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My Life Cleanse Detox Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic Dandelion Herbal Tea


This organic blend is excellent for digestion.

This is a great tasting, rich, full bodied bitter tea thats excellent for liver and gall bladder detoxification, says Dr. Mark Mincolla, PhD, nutritional therapist. When it comes to supporting the all important flow of bile, the bitter the better! Buy Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root here.

I Boosted My Metabolism

The concentration of EGCGthe superpotent nutrient found in green teamay be as much as 137 times greater in powdered matcha tea. EGCG can simultaneously boost lipolysis and block adipogenesis . One study found that men who drank green tea containing 136 milligrams of EGCGwhat you’d find in a single 4-gram serving of matchalost twice as much weight than a placebo group and four times as much belly fat over the course of three months

Take A Contrast Shower

Another way to rejuvenate your body and mind is by taking a contrast shower. Contrast therapy is a technique that involves alternating between hot and cold water. Some alternative practitioners recommend this practice as a way to boost circulation and improve your energy.

To do this technique at home, turn on your shower and set the water temperature as warm as you can handle. The temperature should be hot, but not unbearable or scalding. Use caution in order to avoid burning yourself or causing damage to your skin.

After standing in the warm/hot water for two to three minutes, switch the temperature to as cold as you can handle. The cold water will be uncomfortable, but you may also find it invigorating. Stand in the cold water for one minute before switching back to hot water. Repeat this cycle two to three times.

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I Tossed In Some Chia Seeds

These little black morsels of nutrition are packed with fiber, protein and, most important of all, omega-3 fatty acids. Pair chia seeds with green tea in a smoothie to turbocharge the tea’s fat-burning powers. According to a study review in the International Journal of Molecular Science, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids may enhance not only the bioavailability of EGCG, but also its effectiveness.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

How To Make A Detox Tea For Weight Loss

Incredibly Detox Tea That Will Bring Happiness Into Your Life And Body ...

When I make this recipe for the Seasonal Cleanse, I like to prep it for all 21 days. I know I’m more likely to stick with this habit while cleansing if it’s ready to go each morning. I take an ice cube tray and measure out one serving of this cleansing tea for each rectangle. The tray then goes into the freezer for 1 hour, to freeze each of the cubes. Once frozen, I put them all in a freezer bag and repeat until I’ve got 21 cubes.

When I wake up in the morning, I heat some water, then add 1 cube to a mug, pouring the hot water over it. This cools down the cube perfectly into the best detox tea. If you aren’t into spicy food, you can omit the cayenne. I often add even more cayenne than the recipe calls for!

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Types Of Detoxes And Cleanses

Detox diets and cleanses often suggest replacing solid foods with drinks like special water, tea or fruit and vegetable juices. While popular on social media, the effects of detoxes and cleanses havent been backed up by any substantial scientific research.

Green tea detox

The health benefits of green tea are well-documented. A medical literature review offers a snapshot of those benefits, linking the consumption of green tea to:

Good stuff, that green tea. Does that mean you should drink it by the gallon to cleanse your whole system and make you radiant? Not exactly.

Green tea is caffeinated, so you want to be careful about not overdoing it, Patton says. Also, drinking an excessive quantity of green tea or taking high dosages of green tea supplements is linked to upset stomachs, liver disease, bone disorders and other issues.

Juice cleanses

An entire industry has been built around the notion of cleaning out your system with a series of juices. The idea is that all those vitamins and minerals can kick-start your system by purging toxins and giving you a clean slate.

At least one study shows that because juicing is commonly associated with a low consumption of calories, it can lead to some quick weight loss. But the effects arent likely to last. And those little juice bottles can be costly.

Detox water

OK, nothing wrong with drinking water. Water makes up 60% of your body and is super important for your body to function properly.

I Made Oatmeal With It

Why not empower rice, quinoa and even oatmeal with the belly-fat burning properties of green tea? Tie 4 green tea bags onto a wooden spoon. Fill a small pot with 2 cups water add wooden spoon and tea bags. Bring water to a boil and remove tea bags. Add the grains to the boiling tea water and cook as directed.

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Strong Body Odor Yes You Might Stink

Another common detox symptom is to have a strong body odor.

This is due to the cleansing of your gut. Accumulated waste and toxins are being evacuated

Your body does not only eliminate toxins through your urine but you also sweat them out.

And the more toxicity you have in your body, the stronger your body odor will be.

Its kinda like people who drink a lot of alcohol or consume drugs. Their skin tends to smell really bad

Or like those people who work hard at the gym but have a very bad diet You can smell them from a distance!

During your cleanse, make sure to drink a lot of water to encourage more urination and sweating.

Water is also going to help your liver and kidneys filter all of the toxins.

You can also go to the sauna to sweat the toxins out But be careful if you are fasting.

Its best not to go to the sauna when you are not eating, to avoid losing too many electrolytes.

