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How To Cleanse Body Of Alcohol

How To Remove Alcohol From Your System

7 Ways to Detox and Cleanse Your Kidneys Naturally

Unfortunately, theres nothing that you can do to lower your blood alcohol concentration. However, alcohol is a toxin that needs to be removed from your body. Remember, only 10% of the alcohol you consume is naturally released through sweating, breathing, and urinating. The rest is up to your liver. Here are three ways you can support your livers metabolism of alcohol:

How Can I Flush Alcohol Out Of My System

While it can be temporarily enjoyable to consume alcohol, having it in your system doesnt stay fun for long. If youve ever been hungover or intoxicated to the point of feeling sick, youve probably wondered how to make the experience end. Chances are, youve probably asked yourself, how can I flush this alcohol out of my system?

There is no cut-and-dry way to get alcohol out of your system more quickly than normal, but there are ways to ease the symptoms and help the detoxing process go more smoothly. If you take care of yourself and follow proper practices while you have alcohol in your system, the symptoms will eventually subside and you will be feeling like yourself again before you know it.

Can Excess Alcohol Intake Affect Your Health

Now, the first thing that most of you might be wondering may be: Can excess alcohol affect my health?

Well plain and simple: Yes, it can.

Research states that chronic alcohol intake is associated with about 60 different diseases.

Whoa! Thats a big number.

Alcohol can also affect your liver and pancreas badly leading to alcoholic liver disease and chronic pancreatitis.

It can also have severe implications during pregnancy where it can affect the mental health and growth of the newborn.

Intake of alcohol during pregnancy can also lead to miscarriages.

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How Does Alcohol Affect The Liver

Alcohol is known to cause long-term impairment and damage to the liver, especially in those who use alcohol over a long period of time or drink large amounts. Alcohol damages the liver initially by accumulating fat in the liver. This stage is called alcoholic fatty liver disease. This condition leads to alcoholic hepatitis or inflammation and irritation in the liver. That inflammation causes irreversible scarring of the liver or cirrhosis. While fat accumulation and inflammation are reversible, the scarring they eventually cause is not. A scarred liver has irreparable liver damage with long-term health effects that may be fatal. If you are a chronic alcohol user, you should take steps to learn how to cleanse your liver from alcohol before damage has occurred.

The First Hours Of Alcohol Detox

Alcoholic Detox: A Timeline

Cravings are some of the first symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, and a definitive sign that the body is beginning the detox process.

  • Cravings can occur within hours of taking a final drink and continue far into the detox process.

The first hours of detox may also involve symptoms such as:2

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Anxiety, restlessness, depression, or irritability.
  • Spikes in heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Nightmares and insomnia.
  • Tremors .

For patients with more extensive physical dependence on alcohol, symptoms may persist and get progressively worse throughout the withdrawal process.

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Ways To Detox Yourself Post New Year

Wondering how to detoxify yourself after over-indulging on sinful treats post your New Year celebrations? Well, worry not. Youre not the only one. Of course, your health is bound to take a detour after consuming scrumptious yet not so healthy delicacies. You might be just wishing to get your health back and get rid of the hangover symptoms. Detoxing the body is no rocket science. In this article, well present a few ways on how to easily and effectively detox your body.

  • One of the easiest & effective ways to detox yourself is by intake of water and fluids. Water keeps the body hydrated and flushes out all the toxins to start muscle recovery. Other drinks like Green tea, Aloe vera/Amla juice, Hot water with Lemon and Honey are also healthy as they present amazing detoxifying properties.
  • It is quite common to eat and overeat during a New Year party. Fried & fatty foods, sweets, and spicy dishes are some of the common food items found at any party. All these foods can meddle with your digestive system developing an upset stomach. It is very important to go on a light diet after consuming all these unhealthy foods. Adding fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, salads dressed with healthy seeds and olive oil to your diet is a great option to relieve an upset stomach. Also, drinking juices made out of fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to detox.
  • Liposomal Sulforaphane And The Three Phases Of Cellular Detoxification

    There are three phases of cellular detoxification, and liposomal sulforaphane can help with each. The phases are as follows:9

  • The generation of water-soluble intermediaries
  • The neutralization of toxic water-soluble intermediaries
  • The excretion of the neutralized intermediaries
  • In the second phase of detoxification, the liver uses major enzyme pathways to remove toxic substances from the body, such as alcohol. Sulforaphane induces the Phase II enzymes, resulting in a streamlined detoxification process.10

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    The Best Holiday Detox Tips

    1. Rehydrate

    If you had too much to drink at a holiday gathering, youre probably dehydrated. Hydration is key not only to brain function but to whole-body health. Every system in the body needs adequate hydration to function properly. Water helps to cleanse the body and remove toxins. Make sure to drink plenty of water after a party if youve had several alcoholic beverages.

