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Health Ade Kombucha Cayenne Cleanse Benefits

Give Your Gut Some Love

TASTE TESTING HEALTH-ADE KOMBUCHA| including the Cayenne Cleanse

With four simple ingredients and ample time to ferment, the process of fermenting sweet tea into kombucha creates an environment flourishing with probiotics, antioxidants, and detoxifying acids!

Also known as the tea of immortality, this fermented tea has earned its name since its beginning 2,000 years ago in Southeast Asia. Kombuchas health benefits lie in the fact that it is a culture cocktail filled with live probiotics.

Liver Detox With Kombucha

Raw kombucha contains glucuronic acid, which is a form of sugar that easily binds with toxins in the body, making it much easier for the liver and kidneys to remove the toxins. Regular uptake of glucuronic acid has been shown to reduce liver toxicity, making it possible for the liver to regenerate any parts of it that might have been damaged by such toxins over time.

How To Do A Home Brew Kombucha Cleanse

The biggest con to buying the kombucha for your kombucha cleanse at the store is that it’s expensive. At around $4.00 a bottle, a 2 week cleanse is going to cost you about $56.00 to do.

If you know you’re going to continue to regularly drink kombucha post cleanse, brewing it yourself could be a great way to save a lot of money, and learn a fun new hobby.

If you’ve never home brewed kombucha before and want to learn, you can check out my article “How to Make Kombucha in 5 Easy Steps – The Ultimate Home Brewing Guide”here.

If I were going to home brew kombucha specifically for a cleanse I would use green tea instead of black because of its high amount of antioxidants and other great health benefits, and then I would flavor it with herbs, roots, and spices rather than fruit.

Fruit flavorings taste great and are fun to make, but at the same time they’re high in sugar and dont provide a ton of health benefits. Since the whole point of a kombucha cleanse is improved health, using the healthiest flavorings possible is a good idea.

One of my favorite healthy kombucha flavoring combos is ginger turmeric. Ginger is a superfood that can treat indigestion, lower cholesterol levels, improve brain function, and fight against infection. Plus the spicy flavor it adds to kombucha is really yummy.

Turmeric is a natural anti inflammatory and antioxidant that may prevent heart disease, alzheimer’s, depression, and some cancers.

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Kombucha Can Have A Lot Of Sugar

Gans says its important to acknowledge that kombucha is fermented with sugar, making it not the best beverage to select if you are watching your sugar intake. Excess sugar inside some kombucha brands can lead to extra consumption of calories.

To avoid eating too much sugar, Gans recommends selecting kombucha brands like KeVita, as it uses stevia to help keep overall sugar levels down.

Kombucha Keeps You Regular


Kombucha is fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, also known as SCOBY, which can help keep your gut healthy and promote regular bowel movement. Not to mention, this probiotic film consumes over 90 percent of the sugar during fermentation, turning a sweet tea into a bloat-banishing lifesaver. Kombucha has earned the nickname âmushroom tea,â due to the mushroom-shaped mass that results from the bacteria and yeast reproducing. While this may seem a little off-putting, many view it as a small price to pay for a flat belly.

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Who Is The Owner Of Health

According to the Health-Ade kombucha review, the company is owned by Justin and Daina Trout and their best friend, Vanessa Dew. Kombucha was first sold at Los Angeles farmers markets in 2012 by the trio. With over 200 employees and 26k retail partners, the brand now sells millions of cases of Kombucha each year.

What Is A Kombucha Cleanse

In a juice cleanse, you completely replace your diet with juice, a practice that is generally considered to not have any long term benefitsandleaves you at the end of it feeling more miserable than refreshed.

A kombucha cleanse is different from a regular juice cleanse in that it doesn’t replace your normal diet with kombucha, but instead just adds kombucha and its benefits on top of the diet you already have.

Drinking kombucha regularly seems to have a lot of potential health benefits. The idea behind a kombucha cleanse is to get all these benefits affecting your body quickly. Its sort of a kickstart to get your body full of kombucha’s probiotics and antioxidants quickly, which can then be maintained in a less intense routine after.

Lets get into some of the reasons why a kombucha cleanse and kombucha in general can be great for your health.

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Do You Drink The Whole Bottle Of Health

Yes! If you want, you can definitely drink a whole bottle of Health-Ade kombucha. Its perfectly fine to drink it daily if you would like to. Of course, carbonated varieties could go flat if you dont drink them at once, so drinking the whole bottle is actually recommended.

The only times Health-Ade recommends not drinking kombucha is if youre pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a compromised immune system in which case, check with your doctor for the best advice.

Brew Dr Clear Mind Kombucha

Health-Ade Kombucha : Cayenne Cleanse Review and Taste Testing.

This next kombucha is the Brew Dr Clear Mind which is flavored with oranges, hops and coriander. Based on its serving amount, a half bottle of this kombucha will give you 5g of sugar and 9g of carbs. Again this is not an overwhelming amount of sugar and carbs compared to many juices and sodas, but it is enough to keep you aware and for some might not be worth the carb intake.

