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Jus By Julie 1 Day Cleanse

Js By Julie: 1 Day Juice Cleanse Fail

Juice Cleanse With Me! (1-Day JUS by Julie Cleanse) | Kendra Atkins

This review was written while attempting the juice cleanse. While this was a failed attempt, I believe that reading about every experience with juice cleanses is important.

Ive attempted a juice cleanse before. It didnt go well. In fact, the day ended with a cheese steak. That time I was making my own juices and just never felt full. I also had intentions of doing it for more than a day which was just too much. A co worker of mine was doing a 3 day cleanse from a company online. But her juices were not just juices. They were more of a smoothie, filled with fiber. She had a good experience so I figured- why not! Lets try it out.

She had mentioned that she got a deal on Groupon so off I went. Jùs by Julie, a company out of New York, offers a bunch of juice cleanse options. Im a little poor so I went with a 1 day to just try the juices and possibly, if a positive experience occurred, try a longer cleanse in the future.

So a great feature is that when you order you pick the day you want the juices to arrive. So I chose for them to arrive on a Friday so I could cleanse on a Saturday where I could isolate myself and keep busy. The packaging was great.

I can see myself reusing that little cooler bag in my future.

So when the juice comes it is flash frozen so they have to thaw out in some way. I put them in my fridge since I wasnt starting until the next day.

My 1 Day Cleanse


My Day 1 Cleanse

10:30 Time for Juice #1 Morning Glory

1:30 Juice #2- Spicy Lemonade

How To Pick A Juice Cleanse

There are now dozens of juice cleanse programs to choose from, so youll need to research a few before deciding. Weve combed the web for some of the best juice cleanses, but there are still some decisions youll need to make before choosing.

The first choice is easy: how long do you want your juice to cleanse to be? The typical length is three days because its effective but not too challenging. One-day cleanses are great for beginners or anyone that just wants a quick detox, say, on a Saturday after a stressful week. Seven- and ten-day cleanses should only be used by people whove done a cleanse before.

Youll also need to decide if you want ready-to-drink juices sent to your door or powder packets that you mix with water, orange juice or nut milk. There is also the option of a completely DIY juice recipe book. Powder packets and DIY options are usually cheaper and more convenient if youre having juices while at work or on the road, but ready-to-drink juices make the whole process easier.

Jus By Julie Cleanse Review

As yall know, I love to do product reviews. Im basically a human Guinea Pig at this point. I love testing and trying out various products and services and sharing my thoughts. When I was offered the opportunity to review a 3-day juice cleanse from JUS by Julie I jumped at the chance!

For the last few years, Ive definitely been focused on living a healthier lifestyle. Everyone can use a good refresher now and then, right? Thats what I looked at this cleanse as being for me.

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How Juice Cleanses Work

Juice cleanses typically come in one, three, or seven-day packages, but go as high as 10-day package for real pros. Each day consists of several juices that are often tailored to different times of day . Some juice cleanse programs also suggest incorporating light vegetarian or vegan meals as well.

During a juice cleanse you should be limiting strenuous exercise and enjoying stress-free activities like nature walks, yoga, or writing. But before you jump headfirst into a juice cleanse, health experts suggest a period of preparation. After eating poorly, drinking alcohol, getting poor sleep, and being stressed, a sudden juice cleanse can be an uncomfortable shock to the body. An effective two-day preparation period and a gradual two-day finish not only makes the actual cleanse easier to handle but also much more effective.

For these two days on both ends of the juice cleanse, replace unhealthy foods, drinks and activities with healthy nutrition and light exercise. This means replacing animal products, alcohol, sugar and coffee with green tea, fruit, lentils and rice . During these two days, you should also try to avoid stress as much as possible and get a good nights sleep.

Jus By Julie 1 Day Juice Cleanse Review

Refresh for Spring With Jus by Julie 3
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I decided to take my first dive into juice cleansing by attempting a 1 day juice cleanse by Jus by Julie. After a long week of poor eating, it was just what my body needed to get back on track. There were some ups and downs along the way since this was my very first juice cleanse. I documented the entire cleansing process so I can share my Jus by Julie 1 day cleanse review with all of my HBH readers.

If you find this review helpful, consider signing up to Jus by Julie here!

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Pressed Juicery Cleanse 2


Pressed Juicery has become one of the biggest fresh juice brands in the country. Theyve been so successful because they make simple, healthy, and most importantly, tasty juices. This cleanse is their most popular because its effective for pros yet approachable enough for beginners. Its by far the favorite amongst Spy readers on this list for its quality, taste and effectiveness. The cleanse consists of six juices per day that you drink every two hours. Each juice is made for a different time of day. This keeps your energy and mood as high as possible throughout the cleanse. And unlike most other cleanses, you can select how many days you want this one to last. Three days is an average cleanse, but definitely try five or even seven days if youre up to it.

