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Juice Cleanse Delivery Los Angeles

Places In La To Get Your New Year’s Resolution Juice Cleanse

BluePrint Cleanse Detox – Best Juice Cleanse Program!

Its time to face the facts. Or in this case, your bathroom scale. The past month and half has been an ongoing party for your tastebuds. Champagne flowed, turkey roasted, gold boxes of chocolate truffles were devoured and giant platters of cheese and bread went from pretty wooden boards straight to your thighs.

But there is no need to regret it. It was delicious. We’re proud of you, actually. And thankfully, there are over a dozen juice shops in L.A. that are prepared to help you follow through on that New Year’s resolution to reset the dial and get back into shape with pre-made juice-cleanse packs.

Many of these cleanse providers promise to make you feel lighter, thinner, more energetic and all around healthier. And more importantly, they give you no excuse to avoid this juice route because most of them will deliver right to your door.

Pressed Juicery Pressed Juicery offers everything from almond milk for beginners to super low-calorie detoxes for the most experienced. All three types are made of raw, cold-pressed, farm-fresh, unpasteurized produce and are available as one, three or five-day cleanses. Pressed has locations all over the city, but theres no need to drive anywhere because their cleanses are available for delivery via their website. Multiple locations

Moon Juice, Silverlake. Credit: Heather Platt

Juice Served Here’s monthly cleanse packs Credit: Juice Served Here

Level 1 2 Juices 2 Smoothies 1 Energizing Cleansing Raw Meal

Level 1 cleanse helps jump start the cleansing and healing process, allowing you a sensible meal at the end of the day. Drink plenty of water and non-caffeinated herbal tea throughout the day. This level is great for beginners and for those looking to cleanse while maintaining a regular routine and busy lifestyle.

How Does It Work

Once you complete your sign-up form below and choose your start date, you will receive a confirmation email. Additional correspondence will be emailed prior to your Monday start date which outlines the program, what to expect, and how to prepare. Deliveries take place on Sunday between 3:30-6:30 pm and Wednesday between 4:30 pm-7:30 pm. If you have questions, ask!

Email any time leading up to your cleanse week. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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The Butterfly Cleanse Program

Review Highlights

It is evident to me that Katie is very talented and capable of accomplishing anything that she puts her mind 37 reviews

This program is worth it and I don’t know any other juice/cleanse/weight loss management program as effective in 16 reviews

I did my cleanse to kick off some weight loss and boost my energy and I was down 5 pounds after my 5 day 4 reviews

About the Business

Katie M.

Business Owner

The Butterfly Cleanse Program is a nutrition consulting & meal planning company that specializes in designing a daily diet for the health conscious individual. We personally inquire to your needs & build a plan that’s right for YOU.

COVID-19 updates

“As a community, we continue to make our way through the challenges of COVID 19 together, apart. The Butterfly Cleanse Program continues to offer online & phone meetings & contact free delivery. Stay safe. Stay strong. Be well.”

Location & Hours

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What Are The Benefits Of Juice Cleanses

Our Cold

Depending on who you ask, juice cleanses are either super beneficial or have zero positive effects.

According to holistic nutritionist Alle Weil, Juice cleanses allow the body a break from overburdening it with potentially allergenic and heavy foods and emphasizes easy-to-digest-and-assimilate nutrients from pure and potent fruit and vegetables.

There are so many benefits but I believe the biggest benefits are that we are allowing the body to rest and refuel with an amount of alkalizing produce that we otherwise would not be able to consume on a regular basis, she explains. I find the body reveals a lot during and after a cleanse as far as what is at the root of a persons symptoms.

On the other end of the spectrum, body-positive nutritionists like Daisy Miller, a non-diet dietitian based in Rockville, Maryland, believe that there is no benefit to going on a juice cleanse. After all, highly-regimented eating are a major factor in developing eating disorders. If we’re talking about our intestines, they don’t need to be ‘cleansed, she says, noting that our intestines are not PVC pipes.

