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Pressed Juicery Cleanse 1 Instructions

Jus By Julie Cleanse Review

Pressed Juicery’s Cleanse 1 (Full Day Juice Fast)

As yall know, I love to do product reviews. Im basically a human Guinea Pig at this point. I love testing and trying out various products and services and sharing my thoughts. When I was offered the opportunity to review a 3-day juice cleanse from JUS by Julie I jumped at the chance!

For the last few years, Ive definitely been focused on living a healthier lifestyle. Everyone can use a good refresher now and then, right? Thats what I looked at this cleanse as being for me.

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Pressed Juicery 3 Day Cleanse: A Review

May 8, 2015

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Im almost done with day three of a juice cleanse. So many people have seen my posts about it and asked who it was that I thought I would write a little review. First of all let me say that I did this 3-day juicing with my husband NOT because we wanted a detox or to lose weight but truthfully because it sounded like an adventure and we wanted to know if we could do it. Did we have the willpower to not eat anything for three days? So here is the skinny:

What? 3-day juice Cleanse 1 from Pressed Juicery. I chose Pressed Juicery because I had tried juices from some of the other bigger brand names and was not a fan. Several friends had raved about their juices and so I figured they must be good. We selected Cleanse 1 because it was our first time doing it and because we are not cautious eaters. The juices we received each day were as follows :

Vanilla Almond: pretty yummy and made me think Id like to start every morning this way. The only issue I had was that I found this one made my blood sugar crash earlier than strictly juice and that made me hungry. I think the dates and the almond milk added to that sugary crash, but they made it feel more substantial than the juice-only ones.

Greens 2: strictly juice and delish and definitely in my top three of juices of this cleanse

Greens 3: again another fantastic and delicious juice. Similar to Greens 2 this one had ginger for an added kick. my second favorite juice for sure.

How Juice Cleanses Work

Juice cleanses typically come in one, three, or seven-day packages, but go as high as 10-day package for real pros. Each day consists of several juices that are often tailored to different times of day . Some juice cleanse programs also suggest incorporating light vegetarian or vegan meals as well.

During a juice cleanse you should be limiting strenuous exercise and enjoying stress-free activities like nature walks, yoga, or writing. But before you jump headfirst into a juice cleanse, health experts suggest a period of preparation. After eating poorly, drinking alcohol, getting poor sleep, and being stressed, a sudden juice cleanse can be an uncomfortable shock to the body. An effective two-day preparation period and a gradual two-day finish not only makes the actual cleanse easier to handle but also much more effective.

For these two days on both ends of the juice cleanse, replace unhealthy foods, drinks and activities with healthy nutrition and light exercise. This means replacing animal products, alcohol, sugar and coffee with green tea, fruit, lentils and rice . During these two days, you should also try to avoid stress as much as possible and get a good nights sleep.

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Pressed Juicery Full Day Juice Cleanse Review

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I did two more juice cleanses, which is amazing since I am pretty sure I swore to myself at least that I would never do another cleanse after my Juice in the Raw cleanse. But oops I did it again and then again and now I can consider myself a full day juice cleanse expert

Would I Do The Juice Cleanse Again

Pressed Juicery 3 Day Cleanse

The answer is a resounding yes! When I do this juice cleanse again from Pressed Juicery I will do a one day cleanse, I felt that was just enough for me to feel better and reset my digestion system. I will also try the experienced cleanse, as I really loved the green juices the best. I would also be interested in trying the Elderberry shots next winter when we are at the height of influenza season. I was down this year with influenza and do not want to get that again!

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What Are The Benefits Of A Juice Cleanse

Its an opportunity to break bad eating habits and cultivate healthy ones. Juices are easy to digest and a cleanse is one way to get a respite from potentially allergenic foods and find out how your body reacts. Theyre a great way to increase hydration as well as your intake of fruits and vegetables. Cleanses also typically result in short-term weight loss, although many health professionals consider them not a great way to do so.

Pressed Juicery: 1 Day Cleanse


I drank the juices in this order below every 2 hours.

Vanilla Almond: This was the perfect start to the cleanse. Obviously, this is super yummy and simple so theres not too much to say about it. I think this is a classic and I am aware that many people enjoy it too.

Greens 2: I took a very deep breathe before drinking this one, but soon after I took a sip, I realized it really isnt that bad. The instant taste is of apples and lemons, but soon a mild taste of kale and celery kicks in. Nothing daunting, so I would buy another one.

