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Good Skin Cleanser For Acne

Add Salicylic Acid To Your Skin Care Lineup

BEST 5 CLEANSERS For Clear Skin. Cleanser For Oily, Dry, Acne, Combination Skin â James Welsh

Blackheads are a type of acne known as open comedones, explains Mamelak. Theyre also considered a form of noninflammatory acne.

Research shows that BHAs like salicylic acid are effective at treating all kinds of acne open comedones included.

work by gently exfoliating the surface of the skin, explains Green. Using salicylic acid frequently can prevent the buildup of dirt and oil in the hair follicles preventing blackheads.

There are a bunch of diff ways you can add salicylic acid to your routine. You can mix and match a few of these, but proceed with caution if you have sensitive skin using too many peeling agents can really irritate sensitive and dry skin.

How We Chose The Best Face Washes For Acne

Wondering how we whipped up this list? Good question.

  • Ingredients. This one is a no-brainer. We scoped options with the main acne-fighting agents that we highlighted. We chatted with derms about how these ingredients work and made sure we found em in our picks. We also threw in some vegan options too.
  • Whats your type? We thought about different users and found options for a range of different skin and acne types.
  • Customer reviews. If the user aint happy, nobodys happy. We looked carefully at reviews to make sure our list isnt all smoke and mirrors.
  • Price. Whether you have some serious dough to blow or youd rather pinch your pennies right now, we rounded up options that cover a spectrum of pricing.
  • Key ingredient: salicylic acid, azelaic acid, lactic acid, tea tree oil, glycerin, probiotics
  • Skin type: normal, oily, combination, acne-prone
  • Acne type: comedonal acne, all types inflammatory acne

This Tula foam cleanser comes in a pretty little blue bottle that is absolutely loaded with acne-fighting ingredients.

In addition to three of our faves salicylic, azelaic, and lactic acids it also contains tea tree oil, which is a natural ingredient with legit anti-inflammatory properties that can help you say goodbye to pimples.

Like most products from Tula, it also has probiotic extracts. Probiotics do all kinds of good when you ingest them and Tula says they help keep your skin nice and smooth, too.

  • Acne type: comedonal acne, mild and moderate inflammatory acne
  • alcohol

So A Whitehead Is Basically Just A Pimple

Not really. A whitehead looks like a small, white bump on your face . Its not the same thing as a blackhead, which isnt closed at the surface.

While a whitehead does appear white at the tip of the bump, it wont be as red, tender, or inflamed as a papule or a pustule, which looks ready to pop at any second. A whitehead is typically pretty tiny compared to a pustule.

A whitehead also doesnt go as deep and isnt nearly as painful as a cyst. A whitehead is basically considered a more mild form of acne, which is a good thing!

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Why Use A Facial Cleanser

While of course youcan wash your face with the same soap you use on the rest of your body, there are several compelling reasons to stick with a product formulated specifically for facial skin. Body soaps are far harsher than facial cleansers, and many contain deodorants and other potentially drying or irritating ingredients.

  • Removes makeup, oil, and pollutants

  • Leaves your face feeling clean, not tight

  • Softens your complexion without leaving it greasy

  • Suits your skin type, whether that is oily, dry, normal, sensitive, or mature

  • Rinses easily and doesnt irritate your eyes

  • Doesnt break your budget

  • Is convenient to use

Many facial cleansers offer further benefits, such as moisturizing dry skin or treating acne.

The Best Ingredients To Treat Acne:

Acne Triple Clear Cleanser

From oral antibiotics to over-the-counter creams, gels and face washes, there are so many different options available to treat acne. Most mild, non-hormonal cases of acne can be cleared using OTC products, according to Angela Lamb, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai. These typically include acne-busting ingredients such as:

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A Gentle Cleansing Gel That Promotes Strong Balanced Skin

If you have sensitive skin, REN is one of the most trustworthy brands out there â and their Gentle Cleansing Gel was specifically designed for skin prone to irritation and/or redness. This gentle cleanser will help balance and soothe oily, acne-prone skin without stripping it, all while effectively wiping away every last trace of makeup. Enriched with prebiotics to support a strong barrier, beta-glucan to soothe itchiness and irritation, and lactic acid for mild exfoliation, this natural cleanser is even housed in recyclable packaging.

Helpful review:“Love this cleanser. Nice and gentle, but cleanses well, smells lovely and leaves skin nice and soft.”

Best Oil: Epara Natural Cleansing Oil

If you have extra dry skin or a lot of makeup to break down, a cleansing oil might be your best bet. This one uses a group of non-comedogenic ones as well as licorice root extract to brighten, plankton extract to even out skin’s tone, and ylang ylang to soothe. And if it wasn’t clear: This will not clog your pores.

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Cleanse With A Skin Brush

For an alternative to chemical exfoliants, try using a skin brush. Sonic brushes use gentle vibrations to scoop up excess dirt and oil, while also helping your cleanser penetrate deeper.