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Get A Fresh Clean Start And Energize Your Body

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

If you’re aiming to break a few bad eating habits and replace them with good ones, a juice cleanse can be just the kick-start you need. A juice cleanse’s goal is to substitute all of your meals for several days with fresh-pressed juices made with fruits and vegetables packed with nutrients. Companies that ship nationwide make it incredibly easy to follow the regimenno special juicer or fridge full of produce required.

Since the juices are meant to replace meals and boost health, the best juice cleanses prioritize nutrition, using several pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits per bottle. Leafy greens are usually the cornerstones of most blends, with any sweetening coming from fruit or minimally processed sugar alternatives like monk fruit and coconut nectar. The produce is pureed, and the juice is extracted through a hydraulic press, which keeps it cold to retain as many nutrients as possible. To stop bacteria’s growth without applying heat, flash-freezing or high-pressure processing methods are used. These types of juices are unpasteurized and must be kept refrigerated.

Whether it’s your first time embarking on a juice cleanse or it’s just part of your monthly routine, read on to find the best juice cleanse that’s right for you.

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If you’re looking for the juice detox Los Angeles juice lovers can’t get enough of, you’ve come to the right place. At Juice Crafters, we have a simple philosophy that we want all of our customers to live by: live well and be well. It’s something we feel anyone can doand with our help, you can even start doing it today!

Whenever they’re looking for a juice diet Los Angeles residents always ask us the same question: what exactly does a juice cleanse even do? A lot of companies out there will try to sell you a juice cleanse made of empty, sugary juices that destroy your appetite, and leave you with less energy, and worse problems than when you started. That’s not what we do: we give you a system to cleanse your body of harmful toxins that hold you back. It’s like a delicious reset button for your body and mind.

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How Do Juice Cleanses Work

Day in and day out we consume impurities from food, water, and simply being exposed to the air. These toxins build up over time and lead to weight gain and chronic preventable diseases, Weil says, noting that the simple solution is to cleanse your body regularlywhich reduces the intake of toxins and promotes the consumption of detoxifying ingredientsto help flush these impurities from your cells and revitalize them with a nutrient-dense cleansing diet. This not only helps in the here and now to press reset, but to set down healthy habits that you can maintain and practice in your day-to-day, she explains.

According to Weil, people may oftentimes feel worse before they get better while committing to a juice cleanse. This means there are toxins being pulled out of the stores in the body such as fats. Depending on how efficiently your detoxification pathways perform, someone many need additional support in addition to juices such as infrared sauna and additional supplementation or detoxification protocols.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Juicing

The Drs. Investigate Juice Cleanses

The best way to reap the benefits of your produce? Eat them whole. But if youre pressed on time or are particular about textures, the next best thing is downing them as a juice. Its worth noting that you might miss out on getting the fiber and phytonutrients that come the skins and stems, which is why blending them into a smoothie is also ideal.

Some swear by juice cleanses as a way to detox and shed extra pounds. Harvard Health notes that while its true that environmental toxins can build up in the intestines, no published research currently supports the safety or efficacy of juice fasting. Juices tend to be lower in calories than your average solid meal, which is why some people see initial weight loss, says Harvard.

Whatever your health goals are be it losing your pandemic pounds or squeezing in more vegetables and fruits weve rounded up some of the best juice delivery services that you can order online. Many of these companies offer convenient subscriptions as well as rewards programs, and a few even offer full meals.

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Grocery / Grocery Snacks

  • Organic Oatmeal Raisin Cookie GF/V

    Organic Gluten Free Oats, Organic Raisin, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar, Organic Oat Flour, Non Gmo Earth Balance Butter , Water, Salt,Contains Less Than 2% Of Natural Flavor: Sunflower Lecithin, Lactic Acid, Annatto Extract, Baking Soda, Sea Salt.$4.50

  • Keto Almond Caramel Chocolate Bite

    Allulose, Organic Almond Butter, Organic Cacao Paste, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Almonds, Mct Oil Powder, Heavy Cream Powder, Heavy Cream, Bone Broth Collagen, Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides, Organic Inulin Powder, Butter, Sea Salt.$5.50