    2. Energize Your Electrolytes

    To help your body retain water, its vital to boost your electrolytes. Traditionally, those suffering from the ill effects of drinking too much alcohol have sipped on Gatorade or even the childrens drink, Pedialyte, to replenish key minerals. Unfortunately, those beverages can be loaded with sugar and artificial colors and flavors. A healthier alternative is coconut water. Green coconut water has a small amount of sugar, a lot of potassium, and considerably less sodium than the average sports drink.

    3. Eat a Small Meal

    Though it isnt recommended to gorge after a night of heavy alcohol consumption, its important to get at least a little food back into your stomach. A smart choice is eggs. Eggs contain cysteine, a powerful antioxidant and amino acid that helps counteract some of alcohols toxic byproducts. If eggs are a no-go for you, you can get back to the basics with broth or brown/wild rice.

    4. Get the Blood Flowing

    5. Tea Time

    The BrainMD team wishes you and yours a safe, healthy and happy Holiday Season!

    How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last

    Alcoholism: A Doctor Discusses Alcohol Withdrawal, Detox and Treatment

    Individuals who decide to stop drinking may experience uncomfortable, painful, or even dangerous symptoms, and those symptoms may be experienced from hours to days. Although there is not a precise timeline for alcohol withdrawal, as symptoms and length will vary based on various factors , a typical timeline for alcohol withdrawal symptoms may look something like this:4,9

    • 6-12 hours: Following the last drink, the first withdrawal symptoms, which may be relatively mild, start. These may include some headache, mild anxiety, insomnia, small tremors, and stomach upset.
    • 12-24 hours: Some people may experience auditory, visual, or tactile hallucinations.
    • 24-72 hours: Various symptoms may have peaked and begun to level off or resolve .
    • 24-28 hours: Seizure risks may be highest from 24-48 hours after the last drink, requiring close monitoring and seizure prophylaxis.
    • 48-72 hours: Withdrawal delirium may appear from 48-72 hours after drinking has stopped.

    Occasionally, some people may experience persistent withdrawal related symptoms that last for months.2 Symptoms may include fatigue, sleep disturbances, and changes in mood.4 However, most people who experience these extended symptoms fully recover with medical detox and withdrawal management.4

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    You Get Your Life Back

    Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to breathe fresh air and spend time with your family without the crutch of alcoholism? Youll live safer and healthier and can start accomplishing the goals youve always wanted. People that recover from alcoholism are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel that they havent seen for years.

    Detox From Severe Alcohol Addiction

    For those with severe alcoholism, detox takes longer. Severe alcoholics may experience delirium tremens when they stop drinking. Delirium tremens is a set of severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms that often affects people with late-stage alcoholism. These symptoms may include confusion, hallucinations and tremors.

    Delirium tremens is a rare and serious condition. In fact, research has indicated that about 3 to 5 percent of people hospitalized for alcohol withdrawal experience delirium tremens, according to The New England Journal of Medicines report.

    Delirium tremens symptoms typically begin about three days after the start of detox. They generally last two to three days, but they can extend past eight days depending on the severity of withdrawal effects. Delirium tremens can lead to death.

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    Foods Todetox Your Body From Alcohol

    Eatingis one of the most crucial ways of how to detox your body from alcohol? Alcoholbecomes direct contact with your body and feeds your body with nutrients forproper heal.

    During the start of detox, it is impossible toeat something good, but after starting recovery, you must improve your diet.The diet will help your body back to functioning.

    Herewe cover the balance and proper food, minerals, and vitamins during and afteralcohol detox.

    Find Out What Bodily Symptoms Youll Go Through And The Next Steps

    Effects of Alcohol Abuse

    Within a half-dozen hours, you will begin getting headaches, chills, and nausea. You will begin hallucinating after about 24 hours of detox. Throughout the course of the next day, you might begin experiencing seizures and heavy tremors. After the first couple of days, your body will go through intense pain, fevers and panic attacks. Over the course of the next week, you will balance between relief and heavy withdrawal symptoms as the alcohol continues to work its way out of your bloodstream. Going through detox is a painful ordeal but is absolutely necessary. Having the help of professionals gives you the support and guidance that you need to get through it.

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    What Make Alcohol Withdrawal So Painful

    Alcohol withdrawal is famous for being one of the worst withdrawal processes to go through. This is because of what alcohol does to the brain. The alcoholic brain has become accustomed to the steady influx of ethanol and its sedative effects. In response, it has answered with a response of excitatory neurotransmitters in an attempt to keep some balance.

    Take away the ethanol, and the brain is suddenly flooded with excitatory neurotransmitters – the very chemicals responsible for anxiety, excitement, and pain – but without any sedative neurotransmitters to counteract them. All of the brain’s soothing, calming chemicals have been depleted by the constant stream of alcohol and what’s left is a chaotic overabundance of stimulating chemicals. The result is a wide range of uncontrollable and agonizing withdrawal symptoms that rack the body until the brain can achieve some semblance of balance and normalcy once again.

    Keep A Drinking Diary

    Before you cut down your drinking, its important to find out exactly how much you drink each day.

    Without changing your drinking habits, try keeping a drinking diary for one week.