Roots 2: This was also scary to drink because it had a lot of vegetables with an addition of ginger. I was hesitant, but I was so hungry I took a huge gulp of it. And I have to say I like it it tastes better than the Green juices in my opinion. Pressed Juicery amazes me how they produce such great tasting juices with only vegetables and has such cute packaging.

Citrus 2: You can not go wrong with this juice. It is so refreshing and was the perfect break from the vegetables juices during the cleanse. I love pineapples, lemons, and just a tarty drink so I am definitely repurchasing this one.

Greens 3: To be honest, I actually skipped this juice and tried it on the next day because I just didnt feel like drinking another juice. This one is very similar to the Greens 2, but has a huge kick of ginger. I personally do not like it because of the ginger, kale, and celery combination, but my dad really does.


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Foods You Can Eat Freely

  • Fruits and vegetables, especially those with dark pigments like kale and other dark leafy greens, tomatoes, red bell peppers, purple cabbage, blueberries, and cranberries.

  • Soaked nuts and seeds in small quantities.

  • Unfiltered cold-pressed flaxseed, olive, sesame, sunflower, almond, coconut, hemp, macadamia nut.

  • All green juices, vegetable juices.

  • Antioxidant-rich superfoods, such as acai, cacao, goji berries, spirulina, blueberries, maca, wheatgrass, hemp.

  • Fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, kefir, and miso to support a healthy gut and immune system.

Reset And Rejuvenate Cleanse

I Tried Pressed Juicery’s 1-Day Cleanse

Live well, Live clean, Live green. This cleanse offers a surge of nutrients and is great for those who love green juices and want to cleanse while also maintaining a moderate to higher level of physical activity.

Juices: The Big Green, Black Magic, Hippie Lettuce, Black Magic, I Do Declare, Muy Fuerte

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Juice Cleanse Order And Pick Up

  • Orders placed Tues-Fri. earliest pick up is the following Tuesday.

  • Orders placed Sat.-Mon. earliest pick up is the following Friday.

  • According to the day you are placing the order and the instructions above, please indicate your Tuesday or Friday pick up date on our order form.

  • You may order out as far as 30 days from the day you are placing this order.

  • Please use the special instructions box at check out for any special instructions.

  • 3 and 5 day juice cleanses can be quite heavy. Please bring someone to help carry the juices out to your car. Juice Crew members may not be available to assist with carrying juices out.

What Will My Cleanse Order Include

The Classic Detox Cleanse will include 6 bottled drinks per day. For example, a 5-day cleanse will include 30 bottled drinks. The Celery Detox Cleanse will include one bottle per day and is sold in packs of 6. To preserve freshness, all bottles will come in an insulated box with ice packs. Please make sure to refrigerate your cleanse as soon as possible.

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How To Pick A Juice Cleanse

There are now dozens of juice cleanse programs to choose from, so youll need to research a few before deciding. Weve combed the web for some of the best juice cleanses, but there are still some decisions youll need to make before choosing.

The first choice is easy: how long do you want your juice to cleanse to be? The typical length is three days because its effective but not too challenging. One-day cleanses are great for beginners or anyone that just wants a quick detox, say, on a Saturday after a stressful week. Seven- and ten-day cleanses should only be used by people whove done a cleanse before.

Youll also need to decide if you want ready-to-drink juices sent to your door or powder packets that you mix with water, orange juice or nut milk. There is also the option of a completely DIY juice recipe book. Powder packets and DIY options are usually cheaper and more convenient if youre having juices while at work or on the road, but ready-to-drink juices make the whole process easier.

Jus By Julie 1 Day Juice Cleanse Review

Pressed Juicery 3
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I decided to take my first dive into juice cleansing by attempting a 1 day juice cleanse by Jus by Julie. After a long week of poor eating, it was just what my body needed to get back on track. There were some ups and downs along the way since this was my very first juice cleanse. I documented the entire cleansing process so I can share my Jus by Julie 1 day cleanse review with all of my HBH readers.

If you find this review helpful, consider signing up to Jus by Julie here!

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How Should I Prepare For A Juice Cleanse

To make the transition to a purely juiced diet easier to handle, experts often recommend eliminating things such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, and meat three to five days before starting a cleanse. Ideally, switch to a plant-based diet for those few days before and after. Its natural to feel low in energy during the process, so time the cleanse for days when you can take it easy and go to bed early. Working out is fine, but it shouldnt be too strenuous. Juice cleanses can also cause nutrient deficiencies, muscle loss, and more, according to healthcare professionals.

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Best For Beginners: Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery

Why We Chose It: If youve never done a juice cleanse before or just want to dip a toe in the water, Pressed Juicery offers cleanses with filling nut milks to keep you satiated, and half-day options that are intended to be consumed along with a plant-based dinner.

