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Marie Veronique Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

Rethinking Exfoliation: The Most Misunderstood Practice In Skincare

Marie Veronique Interview | On The Glow Series

In our recent post about supporting your skins barrier function, Marie and I expressed some highly opinionated thoughts on exfoliation. We stand by those words! But its complicated, so we wanted to give a bit more context.

In general, we do not promote heavy exfoliation or peeling of the skin instead of looking at the short term results of exfoliation, which can have a brightening effect, we focus on nourishing and promoting a strong barrier layer. As weve written about many times before, your barrier layer works hard to keep you healthy, so it is important not to compromise it.

However, we do not operate in a vacuum: the beauty industry is first and foremost a business, which means its main priority is to sell products. Techniques like exfoliation that promote quick results are highly marketed and often linked to claims that they will help improve skin concerns or conditions.

This has led to a common but unfortunate misconception: that exfoliation is a method of achieving better skin. And furthermore, that you must exfoliate regularly in order to have healthy skin. Also not true.

In fact, I see many clients with deficient, inflamed skin that is the result of aggressive use of exfoliants, which can result in breakouts and/or raised texture. But instead of noticing the current state of their skin and providing it what it needs to function optimally, they think they need additional exfoliation and end up with even more compromised and vulnerable skin.

Tips For Using Mv Products


  • Replenishing Oil Cleanser is exceptional for removing makeup and safe for eye area.
  • Cleansers can be used with cleansing cloth or brush for increased exfoliation and deeper cleansing. But please rememberalways be gentle with your skin.
  • Some people benefit from cleansing only once per day. Ideally this would be at night to remove the days dirt, which can clog pores and compromise skin health.


  • Can be used throughout the day to refresh complexion.

  • Use to set makeup such as powders or mineral makeup.

  • Create a fresh-faced look by misting lightly onto face after applying makeup and pressing gently with fingertips.

  • Can be kept in refrigerator for cooling effect.


  • Oils can be used to remove makeup, while conditioning your eyelashes and brow, and to moisturize the delicate skin. Remember to be gentle.

  • Can be used on lips and hands.

  • A very small amount can be used on top of Everyday Coverage Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30 to create a dewy look. Will not leave skin greasy.

  • Apply excess product to hands.

  • Take care with clothing and other fabrics, as the oil may transfer onto them, as with any product. Allow oils to penetrate before touching fabrics.


  • Serums can be layered for multiple benefits. See Maries Blog Post on synergistic layering for more detailed information.

  • Can be kept in refrigerator for cooling effect.

  • Safe to use around eyes and on lips.

  • Apply excess product to hands.



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Few items are eligible for free replacements. If an eligible item is out of stock from us it cannot be replaced. Only a refund against the returned item will be issued.

What are the conditions for Free Replacement?

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Skin Cell Turnover: Your Bodys Natural Exfoliation Function

While exfoliation can be effective for some skin types/conditions, you really dont want to remove skin cells faster than your body can manufacture new ones. The skin is continuously renewing itself via a process called skin cell turnover it takes about 30 days for the current skin cells on your face to shed and another 30 days for new cells to grow. This is the death and renewal of your skin cells, and you can consider it a natural exfoliation function that rarely needs your interference.

The speed of your skins renewal cycle depends on your age. When you are younger your skin renews itself at a faster rate, so if you take away cells they come back quickly. When you are older, the process takes a little longer. So for example, some people under 35 with thick, oily skin might be able to get away with exfoliating weekly , and those older than that should be OK with exfoliating every other week, depending on their skin’s thickness and sensitivity. However, for those under 35 who already have slightly compromised or vulnerable skin, exfoliating once a week may be too much for them as their skin is already renewing itself at a fast rate.

In all likelihood, your cellular turnover is functioning pretty well. So why not benefit from holding onto your barrier lipids and bacteria instead of constantly stripping them away?

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Caring For Your Products & Keeping Them Fresh

Shake each product well before each use to re-distribute ingredients. This is especially important for the Replenishing Oil Cleanser, mists and oils, as the heavier ingredients will settle to the bottom of the bottle after just a couple of hours.

Keep in cool, dry area out of direct sunlight, always securely replace lids after use, and avoid touching the tips of droppers.

Exfoliation The Marie Veronique Way

So lets talk about how you can exfoliate without compromising skin health. We make four products that are formulated strategically to have mild exfoliation properties, while also incorporating ingredients that immediately compensate and support the skin. They contain ingredients which are often included in other exfoliation products .

Our logic in carrying these products is to give clients a “healthy” option when suggesting they move away from other branded exfoliation products and start promoting healthy barrier function.

Heres the breakdown of our four products with exfoliating properties and how to safely and effectively use them:

  • Probiotic + Exfoliation Mask: An exceptional multitasker, this mask acts as a gentle exfoliant, provides intense hydration, and brightens skin tone, all without compromising microbial balance. Leaves the skin smooth, supple and glowing.
  • We advise this mask to be used once a week as a skin refresher for those with healthy, stable skin. This mask is intended to soften the skin and provide a healthy glow. Great to apply before a rich hydrating mask for enhanced penetration.

  • Intensive Repair Serum: Works strategically to strengthen the skin in a way that is supported and resilient against breakouts. Instead of stripping, drying, and sterilizing the skin, client trials have shown a balance in oil production, a decrease in dry/inflamed skin from previous acne treatments, and decongested pores.
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