Jus By Julie 1 Day Cleanse Review: Post Cleanse

At this point, I feel amazing and surprisingly, I can go another few days. I needed a reset and thats exactly what I got and I feel so much cleaner. I went back to my regular, healthy diet and started exercising again . Jus by Julie has 20 different juice flavors to choose from as well as booster shots, and probiotic coffee. After the cleanse, I tried their Probiotic Cold Brew Coffee in vanilla and it was really tasty. The probiotics are vegan too! You can learn more about their probiotics cold brew coffee line here.

I plan to do another cleanse before in the next few weeks and this time Im going to try Jus by Julie 3 Day Cleanse.

If you suffer from allergies, bloating, weight gain, fatigue, or just low energy, your body is pretty much begging you to hit the reset button. I would start off with a 1 day cleanse if youre new to it and if youve tried a cleanse before, do a Jus by Julie 3 day or 5 day cleanse.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Jus by Julie 1 day cleanse review. Have you tried a juice cleanse before? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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How To Prepare For A Juice Cleanse

The last piece of the puzzle is preparing for a juice cleanse. I would not recommend diving headfirst into three days of no eating with no prep whatsoever. None of the Spy editors are doctors or medical professionals, but we do recommend talking to one before embarking on a cleanse to make sure its a healthy choice for you and your body.

In order to prepare for a cleanse youre going to want to embark on a pre-cleanse to prep your body so you dont end up with uncontrollable cravings, sickness or lethargy. Youll probably experience some of these regardless, but to give yourself the best shot at success, especially if youre a newbie, its best to cut back on certain things 2-5 days before your cleanse starts.

This list of things includes caffeine, processed foods, animal products in general and refined sugar. You should also start eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water. Sound straightforward? Dont worry, it is.

Ready to take the plunge? Here are the best juice cleanses to try right now.

Whats The Best Option For Athletes

Jus by Julie review | 2019 Juice Cleanse

For guys on a fitness regimen, we recommend the 5-Day JÙS Til Dinner Cleanse . It has four juices for daytime, then youre on your own for a healthy dinner at night. This is a perfect options for athletes and those who perform high-intensity workouts most every day.

No matter which JUS By Julie cleanse you choose, youll find yourself feeling better and seeing results in no time. And all the cleanses are more than $50, so no matter which on you buy, youll get the second one for half-price.

If youve been pushing the fun a little too hard this summer, you cant go wrong with a JUS By Julie juice cleanse. Its a delicious way to detox, slim down, and get your body back in shape for the rest of the summer.

Get It: Try a JUS By Julie cleanse today and get the second one for half price, this week only.

Check out all the products and gear weve selected for Mens Journal readers.


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Jus By Julie Juice Cleanse Review

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn commission or rewards. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.*

Last week, my coworkers and I decided to do a juice cleanse. About 6 of us, all women, got together and said we would all participate starting the week after Fathers Day. One of the ladies who participated had previously completed the cleanse and told the rest of us about it. We all had different goals but the overall theme was to be healthier. We figured it would be easier to get through if a bunch of us did it together.

The Basics

Jus By Julie is a health and wellness company that makes cleanses, smoothies, snacks and meals to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle. So heres how it works:

  • Pick the type of cleanse you want. Choose from 1-, 2-, 3-, or 5-Day or 5 Day Til Dinner.
  • Choose your delivery date. The company is based out of New York but delivers in the United States and Canada.
  • Place your order & wait at your door patiently.
  • Put your JUSes in the fridge or freezer until youre ready to start
  • Of the 6 of us, 4 of us did the 5 day cleanse, 1 person did a 3 day cleanse, and the last person did the 5 day til dinner. The 5, 3, 2, and 1 day include 6 juices a day that you drink instead of meals. The 5 day til dinner includes 4 juices per day and you are allowed to eat 1 healthy meal.

    The Price
    The Benefits
    Overall Thoughts

    Would I do it again? Yes, but Im more inclined to pick the 3 day or 5 day til dinner.

    Benefits Of Juice Cleanses

    Most people who have embarked on a juice cleanse can attest to the benefits, but researchers seem to be finding more and more science behind these benefits. Here is the shortlist of juice cleanse benefits:

    • More energy
    • Better skin

    These benefits are fairly wide-ranging, so lets break them down a little bit.

