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Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser Review

Cleansers I Fell In Love With After I Ran Out Of My Eve Lom

EVE LOM Cleanser | Is This $80 Balm Really Worth It?

I didn’t always consider skincare to be the most crucial part of my beauty regimen. On the contrary, just three years ago, I could barely be bothered to run a makeup remover wipe over my face on most evenings. My complexionwhich has always been relatively acne-freewas perfectly passable, and at 22, I frankly didn’t care either way. I now know that in actuality, I simply hadn’t experienced what it meant to have great skin. But then a luscious, sweet-smelling balm made its way onto my desk and swiftly changed all that.

The product, of course, was Eve Lom’s cult-fave Cleanser . I had heard the hype, and soon enough, what started as a passing curiosity evolved into a full-fledged addiction. But while the formula itself was the perfect solution for my hopelessly dehydrated skin, the most remarkable element actually involved the muslin cloth it was packaged with. The box came with instructions on a multi-step process involving steaming and massaging the balm into my face before wiping it all away. I wasn’t just using a proper cleanserfor the first time, I was engaging in the ritual of skincare. And I was hooked.

  • Slather on your cleansing balm.
  • Soak your muslin cloth in hot water, and then hold it over your face for a few seconds.
  • Remove the muslin cloth from your face, and begin to lather and massage the cleansing balm with your fingers.
  • The Top 5 Eve Lom Skincare Products

    Even though the Eve Lom Cleanser is the brands best selling product, they also offer many other skincare products, such as moisturizers, masks, facial oils, essences, serums, eye and lip care, and more. Below were highlighting the top 5 best selling Eve Lom skincare products.

    Eve Lom CleanserThis is the product that started it all! The award-winning Eve Lom Cleanser was created to be the ultimate multitasking cleanser to work for all skin types. Designed to serve as the core of every skincare regimen, the Eve Lom Cleanser promises to dramatically improve the appearance of skin leaving behind nothing but radiance after use. But as youll learn in the next section, the ingredients found in the Eve Lom Cleanser arent anything out of the ordinary.

    Moisture CreamThe Eve Lom Moisture Cream is a daily use multi-tasking facial moisturizer that is said to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as hydrate and plump skin for a healthy, dewy complexion.

    Rescue MaskThe Eve Lom Rescue Mask is referred to as a weekly complexion booster and emergency treatment for sluggish, stressed-out skin. This clay mask can be used once a week to deep clean the skin, or if youre experiencing blotchy skin, irritable break-outs, jet-lag or morning-after puffiness.

    The Story Behind Eve Lom

    It started with a cleanser. The premiere Eve Lom product that launched the now celebrated skincare line was a simple cleanser combined with an equally simple approach to skincare. For over 25 years Eve Lom has delivered botanical powered skincare products to the masses and has become a household name in the beauty industry. Eve Lom actually grew up learning about botanicals from her grandmother, a witch doctor who treated patients with herbs and plants. After marrying actor Herbet Lom and moving to Hollywood, Eve became a facialist and eventually started her own line of products in 1985. Using both natural botanicals combined with modern technologies, Eve Lom continues to produce skincare products that perform. In this review, well discuss a few of the brands best selling products, key ingredients, Eve Lom reviews from real customers, and more.

    What are the Best Skin Care Products of 2023?

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    Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser 100ml

    Payment will be taken everymonth.months.

    Remove dirt and impurities with the Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser a hybrid, gel-to-balm formula that gently yet effectively cleanses the complexion.

    Comfortably massaging into wet skin, the soothing formula is able to perform a thorough cleanse in harmony with skins natural oil balance. Enriched with Eve Loms signature blend of Clove, Eucalyptus and Chamomile Oil, the gel-balm eliminates daily dirt, makeup and impurities from the visage, without stripping skin of essential moisture.

    Not only cleansing the complexion, the formula is infused with Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil, which work in synergy to drench the face in a veil of long-lasting moisture. Expect radiant and nourished skin that feels calm and refreshed.

    Suitable for all skin types.

    Pump once or twice in the palm of your hand. Massage gently onto wet skin and rinse well with lukewarm water.

    Evelom Gel Balm Cleanser

    Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser Review

    The Gel Balm Cleanser is EVE LOMs alternative option for an everyday cleanser.

    While this product does work effectively at removing dirt and makeup from the skin, I find I need to rub it in for longer to achieve similar results to the original Cleanser.

    The benefit of this product is that it is more suited to sensitive skin since it doesnt have the mechanical exfoliating particles.

    I do enjoy how it feels, and I do feel that I am left with soft skin after use. However, my biggest drawback is that I find the scent difficult to tolerate. Frankly, it just smells bad.

    If scent is something that doesnt affect you, and you require an extremely sensitive cleanser, I would say this one is ok to try. Having said that, if I were to recommend one EVE LOM cleanser to try, it would be the first one I mentioned on this list!

    Star Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil & Shea Butter , Botanical Spent Grain Wax, Argan, & Olive Oil , EVE LOM Enzyme Blend , Plant-derived Lecithin

    Recommended? No

    Photo courtesy of EVE LOM official online store.

