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Paula’s Choice Bha Cleanser

Is Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment Any Good

Paulas Choice BHA 2% Liquid Exfoliant Recap & Skin Oil Reducing Cleanser Overview

One of the most popular brands in this skincare segment is Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment. I bought a bottle one day and decided to spend some time opening it. A month after using the product, I sighed, smiled resignedly and dismissed it as just another product on the shelf.

Alcohol free tonerWhat is the best alcohol free toner? 1. Alcohol-free witch hazel tonic. If you want smoother, calmer and cleaner skin, this is the best alcohol-free toner to go for. It contains organic ingredients that can make you even safer.Should toner be alcohol free?One of the main advantages of alcohol-free facial firming lotions is that they contain fewer irritants than alcohol-based firming lotions. Alcohol-free toners are considered gentler on t

Find The Right Facial Cleanser For Your Skin Type

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones and have a ‘normal’ skin without pimples or problem areas, it’s still important to clean your skin daily. This way the skin will remain beautiful and uncomplicated. A soft facial cleanser ensures your skin can continue to function normally. Lotion-like facial cleansers are the best for normal skin.

If you have a combination skin , you need to opt for a special facial cleanser. For example, combination skin requires a cleanser that thoroughly cleanses the greasy areas of your skin, but which is also soft and mild on the dry parts. The best option for a combination skin is a cleanser with a foam or gel-like texture.

If you have an oily skin, a facial cleanser should remove excess sebum without irritating the skin. To reduce sebum and restore balance, it is best to clean an oily skin twice a day.

If your skin feels tight and sensitive after cleansing, you probably have a dry skin. Facial cleansers with a creamy texture are specifically developed for dry skin. These cleanse your skin in a mild way and leave your skin feeling comfortable, without causing a taut, burning or itchy sensation.

Does Paula Begoun Still Review Beauty Products

Today, he continues to critique the industry and has a hub on his website that evaluates products from other brands. Begoun launched Paulas Choice in 1995, when it was one of the first beauty brands to sell products online, and more than 25 years later, its cult has not faded.

Hyperpigmentation around mouthWhat are the most common hyperpigmentation causes?genetic People of certain ethnic and racial groups are dark-skinned.Overexposure to UV rays. Sunbathing is good for your skin.Poor diet What you eat always affects your skin.Hormonal imbalanceAbrasive processing.Some drugs.Allergic reaction.Which drugs can cause hyperpigmentation?Chlorpromaz

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How To Use Our Mild Facial Cleanser

Why not cleanse your face twice a day with a Paula’s Choice mild facial cleanser, cleaning thoroughly without drying or irritating your skin? When using a lot of make-up, it is best to use a facial cleanser on a soft facecloth and completely remove your make-up in the evening. Never use a bar of soap or facial cleanser that may dry out your skin. This could aggravate blemished skin, for instance. Our Cleansers have been developed in order to cleanse your skin without irritating or drying it out. Our selection of facial cleansers has been adapted to the specific needs per skin type and are therefore all different in their composition and effect.

What Are The Best Paula’ S Choice Beauty Products Reviews


In my opinion, Paula’s Choice is one of the best skin care brands out there. Everything I tried was excellent and did not respond to my sensitive skin. It is a bit expensive so I can’t buy all products from this brand. But what I have is phenomenal. I have been a customer of Paulas Choice for 7 years.

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My Skin: Combination Sensitive With Hyperpigmentation

My skin is very sensitive and reacts within a day or two when it doesn’t like a new product. The reaction is usually visible with angry pimples, and skin that is sensitive to the touch. For these reasons, I’ve whittled my routine down to about six products: a cream cleanser, vitamin C, retinol, a face oil, and a clay mask. Simplifying has helped keep reactive breakouts away. However, this shift isn’t helping fade my hyperpigmentation.

What’s The Difference Between The 2% Bha Liquid And The 2% Bha Gel

First, texture: One is a fluid with a toner-like consistency, the other is a thicker, clear gel. Both contain the same amount of salicylic acid, though the 2% BHA Liquid contains an ingredient that allows the salicylic acid to penetrate faster and further. With the 2% BHA Gel formula, you’re getting a slower release of salicylic acid. Both are great options for treating acne, blackheads, and signs of ageing. Both are suitable for all skin types but best for normal to oily or combination skin.

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Aktive Produkter Som Passer En Sensitiv Hud

Paulas Choice sine produkter er fylt med aktive ingredienser, i smarte konsentrasjoner og stabile pH-nivåer. I tillegg til å behandle ulike hudtilstander, vil de også styrke huden og gjøre den mer motstandsdyktig – dette gjør at produktene gir synlige resultater på alle hudtilstander, også en sensitiv hud.

