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Oil Of Olay Age Defying Cleanser

Art Gentle Cleanser 100 Ml Face Skincare *** Young Living Essential Oils ***

Olay Age Defying Cleanser – Product Review

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Part of Young Livings luxurious ART® skincare range, ART® Gentle Cleanser supports healthy-looking skin by washing away impurities with a soft, gentle lather. Formulated with only plant-based ingredients and skin-loving essential oils, ART® Gentle Cleanser will lift and capture impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Suitable for all skin types, the mild foaming action will leave your face feeling clean and refreshed and is the first step to healthier looking skin.

Primary Benefits:

  • Foaming action gently lifts and captures impurities that are then easily washed away
  • Gently cleans without irritation

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What Are The Pros Of Living In Richmond Hill Ontario

Richmond Hill began as a small village in 1873, became a town in 1957, and was transformed into a gorgeous city in 2019. Spread over an area of 39.04 square miles, this city has a population of 195,022, making it the 26th largest city in Canada. The population is spread 4,996 square miles, offering ample living space for all residents.

The living environment is spacious, and the area is filled with large homes with open front lawns and backyards. However, there are both pros and drawbacks to living in this city. Lets explore the pros and see what Richmond Hill brings to the table.

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Hydration Ingredients & Regimen

Hydration : Age Defying starts with hydration. As you age, itâs essential to keep skin deeply hydrated throughout the day to maintain a youthful and smooth complexion. Olayâs Age Defying Classic collection provides powerful and long-lasting hydrating benefits key in strengthening skinâs ability to retain moisture for a nourished, refreshed and energized look.

Ingredients : Designed with skin-renewing ingredients and conditioners, this face wash deeply cleans, leaving your complexion feeling smooth, conditioned and refreshed.

Regimen : Age Defying Classic Cleanser is the first step in your daily skincare regimen. Use Olay concentrates, treatments and moisturizers after cleansing skin. This facial cleanser is suitable for daily use and can be used in the morning, before applying makeup, and at night.

My Experience With Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser:

Olay Age Defying Classic Facial Cleanser

Some days back, I was visiting my aunt and to my utter surprise, she gifts me a bagful of goodies, yay!! It had lots and lots of amazing stuff, Olay Daily Renewal Cleanser was one of them. This has been a wonderful cleanser for my combination skin. Usually in winters, my skin becomes dry and using a normal cleanser gives me dry patches and very stretchy feeling. Thankfully, Olay leaves my skin soft and glowing and the smell is wonderful too.

I like the micro beads it has, which are just enough to scrub a little without scratching the soft facial skin. The consistency is quite thick and it does not make a lot of lather. I simply loved the packaging, very classy and the pump dispenser gives the right amount of cleanser cream. It contains beta hydroxyl complex which takes care of adult acne and improves skin texture also.

Overall, I found the results to be terrific. One big reason could be the combo I am using, that is Olay Age Defying Day Cream and the cleanser which is giving me the double effect. Now, lets sum up some of pros and cons.

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Peace And Quiet Of A Small Town

After a long and exhaustive day, no one wants to be continually disturbed by the loud noises of a metropolitan area. This area is drenched in the serenity of a small-town feel and offers you the much-needed break from the loud noises and stimulating environment of a large busy city. The quiet allows the residents to enjoy a good nights sleep and rejuvenate themselves to tackle the next day.

You can relax after an exhaustive at work and go out with your family to enjoy the amazing trails, parks, and forest paths in the area. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your family on a beach, you can enjoy the fantastic Sunset Beach. There are also delicious eateries, verified butchers, and fresh produce markets in the region to offer you the best eating experience without any additive chemicals. There are also chain stores, supermarkets, and top-notch boutiques for all your shopping needs if you are into shopping.

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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Are Only Available From Young Living Essential Oils

Display all Young Living Skincare. Start Here. Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade oils, created with skill from our essential oil farms that play an integral role in the Seed to Seal promise. You should educate yourself about the quality and why its important before buying essential oils. To learn more, . Nothing feels and smells like Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. For that reason, insist on them. Please contact us with any questions. Go Here.

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U Im Ca Olay Age Defying Cleanser Renewal Daily:

  • Cha các thành phn rt hu ích trong vic ci thin kt cu da, mn trng cá trng thành và np nhn.
  • Kt cu kem vi ht vi mô cho ty da cht.
  • Làm sch khuôn mt ca tôi k lng và loi b trang im nh.
  • Không try xc hoc gây kích ng da ca tôi.
  • Không có ming dán khô sau khi s dng.
  • Rt nh nhàng, d chu và nh mùi.
  • Làm cho bt nh và lt nh nhàng.
  • Bao bì v sinh vi máy bm.
  • Không ông trong ming ca qu.
  • S lng rt ít yêu cu, vì vy ít i mt chng ng dài.