Drink green vegetable juice to maintain good electrolyte levels and counteract the acidic load from the toxins.

Probiotics will also help restore your gut flora, which will help with body odors

What People Say About Us

STOP Drinking Multiple Packs of IASO Detox Tea | Order at

Delicious And Good For You!!!

I recently made a bit of a resolution to try and undo some of the toxins I have put into my body and this tea is one part of that resolution. I drink 1-2 cups a day and fee overall healthier since starting that routine. I am pleased to say that besides the health improvements I also reallyenjoy drinking the tea. It has a mild and pleasant flavor. Very pleased!!


I Ordered This When I Was Trying ToGet Pregnant…I ordered this when I was trying to get pregnant only to find out I already was! Will hold onto it until after the baby is born and maybe ask the doctor if it is something that might help in pregnancy!

Allie Reno


Detox Kidney Tea Is Great!This Detox Kidney Tea tastes great! I usually get a UTI once or twice a year so I’m hoping that by drinking this regularly, I’ll be able to avoid them!

The ingredients are wonderful and I love that it’s all organic!

Kellie H.

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The Best Detox Teas In 2022

Here is our list of the best detoxifying teas:

  • Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea
  • Simple Life Nutrition Moringa Tea
  • Cinderella Solution
  • Tone Your Tummy Tea Recipes
  • Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy
  • Eat Sleep Burn Tea Recipes
  • Herbaly Ginger Tea
  • Fit Tea 14 Day Herbal Tea
  • SkinnyFit Detox Tea
  • Zero Tea 14-Day Detox Tea
  • Total Tea Detox Energy Tea
  • BaeBody Detox Tea

Best Detox Tea Reviewed

Detox teas are the new hot thing right now. From celebrities to regular people, everyone wants to try them and enjoy the benefits of a tea detox.

Although there are many teas, the best ones are backed by science, years of testing, and good reviews.

Our bodies store toxins from the environment, the food we eat, and even the air. Those toxins can make us sick over time if our body doesnt get rid of them. By doing a tea detox once in a while, you can help your body naturally detoxify all toxins so that you can start feeling and looking better.

Detox teas support immunity, lower inflammation and toxicity, and can help with weight loss and overall cleansing. Because we know how challenging it can be to find the best detox tea out of all, we ranked the best ones available on the market as of 2022.

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You Might Get Dehydrated If You Drink Detox Tea Every Day

As some of the main ingredients in detox tea tend to be laxatives, the side effects of such laxatives can be seriously damaging to your body. When you drink detox tea every day, you’re ingesting a lot of laxatives and the more laxatives you put in your body, the more damage they can do. One of the biggest side effects of laxatives is dehydration, and, although that sounds simple, it can be pretty damaging.

According to Healthline, “dehydration can reduce the levels of electrolytes in your blood.” That might not sound like much, but “electrolytes are important for your muscles to function,” per Healthline, which noted, “An electrolyte imbalance can trigger muscle spasms and an abnormal heart rhythm, both very serious issues.” Additionally, Harvard Medical School reported that your body can become dependent on laxatives, which can be dangerous. “Their use can lead to long-term dependency on them to keep the colon moving or, as some have put it, an addicted colon in need of a laxative fix,” Harvard Medical School reported.

Liver Detox Tea Recipes

Cleansing Tea

The liver is a vital organ that needs detoxifying every now and then. Why? Because the liver is responsible for many of the functions that maintain homeostasis within our body.

The most common function of the liver is to cleanse our blood from toxins and toxicants .

If the liver is not cleansing well enough or if it is overwhelmed by a huge amount of toxic substances, it may become diseased or malfunction.

Sometimes the liver needs help to successfully eliminate toxins from your body. If the right detoxification enzymes are not activated by healthy plant compounds, the liver can actually transform toxic substances into even MORE toxic substances.

But the good news is that detox teas can help your liver perform its duties correctly and keep toxins moving out of your body.

Here is a list of tea recipes to help your liver detox

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Tone Your Tummy Tea Recipes

Tone Your Tummy is another well-known fitness and exercise program available online. It involves taking a special tea to lose weight. Created by a man named Todd, who spent 20 years in a SWAT unit and served in the Special Services Unit of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Tone Your Tummy Tea Recipes guide is ideal for those who seek a high-powered detox tea that can support weight loss as well.

Tone Your Tummy Tea Recipes source their tea from far away, like Nepal. The teas use natural herbs and other unique ingredients to help you rapidly lose weight, build strength, and achieve your health and fitness goals more effectively.

If you like detoxifying your body with the help of eastern medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, then Tone Your Tummy Tea Recipes may be the ideal book you need in your life. For only $37, you get a collection of proven tea recipes that are proven to help you lose weight using only natural ingredients.

Other Signs That Your Immune System Is Fighting For You

Just like lymph nodes, allergy symptoms can arise when the immune system is fighting to eliminate toxins.

