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Facial Cleanser With Alpha Hydroxy Acids

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How To Use Alpha Hydroxy Acids | Demonstration | Dr Sam Bunting
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  • Skinceuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser

    If youve got sensitive skin and youre worried about introducing anything new to it, start with this cleanser for a mild introduction to glycolic acid. This wash-off formula makes it the perfect product for those new to AHAs.

    But the glycolic acid still allows users to benefit from its exfoliating and brightening capacities. Plus, its got aloe leaf juice which helps to calm and restore the skin.

    So dont think that you have to immediately commit to glycolic acid now and forever. Give it a spin with this product that allows you to meet glycolic acid, then decide if youd like to go out for a second date.

    Glycolic Acid Cleanser: The List

    Formulyst Clarifying AHA Cleanser, $29The best glycolic acid cleanser is Formulyst Clarifying AHA Cleanser. Formulated to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin while removing dirt and makeup, Formulysts AHA Foaming Cleanser helps refine pores, control excess oil and smooth away any surface-level roughness.

    Enriched with Alpha Hydroxy Acids for an intense clean and complex blend of soothing citrus and botanical extracts, this deeply purifying formulation actively dissolves dead surface cells, draws out pore-clogging impurities, and removes excess oil. So skin feels clean, clear, and beautifully refreshed.

    SkinCeuticals Purifying Cleanser, $35SkinCeuticals Purifying Cleanser is a foaming gel cleanser with glycolic acid to exfoliate and smooth skin texture while simultaneously conditioning and softening skin. This cleanser contains a mild surfactant system and an optimized 3% concentration of key ingredients combining glycolic acid and glycerin.

    Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser, $44This popular daily foaming cleanser from Kate Somerville combines glycolic acid and lactic acid to gently cleanse away oil, makeup, and surface impurities to reveal softer, smoother skin. Its gentle enough to use day and night to effectively cleanse the skin while visibly improving texture and clogged pores.

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    What Are The Best Aha Cleansers

    There are a variety of different alpha hydroxy acid cleaners available, including Essopi Glycolic 10% Moisturizing Cleanser and Glycolix Elite 10% Moisturizing Cleanser, which can be great for dry skin types. (NoLIO Gly/Sal Pore Minimizing Cleanser is a great salicylic acid cleanser for aging, oily skin types. If youre not sure whether your skin is oily or dry, it is best to check with a doctor that uses the Skin Type Solutions Skin Typing Diagnostic System before choosing a cleanser. Otherwise, you might worsen skin conditions like dryness or acne if you are using the wrong type of cleanser.

    They Help Treat And Prevent Acne

    Facial Cleanser Dry Skin Therapy w/ Alpha Hydroxy Acid

    You may be familiar with benzoyl peroxide and other acne-fighting ingredients for stubborn blemishes. AHAs may also help treat and prevent recurring acne.

    Acne pimples occur when your pores are clogged with a combination of dead skin cells, oil , and bacteria. Exfoliating with AHAs can help loosen and remove the clog. Continued use may also prevent future clogs from forming.

    AHAs may also reduce the size of enlarged pores, which are commonly seen in acne-prone skin. Skin cell turnover from exfoliating glycolic and lactic acids can even reduce acne scars. Some acne products also contain other AHAs, such as citric and malic acids, to help soothe inflamed skin.

    And AHAs arent just for your face! You can use AHA products on other acne-prone areas, including your backside and chest.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, it can take two to three months before you start to see significant acne improvements. Its important to be patient while the products work to relieve acne over time. You also need to use the products consistentlyskipping daily treatments makes it take longer for the ingredients to work.

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    Reviews For Salicylic Facial Cleanser With Beta & Alpha Hydroxy Acid

  • Angela H April 12, 2021

    I never thought I would say this in my life but I found a good product from a new line of skincare that I had not heard of before. Salicylic Facial Cleanser Alpha Hydroxy Acid is an exfoliating cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated. The only downside is that it doesnt take off makeup as well as

  • Ketterer July 15, 2021

    Ive been using this for a little over a month now and I am really impressed. I have gone from having consistent breakouts and bumps to almost no breakouts at all. My skin is softer, smoother, and clearer too. I give the product 5 out of 5 stars!

