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Raw Juice Cleanse Weight Loss

My Juices Arrived In The Mail Now What


Your juices were sent to you frozen in a special packaging as to maintain freshness. We freeze the juices right after they are pressed to keep the nutrients, enzymes and good bacteria from deteriorating.

It is perfectly normal and expected for your juices to defrost during transit, the key is for them to be cold when they arrive. Once you open the packages just put them in the freezer to refreeze and follow the instructions.

Keep them frozen until you are ready to do the cleanse. Juices can remain in the freezer up to 6 months.

Prepare your juices the day before by defrosting them at room temperature. The juices usually take about 4-6 hours to defrost. When they are mostly thawed but still very cold, place the juices in the fridge to start in the morning. Do not defrost overnight. Once defrosted, the juices will only last 3 to 4 days.

Drink as much water as you like during the cleanse.

Benefits Of Juice Cleanses

Most people who have embarked on a juice cleanse can attest to the benefits, but researchers seem to be finding more and more science behind these benefits. Here is the shortlist of juice cleanse benefits:

  • More energy
  • Better skin

These benefits are fairly wide-ranging, so lets break them down a little bit.

The weight loss associated with juice cleanses is both straightforward and confusing. Obviously, youll probably be in a calorie deficit when youre only consuming juices. However, juice cleanses can also be helpful with the mental side of weight loss, which is the real battle for many people looking to slim down. Youll need to be tough with yourself, and youll need to cut out unhealthy junk food and sugar while doing the juice cleanse. After changing your habits with the cleanse, it might be easier to stay off the junk once youre done.

The other primary benefit is improved digestive health, which might be the root of many other benefits. Juice cleanses give your gut and digestive tract a rest, which may heal and recharge the organs. This results in better vitamin and nutrient retention once the cleanse is over, providing energy, reducing acne and improving sleep.

Who Should Buy A Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are a short-term way to kick-start a change in your lifestyle towards a healthier diet and daily routine. While a juice cleanse isnt a long-term solution to problems like low antioxidant levels, deficient intake of vitamins and minerals, or being overweight or obese, a juice cleans is a great way to jump start a new routine. Doing a cleanse can help you kick old habits and move the dial on your health.

Juice cleanses are very popular ways to start a weight loss program, not because you can sustain the same juice-only diet long-term, but because the sharp restriction in caloric intake can help shock your body and mind into adapting to a change.

All the while, youre getting a short-term boost to your vitamin and and antioxidant levels, plus a quick drop in your blood lipids. If you need a change in habit, whether for a new years resolution or just to turn over a new leaf and re-establish a healthy lifestyle, a short-term juice cleanse is a great way to do it.

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Potential Weight Loss Aid

Youve gotten this far, so you already know that juicing can help you lose weight.

Depending on the fruits and vegetables that youre consuming, its possible that your morning, afternoon or evening juice are lower in calories than your normal snacks.

In many cases, this can mean that youre calorie deficient, which is a great way to get your body into fat-burning/pound-shedding mode. Although we do recommend eating healthy meals throughout your day, juicing is a great supplement for any fruits, vegetables and superfoods you may be missing.

Before You Do A Juice Cleanse


Juice cleanses can be extremely restrictive. Significantly reducing how much you eat, or how many calories you consume per day, may affect your blood sugar and hormone levels. Additionally, juices made with grapefruit or dark green leafy vegetables may interfere with certain medications.

Be sure to speak with your healthcare professional or a registered dietitian before starting a juice cleanse, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or if you take any prescription medications.

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Juice Cleanse For Weightloss Is It Healthy

Does Juicing Make you lose Healthy weightThere has been many talks that juicing is not healthy and that juice cleanses hurt you. This couldnt be further from the truth. A properly well done juice cleanse is medicine to your body. Its natural raw organic nutrition to heal, reset, renew and rejuvenate your cells, tissues and organs on a cellular level. Weightloss is just one of many side effects that happen during a juice feasting cleanse.

Weightloss is the top one reason why people do a juice cleanse. Many Hollywood starts from Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Ricthie, Alicia Silverstone, Julia Stiles, Olivia Wilde, Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel all swear by Juice cleanses for loosing weight, having more energy and feeling younger. Many companies do promote juice cleanse for weight-loss cause lets be honest its an easy sell. People these days will do anything to loose weight. Question is it healthy?

To answer that question You must need to first understand the how and Whys?