You may experience detox symptoms like body aches, a sore throat or a runny nose.

This is just like when you are in contact with an allergen like cats or dust

Your bodys defense mechanism fires up against the invader and provokes an allergic reaction.

Similarly, when toxins are released during your detox, they are perceived as foreign substances, which can also provoke an immune response and allergy symptoms.

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Are There Any Cons Of Detox Tea

Just a general FYI: anything thats temporary is not sustainable by definition. You might see less bloating for a short period of time from these programs, but it wont change the body overtime. More importantly, you could experience some of the side effects and damage the body. Many of these detox teas are essentially just laxatives marketed as a cleanse diet, explained Dr. Martin Jugenburg, a renown plastic surgeon based in Toronto. Laxative additives might lead to a small drop in weight, but doesnt have a long term benefit and could lead to rebound weight gain.

Even if you do lose water weight from the diuretic effects, youll recover it back when you stop the tea, agreed Dr. Katerina Schkodzik MD, an OB-GYN and medical writer for Miracare. More importantly, the effects on the body are harmful. Since its making you lose water weight, theres a risk of dehydration. Many ingredients found in detox teas are not regulated by the FDA. Symptoms can include diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, bloating, nausea, nervousness, irritation, headaches, and sleep disruption. Bottom line: steer clear of any product that claims to get rid of bloat or help you lose weight in 14 days. At best, theyre a waste of money theres no scientific evidence that supports claims made by these detox tea companies. At worst, it could have damaging effects on your entire body and lead to dehydration.

Wait Detox Teas Can Actually Be Bad For You

DOPAMINE DETOX | How To Take Back Control Over Your Life

You know those laxative ingredients found in detox teas? Yeah, those can actually cause some pretty gnarly side effects, like diarrhea, stomach pains, and even dehydration, says Ardolino.

Take senna, for examplesenna is an herb, but it’s also an FDA-approved over-the-counter laxative, per the U.S. National Library of Medicine it can even be used to clear the bowels before diagnostic tests like a colonoscopy.

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And, while it’s “likely safe” for most people when taken short-term, it’s “possibly unsafe” when taken long-term, frequently, or in high doses, per the NLMin those cases, senna may cause laxative dependence or liver damage.

Additionally, if youre not eating anything and only drinking detox teas, or are using detox teas for the soul purpose of weight loss , you may need to consider your relationship with food. As a healthier measure, Ardolino recommends speaking with a registered dietitian to learn how to incorporate some health-promoting behaviors into your life.

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So Are All Detox Teas Bad

Now that weve addressed that kind of detox tea, lets talk about the other kind, or the tea leaves that are intended to drink just like any other tea and can assist the bodys natural detoxification. In reality, detox tea is not an Instagram trend people have been using tea to assist the body in detoxification for thousands of years. Practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine have always used blends of tea leaves as medicine or to boost health. Theres a wide variety of teas , and many of them come with amazing health benefits and healing properties.

When it comes to the dandelion root, licorice, red rooibos, lemongrass, or green tea leaves that are known for detoxifying, the tea is not literally removing toxins from the body. Rather, they are supporting the liver, kidneys, or other key organs in the bodys detox system. They are not intended to give you symptoms , and do not promise any immediate benefits. Instead, these teas are just another way to support your bodys overall health.

Please consult a doctor or a mental health professional before beginning any treatments. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or mental health condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this article.

Celebration Herbals Marshmallow Leaf & Roottea

Recommended by Dr. Mincolla for its powerful blood, lymph and lung healing abilities, this tea clears mucous and has an affinity for removing toxic non digested food allergens from the blood stream. Buy Celebration Herbals Marshmallow Leaf & Root Tea here.

Next, read up on 13 ways to detox your life.

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Teas And Herbs That Detox The Liver Naturally

This is a perfect addition to your cup of tea.

So those are some of the best herbs you can use to create your very own homemade liver detox tea. You can choose to use just one of these for a tea or you can combine them to create a super-tea for an even wider range of health benefits. But what about green tea liver detox? This works too, but keep in mind that the herbs we mentioned are the best for performing a liver cleanse.Liver detox milk thistle tea is one of the best liver detox brews. However, since each body is different and people have their own preference in terms of taste, it may not be the best option for you. Choose ingredients you enjoy and herbs that you know your body can handle. Liver cleansing may be slightly uncomfortable, but it should be an overall good experience that you would be willing to recommend to a friend.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse your Liver?

You may have heard of apple cider vinegar, a must have in every health fanatics pantry. Does apple cider vinegar cleanse the liver? It does! Apple cider vinegar contains certain acids that help bind to toxins so it can be released from your body. This vinegar is also known to help improve circulation. Pour a tablespoon of this stuff into your water for a simple, slimming water you can drink every day.

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