  • Erewhon Chocolate Macaroons 8 oz

    *Price includes a bottle deposit, which when cleaned, can be redeemed at any Erewhon location*$15.25

  • French Squirrel Berets Sunflower Butter Choco 2.5z

    * 100% Pure Unsweetened Cacao, * Sunflower Seed Butter, * Oat Flour, * Maple Syrup, Filtered Water, Pea Protein, * Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, * Pure Vanilla Extract, * Ashwagandha Powder, Black Sea Salt Flakes, * Cinnamon, Sea Salt.* Indicates Organic$8.00

  • French Squirrel Berets Tahini Cashew Butter 2.5oz

    *100% Pure Unsweetened Cacao, *Tahini, *Cashew Butter, *Oat Flour, *Pure Maple Syrup, Filtered Water, Pea Protein, *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Vanilla Extract, *Rhodiola Rosea Powder, Sea Salt Flakes, *Cinnamon, Salt.*OrganicContains: Cashew, Sesame Seeds, Coconut$8.00

  • Karma Bakery Cupcake Chocolate Karma 2pk V GF

    Madagascar Vanilla Bean Frosting, Ganache Glazing$10.75

  • Karma Bakery Sandwich Cookie Oatmeal 2pk V GF

    Chai spice masala crème

  • Who Are Juice Cleanses Safe For

    To determine who cleanses are safe for, we must weed out those that theyre not. Eating disorders, while not the only concern to mull over when considering going on a juice cleanse, are certainly a determining factor. I would highly discourage the use of juice cleanses for anyone who struggles with disordered eating or an eating disorder since it can just be an extension of the disorder, says holistic nutritionist Amanda Carneiro of Raw Fitness and Nutrition. Also, juice cleanses can create a calorie deficit and force the body to run on cortisol, which can be detrimental for anyone struggling with adrenal issues.

    As a general rule of thumb, Carneiro says that cleanses are safe for those looking for a way to detox from unhealthy foods, alcohol, or an overall unhealthy lifestyle. They can also be beneficial for giving your digestive system a break, she adds. Many people who struggle with digestive issues can have trouble digesting the fibers in fruits and vegetables. Since juicing removes the fibers, she says a cleanse can be really easy on the digestive system.

    At the end of the day, the best way to determine whether a juice cleanse is right for you is to chat with your doctor about any pre-existing conditions that could adversely interact with ingredients or methods of the cleanse.

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    Organic Cold Pressed Juices

    Farmers Market Spicy Veggie: Celery, Carrot, Beet, Lemon, Cayenne

    The Audition Sweet Roots: Pineapple, Celery, Orange, Apple, Beet, Turmeric

    Sunset Strip – Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple

    City of AngelsSweet and Tangy: Pineapple, Orange, Grapefruit, Fennel, Turmeric

    Editor’s ChoiceApple Fennel Twist: Apple, Celery, Fennel, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger

    LAX: Electric Lemonade: Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal

    The ProducerSuper All Greens: Cucumber, Celery, Spinach, Kale

    The PremiereSweet Greens: Pineapple, Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Romaine

    Lyft Me UpCarrot Apple Spice: Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

    72° and Sunny Sweet and Spicy Cider: Apple, Carrot, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne

    How We Chose The Best Juice Cleanses

    âZ.E.N. Juice Cleanse Optionsâ ð ðð?½ âBlushâ? as part of our ...

    To find the best juice cleanses, we researched more than 10 different companies and looked for those that offer the best value as well as the most healthful approach. We singled out those that prioritize organic or at least pesticide-free ingredients and only chose those that offer raw juice, never heated, to preserve nutrients. That means the produce must be cold-pressed using hydraulic methods, and the juice is either flash-frozen or treated via HPP to mitigate bacterial growth. Bottles must be BPA-free, and juices must not contain refined sugars, preservatives, or additives. To ensure the best value, we gave bonus points to those that offered free shipping and those that didnt cut the juices with a lot of water.

