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Pure Radiance Sonic Facial Cleanser

Philips Pure Radiance Sonic Facial Cleansing System: Why

Pure Radiance by CALA Sonic Facial Cleansing System Review || Vanity Planet Dupe???

Can’t watch the video right now? The Philips Pure Radiance why-buy-this info is as follows:

  • cleansing 10 times more effective than just washing your face with your hands
  • smoother, clearer, more radiant skin with once-daily use
  • the mechanics combine sonic vibration with a brush that rotates
  • two speeds: gentle cleansing and deep cleansing
  • a one-minute cycle with mini-pauses to indicate time to move to the next facial zone
  • 30 one-minute sessions with one charge
  • a drying stand/charging station into which the brush fits bristles down, no plastic cap required
  • three brush options include one for normal skin, one for sensitive , and one for exfoliation
  • the brushes are quite soft, with bristles cut straight across
  • a plastic travel cap and soft zippered case for just the unit

Come September in Canada, you’ll find the Philips Pure Radiance Sonic Facial Cleansing System wherever Philips products are sold replacement brushes are $19.99 each. Only the pink unit will be here at first a pale blue just launched in the US, so we’ll see it in Spring. Visit for more info.

So, whatcha think so far?

Philips Pureradiance Cleansing System Review

Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System aka Philips VisaPure in the UK.

This Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System post was a giveaway + review post, but now that the winner has been selected , I’ve edited it to focus on the review, ‘k? I’d mentioned the PureRadiance before as a great last-minute gift, but hadn’t got into detail. So here’s the lowdown on how the Philips PureRadiance measures up as a skincare boost.

Pure Radiance By Cala Sonic Facial Cleanser Walmart

This facial cleanser is top for individuals with rough and rough skin, it is a Radiance By Sonic and it is unequaled for individuals with rough and rough skin. This facial cleanser is a first-class alternative for individuals with rough and rough skin, it is an 2 x speed facial cleanser and it is top-grade for admirers with rough and rough skin. This facial cleanser is all about softening and softened skin, it helps to 4 x the speed of your skin’s growth and allows you to look younger and healthier. This facial cleanser is fabricated with all-natural ingredients and is designed to clean and cage this is a beautiful, sleek facial cleansing filter that presents invented specifically for deep it is produced of aluminium with a very light-weight and feels just like no-man’s-land, i admire the alternative it feels and how it feels like a natural on-the-go tool – first-rate for quickly deep cleaning any skin type.

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How We Test Cleansing Brushes

We put a range of cleansing tools and brushes to our panel of 195 beauty testers, who trialled each one for four weeks. Before we gave the tools to testers we also removed any branding to avoid bias.

Testers rated their tool’s performance, ease of use and overall effect on the skin. While in the Good Housekeeping Institute lab, we assessed each tool’s make-up removal skills on an artificial skin replica.

What Are Cleansing Brushes

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Cleansing brushes arent a replacement for your trusted cleanser. Instead, they work alongside your skincare products to help optimise results.

To use: simply apply your cleanser as normal, wet the cleansing brush head and massage across your face voilà!

They help to remove make-up and dirt more efficiently, and with more oomph than your regular washcloth, they provide a much deeper cleanse. Also adept at removing dead skin, cleansing brushes are excellent for anyone seeking a clearer complexion, as they can help to keep blemishes at bay.

Whats more, the circular motions used can also promote lymphatic drainage, stimulating the surface of your skin to help give it a little detox.

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Philips Sc5274 Pureradiance Facial Cleansing System

Philips SC5274 PureRadianceDescription

The SC5274 PureRadiance Facial cleansing system uses Sonic Technology with Advanced Dual Motion to provide gentle deep cleansing to remove makeup and dirt for healthy, soft and radiant skin. Works for all skin types. This cleanser has an intelligent skin zone timer with auto shut-off and multiple speed settings to customize your cleansing routine. It is water resistant and can be used with your favourite cleansers in the shower or at the sink. The SC5274 has a lithium ion battery which provides 30 uses with one charge. Universal voltage.

  • Philips SC5274 PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System
  • Gentle deep cleaning for healthy looking skin
  • Sonic technology, 10x more effective than hand cleansing
  • Rechargeable cleansing wand with multiple speed settings
  • Intelligent skin zone timer with auto shut-off
  • Water-resistant, can be used in the shower
  • Includes standard brush head, charging and drying pedestal and travel pouch
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • UPC: 075020042484

Do Cleansing Brushes Remove Blackheads

Cleansing brushes feature bristles that gently exfoliate skin, helping to remove dead skin, dirt and excess sebum, which contribute to blackheads forming. This deeper clean helps prevent pores from clogging, so you should see less pesky black dots.

It’s also important to keep your gadget in tip-top shape by removing the head attachment at least once a week to give the bristles a clean. Even better, replace your brush head every three months or so.

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Philips Pure Radiance Sonic Facial Cleansing System: What

Yep, again, I know what you’re thinking! Go ahead, say it! Philips already knows exactly what we think of the shape of the Philips Pure Radiance Sonic Facial Cleansing System. *grin*

For the short video below, I asked Jennifer Ingram from Philips Canada to tell us about the Pure Radiance cleansing brush. She threw in a demo on a raw egg. Btw, the unit is known as VisaPure in Europe — “visa” as in visage, rather than “VISA card.”

The Philips Pure Radiance Sonic Facial Cleansing System Hits Canada This Fall

BEAUTYGEEKS: Philips Pure Radiance Facial Cleansing Brush

Feels like facial-brush wars this Fall! A Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush and a Philips Pure Radiance Sonic Facial Cleansing System are going head-to-head with Clarisonic for space on your bathroom counter. And both are waving at your wallet with competitive price tags up to $150. Let’s see about the Philips Pure Radiance brush first.

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