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    Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum

    This is it. This is my favouriteEVE LOM product.

    As someone who has lived in many cold climates, there are times my skin becomes unbearably dry. This serum is so hydrating, and definitely gives parched skin a much needed drink.

    The texture of this serum is very luxurious, and quite thick. I really enjoy applying it. It is unscented, so it doesnt interfere with whatever face cream you add over it.

    I really enjoy that this product has so few ingredients – it only has what it needs to be incredibly effective!

    If you are someone with dry skin, or require some extra moisture during colder winter months, consider adding this Intense Hydration Serum to your skincare rotation.

    Star Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid , Pro-Vitamin B5

    Recommended? Yes!

    Photo courtesy of EVE LOM Official Twitter page.

    What Are Some Alternatives To Eve Lom

    Overall, we werent very impressed with the Eve Lom skincare products. The ingredients in the iconic Eve Lom Cleanser are pretty basic, and were concerned about the use of cocoa seed butter in this cleanser since it is comedogenic. If youre looking for a cleanser that will remove makeup and other impurities while also exfoliating the skin, wed recommend Formulysts Clarifying AHA Cleanser.

    The Clarifying AHA Cleanser is formulated to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin while removing dirt and makeup. It contains glycolic acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acid , to help refine pores, control excess oil, and smooth away any surface-level roughness. The formula also contains ingredients to moisturize and soothe the skin, such as rosehip seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and chamomile flower oil. Overall, Formulysts Clarifying AHA Cleanser can help your skin to feel clean, clear, and beautifully refreshed.

    Want to know the best thing about Formulyst products? Formulyst allows you to bundle three products together for $108/shipment, so youll end up with three products for less than the price of just one jar of the Eve Lom Cleanser!


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    Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser Review

    Being a fan of Eve Lom Cleansing balm, it was natural for me to be excited for the new Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser from the brand. I do love a good balmy or gel kind of cleanser, especially for my first cleanse in the evening and first cleanse in the morning. Coming from the brand with the cult favorite balm cleanser, this naturally had to have high expectations. I have been using this cleanser as my first cleanse in the evening to remove makeup or sunscreen and then as a first cleanse in the mornings most of the days in the week to give it a good try before writing this review.

    Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser is claimed to deliver the ultimate cleanse that Eve Lom is famed for in an easy to use gel balm texture. As the Gel Balm Cleanser is massaged into the wet skin, it gently transforms into a milky balm texture that leaves skin soothed and blissfully soft. Unlike traditional gel cleansers that leave skin feeling tight and dry, this cleanser is fortified with moisturizing Shea Butter and nourishing Grapeseed Oil and is clinically proven to moisturize skin for up to 12 hours after use. The hybrid gel-to-balm formula is enriched with our iconic signature blend of Clove, Eucalyptus, Hops and Chamomile Oil which are proven to dissolve impurities and all traces of makeup, including waterproof mascara. When combined with the Shea Butter base, a lightweight botanical aroma is created.

    Have you tried the Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser or the Original Cleanser from Eve Lom?

    What Are The Key Eve Lom Skincare Ingredients


    A cleanser with a cult-following like the Eve Lom cleanser should be packed with the most innovative ingredients, right? Well, thats actually not the case. The key ingredients found in the Eve Lom Cleanser include liquid paraffin , PEG-30 lanolin , cetearyl alcohol , bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2 , aluminum stearate , cocoa seed butter, and PEG-75 lanolin . Most of these ingredients are formulation enhancers, and the only ingredients that are doing anything for your skin are liquid paraffin and cocoa seed butter. Liquid paraffin is a decent ingredient to help dissolve makeup and impurities while leaving the skin feeling soft. But wed like to point out that cocoa seed butter is comedogenic .

    One of the key ingredients in the Eve Lom Moisture Cream is PrimalHyal Ultrafiller, a patent-pending hyaluronic acid derivative designed to offer a cosmetic alternative to the injectable fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a type of glycosaminoglycan that attracts moisture from the environment and draws that moisture into the skins upper layers. In fact, hyaluronic acid has the ability to attract and hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Hyaluronic acid can also plump the skin and temporarily fill in lines and wrinkles. PrimalHyal Ultrafiller penetrates twice as deep into the skin than standard hyaluronic acid. Plus, its full acetylation enables this ingredient to be resistant to hyaluronidases for a longer lifetime in the skin.

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    Eve Lom Radiance Antioxiant Eye Cream

    This is a deeply hydrating eye cream that adresses puffiness and dark circles.

    When I first bought this product, I used to use it twice daily. However, the second tube I bought I only used in the nighttime. While this product does eventually melt nicely into the skin, I find it can be a bit heavy underneath SPF and eye makeup during the day.

    I really enjoy its effects, and I find it does make the eye area appear more awake after prolonged usage. The scent is quite pleasant, and its easy to apply.

    I believe this product is suitable for both younger and more mature skin. Its perhaps my second favourite EVE LOM product, and it is one that I have repurchased!