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What Are The Benefits Of Kombucha

Like all fermented foods, Kombucha contains probiotics and healthy organic acids which are both known to support a healthy gut. A healthy gut contributes to decreased inflammation and bloating, stronger immunity, smooth digestion, balanced energy levels, less stress, healthy skin and nails and improved mood.

Kombucha Is Associated With Unwanted Toxicity When Brewed At Home

“There have been several cases of toxicity associated with ingesting large quantities of improperly prepared kombucha,” said Avant. These risks are typically associated with over-fermented, brewed-at-home kombucha, she said. If you do decide to ferment and drink your own brew of kombucha, she advises doing so in small doses in order to help minimize the risk.

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Kombucha Cleanse: Complete Guide And Benefits

There are so many different health cleanses out there these days. And unfortunately a lot of them do more harm than good. A kombucha cleanse however, is different than most of the other cleanses out there and is a safe and healthy way to quickly improve your digestive and overall health. But what exactly is a kombucha cleanse?

A kombucha cleanse is a week or two long period of drinking at least one bottle of kombucha a day in order quickly get the health benefits of kombucha, such as improved digestive and immune function, lowered risk of certain cancers, and increased weight loss, affecting the body quickly.

So what is the difference between a juice cleanse and a kombucha cleanse? And why is a kombucha cleanse healthy? In this article I’ll answer these questions and more to help get you everything you need to know before starting a kombucha cleanse. Let’s get going!

Kombucha Can Contain Added Sugars


While you know exactly what is going into homemade kombucha brews, the ones on grocery store aisles may contain added sugars to boost flavor. As a general guideline, opt for kombucha batches with 5 grams of sugar or less, like Hummâs new low-sugar flavors. And as always, if there is an ingredient that you canât pronounce, put it back.

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Who Shouldn’t Do A Kombucha Cleanse

As with anything health related, there are risks for people with certain preexisting conditions.

Kombucha can Be Dangerous for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Kombucha contains a small amount of alcohol that results naturally from the fermentation process used to make it. The alcohol content in all store bought kombucha is required to be less than 0.5% in order for it to be sold and marketed to minors according to federal regulations.

Although this amount of alcohol is about the same as that in a ripe banana, I would still recommend pregnant women avoid drinking kombucha.

In the past there have been lawsuits against kombucha brands because their booch was found at times to have over 0.5% alcohol due to improper storage. And home brewed kombucha can get up to a 3% alcohol content very easily.

I dont think its worth it for pregnant women to risk the health of their baby on the promise of one of these kombucha brands that their drink is below a certain alcohol level, especially since they’ve been wrong in the past.

If youre pregnant or nursing and still want to enjoy kombucha, there are non alcoholic kombucha options. My favorite non-alcoholic booch is made by a brand called Humm Kombucha. I reviewed Humm in my article if youd like to learn more about it. Or, you can check it out for yourself on Amazonhere

Kombucha can Cause Stomach Aches and Nausea

Kombucha can be Dangerous for People with Weak Immune Systems

What Causes Infections

When unwelcome invaders multiply, it causes an infection. If youve ever gotten sick , youve experienced this invasion. Infections, while sometimes inevitable, happen more frequently with a weaker immune system.

A huge portion of your immune system is in your gut, which means there is a lot of interaction between the bodys defense system and the bacteria in your gut.

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Happy Gut Healthy You

Kombucha benefits can level up your gut health, but kombucha is only one piece of the puzzle. A well-rounded, healthy routine will lead to a stronger and effective immune system.

Every part of your body, your immune system included, benefits from daily choices that make you feel good. Listen to your body and follow what makes you happy. What you need may vary depending on the day, so follow your gut!

When you choose kombucha to feel good, Health-Ade is here to support your happiest gut!

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How Gut Health Impacts Immunity

kombucha review: health-ade cayenne cleanse (probiotic tea)

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From taking bi-weekly yoga classes to eating a recommended portion of greens, we all do our best to feel good. One part of staying healthy depends on your immune system.

Many parts of your daily routine can positively impact your immune system. You may have your workout routine or self-care routine down, but have you ever thought about your gut health routine?

Youve got an entire world of bacteria in your gut. Around 100 trillion microorganisms call your gut home. Your gut does a lot more than just digest it can strengthen immunity, affect your energy and have a big impact on your mood.

Keep reading to learn why gut health is important for maintaining overall health. Plus, steps you can take towards a happy gut!

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Final Thoughts On The Master Cleanse Diet

A study conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health shows that there isnt any convincing evidence that detox or cleansing programs actually remove toxins from your body or improve your health. Weight loss on a detox diet may be because these diets are often very low in calories.

The Mayo Clinic adds that the kidneys and liver are generally quite effective at filtering and eliminating most ingested toxins.

Youll probably lose weight on the master cleanse/ cayenne pepper diet, just as master cleanse 40 days success stories indicate, but chances are that you will gain all the weight back and even more, once you start eating again.