    The weight loss associated with juice cleanses is both straightforward and confusing. Obviously, youll probably be in a calorie deficit when youre only consuming juices. However, juice cleanses can also be helpful with the mental side of weight loss, which is the real battle for many people looking to slim down. Youll need to be tough with yourself, and youll need to cut out unhealthy junk food and sugar while doing the juice cleanse. After changing your habits with the cleanse, it might be easier to stay off the junk once youre done.

    The other primary benefit is improved digestive health, which might be the root of many other benefits. Juice cleanses give your gut and digestive tract a rest, which may heal and recharge the organs. This results in better vitamin and nutrient retention once the cleanse is over, providing energy, reducing acne and improving sleep.

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    Day Soup + Juice Jus By Julie Cleanse: Day 1 Diary

    Today I started my second cleanse. Why do you ask? Wasnt the first time enough? Well, let me tell you, this time its different. This time I am on a soup and juice cleanse. I am a huge soup fan, I grew up in Russia eating soup for lunch almost every day. I remember my grandma making a big pot of soup over the weekend and it would last us all week. Thats why when I got an opportunity to try this soup and juice cleanse I couldnt say no.

    Before I go into the details of my 1st day of cleansing I want to let you know that there is a cool and healthy 2017 Plan For a Happy & Healthy Body on You can sign up for email updates, browse other peoples resolutions, and even get a checklist to help you stay on the healthy track! I got mine already

    This day started early, my husband works out of Chicago one day a week, and today was the day. He takes an early morning train out of Milwaukee, which means our alarm clock starts going off around 4.30 am. I drive Sam to the train around 5.30, and stop at my neighborhood Starbucks on the way home to get a venti coffee. Coffee is normally allowed on the cleanse, just black, no cream or sugar. I dont have a problem with that, I just need to stay awake.

    I finally have my Split Pea Soup, and it turns out to be way more filling than expected, while containing only 140 calories.

    After that the rest of my day is full of more meetings and emails. I dont leave the office till 6.30 pm, heading to the train station to pick up Sam.

    Jus By Julie Cleanse: Day 1

    Jus by Julie: 1 Day Juice Cleanse Overview

    It was time- Im doing a juice cleanse. To be honest, I didnt do too much research about them and I bought this one on kind of a whim when I saw the deal on Living Social, but knowing that it wouldnt kill me, I decided to try it.

    To begin, I want to say that my juices came in a great, reusable insulated bag full of three gel ice packs that Ive also decided to recycle. There were complaints from other customers about this particular brand and their delivery methodswell, mine came on time and packaged in a way that made it clear to me which juices went together. No complaints here!

    Im going to document this 3-day journey because a handful of people have asked me to let them know how it goes. Ill include my post-cleanse menu beginning this weekend. I havent had any alcohol and kept my fats and processed foods to a minimum since last weekend.

    Spicy Pome-Nade: I dont pretend to know what the cayenne pepper and maple syrup does for my body, but this tasted wonderful so I dont really care. There was just a hint of spice in the after taste, but other than that it tasted like a flavored lemonade youd get at a rickety wooden stand at a summer carnival. They swap this out for a regular spicy lemonade for days 2 and 3, but I have high hopes for them, as well.

    Its noon and Im getting hungry. There are snacks in my office. I start having inklings for real food. But I refrain.

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    Jus By Julie 1 Day Juice Cleanse Review: The Process

    9:00 A.M. Sweet Spin

    My first juice of the day is made from spinach, kale, pineapple, banana, and mango. I knew I was going to like it from the description alone and I wasnt wrong. Its really good. It has a mango after taste and its sweet so it gave me a nice energy boost.

    How I feel: My body feels fine and I dont feel hungry.

    11:00 A.M. Spicy Pomegranate

    The second juice of the day is made of pomegranate, lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. I wasnt too sure about this one at first but after one sip and I was in heaven. This one is my favorite! It taste like lemonade but with a hint of pepper. I can taste the pepper once I start to swallow. The spice really gives it a kick. Really, really good!

    How I feel: My body still feels fine and I dont feel hungry.

    1:00 P.M. Dr. Green

    The third juice of the day is made of kale, spinach, celery, apple, ginger, lemon, H20 and rice milk. The first two juices was going really well so I thought this would also taste good. Boy was I wrong. I couldnt stand the taste and I struggled with this one. It took longer but I managed to finish it.

    How I feel: My head is starting to hurt a bit from the lack of sugar and Im starting to crave solid foods. I just keep telling myself, Hang in there girl. Just three more to go!

    3:00 P.M. Chia Berry

    How I feel: Getting less headaches and Im not craving solid foods as much as before. The sweetness from the Chia Berry gave me a little boost.

    5:30 P.M. Island Coconut

    8:00 P.M. Xtreme Greens

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