The Most Important Step Towards A Beautiful Healthy Skin: A Mild Facial Cleanser

How to Use Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Gel Exfoliant

No matter what kind of skin or skin problems you have whether it’s pimples, wrinkles, redness, blackheads or enlarged pores the basis for a beautiful and healthy skin is an effective, yet mild facial cleanser. Before you start buying expensive but ineffective products, it’s a good idea to first find out what makes a good skin cleanser or facial cleanser. If you’re looking for something against pimples, wrinkles or dry skin in particular, it can be difficult to find the right products. A facial cleanser that’s suitable for blemished skin often dries out the skin. In turn, this will have negative effects on signs of skin ageing. Wrinkles and fine lines will be more visible on a dry skin. Products that are effective against wrinkles often have an oily texture, which may cause pimples or blackheads.

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Who Is Paula Begoun And Why Is Everyone Talking About Her Products

Originally founded in 1995, the Seattle-based company was founded by Paula Begun, yes there is Paula, with a mission to create effective skin care products with scientifically proven ingredients without the questionable ingredients known to cause irritation.

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The Skin Perfecting 2% Bha Liquid Exfoliant Feels A Bit Sticky/greasy On My Face Why Is That

If the BHA is feeling sticky, you are probably using too much product. The average amount needed is the size of a small coin, and its best to apply it in a thin layer. The greasy feel can be attributed to the high levels of glycol in this product . If you live in a humid, moist climate, this effect will be more pronounced and, if too much product is used, can create a greasy feel on the skin.

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It’s Super Easy To Use

Technically, the directions say you’re supposed to shake some of the liquid on to a cotton pad/ball before dabbing it in to your skin, but in an effort to be a little bit more eco-friendly , I really just pour a teaspoon-sized amount of it in to the palm of my hand and then press it in to my skin.

Just like any toner, I simply apply it right after cleansing and before my serums and moisturizers. I didn’t even have to wait more than a couple of days to see dramatic results.

What Is Paulpaula’s Choice Peptide Booster

Buy Paula

Paula’s Choice Peptide Booster was the first product from this brand that I used regularly. This serum contains eight peptides, amino acids and revitalizing ingredients that promise to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. I especially liked the light texture and the fast absorbing serum.

Liquid exfoliatorWhat is the best exfoliant? Oatmeal is one of the best and easiest natural shells to use. It is gentle enough to apply on the face. Just mix equal parts dry oatmeal and yogurt with a tablespoon or two of honey. Bran, rice powder, and cornmeal work the same way.What is the best exfoliator for aging skin?Orange oil. Messi says, “Use scrubs that contain orange oil, whic

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Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2 Bha Liquid Exfoliant

A refining toner formulated with beta hydroxy acids.

Paula’s Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant boosts the skin’s tone and texture to enhance a natural glow. Salicylic acid exfoliates and promotes faster cell regeneration to minimize the appearance of blemishes, redness, large pores and wrinkles. Green tea soothes inflammation and shields against free-radical damage.

Key Ingredients:

  • Beta Hydroxy Acid : mimics the natural exfoliation process of younger skin by helping it shed extra layers while unclogging and clearing pores

Key Benefits:

  • Clears and minimizes enlarged pores
  • Sheds built-up layers of skin
  • Fluid, lightweight texture absorbs quickly

Dispense approximately a dime-sized amount onto a cotton ball or pad and stroke over clean skin, including around the eyes . This product may also be applied with your fingers. Do not rinse off. Follow with Paula’s Choice CLEAR Acne Fighting Treatment , moisturizer, and/or specialty product. For daytime, wear under a product rated SPF 15 or higher.

Skin Type:Acne-Prone Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Mature Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin

Water , Methylpropanediol, Butylene Glycol, Salicylic Acid, Polysorbate 20, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Tetrasodium EDTA.

What Is Paula’s Choice Skin

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Scrub is a 2% BHA liquid. There is much to be said about AHA and BHA and their use in skin care products. For the purposes of this overview, however, we’ll cover only the basics. AHA means alpha hydroxy acid and BHA means beta hydroxy or salicylic acid.

Pore minimizing products

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What Are The Best Paula’ S Choice Beauty Products Online

11 Paulas Choice Skin Care Products You can’t get enough of 1 Paulas Choice Liquid with 2% BHA Skin Perfector. 2 Super booster Paula’s Choice C15. 3 Niacinamide Enhancer 10% Resist from Paulas Choice. 4 Paulas Choice Ultralight Clear Daily Moisturizer. 5 Paulas Choice Resist Intensive Repair Cream. Intensive recovery cream.

Is Paula’s Choice 2% Bha Worth It

How to Use Paulas Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant and Niacinamide

It’s mild , contains niacinamide, and even provides a little hydration with hyaluronic acid. So if you’ve been reading this review and thinking about buying Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid, I highly recommend you try COSRX BHA.

Cerave reviewsIs CeraVe really that good? Yes, CeraVe moisturizer is really good for your face and does what it says on the package. Skin care doesn’t always have to be expensive. This product is a perfect example of that. If you are still concerned about the existence of parabens and petroleum jelly despite all the good points, you can give this product a miss just to be safe. You

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When You Spend 45 On Paula’s Choice

Gift contains: Paula’s Choice 0.3% Retinol + 2% Bakuchiol Treatment . Adds to bag automatically.