If you lose weight using quick diet fixes that arent sustainable in the long run, you are likely to gain the weight back, continue on the yo-yo dieting path, or develop an eating disorder.

Weight loss shouldnt be a goal, but a fit and healthy lifestyle should be.

Weight Loss Cold Pressed Juice Pack


The Weight Loss Pack is designed to enhance your metabolism. Notable ingredients are the fat-burning Cayenne Pepper, which curbs appetite and increases core body temperature to burn more calories Grapefruit, a low-GI fruit that reduces blood pressure and Milk Thistle, an ingredient that protects your liver and enhances detoxification.

Suggested Consumption:

Replace your meals with a bottle of juice or consume it before a small meal. Drinking a bottle of juice before a meal helps you feel fuller, so you can eat a lighter meal.

Pack: 3 x 500ml

The Weight Loss Pack works best as a supplement to your existing diet. If youre looking for a full juice cleanse, check out our Cleanse Packs here!

Ingredients: Lemon, Coconut Water, Red Apple, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric, Probiotics

Ingredients: Pineapple, Orange, Spinach, Parsley, Lettuce, Lucuma, Baobab

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Coconut, Red Apple, Lemon, Milk Thistle, Ginger

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Healthy Kombucha Recipes To Heal Your Gut

Fizzle up with these gut-healing kombucha recipes filled with nourishing probiotics!

Fermented foods like yogurts, sauerkraut, and kimchi all offer your gut the mega-benefit of probiotics, but theres one fermented elixir that tops our list: kombucha.

This fizzy drink is typically made by fermenting tea with a sweetener and a SCOBY, or a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. If youve never made a batch from scratch before, weve got the best kombucha guide to help get you started.

Do you struggle with bloating, gas, constipation, or other digestive issues? Weve created a FREE guide to healing your gut naturally.

Kombucha tastes best when you make it at home with Paleo-friendly ingredients its also much more cost-effective than buying bottles of it at the store. The best part? You can flavor kombucha with a variety of fresh fruit, spices, flowers, teas, and roots.

From strawberry to hibiscus to pumpkin spice, and more, youll find plenty of sweet-drink kombucha recipes to shake up your daily water routine. You can even experiment with flavors to create your own gut-healing kombucha gummies.

To flavor your kombucha, youll need to send it through a second fermentation process. Adding too many extra ingredients during the first stage of fermentation may damage the SCOBY or have other adverse effects on your brew. So, brew up a big batch of that fermented tea and try these flavored kombucha recipes to liven up your drink.

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I Drank Kombucha Every Day For A Week And This Is What My Gut Has To Say About It

Pin on Health

âYouâve never tried kombucha?â a friend asked on a recent lunch date. She was utterly shocked. How could I be a health and fitness writer, a yoga instructor, and love the plant-based life yet not be obsessed with kombucha?

The truth is, Iâm a water girl. Plain water is always my beverage of choice. Sometimes I throw in a few slices of fruit or a splash of apple cider vinegar to mix things up, but I really just prefer natureâs beverage on its own. I also drink a little tea and black coffee, and sometimes have unsweetened soy milk with granola or in my smoothie, and rarely Iâll have a protein shake, but thatâs about it. I donât drink soda, energy drinks, alcohol , fruit or veggie juice, or apparently, kombucha.

Since I donât drink seltzer or beer, the idea of drinking a fermented beverage did not appeal to me whatsoever. But since it was made from tea, I took a swig. I was surprised that I actually liked how sweet, sharp, and fizzy it was â thatâs probably one of the reasons people guzzle down these bottles. That, and for its health claims.

The Experiment

In order to see for myself if kombucha really did deliver on its health benefits, including help with bloating, digestion, and fighting inflammation, I decided to drink it for one week. I added it to my weekly grocery list and was shocked it was so expensive! Maybe thatâs because Iâm used to paying absolutely nada for water, I wasnât expecting to throw down $21 for a weekâs worth of kombucha.

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What Is So Special About The Process

Kombucha is prepared with a process entailing double fermentation wherein bacteria and yeast dwell in a symbiotic relationship and placed in a sweetened mixture of tea, according to the Journal of Food Science. and the NY Department of Agriculture. The mixture is then fermented at room temperature for 1-3 weeks and then transferred in a bottle to absorb the released CO2 and allow carbonation, for 1-2 weeks.

After this, the bottled kombucha is put in a refrigerated environment to scale down the carbonation and fermentation processes. The process happens with the production of antimicrobial properties.

Some Of The Hype Around Kombucha Isn’t True

Avant also suggests that some of the health benefits surrounding kombucha are just exaggerated claims. For example, she said the detoxification potential of kombucha hasn’t actually been tested in humans yet.

“Much of the research supporting kombucha’s health claims has been done on rodents,” she said. “There’s not actually a lot of research regarding the health benefits of kombucha in humans.”

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