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Pure Vitality Ultimate Cleanse Drops

Diet During The Active Cleansing Phase

About Vitality Detox Drops
  • Eat Kitchari throughout the day, as desired, allowing at least three hours between meals and aiming to have a total of three meals per day. Again, eat enough to feel satisfied but do not overeat.
  • You can garnish your kitchari with Fresh Coriander Chutney or Sesame Seed Chutney.
  • It is best to avoid snacking, but if you need a little something extra, you can enjoy some fresh fruit, a few raw nuts, or a couple of slices of avocado.
  • It is very important not to feel deprived during your cleanse. Be sure to eat enough food and enough variety that you truly feel satisfied and at peace with the process.
  • If the monodiet is causing a sense of deprivation, do not eat kitchari for breakfast. Have Simple Oatmeal instead. You can also vary the vegetables that you use in your kitchari from day to day. If you are still struggling, try steaming your vegetables and serve them as a separate side dish, garnished with a little melted ghee, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. Or, have a side of 1/2 avocado with a sprinkle of salt and lemon juice.
  • Try not to eat anything after 7 p.m.
  • Drink at least 812 cups of room temperature, warm, or hot fluids each day to ensure adequate hydration and to help flush toxins as they are released.
  • Ideally, most of your fluids should be taken between meals.
  • Appropriate fluids include water, CCF Tea, Rehydration Tea, and Detox Digest: drink as much of any of these as you like.

The Four Phases Of A Cleanse

A traditional Ayurvedic cleanse involves four distinct phases, each of which plays an important role in the process:

  • PreparationThe First StepA time to clean up your diet and lifestyle in preparation for an effective cleanse.
  • Active CleansingThe Heart of the CleanseA period of eating a monodiet of grains, kitchari , vegetables, and plenty of detoxifying fluids the process at this stage can be complemented by a number of supportive lifestyle practices.
  • ReintroductionA Buffer for Your Digestive FireA time to slowly diversify the diet, gradually incorporating simple, whole foods and eventually re-introducing common allergens such as wheat, dairy, soy, and nightshades.
  • RejuvenationThe Final StepThis is the time to offer deep nourishment to the tissues and to promote rejuvenation throughout the system. This is really a separate endeavor from the cleanse itself, and while it is peripherally addressed below, you will find a more thorough set of resources for this phase of your process in our Rejuvenation Department.
  • You Cant Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym

    If you hate running on a treadmill and dont feel pumped about lifting weights, we have some good news. While we agree that exercise is vital for your overall health, its not true that you have to spend hours at the gym in order to see a significant difference on the scale.

    Most of our daily calorie burn actually comes from something called our basal metabolic rate. This is the energy we use just by performing basic functions and believe it or not, it takes a significant amount of calories just to keep us alive when our bodies are at rest. Experts believe that our basic metabolic rate accounts for between 60-80% of our daily energy expenditure! We burn about another 10% of our daily energy on digesting food, which only leaves 10-30% for exercise.

    This means that burning off the wine and cheese you ate at the company Christmas party is harder than it sounds and the most sure-fire way of losing weight is by managing the number of calories you have coming into your body, and not by the amount you burn each day at the gym.

    While it may not help you drop too many pounds, exercise is still an important part of a healthy routine. Many studies show that just 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and it can also improve your mood, so it is vital that you keep moving.

    No matter how many pounds you have to lose, stay on track for long term success by busting these weight loss myths!

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    Lyme Disease Symptoms Have Decreased Dramatically

    I have had Lyme Disease for a few years. I tried different therapies and change in diet, but with little success. Since I have been taking Vitality, the symptoms have decreased dramatically. I stopped taking the drops a couple times to see the difference, and indeed, every time I halted taking the drops, my symptoms were back intensely. The drops help me function and made my life a lot better.

    Are You Ready To Have Your Life Back

    Cellular Support Supplements

    Youve tried everything, but youre just not feeling much better.

    Youre exhausted, overweight, and frustrated by the symptoms that are keeping you stuck in a body you hate.

    What if there was a way to turn back time and feel better by removing the toxins that are keeping you stuck once and for all?

    What if you could feel good again and have more energy, mental clarity, and vitality in just ONE MONTH from now?

    Thats what the Sauna Detox Program can do.

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    What We Do At Pure Vitality Is Different

    Most people think that alternative medicine is about a particular diet, a detox, or about taking supplements, but its so much more than all of that.

    Its about being able to sleep well and wake up feeling good, so you are not dependent on a cup of coffee to get you going!

    Its about being free of anxiety and loving life again!

    The food, the supplements, the detox program, those are just some of the tools we use to get you there.

