to allow small nutrients to pass through your intestinal system. But with a leaky gut, the net lets a lot more through than it should. Those larger, more dangerous molecules and bad bacteria get into your bloodstream before theyre properly broken down.

Suddenly, your body thinks these undigested food particles and bacteria are threats so, it tags those foods when you digest them. Then, the next time you consume them, your body thinks youre allergic to them.

Sometimes when you have leaky gut syndrome, you may also experience symptoms that dont seem entirely gut-related. Of course, there is the usual bloating, gas, constipation, discomfort, and diarrhea. But you might also feel

  • Swollen
  • Like you have trouble breathing
  • Irritable or down in mood
  • Brain fog

If you have any concerns, talk to your doctor.

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Potential Side Effects Of A Lectin

The lectin-free diet potentially reduces or eliminates a vast number of nutrient-rich foods, such as legumes, whole grains, and some fruit and vegetables.

We all know that consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables helps to reduce the risk of many illnesses, including heart disease, prevent cancer and help reduce weight gain. Well-established scientific data reveal that consuming whole grains reduces the risk of many conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

One other potential side effect of a lectin-free diet is constipation due to insufficient dietary fiber. Many foods that are high in lectin are also high-fiber foods, such as beans, whole grains, and fruit and vegetables.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you might find a lectin free vegan diet challenging to follow, which excludes you from consuming beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains you would typically eat to obtain plant-based protein.

All You Need To Know About The Dr Gundry Diet Plan

What is leaky gut, and how do you prevent it?

Have you heard of the so-called Gundry Diet? The diet comes to us from Dr. Steven Gundry, author of the New York Times best-seller The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in Healthy Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain. The book, published in 2017, aims to unteach us many things we thought we knew about nutrition. Perhaps, the book suggests, foods that we always thought were good for us, beans, whole grains, squash, nuts are actually not so great after all. But dont go purging the pantry just yet. The fact is that the Dr. Gundry Diet is largely based on pseudoscience and its not regarded as a healthy diet option by most physicians.

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The Bottom Line: Is Dr Gundrys Diet Evolution A Rip

Overall, Dr. Gundrys diet book has some truth to it with its gradual health improvements its just the end I dont necessarily agree with. Going into a full-fledged plant-based diet is not necessarily healthy long term. The book is also somewhat dated being published back in 2009, so there are health and wellness tips that have been updated since then. Not a dangerous book but it is one to be aware of if you are not into going entirely plant-based.

Dr Gundrys Products Are Bullshit

Dr. Gundry doesnt just have dubious diet advice for you.

He also has an extensive line of suspicious supplements to sell you that are essential for protecting your body against the negative effects of lectins.

As he writes in The Plant Paradox, Getting all of the nutrients you need simply cannot be done without supplements.

One of his flagship products is Lectin Shield, which is supposed to bind to and block the plant-proteins, acting together to give your body full anti-lectin support making it easier for you every time you eat lectin foods.

Thats right, chump friend, if you dont want to follow Dr. Gundrys highly impractical and restrictive dietary advice, you can just take his supplements instead and eat whatever you want! Forever and ever!

And how does this wonderpill accomplish this? With the following . . .

  • 300 mg of N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine
  • 200 mg of Bladderwrack
  • 100 mg of Okra Fruit
  • 100 mg of Sialic Acid
  • 50 mg of Vegetable Peptase
  • 50 mg of Methylsulfonylmethane
  • 50 mg of Larch Arabinogalactan

Ill admit that I didnt even know what some of these compounds were at first , so I asked Kurtis Frank, the Director of Research and Development for Legion Athletics and the co-founder of, the premier source of science-based information on supplementation, to review the formulation.

In other words, you dont need to swallow expensive pills to achieve this effecta mouthful or two of rice will work just as well.

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Dr Gundry Food Pyramid

You can see the variety of low-lectin foods on offer by following the Dr. Gundry food list in his pyramid.

Anchored on the bottom of the pyramid are free-eating foods:

  • Leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables
  • Approved fats like olive oils and avocados

Foods in the middle of the pyramid indicate moderate consumption and include:

  • Real nuts

Further up the pyramid are foods you can eat a limited amount with meals:

  • Dairy products free from A1 casein
  • Some alcoholic products like red wine

The peak of the pyramid indicates food you can only eat in limited amounts, perhaps once or twice a week these include pasture-fed animal meat.

Junk Food But Good For You

Dr. Gundry

Im joined by Kate, my co-creator and chef behind the recipes in my books. We discuss some GREAT lectin-free holiday recipes, and clever ideas on how to make holiday foods you love that LOVE you back.