    Star Ingredients: Amino Acid Derivatives , Blue Plant & Ginseng Extracts , Multi-Peptide Complex

    Recommended? Yes

    Photo courtesy of EVE LOM official online store.

    An Oldie And A Goodie

    I was late to join the Eve Lom bandwagon. No specific reason, I just hadnt been exposed to her products. Id heard about her magical cleansing balm but once I tried it for myself I finally understood the hype and became a total brand devotee especially when it came to the cleansing balm. First of all, it smells incredible. Clove, eucalyptus, chamomile, and hops combine to make cleansing an experience the combination of oils makes the smell very distinct but also heavenly. You massage it into dry skin, allow it to sit for a bit and dissolve any makeup/impurities, and then use a hot, damp muslin cloth to remove it. If you have the time, let the cloth sit on your face for a few minutes for a spa-like experience, and then remove. Its one of the best ways to wash your face, and it leaves your skin so so soft. If you are prone to dry skin, its everything. You can even skip moisturizer if youd like .

    In a perfect world, Id say get both something for when you have a little extra time something for when youre in a rush, but if you can only get one go with the gel cleanser. Its the more practical option of the two and will become your favorite everyday cleanser.

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    Eve Lom Advanced Brightening Serum

    Photo courtesy of EVE LOM official online store.

    I bought this serum along with the Brightening Face Cream and Eye Cream.

    This serum worked well combined with the Brightening face cream to reduce the appearance of my acne scars over time.

    Its a lightweight formula, and is very comfortable on the skin. It absorbs quickly, so its optimal for layering under a good face cream, makeup, and SPF .

    While I did find this serum effective, I do think it is quite expensive for what it is. I would suggest using this serum temporarily in tandem with the brightening cream to help reduce the appearance of dark spots or acne scars. However, I do not think it is needed long-term.

    Having said that, if you have cash to splash, this is a serum that does work for stressed-out skin.

    Star Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate , Dermapep , Niacinamide , Rose Otto Oil , Micro Algae Extract

    Recommended? Yes if you dont mind the splurge

    Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser

    EVE LOM Gel Balm Cleanser 100ml

    A gentle face wash that’s clinically proven to hydrate the skin for up to 12 hours after use.

  • 4 installments of $15.00 withafterpayLearn more about afterpay Learn more

  • Cleanse and refresh your skin with EVE LOM Gel Balm Cleanser to achieve a healthy and clear complexion. Clinically proven to hydrate the skin for up to 12 hours after use, this hydrating face wash delivers healthier, brighter, softer skin. Infused with skin-nourishing essential oils and shea butter, the cleanser gently removes makeup and impurities without stripping skins moisture.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Essential oils gently and thoroughly remove all traces of makeup and other impurities
    • Shea butter provides intensive moisture

    Pump once or twice in the palm of your hand. Massage gently onto wet skin and rinse well with lukewarm water.

    Skin Type:Acne-Prone Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Mature Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin

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    Eve Lom Brightening Cream

    Photo courtesy of EVE LOM official online store.

    This was a product I purchased along with the brightening serum and brightening eye cream. In tandem, I found the products worked well to help brighten my stressed-out skin.

    This is a deeply hydrating cream that has a very luxurious texture. It smells quite pleasant, and it rubs well into the skin.

    With regular usage, I found it did lighten some of the acne-scars I had. The bottle did last me a few months, and I enjoyed using it.

    If you have skin that does need some TLC, this is a nice product to try out!

    Star Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate , Dermapep , Chinese Root Extracts , Rose Otto Oil , Abyssinian Oil

    Recommended? Yes

    Evelom Gel Balm Cleanser Sgd$105

    This product is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It is good for all skin typesnormal, oily, combination, and dryand is safe for sensitive skin.

    I say

    The Texture: A relatively thick gel that spreads easily on the skin without pulling on it.

    The Scent: A plethora of herbal scents will emanate from the product I smell eucalyptus and chamomile among others. Its definitely different from the usual other floral/citrus/powdery scents. This feels very spa-like. The scent also lingers for a while after youve cleansed your skin.

    The Application: It applies like a thick gel, and then sort of emulsifies when massaged into damp skin theres not a lot of froth nor lather, so its more of a massaging balm cleanser.

    The Verdict: I love the scent, which conjures up good spa memories. The texture is great too comfortably coating your skin during the massaging. The cleansing efficacy itself is a slightly different story. Yes its definitely very hydrating and soothing the skin indeed feels much softer and more moisturised after each session. However, I do note that this is more of a lightweight cleanser even when used as a double cleanser , I find that the skin isnt 100% clean. This would be more suitable for days when you have light, or preferably no makeup, or for ladies with dry skin types, or if youre going to a country with a dry climate.

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    One Love Organics Skin Savior Multi

    What can’t this beauty balm do? Thanks to its incredible versatility as both a heavy-duty moisturizer and superior eye makeup removernot to mention its ridiculously addictive tropical scentit has taken up permanent residence in my vanity for years.

    With balms that are multipurpose, buying a travel sized version and storing it in your handbag is a great way to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

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