  • Made with up to 5 pounds of produce per bottle

  • Options for half-day and beginner cleanses

  • Rewards program and membership discounts

  • Local pickup or delivery in cities with juice bar locations

  • Not organic

  • $99 order minimum

  • Minimum $15 shipping fee

Pressed Juicerys cleanses come in three different options, each with six bottles per day, depending on how lean and green you want to go. The Beginner includes two juices with nut milks, which have fats to help keep you feeling full and satisfied. Theres even a half-day option of four juices and one wellness shot thats intended to culminate with a plant-based meal at the end of each day. Those ready for fewer calories can opt for Our Most Popular, which has just one nut milk blend. The aptly named For the Experienced cleanse has the greenest juices in the lineup and, therefore, the least calories. The juices are packed with up to five pounds of vegetables in each bottle and average under $6 a bottle.

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I Tried A Juice Cleanse & Heres What Went Down

Ive heard about juicing for years, curious about the benefits but not interested in feeling starving and giving up food. Two weeks into 2019 and I have decided today was the day to try this. I went into Pressed Juicery® last night and bought the Cleanse 1, the beginner cleanse. The lady at Pressed described this cleanse as the highest in calories making it easier to not feel hungry, and the most tasteful. As a picky-eater, this was for sure the way to go. This cleanse came with 6 drinks, and since I signed up as a member, I got 2 free shots and bought two of their premium waters. I was instructed to drink the juices every 2 hours, the waters throughout the day, and the shots whenever I felt like it.

Juices: Vanilla Almond, Chocolate Almond, Greens 2, Greens 3, Roots 2, Citrus 2

Shots: Probiotic Shot, Elderberry Shot

Water: Lemon Cayenne H2O

11:30 I started off the day with Vanilla Almond . This drink was pretty good to start off with. At this point, I have very low expectations for this cleanse. Im not a huge fan of vanilla flavor to start off with, but it wasnt bad. I became full off the first drink so my day started off pretty good. Id rate the flavor a 6/10.

Cleanses help with the removal of toxins from the inside of the body, and therefore in the future, I hope to see clearer skin and becoming less fatigued overall, both of which are common benefits of the cleanse.

Let me know if you want a progress post in the future!

Jus By Julie 1 Day Juice Cleanse Review: The Process

1 Day Juice Cleanse w/ Pressed Juicery [TIPS & IS IT WORTH IT?!]

9:00 A.M. Sweet Spin

My first juice of the day is made from spinach, kale, pineapple, banana, and mango. I knew I was going to like it from the description alone and I wasnt wrong. Its really good. It has a mango after taste and its sweet so it gave me a nice energy boost.

How I feel: My body feels fine and I dont feel hungry.

11:00 A.M. Spicy Pomegranate

The second juice of the day is made of pomegranate, lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. I wasnt too sure about this one at first but after one sip and I was in heaven. This one is my favorite! It taste like lemonade but with a hint of pepper. I can taste the pepper once I start to swallow. The spice really gives it a kick. Really, really good!

How I feel: My body still feels fine and I dont feel hungry.

1:00 P.M. Dr. Green

The third juice of the day is made of kale, spinach, celery, apple, ginger, lemon, H20 and rice milk. The first two juices was going really well so I thought this would also taste good. Boy was I wrong. I couldnt stand the taste and I struggled with this one. It took longer but I managed to finish it.

How I feel: My head is starting to hurt a bit from the lack of sugar and Im starting to crave solid foods. I just keep telling myself, Hang in there girl. Just three more to go!

3:00 P.M. Chia Berry

How I feel: Getting less headaches and Im not craving solid foods as much as before. The sweetness from the Chia Berry gave me a little boost.

5:30 P.M. Island Coconut

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Juicing

The best way to reap the benefits of your produce? Eat them whole. But if youre pressed on time or are particular about textures, the next best thing is downing them as a juice. Its worth noting that you might miss out on getting the fiber and phytonutrients that come the skins and stems, which is why blending them into a smoothie is also ideal.

Some swear by juice cleanses as a way to detox and shed extra pounds. Harvard Health notes that while its true that environmental toxins can build up in the intestines, no published research currently supports the safety or efficacy of juice fasting. Juices tend to be lower in calories than your average solid meal, which is why some people see initial weight loss, says Harvard.

Whatever your health goals are be it losing your pandemic pounds or squeezing in more vegetables and fruits weve rounded up some of the best juice delivery services that you can order online. Many of these companies offer convenient subscriptions as well as rewards programs, and a few even offer full meals.

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