    Start by writing down:

    • how many units of alcohol it contained

    If youre not sure how many units are in your drinks:

    • the number of units in a bottle or can should be printed on the side
    • if you drink from a bottle of spirits or wine, measure each drink so you know how much youre having

    This diagram shows what one unit looks like for some common drinks:

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    Achieving Sobriety After Addiction

    Anthony Hopkins described his addiction to alcohol as, “like being possessed by a demon⦠I couldn’t stop.”

    Claudia Christian called it a monster, and Anthony Hopkins called it a demon. People talk about addiction in this way because, for an alcoholic, the disease is something dark, dangerous, and uncontrollable. In most cases, it is virtually impossible to outrun it or overpower it, to simply “stop drinking” without a great deal of support, help, and hard work.

    The first barrier is the pain and misery involved in the alcohol detox process itself. Alcohol withdrawal is so incredibly unpleasant that few people ever get through it without help. Some have compared the experience to dying. If you feel like you’re dying and relief is only one sip away, it is easy to see why relapse is so common within the first days of alcohol detox. This is why it is recommended to have a strong support system and, ideally, medical personnel on hand before you begin.

    Check Yourself Into A Professional Facility

    7 Ways to Detox and Cleanse Your Liver Naturally

    First and foremost, youll need to find professionals that can help you through it. Professionals will monitor your vitals, run tests, and help you as you rid your blood of alcohol. Youll get help from physicians and nurses who will make you as comfortable as possible as you go through the symptoms. Since theyre medically trained youll have the benefit of knowing that youre under the care of professionals who wont let anything bad happen to you during this scary time.

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    How Much Water Should I Drink To Get Rid Of Alcohol

    There is no exact science regarding how much water a person should drink to flush alcohol from the body.

    Alcohol has a diuretic effect, especially at higher strengths. Drinking water can help to reduce the dehydration effects of alcohol.Urine carries toxins out of the body, including metabolites of alcohol. A good way to recognise dehydration is the colour of the urine.If urine is dark, then there is a strong chance the body is dehydrated. The aim is to reduce the intensity of the color as the lighter the urine the more hydrated the body is.After drinking alcohol, if urine appears dark, start drinking water or other non-alcoholic drinks as soon as possible.

    Drink water slowly but consistently over a 12 hour period, say at least one glass per hour.Drinking too much water can have an adverse effect known as water poisoning so care should be taken not to drink too much, too soon, regardless of your blood alcohol concentration.

    What Is Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    Alcoholic fatty liver disease is the first stage of liver disease. In AFLD, fat gets deposited in the liver cells, harming them. About 20% of people who drink heavily over a long time will develop AFLD. There are two types of fatty liver disease:

    • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD: Of the two conditions, NAFLD is not thought to be linked to alcohol use. However, doctors are currently unsure of what causes the condition. Although sometimes NAFLD is mild, it can progress in some patients. Studies have not clearly shown whether small amounts of alcohol are safe to consume if you have NAFLD. Therefore, it is crucial to talk to your doctor about your particular circumstances to see if moderate drinking is safe for you or not. Heavy drinking should be avoided with NAFLD.
    • Alcoholic fatty liver disease, or alcoholic steatosis: When you have alcoholic fatty liver disease, the cells in your liver start to build up with too much fat. Drinking alcohol causes your body to make fat, and also prevents your body from getting rid of some of the fat you have. All of this extra fat is then deposited inside your liver cells, where it can do damage. Some fat can even move from other areas of your body to your liver after you drink.

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    If You Ate Too Much Salty Food

    When we’re at a party that’s filled with cheese platters, pizza, and chips, it’s actually comical to think that we have any chance of refraining ourselves. And while it’s fine to eat these foods every once in a while, binge-eating them is unfortunately not the move. Not only are these items filled with sodium and unhealthy fats, but overeating these foods will most likely lead to indigestion and bloating.

    Detox Strategy:

    1. Avoid processed and packaged foods

    I know we’re broke, lazy, and hangry but fight the urge. Processed and packaged foods may be super convenient but they’re loaded with sodium and are only going to make the bloating worse. Just trust.

    2. Eat cantaloupe

    Fruits like cantaloupe or veggies like Brussels sprouts will help to reduce any water retention but if you’re not into either option, here are some other ways you can beat the bloat.

    3. Out of sight, out of mind

    Take your salt shaker off the kitchen table for a week and try eating your meals without any added seasoning. It may be a struggle but you will feel a difference.

    Obviously you’re not going to not indulge in some of your guilty pleasures over the course of the weekend, but at least now you know how to detox and properly recover.

    What Will Medical And Therapeutic Care Staff Do To Help

    How to Detox from Alcohol at Home

    No matter how you approach it, going through withdrawal is not easy. However, with the right care and treatment, it can be made more comfortable. Clients in a detox program will be monitored by care staff around the clock to make sure they are tolerating the withdrawal process as well as can be expected. If a client is having trouble or experiencing particularly severe symptoms, appropriate medications can help to relieve the clients discomfort. Therapeutic staff will care for clients in order to maintain a stable and healthy state of mental health.

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