  • Diane Kelly February 8, 2022

    I typically get breakouts once or twice a month and started using Salicylic Facial Cleanser With Beta & Alpha Hydroxy Acid. I noticed my acne wasnt as bad and now I can go 3-4 months without a breakout! The price is also reasonable, not too cheap but not too expensive either.

  • Andrea Ward June 26, 2022

    Ever since I made this cleanser part of my skincare routine, I have felt the difference. It perfectly balances my oily skin and prevents breakouts.

  • They Help Promote Collagen Production

    Collagen is a protein-rich fiber that helps keep your skin plump and smooth. As you age, these fibers break down. Sun damage may also accelerate collagen destruction. This can result in sallow, sagging skin.

    Collagen itself is in the middle layer of your skin . When the upper layer is removed, products such as AHAs can go to work on the dermis. AHAs may help promote collagen production by destroying old collagen fibers to make way for new ones.

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    How To Find The Ideal Bha Exfoliant

    • Choose an exfoliant that contains salicylic acid or citric acid that unclog pores and absorb excess oil/impurities.
    • An exfoliator infused with natural willow bark extract contains natural BHA that nourishes, hydrates, and sloughs out skin impurities.
    • Pick an exfoliator that is non-comedogenic, dermatologically-tested, and free from all harmful chemicals.
    • A gentle exfoliating cleanser and toner is a multifunctional solution that hydrates, cleanses, and scrubs out excess impurities. It also preps your skin for an advanced skincare routine.

    An exfoliant is among the most important skin care products. It balances skin pH and reduces excess sebum formation. BHA exfoliants are a boon to those with oily or sensitive skin as they heal acne breakouts and inflammation, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You may pick your favorite product from the list and start using it right away. If you have any concerns with your skin, consult with a dermatologist first.

    What To Consider When Buying Face Wash

    Alpha hydroxy acids in skin care| Dr Dray

    The most important thing to consider when buying a cleanser is your skin type and your sensitivities. People with dry skin have remarkably different needs from a cleanser than those with excessively oily or acne-prone skin. And, dry skin doesnt always mean sensitive skin, so its also important to be aware of whether you need hydration or if you simply need to avoid irritating ingredients like artificial fragrance. Be mindful of how each brand markets its product, identifying ingredients that work in your favor .

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    Neostrata Foaming Glycolic Wash

    Glycolic acid is at it again with this AHA product! With 18% glycolic acid, this product is perhaps the most thorough cleanser out there as it decongests pores.

    And its grapefruit extract even supplies you antioxidant radiance to brighten up your complexion. Because glycolic acid takes up a lot of room in this formula , this product is best for those with oily skin.

    Qrx Labs Bha Exfoliating Liquid

    Clean up the dead skin cells with QRx Labs BHA Exfoliating Liquid. It is formulated with a blend of 2% salicylic acid, green tea extract, and niacinamide that helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, make the skin soft, radiant and smoothen out the skin texture. In addition, the anti-aging formula helps to diminish the fine lines and remove wrinkles. Salicylic acid unclogs the pores and exfoliates the skin, while niacinamide efficiently reduces the pore size and evens out your skin tone. Moreover, green tea extract, a powerful antioxidant, calms and soothes any redness or inflammation.


    The Innate Skin Clear Skin AHA/BHA is a deep exfoliating cleanser. It contains jojoba beads that nourish, hydrate, and buff away dead skin for a brighter look. It is specifically formulated with salicylic acid, a powerful BHA, which removes dead cells, unclogs pores, and absorbs excess oil and dirt for a refined look. It also removes blackheads, whiteheads, and soothes breakouts. The lactic acid, glycolic acid, and AHA help renew the skin, clarify the skin tone, and aid in cell renewal. These active ingredients are paired with orange and grapefruit peel oil that nourish the skin. The vitamins A and C help rejuvenate the skin complexion.


