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Obagi Gentle Cleanser Professional Size

Angiogenesis Stimulated In The Dermis

Why You Need A Gentle Cleanser | Skincare Routine

Improves the skins supply of vital nutrients*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Before and after

See the transformation

The Obagi System has helped users Transform their skin at thecellular level so that it looks and acts younger and healthier. TheseBefore and After photos are just some of the results from Obagiusers.

Apply to wet face, rinse with lukewarm water and gently pat dry.

Avoid rubbing the skin with a towel.

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Facial Twin Kit Gentle Cleanser and Toner

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Remove Makeup And Impurities

Soothe skin while you gently cleanse away makeup, dirt, and impurities with this facial cleanser formulated with apricot kernel oil.

This lightweight gel cleanser helps eliminate dirt, oil and other debris so that skin is left clean and comfortable. It contains apricot kernel oil, a gentle hydrating ingredient, to nourish the complexion, and aloe vera extract to soothe irritation. The mild formula will not leave skin tight or dry, and it will not irritate sensitive skin conditions. Backbar size 33.8 fl. oz. / 1 liter

The First Step In The Obagi Nu

This mild facial cleanser by Obagi gently removes impurities, oil and make up to leave skin feeling smooth and fresh. The Obagi Gentle Cleanser can be used daily and will have a visible positive effect on your skin.

The Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser has been formulated for dry or sensitive skin to help eliminate oil, dirt and other debris so the skin has been prepared for the next step in the Nu-Derm System. Make this cleanser the first step in your Obagi Nu-Derm regimen or use it alone as part of your 2021 dry skin care routine. By adding more products in the Obagi Nu-Derm range to your routine, your skin will improve in many ways.

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For Skin That Looks And Acts Younger And Healthier

As a result of ageing and the exposure of our skin to the harmful effects of sun, stress and pollutants, the ability of our skin to generate new cells is slowly reduced. Due to reduced skin cell turnover, old cells are left on the surface for longer, leading to a loss of the skin’s natural hydration and elasticity. Skin starts to show unwelcome signs of ageing, becoming rough, uneven and lacking in tone. You may notice an increase in fine lines, wrinkles, freckles and age spots.

The Obagi Medical Range

Obagi Nu

Obagi Medical® Products have been specifically formulated to transform the skin from within to result in younger, healthier-looking skin. The Obagi Medical® Product range helps reduce the visible signs of ageing such as fine-lines, wrinkles, melasma , hyper-pigmentation, laxity and uneven texture with additional targeted treatments for acne. With over 30 years under our belts, we continue to design transformational products that promote skin health and build on our legacy of science and innovation. Obagi is a complete skincare company designed and tested for every skin type there really is a solution for everyone.

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How It Works

Nu-Derm is a skin restoration system which helps to return skin to a healthy state, free of the disease and deterioration that is accelerated by the skin’s exposure to harmful UV rays and pollutants. Skin health restoration is achieved through the topical application of the Nu-Derm system of products, which work together to help regulate skin cell functions and improve circulation. The products work at a cellular level, deep within the skin, to achieve real long-lasting results. Skin is restored, looks radiant and younger as fresh new cells are able to reach the surface.The system improves the functioning of 3 skin cells: Melanocytes, Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts, as well as stimulating new vessel growth to improve circulation to the skin. These actions are achieved by means of the Therapeutic Cascade.

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