Research supports their use, finding that they help reduce inflammatory *and* noninflammatory acne lesions and improve skin condition. Other research finds that theyre an ideal way to cleanse deeply without removing too much sebum, which can cause more skin imbalances and skin barrier dysfunction.

Mamelak says he likes them as a complement to a personalized regimen, along with masks, peels, and facials.

Best Exfoliator: Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Exfoliating Daily Facial Scrub

Teen Acne: The BEST Products To Get Rid Of It!
  • Eye area must be avoided

A physical exfoliating face wash like this one from Aveeno is great for teens because its gentle enough for everyday use, yet tough enough to scrub away dirt, oil, and acne-causing bacteria.

Its made with moisture-rich soy extract, naturally derived granules, and jojoba and castor oils. Its soap-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores. Thousands of reviewers agreeAveenos Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Scrub will reveal softer, brighter skin and wont break the bank.

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Best Facial Cleanser For Dry Skin: The Final Word

Dry skin also referred to as Xerosis is a common skin type that accounts for nearly half of all dermatologist visits. Its determined by genetics, age, dry air, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors. The dryness level is influenced by sebum production, natural moisturizing factors, sensitivity, and predisposition to skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Women are more prone to dry skin than men, and all skin, regardless of type or ethnicity, gets drier as it ages.

Facial cleansing is an integral part of any skincare routine. Its necessary for sweeping away dirt, oil, bacteria, makeup, dead skin cells, and environmental pollutants. Skipping this vital first step can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, dull skin, and accelerated aging. Equally important is choosing the right cleanser for your skin type and washing correctly.

If you have a dry skin type, harsh soaps or the wrong cleanser will only dry your skin out further possibly leading to a more severe condition such as dermatitis. Still, no matter how dehydrated or flaky your skin may be, its vital that youre washing it. The key is using the best cleanser for dry skin.

Sources:Dry Skin, American Skin Association.


  • Ingredient Glossary

    How Face Wash Can Help Cystic Acne

    Cystic acne is more common in people with oily skin. Its usual causes include hormones, excess sebum , clogged pores or follicles, the presence of Cutibacterium acnes , and inflammation. Genetics can also play a role in whether a person will get cystic acne.

    Although having a dirty face does not cause this type of acne, a face wash may help reduce symptoms by keeping the face clean.

    Experts recommend a person wash their face twice a day, even if they do not have acne. This can decrease the development of acne and inflammation. However, a person should not wash their face more than twice a day, as this may worsen acne.

    It may take several months before a person sees results from using a face wash, particularly with cystic acne.

    It is important to note that cystic acne typically needs to be treated with the help of a specialist. A person should speak with a dermatologist who can create a suitable regimen for their acne and skin type.

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, people often treat severe acne with:

    • oral or topical antibiotics
    • low-dose prednisone
    • topical medications

    Before purchasing a face wash for cystic acne, people may consider speaking to a healthcare professional. If they are already using one of the treatments above, there may be a risk of drug interaction with active ingredients in a face wash.

    A doctor or specialist should be able to advise if a particular face wash or certain ingredients are suitable for an individuals skin.

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    The Best Skin Care Products For Adult Acne According To Dermatologists

    Theres tons of advice out there for teens with acne, but what should you do if you reach adulthood and those bothersome breakouts still havent stopped?

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne can continue well into your 30s, 40s and even 50s, and adult acne can be more stubborn than it was in your adolescence.

    Just like in your teens, hormones play a part in the production of adult acne, but there is a difference.

    Hormone fluxes in adolescents primarily come from puberty, said Austin-based dermatologist Adam Mamelak. These fluxes tend to stabilize at the end of the teenage years or ones early 20s. Hormonal fluxes that contribute to adult acne come from more regular physiologic sources, such as ones menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Often, adult hormonal acne can be indicative of ones sensitivity to natural hormonal fluctuations in the body.

    Michelle Henry, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, added that acne in general, for both teens and adults, is hormonal and genetic, but adult acne is more androgen-influenced. As we age and lose estrogen, it becomes less effective and can cause acne, which is usually around the jawline.

    Dermatologist Chesahna Kindred from Baltimore, Maryland, told HuffPost that usually, teenage acne responds to treatment but the patients do not stick with the prescribed skin care regimen. Then, when the patient is an adult and is more diligent, the acne is refractory.

    How Do You Determine Your Skin Type

    Neutrogena Oil

    Its difficult to choose the right facial cleanser without knowing what type of skin you have. The following guidelines will help.

    • Dry skin: Flakiness, dry patches, a tight feeling, and a dull look are indicators of dry skin. Treat your dry skin tenderly when washing up, and choose a gentle cleanser that has moisturizing ingredients.

    • Oily skin: A shiny appearance, large pores, tendency towards breakouts, and greasy feel characterize oily skin. You need a cleansing product that can cut through the oil and grease, remove pore-clogging makeup, and yet leave your skin balanced not overly dry and stripped.

    • Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin reacts to many cosmetic ingredients, including fragrances, dyes, or abrasive scrubs. Gentle cleansers formulated without irritants will leave your skin clean, not stinging or red.

    • Combination skin: This common skin type tends towards oiliness on the forehead, nose, and chin but dryness on the cheeks. Cleansers that gently remove oil without stripping moisture are best for combination skin.

    • Mature skin: Its a fact of life: skin ages just like the rest of you. Mature skin is often dry, and fine lines can be a problem as well. If this is your complexion, choose a moisturizing cleanser.

    • Normal skin: Not too dry, not too oily normal skin is just right. Outside of cleansers that are very moisturizing or formulated for the oiliest skin, most facial cleansers are suitable for this skin type.

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    Wash Your Hair Regularly

    When trying to avoid excess oil, dont focus only on your skin. If your hair is very oily, that can also cause whiteheads.

    Wash your hair regularly to prevent a buildup of oils. Avoid using products that are extremely oily, and when you do put product in your hair, try to keep that product off your face.

    Take A Peep At The Rest Of Your Skin Care Routine

    When it comes to treating acne, its best to hold your horses and not go overboard with acne-fighting products. If you strip too much of your natural oils from your face, you could make the whole problem worse.

    Comedonal acne

    If youre dealin with comedonal acne a face wash that has acne-fighting ingredients will do the trick. Just be sure the rest of your routine isnt too heavy with actives as this could dry out your skin and undo all the work your cleanser did.

    Inflammatory acne

    If your breakouts are deeper and without an opening, like cystic or nodules, its unlikely your face washs active ingredients will penetrate your skin to address your acne. You might be better off looking at spot treatments, like benzoyl peroxide or retinoids.

    Check out our fave acne spot treatments here.

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    How Can I Tell If My Face Wash Is Bad

    Before you set fire to your medicine cabinet, check the back of your cleanser to see if one of the first ingredients is a sulfate. The big bad three: sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, and sodium laureth sulfate.

    If its all clear, and it also doesnt tingle, burn, sting, itch, or feel like anything , and it doesnt leave your face feeling dry or tight, then youre probably fine to continue using it. But if any of these warning signs made you think, Shit, or even made you feel a little defensive , then its officially time to switch your cleanser.

    Elf Superclarify Cleanser $599


    At this point, Ive probably gone through six or seven tubes of this cleanser. Its incredibly affordable and the formula does wonders for acne-prone skin. Its gentle and FULL of niacinamide. The only thing that may bother some sensitive skin is the small amount of lavender oil. I can best describe the texture as a creamy and very fluid gel.

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    Get To Know Retinoids

    Studies suggest that retinoids are one of the most effective acne treatments out there. Retinoids are basically a really strong version of vitamin A that exfoliate skin and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

    You can find retinoids in topical treatments like creams, gels, or masks or in oral form. Some retinoid products are available over the counter, and a dermatologist can prescribe something stronger if necessary.

    As effective as retinoids are, they can also be a bit harsh. Be sure to wear extra sun protection when using one, since they can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Start with a small amount of retinoids and slowly increase the amount as your skin adjusts.

    An Organic Foaming Cleanser That Doesn’t Use Sulfates

    If youâre looking for a gentle, yet deep cleanse thatâs free of harmful chemicals, this organic face wash is filled with plant-based extracts and essential oils that will leave your skin revitalized. It can even give you that satisfying foam so many people crave, but sans the sulfates that are usually used to create it. Coconut oil and shea butter nourish skin while the stimulating rosemary essential oil works its natural-astringent magic by balancing oil control and fighting bacteria. Without any dyes, synthetic fragrances, or drying chemicals, this face wash is going to be a daily-go-to for anyone looking to spoil their face the way nature intended.

    Helpful review: “This is my 3rd time buying. This works great for removing all makeup including waterproof mascara and a full face of foundation. Leaves skin feeling clean without overdrying. It has worked wonders for keeping my acne at bay. I have extremely sensitive skin and this is not irritating at all. Also love the smell!”

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    Pca Skin Clearskin Facial Moisturizer

    Dont forget to moisturize! Mamelak warns that while removing excess oil from the skin and clogged pores can definitely help reduce breakouts, be wary of too much of a good thing. Overly drying your skin can lead to pore-clogging flakes and actually stimulate your glands to produce more oil, he said. This calming and balancing facial moisturizer is ideal for people with combination skin.

    What To Look For


    If you have dry skin, opt for a cleanser with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, natural oils that hydrate and moisturize your skin. While not all foaming cleansers are off the table, cream, oil, or balm formulas can be more gentle on dry skin. If your skin feels tight and dry within a few minutes after washing, you need to try a different cleanser.

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    Get Em Professionally Extracted

    When it comes to extractions, youll want to leave the sharp instruments and pore vacuums to the trained medical professionals.

    A dermatologist can safely use sterile tools to remove whiteheads and blackheads, but you should never attempt to do your own extractions, cautions Mamelak. Attempting to do your own extractions can cause skin infections, scarring, or irritation.

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