    These are the fifteen best BHA exfoliators you can buy online. Before you make a purchase, it is better to know how to use a BHA exfoliant for the best results.

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    Selecting The Right Glycolic Acid Cleanser

    There are many types of cleansers containing glycolic acid available on the market today. Many formulas are developed to address specific skin care concerns and contain additional supportive ingredients to help users accomplish their beauty goals. For example, a glycolic acid cleanser formula intended to help reduce the appearance of signs of aging may also include antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E.

    As you compare glycolic acid cleansers, it is a good idea to carefully read the product descriptions. The descriptions will tell you what conditions each cleanser is geared toward addressing and what other key ingredients each one contains.

    *The total item count is approximate. The count will be inaccurate when sponsored products are displayed, when multiple sizes or colors of a product are grouped on a single product card, and when the in-stock filter is applied.

    What Is Aha For Skin

    Aqua Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Care System, Facial Cleanser 6 ...

    Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are water-soluble acids derived from fruits and plants. Theyre considered a chemical exfoliant, which means that they use chemicals aka acids or enzymes to buff away dead skin cells. Jessie Cheung, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Chicago, says AHAs cause “controlled trauma to the skin,” leading to quicker cell turnover. That process will result in less hyperpigmentation and more even-toned skin

    Cheung says AHAs “offer almost instant gratification” and they’re suitable for someone who wants to “refresh” their skin. However, as with most skincare ingredients and especially exfoliants, AHAs have their downsides, including possible sun sensitivity, peeling and itching. Overall, this means that you’ll need to be extra diligent about slathering on sunscreen no matter the season or whether you’re inside and working from home or heading off on a socially distanced run outdoors.

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    Best For Sensitive Skin: The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + Ha

    Best AHA for Sensitive Skin

    While many products use glycolic and lactic acid, The Ordinary has created an AHA product with mandelic acid. Mandelic acid has a larger molecule size than the more commonly used chemical exfoliants. This means that, while it still exfoliates the skin and improves the overall texture and tone of the skin, it doesnt penetrate as deep into the skin.

    For those with sensitive skin, this means there is less risk of irritation. The more gentle mandelic acid, as well as the addition of hydrating hyaluronic acid, make this serum one of the best AHA products for sensitive skin.

    How to Use: After cleansing, apply a few drops to a cotton pad and swipe across desired area to remove any excess cleanser or impurities. Allow to dry. Do not wash off.

    Similar Products: You’ve Got Options

    Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash: If you still want to gently exfoliate the skin but prefer a BHA to dissolve oil and unclog pores, this Dermalogica cleanser uses salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and zinc to reduce the incidence of breakouts.

    Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser:This cleanser from Murad is excellent when it comes to both polishing the skin and dissolving clogged pores. It’s a blend of AHAs and BHAs to brighten, clarify and refine. Plus, it’s buffered with nourishing jojoba and sodium PCA to maintain moisture levels.

    Dr. Dennis Gross AlphaBeta Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel: If you’ve got acne-prone skin, you’ll love this deeply cleansing gel from Dr. Dennis Gross . It’s light and only emulsifies slightly, so it won’t strip the skin. Theres also farnesol, an ingredient that helps to prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria in the first place.

    • Product Name Glycolic Foaming Cleanser
    • Product Brand Mario Badescu

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    Whats The Difference Between An Aha And A Bha

    Another commonly used acid on the skincare market is called beta-hydroxy acid . Unlike AHAs, BHAs are primarily derived from one source: salicylic acid. You may recognize salicylic acid as an acne-fighting ingredient, but this isnt all it does.

    Like AHAs, salicylic acid helps to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells. This can help clear blackheads and whiteheads by unclogging pores made from trapped dead skin cells and oil in the hair follicles.