Please note we do not ship Paula’s Choice to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary..

Treat and minimise blackheads, areas of redness and breakouts with Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, a skincare fluid that is gentle on the complexion.

Formulated to feel lightweight when applied, this topical treatment works to lift away dead skin cells and cleanse the pores to promote a clearer, brighter result. Also known as salicylic acid, BHA has calming properties that help soothe the skin and minimise the look of fine lines.

The Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant can be used twice a day on cleansed skin. Begin by soaking a cotton wool pad in the fluid and then smooth over the face, avoiding the eyelids and lash line. There is no need to rinse. Daytime treatments should be followed with a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.

Key Benefits

  • A leave-on exfoliator that works to clear pores
  • Formulated with salicylic acid
  • Helps to smooth and brighten the skin
  • Lightweight formula absorbs quickly

The Value: Worth Every Penny

This product retails around $30. Finding an exfoliator that works without disrupting your skin barrier or causing irritation isn’t always the easiest to find for those with sensitive or reactive skin types. You only need a few drops of this, and the bottle design ensures you don’t go overboard. I think it’s worth the price.

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Buy Paulas Choice Facial Cleanser

Interested in buying a facial cleanser? Please take a look at our range. We offer the right solution for every skin problem. Order today and benefit from fast and inexpensive delivery. Ultimately unsatisfied or believe a different product is better for your skin? Return the product within 60 days and we’ll pay back the purchase price.

Our philosophy? Smart, Safe Beauty. The products you use should work and be good for your skin, no exceptions. Based on our heritage in consumer advocacy, each of our formulas is effective, safe and backed by cited research. We uncover the truth about skincare and share all of the facts with you along the way – because keeping your skin healthy shouldn’t be a mystery.

Our products do what they promise and we want you to experience that for yourself, that’s why we offer a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 60 days for a full refund.

For any questions about our products or for help on building a skincare routine, please contact our Customer Care team. Our skincare experts are on hand to help you find the best products for your skin.

What Is Paulpaula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment

(USA) Paula

Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol Clinical Treatment is a great product that combines retinol with other powerful ingredients to fight the signs of aging. Retinol is well studied and proven effective. However, as with any skin care product, patience and persistence are required to achieve these results.

Beauty secrets

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Similar Products: You Have Options

Perricone MD No:Rinse Intensive Pore Minimizing Toner : Formulated with salicylic acid, copper complex, and DMAE, this toner exfoliates, plumps, and hydrates.

Glossier Solution : Made with three acids: alpha hydroxy acid , beta hydroxy acid , and polyhydroxy acid , this daily liquid exfoliator is formulated to zap blemishes, reduce redness, and minimize the appearance of pores.

I’m a skeptic when it comes to products with nearly all five-star reviews. But Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant lives up to the hype and has been a visual game-changer for my skin.

Earth Sourced Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel

Skin type: All skin types.Best for: Those looking for an exceptionally gentle gel cleanser with mainly natural ingredients that effectively removes impurities and make-up leaving skin refreshed, soft and radiant. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive or irritated skin, and is gentle enough for use on babies or children.

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Our No1 Bestselling Exfoliant Around The World

Reveal flawless skin with our bestselling leave-on exfoliant. This gentle, lightweight fluid quickly exfoliates dead skin cells both on the surface and deep inside pores to reveal smoother, clearer, more radiant-looking skin. BHA has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce blackheads, blemishes and redness.

Paulas Choice 2% Bha Liquid Exfoliant


Paulas Choice 2% Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid Exfoliant is an exfoliating solution marketed as a daily facial treatment that promises to treat acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, as well as provide an even skin tone and contribute to a smoother complexion.

Ive seen many people online saying this is a toner however, its not. Exfoliating solutions such as this one is something you typically use after a toner, but you can skip a toner if you want to keep a more minimal routine.

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The Results: The Appearance Of Smaller Pores Without Any Irritation

After a full week of use, I could feel and see the difference in my skin texture. Since I only use this two to three times a week on nights when I don’t use retinol, my results may take a little longer to show. I felt a little tingle on my skin the first night I applied the toner, but I woke up the next morning without any irritation or visible angry bumps. Lately, I can skip foundation and only wear concealers, which is always a sign that my skin is changing for the better. My hyperpigmentation spots are still visible, but I think “my spots,” as I like to call them, will fade away with continued use.

How Do I Use Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Serum

Paula’s Choice CLINICAL 1% Retinol is an anti-aging serum that is ideal for normal to combination, dry and oily skin. Try 23 drops of Paula’s Choice Moisture Renewing Oil Enhancer. Use in the evening with Paulas Choice Cleanser, Toner, Scrub and Night Cream.

Toner for dry skinWhat is the best toner for normal skin? Moisturizers help retain moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis and prevent moisture from evaporating. Rose water is a popular example of this. These toners are the most gentle on the skin and are especially suitable for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and normal skin. Sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation.Is it okay to apply facial toner for dr

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