The New Young Living Art Skin Care System

Review on Oil of Olay Regenerist 3 Point Age-Defying Moisturizer, Night Cream & Sculpting Serum

Have you heard? Young Living has released their NEW ART Skin Care System. ART stands for Age Refining Technology. I used this system before it was reformulated, and I really loved it so I was excited to try the new reformulation!

The best word to describe the difference in my skin from using the ART Skin Care System is that it feels more supple, like its hydrated from within. The ART products are formulated with plant-based ingredients and essential oils. I love that we have access to such effective, luxurious, NATURAL skincare without the harmful ingredients found in almost all other skin care systems!

Im a sucker for beautiful packaging, and I love the new look:

Its very glamorous!!!

This new set comes with the Gentle Cleanser, Refreshing Toner, and Light Moisturizer.

These products look, feel, and smell very luxurious!! I love the hint of sandalwood aroma you smell when youre using these! The Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil in these products is amazing for the skin. Some other essential oils you will find in the ART Skin Care line are Frankincense, Lavender, and Melissa.

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Nhc Im Ca Olay Age Defying Cleanser Daily Renewal:

  • Mt thêm mt chút thi gian ra sch.
  • Nu bn mun có nhiu bt, thì ó không phi là la chn phù hp vi bn.
  • Nu bn mun có mt chà cho khuôn mt ca bn, sau ó cht ty ra này s không phc v mc ích ca bn.
  • Tình trng sn có n có th là mt mi quan tâm.

Tôi có ngh Olay Age bt chp cht ty ra gia hn hàng ngày không?

Nói chung, tôi thích cht ty ra Olay này và s gii thiu nó cho tt c các bn. Chc chn, tôi s th nó lên.

Xêp hng:


Whats Really In Typical Skin Care Products

Did you know that the American government doesnât require health studies or pre-market testing of the chemicals in personal care products, even though just about everyone is exposed to them. Yikes!

Many cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, serums etc are nothing more than a toxic cocktail of chemicals, artificial coloring, and fragrance. I would encourage you to research the dangers of:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate

Did you know that the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every single day without even knowing?? Guess how much of that is absorbed through our skin ?? 60%. CRAZY!

The European Union has banned over 1,300 chemicals found in cosmetics. The FDA has only banned 8 and restricted 3. Huh? Thats definitely something to think about. Download the Think Dirty app and check out the personal care products in your bathroom and cosmetic bag! Its quite eye opening.

Because of learning all of this I looked for better options. I was already a Young Living member and LOVED the oils, but I hadnt jumped into the skin care side of things. It was the BEST decision to take the plunge into some incredible oil-infused, clean and safe skin care products.

I baby-stepped my way into using these products. It wasnt an overnight change. Its quite budget friendly and doable for anyone to transition SLOWLY into a new routine rather than just trashing one and starting over with something else. Am I right?!

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Find The Right Collection For Your Skin

Regenerist formulas, with key anti-aging ingredients like amino-peptides, are engineered to regenerate surface skin cells and deliver visible, transformative results for younger-looking skin.

Total Effects formulas, with nourishing ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants, give seven benefits in one to help nourish and balance for healthy-looking skin.

Luminous formulas, with advanced tone-correcting ingredients like niacinamide and glycerin, are designed to visibly brighten skin and even tone.

The Olay Eyes Collection is specifically formulated for the delicate eye area to fight virtually every eye concern: dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines and under eye wrinkles.

What Is The Bottom Line Here

Age Defying Classic Cleanser

Richmond Hill is perfect for families and kids. The city is filled with family-friendly and kid-friendly parks and recreational areas. Moreover, the yearly social gathering events tighten the ties between different communities and bring everyone together. The overall living situation is comfortable, and there are no loud noises or stimulating elements to wake you up and disturb the peace of your neighborhood. To sum up, Richmond Hill is amazing if you are married and live with your kids.

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Cons Of Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser:

  • Takes a little extra time to wash off.
  • If you want a lot of lather, then its not the right choice for you.
  • If you want a scrub for your face, then this cleanser will not serve your purpose.
  • Availability in India can be a concern.

Do I Recommend Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser?

Overall, I like this Olay cleanser and would recommend it to you all. Certainly, I would be stocking it up.