    BHAs may be just as effective as AHAs for acne, texture improvements, and sun-related discoloration. Salicylic acid is also less irritating, which may be preferable if you have sensitive skin.

    If you have more than one skin concern, you might experiment with both AHAs and BHAs, but you should approach with caution. AHAs may be more appropriate for age-related skin concerns, while BHAs might be best if you have sensitive, acne-prone skin. For the latter, you might consider using BHAs every day, such as a salicylic acid toner, and then use a weekly AHA-containing skin peel for deeper exfoliation.

    When using multiple products for your skin, its important to incorporate them into your regimen gradually. Using too many AHAs, BHAs, and chemicals at once can cause irritation. In turn, this can make wrinkles, acne, and other skin concerns more noticeable.

    Which Aha Is The Best

    The Truth about Alpha-Hydroxy Acids for Skin Health

    While all AHAs can help your complexion appear more smooth and even-toned, not all AHAs will work for everyone. According to medical experts we consulted, there are a few common types of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids figuring out which acid works best for your skin type can help you to reach your skincare goals.

    • First up is glycolic acid, which Cheung says penetrates the skin with ease and delivers “glowing” results to your skin. Glycolic acid is colorless, derived from sugar cane and the smallest AHA.
    • Then there’s lactic acid, another popular type of AHA, which does “an amazing job of improving overall texture and tone,” says Rita Linker, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York. Lactic acid can help reduce the appearance of large pores, age spots and hyperpigmentation. Linker notes that both glycolic and lactic acids should be used under the guidance of a board-certified dermatologist because they can cause sun sensitivity.
    • Last up is mandelic acid, which Cheung says is less irritating than glycolic acid. However, because both mandelic and lactic acids are less active than glycolic acids, they are best suited for hyperpigmentation or sensitive skin rather than oily skin.

    Before you incorporate AHA products into your beauty routine, consider your current lineup of products, paying close attention to the ingredient list to avoid irritation since AHAs might not play nice with them.

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    The Results: Smooth Radiant Skin

    Emily Algar/Design by Cristina Cianci

    After two weeks of consistent use, I’m pleasantly surprised with just how much of a difference this product made. My face definitely feels smoother and a tiny bit more radiant and even, likely due to the gentle exfoliation. While I wouldn’t say it’s overly stripping, it did leave my skin a little tight, so I was sure to follow up with a hydrating serum each time.

    As for the back of my arms, the results have been pretty magical. While I don’t have too much congestion, I do get whiteheads and a bumpy texture, but as of now my arms are as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I know using a cleanser on your body isn’t super economical, but Mario Badescu is reasonably priced and because of the foaming action, a little goes a long way.

    What Is Alpha Hydroxy Acid

    Alpha hydroxy acids are a group of acids derived from plants and animals. They are used in skin care products for their anti-aging properties.

    Research indicates that they are useful for improving acne, scars, hyperpigmentation and melasma.

    There are three types of exfoliating acids: alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and polyhydroxy acids . Among the three, AHAs are known to be the most gentle and easily absorbed into the skin.

    Within the AHA category, there are several types of acids that are commonly used in skin care products, including citric, lactic, malic, glycolic and tartaric acids. Heres a breakdown of the types of AHAs that you may come across:

    • Glycolic acid is the type thats used most often in anti-aging products because its able to penetrate the outer layers of skin. It comes from sugar cane and is an excellent exfoliant. It also has antimicrobial properties that help fight acne.
    • Lactic acid is known to be gentler on the skin for people who are more sensitive. Its made from lactose in milk and is touted for its anti-aging effects.
    • Citric acid is derived from citrus fruits. It helps neutralize the skins pH levels, which is why its often used in serums and toners.
    • Tartaric acid is made from grape extracts, and its often used to improve acne and signs of photoaging.
    • Malic acid comes from apple acids, and its actually a crossover of AHA and BHA acids.

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