    While most people these days are looking for a quick fix, or a medication to mask symptoms, we know that the work we do goes so much deeper than that.

    A New Beginning Transitioning Back Into Your Normal Life

    Toward the end of the cleanse, take some time to reflect on your life so that you can move forward with whatever new intentions feel important to you at this time. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as you wrap up your cleanse is to honor the effort youve made by slowly and gently easing back into a more diverse diet and a more typical routine.

    Even after youve moved through a defined period of reintroduction, understand that it may take some timetwo weeks, a month, or longerbefore you are able to fully appreciate the benefits of your cleanse. This is completely normal because the body is often still working to eliminate the toxins released during the cleanse. This is a wonderful time to cultivate deeper inner awareness and to listen to your body. You can further support optimal health by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, even after the cleanse is over.

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    The Gift Of Good Health Is The Greatest Thing You Can Give Yourself

    After this program, I feel a new level of calm I have never felt before. I am able to focus and able to be calm in situations that would normally be stressful. I am able to listen to people, able to engage, and be more patient. Overall, I am living in a serene place, the racing thoughts are gone, and I handle situations totally different than I ever have before. Jimmy Ford

    Winter Vitality From The Inside Out

    Clean up radiation with zeolite

    Recently I posted on nurturing wellness with pure essential oils for the respiratory system. Today I want to focus on another body system that is equally important to wellness but very often overlooked: the digestive system.

    The digestive system is where vitality and immunity begin

    Even today as the world wakes up to the benefits of raw foods, organic foods and friendly-bacteria foods, sick people are still more likely to go to a doctor than think about changing their eating habits first. To be fair, your doctor might not talk too deeply about diet either before the medicine comes out.

    But when you think about it, this doesn’t make much sense: our food is our body fuel. So, clearly how well it is received and processed will affect directly how much energy is available for life functions.

    Also, effective digestion involves about a hundred trillion bacteria living in the gut, so it follows that our general immune protection against pathogens depends on a healthy balance here, first and foremost.

    It’s no big surprise then to find some specialists already saying that most disease originates in the digestive system and the most effective course of healing comes from focusing on restoring a healthy balance therein.

    Knowing how your gut works is the first step to good health

    Which is why if anything happens to diminish these benevolent wee guests, our health is immediately threatened.

    Which is why we lose energy to the immune system when our stomach has to fight infections.

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    Weight Loss Diets Work

    One of the most pervasive myths about weight loss is the idea that diets work. There are hundreds of special weight loss diets, fasts and cleanses on the market and while some of these may result in short term weight loss, they are not sustainable. Crash diets are a temporary fix for a long term problem and studies show that 85% of people using diets to lose weight gain it right back within one year.

    If youre overweight, the chances are that you need to overhaul your relationship with food and learn to think about your diet differently. The general rule of thumb is that if the diet youre trying is not something you can honestly see yourself doing for a lifetime, then its probably not going to work for you forever. Pretty simple when you think about it!

    The news about diets doesnt stop there. Not only can some cleanses and weight loss diets be ineffective, but they can actually be dangerous, depriving your body of nutrients and calories that it needs to stay in optimal health.

    The best dietary changes often have more to do with moderation than they do with cutting out foods like carbs or fat completely. Your body needs different types of food in order to function, and weight only begins to pile on when something is out of balance. Healthy and sustainable weight loss will probably happen at a rate of around 1lb per week. While losing weight this way may feel slower than a crash diet, youre much more likely to stay healthy and keep the weight off long term.

    Supplements Aren’t Fda Approved And Can Be Risky

    This is a common sight on many wellness or weight loss products because the FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements, or review them for either safety or effectiveness.

    As a result, the FDA website advises consumers to consult a medical professional and do some research before using any nutritional supplements, and be wary of claims that seem too good to be true.

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    It Was Most Definitely The Vitality Detox Drops That Was Giving Him A Symptom

    A few months ago I heard about the benefits of VITALITY Detox Drops, a hydrolyzed liquid zeolite, and of course I thought of him. I contacted him and shared that I had heard stories that several individuals with Lyme disease were experiencing relief from the common symptoms like chronic fatigue. I warned him that I wasn’t sure if it would help, but why not give it a try. He said he would try it, but he had tried so many other things that he didn’t have a lot of hope. He is pretty skeptical with new products and I can imagine after years of feeling horrible.

    After a week had passed, I called to check in and see how things were going. He was actually feeling much better but said he was also trying a couple of other things so he didn’t know if it was the drops or the other things that were helping. In his opinion, he thought it could also be a placebo effect and at this point, I decided to let him be and suggested he continue taking the drops.