Full show notes and transcript:

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How To Maintain Your Lectin

Start as you mean to go on! Here are some ways to help you stick to a lectin-free diet:

  • Read up on information on Dr. Gundrys food pyramid and familiarize yourself with foods containing different lectin levels.
  • Make a list before you go to the supermarket, plan your ingredients and how you are going to prepare your meals.
  • Consume plenty of low-lectin vegetables to bulk up on essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  • Remember to keep an open mind about trying new foods and attempt different lectin free diet recipes and styles of cooking to vary your meals and make them more interesting to eat.

Are You Drinking Toxins

Todd White, self-professed biohacker and founder of Dry Farm Wines and I reveal what may actually be in your glass of wine , explain what the heck carb-free wine is and most importantly, help YOU find the purest wines out there.

This episode is sponsored by Dry Farm Wines.

Full show notes and transcript:

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Refund Policy & Customer Service

Gundry MD offers a 90-Day money back return policy on all products purchased through their website, though this policy does not apply when you purchase their products from third-party seller , and does not cover shipping costs.

Customer Service is available at their phone number 800-852-0477, by email at , or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact link.

Dr Gundry’s Secrets To Living Plant

How to Stay Healthy Until Youre 105 (Its In Your Gut) | Dr. Steven Gundry on Health Theory

Lucy Danziger: Not everyone can tolerate certain vegetables, like tomatoes. What’s your advice for people who want to eat healthy and plant-based, but for whom not all foods agree with them?

Dr. Steven Gundry: Believe it or not, plants don’t want us to eat them. They were not put on Earth for us to eat them, and they want to live. They want their seeds and babies to live. Their only defense system is compounds like lectins so they try to dissuade an animal or preditor that it’s not a good thing to eat them.

We have a defense mechanism against these plant proteins, including acid in our stomach, our gut microbiome, but as I talk about, our gut microbiome has been decimated by antibiotics that are sprayed on all of our vegetables, and so we’re pretty defenseless against these plant toxins.

If you have what’s called “leaky gut,” , then you have to change your diet. The way to solve leaky gut is to eliminate what’s aggravating you.

Once we heal that, the immune system can be retrained to forget that it gets bothered by these compounds. That being said, for 22 years, I’ve asked patients to remove troublesome foods from their diets foods that they thought were really good for them. When they remove these foods, we can show them that their leaky gut goes away and their auto-immune disease gets resolved.

Lucy Danziger: So, that’s fascinating. It’s not just gluten! Do you think everyone should stay away from lectins or just those that have sensitivity?

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The Plant Paradox Cookbook

In 2017, Dr. Steven Gundrys The Plant Paradox revealed the hidden toxin lurking in seemingly healthy foods like tomatoes, zucchini, quinoa, and brown rice a class of plant-based proteins called lectins.

The book became a massive New York Times bestseller, dramatically improved the health of hundreds of thousands, and changed the conversation around gut health, inflammation, weight loss and so much more.

Now, THE PLANT PARADOX COOKBOOK: 100 Delicious Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, and Live Lectin-Free is available in bookstores. Dr. Gundry offers a collection of over 100 delicious, healthy, and diverse recipes to help readers maintain their new way of eating, for life.

What Belly Fat Really Means

On this episode, we hear from Dr. Paul Han and Hank Kim, the CEO and CSO of BELLO the worlds first portable belly fat scanner. We will discuss why so many of us struggle with belly fat, what our midsection may indicate about our health, and why simply stepping on the scale is NOT enough. We also share how the BELLO device could help YOU decode your belly fat and better manage your health.

Full show notes and transcript:

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Eat Your Beans But Skip Reading Dr Steven Gundrys The Longevity Paradox: Flaws And Fruits

One of those physicians, Steven Gundry, MD, created much controversy in 2017 with the hypothesis that lectins in plant foods were the source of many chronic illnesses as outlined in his book, The Plant Paradox. Dr. Gundry references his published research and although a search on Pubmed reveals that his last peer reviewed full paper was on aortic surgery in 2004. He has prepared an abstract of his results that is uniformly viewed in the scientific community as incomplete data not subject to the scrutiny of peer review. It also contains the unfortunate typo Pant Paradox in place of Plant Paradox.

Although The Plant Paradox spent weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list, it was not met without criticism. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. and Thomas Campbell, MD, authors of The China Study, identified serious flaws in the references used to support Gundrys claims. Their concluding statement was We can only hope that this newly invented fad, based on such unethical and self-serving behavior, will pass quickly.

Michael Greger, MD evaluated the book in a video titled Dr. Gundrys The Plant Paradox is Wrong.

Recently, Stephan Guyanet Ph.D. published a detailed review of the book and gave it a grade of scientific accuracy of only 26% on a scale of 1100, suggesting it is more fiction than fact.

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