  • hey Shilpi.. this one seems to be good product.. :waytogo: :waytogo:U use it as a face wash only?? ?:)

  • Art Gentle Cleanser #5361


    ART Gentle Cleanser promotes glowing skin by washing away impurities with a soft, gentle lather. Infused with skin-loving essential oils, your face will feel clean and refreshed with a renewed, radiant look. Display all Young Living Skin Care. Start Here.

    Item #5361

    Made by Young Living, USA

    GF-Oils | Genuine Young Living Essential OilsART Gentle Cleanser | Item #5361 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are only available from Young Living Essential Oils. Display all Young Living Skin Care. Start Here. Above all, our skincare products are chemical-free. They also help you begin each day with the aromatherapeutic power of essential oils for bath and body. Enjoy luxurious lotions and more to soothe, energize, and nourish your skin without harmful additives. Nothing feels and smells like Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, for that reason, insist on them. Please contact us with any questions.

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    Close Proximity To Toronto

    The suburb is in proximity to Toronto, one of the major metropolitan hubs of Canada. The city is also close to other metropolitan hubs, such as Vaughan and Markham. This offers ample professional opportunities to the residents, as they can drive up to their respective offices and make it back home without sacrificing hours in their commute. The proximity to the booming economies of Canada also offers a stabilized economic environment to Richmond Hill itself.

    Outdoor Activities And Social Events

    Olay Regenerist – Age Defying Cream

    Canada is already well-known for its diverse set of the populace. English, French, Indian, and other communities live in peace in some of the nations major cities. The same can be said for Richmond Hill. The city offers a rich multi-cultural living experience to the residents, and the wide array of social activities throughout the year bring different communities together into one. Heritage Day and Ribfest are just two examples of different social events that the city hosts every year to promote diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect.

    When it comes to outdoor recreational activities, this suburb offers some of the best outdoor opportunities to residents during the summer and winter seasons. The residents can drive up to Lake Wilcox and enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, canoeing, or surfing in the right season. There are also lush green forests surrounding the different neighborhoods in the area, and the city maintains well-preserved hiking, trekking, and equestrian trails for outdoor enthusiasts.

    Those interested in literary activities can enjoy the amazing Richmond Hill Public Library and its four well-maintained branches throughout the region. The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts is a multi-purpose space offering seating accommodations for up to 630 guests at the same time. You can catch a show, comedy skits, theatre performances, or art exhibits here.

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    Mint Satin Facial Scrub

    The Mint Scrub falls in the category of exfoliant. This is an advanced cleansing formula to help lift away dead skin cells and debris while minimizing pores and assisting to keep your moisture balanced. The results are healthier-looking and more radiant skin. This is an invigorating and revitalizing experience to your face. You will enjoy the soothing, gentle tingle.

    Recreational Parks And Swimming Pools

    Other than this, the city also offers 166 parks for family gatherings, picnicking, kid-friendly activities, and general recreation purposes. Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park are among the largest parks in the area, and it offers two ice-skating rinks, a 300-person theater, and a skateboard park. If you want to relax during the hot summer season, there are six public swimming pools, one of which is an indoor wave pool for quality family time.

    Richmond Hills is also perfect for families, as the city hosts a themed concert festival every year by the name of Concerts in the Park. Families can take part in several family-oriented activities while enjoying the concerts in the park.

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    The Majority Of The Population Is Families

    Well, as mentioned earlier, this area is perfect for families with kids. So, this city may not be a great option for you if you are still single and living alone. You will feel like an outsider at times, and you will also feel uncomfortable participating in social gathering events that are held exclusively for families with kids. This city is primarily for well-settled families with kids and one working parent. So, if you are still a bachelor, this suburb is not suitable for you.

    Orange Blossom Face Wash

    Morrisons: Olay Age Defying Face Wash 150ml(Product Information)

    I absolutely love this gem of a wash. It is super light and refreshing. This is a very gentle cleanser with a base of aloe vera which help to leaves your skin feeling pure and cleansed. I love the smell of the Orange Blossom Wash formulated with wolfberry seed oil, lavender, lemon and rosemary essential oils.

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    A High Gap Between Actual Income And Required Income

    Another con of living in this city is that the gap between the median household income and the required income is high. This gap is approximately $47,962, and the median household income is $88,353. Toronto is a close second with a gap of $41,282. However, Richmond Hill also offers a better quality of life. Nevertheless, the high quality of life comes at a high price, and most outsiders cannot afford this without putting in more hours at work.

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