    Shortly after reintroducing the drops back into his daily diet the final time, he called and told me that he could work the entire day, had more than enough energy and he felt he had his life back again. This time he was convinced that it was most definitely the VITALITY Detox Drops that was giving him a symptom-free life.

    We Help People Just Like You Take Your Life Back

    Parasite Drops

    Our Vibrant Health Program is customized program that provides a high level of support and accountability so you can take your health back once and for all.

    See, most people already know what they should eat or how much sleep they need. But they dont do it. That comes from wanting to help others so much, that we neglect ourselves. And its a recipe for disaster.

    We may suffer from chronic anxiety, may feel stuck in a bad relationship ,or a job that we hate.

    We know what needs to happen, but we cant seem to muster the strength to do it for ourselves.

    Thats where we come in.

    We uncover the root cause of your symptoms and fix the them with the right diet and lifestyle approach for your body type. One size does not fit all.

    When you feel good, you can do more of what you love, leave the anxiety behind, enjoy your friends and family, and sleep well. And that leads to pursuing dreams, elevated confidence, feeling empowered.

    Limiting beliefs, or behaviors that do not serve you anything that has kept you stuck, broken, or sick can be healed.

    Its time to put an end to the struggle and make a healthy life your new normal.

    We believe this is the most life-changing program out there. Why? Weve seen this program do miracles.

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    Responsibilities Related To Health Product Advertising

    Health Canada is the national regulatory authority for health product advertisements. The Department oversees and enforces the regulatory requirements related to health product advertising.

    The Department plays an active role in addressing health product advertising complaints. It also works to prevent non-compliant advertising before it occurs, by developing policies and guidance, providing regulatory and policy clarifications and through stakeholder awareness activities. As well, Canada has a system in place that allows industry to have their advertising material reviewed and pre-cleared by independent APAs. While this system is voluntary, Health Canada strongly recommends that industry have their health product advertising material reviewed by an APA before dissemination, to help ensure it is compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements.

    APAs also offer a mechanism to resolve certain advertising complaints. Health Canada assesses every complaint it receives, including the level of health risk they may pose, to determine next steps including whether the complaint should be addressed by Health Canada or referred to an APA. More information on the roles of Health Canada and the APAs is in the Guidance Document – Health Canada and Advertising Preclearance Agencies’ Roles Related to Health Product Advertising.

    As I Prayed For Guidance And Finally Surrendered

    God told me that I would need someone to help me get well.

    It was a huge A-ha moment as I realized there was some missing piece of the puzzle that was keeping me stuck, something I couldnt figure out on my own.

    From that point on, I let go of fear, let go of control, and simply trusted that God would provide an answer even if I couldnt see it yet.

    In just 3 days, I got a phone call from a friend who said she had just met a practitioner who might be able to help me, and it turned out that she was the answer to my prayer.

    What happened after that was that she discovered what everyone else had been missing it was toxic chemicals I had been exposed to that were keeping me sick. Once I heard that, I felt such relief-

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    Safe Systemic Cellular Detoxification Support

    RECOMMENDED USAGE: Recommended for adults. Take 10 drops orally, twice daily , or as directed by your health care practitioner. CAUTION: If you are pregnant or nursing, consult with your health care practitioner before use. Keep out of reach of children.STORAGE: Keep in a cool dry place. References:

    There’s Evidence These Ingredients May Speed Up Metabolism But Could Have Nasty Side Effects Like Diarrhea Cramping And Nausea

    Hydrolyzed liquid zeolite and how it works

    The ingredients in Metabolism Drops are fairly common in many types of supplements, and the evidence behind their effectiveness is mixed. And they can come with unpleasant symptoms like digestive issues, jitters, and dehydration, according to Georgie Fear, a registered dietitian and sports nutrition specialist. In rare cases, too much of them can present a serious health risk.

    “Risk of side effects would be higher with large doses,” Fear told Insider via email.

    Caffeine, a common ingredient in supplements from pre-workout mixes to weight loss pills, shakes, and powders, can actually boost metabolism, at least in the short term, according to evidence. But you can just as easily get caffeine in the form of regular coffee or tea. However, using caffeine regularly in any form will cause you to build up a tolerance, making it less effective.

    However, caffeine can also can be dehydrating and cause side effects like anxiety, indigestion, rapid heart rate, and insomnia. And in highly concentrated doses, caffeine can be fatal.

    Taurine, a type of amino acid commonly found in energy drinks, is an important nutrient for health. While there’s some evidence it may boost athletic performance, and potentially fat burning during exercise, it’s not clear if it increases metabolism without a workout. It is, however, generally considered be safe, although high amounts of it could be concerning for people with kidney problems. Natural sources of taurine are meat, fish, and dairy.

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