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    Beverly Grove Santa Monica Venice Pacific Palisades And Calabasas

    Enzyme up at Erewhon! This LA health hub is the best place to go for celebrity spotting and fresh juices! Whether you still need a sweet kick of apple or pineapple or youre seeking hardcore greens, mix-n-match Erewhons fresh pressed juices to devise the best cleansing formula for your body. What makes Erewhon special? Their raw juices are freshly pressed in-house, with a selection of over 70 colorful juice varieties per daywow! Order your cleanse online for in-store pickup or doorstep delivery.

    Best Budget: Suja Organic

    Why We Chose It: You get eightjuices a day made with all organic ingredients and in partnership with a naturopathic doctor. Most are full-strength, not cut with water, and the cost averages $3.54 a bottle if you subscribe. Shipping is free.

    • Three-day cleanse is organic and under $100 with free shipping

    • Only one cleanse regime

    • Large lineup of other juices only available in stores

    Youve probably seen Suja juices and wellness shots at your local grocery store, but the companys three-day juice cleanse lineup is new and available for home delivery. You get seven juices, and one digestion shot each day, as well as a recipe for a healthy breakfast, making this a great cleanse for those with big appetites or cant handle a day without chewing.

    The ingredients are all organic, and almost all of the juices are nearly 100 percent juice, not cut with water or coconut water, which means you get a ton of nutritious produce in each bottle. They were created with a naturopathic doctor, and some include adaptogens like spirulina and turmeric. Considering the three-day cleanse is $99 with free one- or two-day shipping, Suja offers a lot of bang for your buck.

    Although theres only one cleanse regime, there are six different wellness shots available for home delivery and subscription. Theyre bursting with probiotics, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and immunity boosters.

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    What Is A Juice Cleanse

    A juice cleanse is a diet regimen in which you replace all or most meals with a lineup of fruit and vegetable juice blends. The idea is to flush the body with nutrient-dense liquids while giving the digestive system a break. Some juices also incorporate plant-based milks and other wellness-promoting ingredients like powdered roots and herbs. Cleanses can last for just a single day or even 14 days.

    How Should I Prepare For A Juice Cleanse

    Juice Cleanse: fab or a fad?

    To make the transition to a purely juiced diet easier to handle, experts often recommend eliminating things such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, and meat three to five days before starting a cleanse. Ideally, switch to a plant-based diet for those few days before and after. Its natural to feel low in energy during the process, so time the cleanse for days when you can take it easy and go to bed early. Working out is fine, but it shouldnt be too strenuous. Juice cleanses can also cause nutrient deficiencies, muscle loss, and more, according to healthcare professionals.

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    How We Get Through It:

    We always start each cleanse morning with a glass of warm lemon water. Throughout the day , we supplement with herbal teas, hot water with lemon or ginger, and room temperature water. We find light exercise and colonics help things along as youre shedding toxins from your system. Its also very useful to have a cleanse buddy and to stay scheduled and busy, particularly around meal-times.

    Juice Cleanse Cheat Sheet: While youre really not supposed to eat while juicing, if youre in a bind, try some cucumber or celery slices with lemon and a touch of Maldon sea salt, or a bowl of warm vegetable broth .

    LA: Local + International Delivery

    This is one of GPs main go-tos for her twice-yearly cleanseit makes her feel high and amazing. That said, it had the opposite effect on a novice goop cleanser, and probably shouldnt be attempted unless you do a pre-cleanse the week before, or are proficient in the art of detoxification. Its unlike other options in that their Signature calls for about double the amount of drinks per day: 13 in total many of which are brewed from esoteric ingredients like reishi mushroom and fermented chlorella. The package also includes laxatives and liver cleansing antioxidants, making it all a bit more intense. Theyve recently launched a nicely-priced supplement set which they can ship overseasit just involves mixing or buying your own juices. Meanwhile, the price of the juice cleanses just went down by about 30%.

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