What causes Acidic Damage:Coffee, caffeine and Energy DrinksProcessed or fast foodMeat Dairy products, including eggsBreads, pastas, potatoes and baked goodsAlcohol and prescription drugsStress and negativity

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Risks And Realities Of Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses arent for everyone. Those with chronic health conditions should proceed with caution and discuss it with their health team before doing a cleanse. These include people with diabetes , kidney or liver disease, eating disorders , inflammatory bowel conditions, or irritable bowel syndrome, as well as people who are immunocompromised, pregnant, or breastfeeding, Romano says.

If you dont have any of these conditions,, and you can swallow the price tageven just a three-day program can cost as much as $150a juice cleanse isnt likely to cause harm. Keep the cleanse short, and consider doing one thats a combo of juice and solid food. If you decide to try a cleanse and you feel unwell at any point, stop and eat some real foodand seek healthcare if you dont improve right away.

Keep your expectations in check, too. Although juice itself can be an easy way to consume a lot of nutrients quickly, its lacking in many of the nutrients our bodies need. Even if a juice cleanse helps you hit the reset button or lose a few pounds, its not meant to be a long-term solution.

And remember, theres a low-risk, low-cost, science-backed way to support your body that can help you feel your best: Eating a colorful, balanced, and varied diet. Think fiber-rich foods, lean protein, healthy fats, lots of water, limited alcohol, and less concentrated sweets and ultraprocessed foods, Romano says.

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Here Are The Top Benefits Of A Juice Detox:

  • Helps you lose weight quickly.
  • Improves nutrient absorption.
  • Broadens the range of vegetables you eat.
  • Improves athletic performance.

Since juice doesnt have fiber, it doesnt have the same digestion needs as regular food. Nutrients are more easily absorbed by your body.

Fresh juices dont burden your body with digestion needs, and gives your body time to eliminate toxins and detox itself.

Key Point: Detox juice contains many beneficial nutrients due to its healthy raw ingredients. It can be used to help easily increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Try out some of the weight loss juice recipes and check out the juice cleanse how to guide below.

The Juice Detox Promise

I tried a 3 day Raw Generation juice cleanse… here’s what happened

Its true that our bodies come into contact with potentially harmful substances every daywhether in our environment or from drinking alcohol, says Ryan D. Andrews, MS, RD, an adjunct nutrition instructor at Purchase College in New York. A diet high in ultraprocessed foodswhich are often loaded with sodium, added sugars, and saturated fatcan also affect your health.

However, the body is built to naturally cleanse itself all the time. Healthy people can rely on the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, and even skin and lungs to naturally detoxify the body, Romano says. Those organs convert toxins into compounds that are eliminated by our bodies in sweat, urine, and feces.

Nutrients such as vitamin C and the flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables help support these processes. While juices can contain these and other healthy compounds, theres no evidence that consuming them in liquid form is any better than getting them through eating plant foods. Whats more, Woreta says, opt for juices over food and youre depriving yourself of other nutrients your body needs.

Fiber is a good example. Its limited or missing completely from juice cleanses. It may also be one of your bodys most important ways to get rid of harmful compounds. While some cleanse companies claim there is a benefit in the gut rest that their products offer you, missing out on fiber means your body is skipping a crucial step in the natural detoxification process.

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The Ultimate Green Detox Juice

This delicious green detox juice recipe is one of the most popular recipes available. It has the perfect balance of fruits and vegetables. It makes a perfect blend for detoxing your body after the holidays or a party.

Apple is full of nutrition. In addition to being a good source of Vitamin C, apples also contain polyphenols, which can have numerous health benefits.

Add or subtract the apple servings in this juice for cleansing to make it more or less sweet according to your taste.

Ultimate Green Detox Juice Recipe:

What Can You Juice

You are probably wondering what types of fruits and veggies you can juice to stay healthy while on your cleanse journey. Well, this article will give you the answers that you are looking for so that you will be adequately juicing the right things.

  • Almond milk
  • Vegetable broth
  • Celery, kale, carrots, cabbage, spinach, beets, and leafy greens
  • Apples, peaches, apricots, cherries, rhubarb, kiwis, pineapples, and mangos if you are going to use fruits with pits, make sure to remove the pits, seeds, skins, and tops before juicing.
  • Avocados and bananas also work for adding in fat and protein in making smoothies.

You can also use store made fresh and raw juices if you dont have the time to make it from scratch at home or if you dont have a juicer, if you are going to make smoothies, then itd best to have a blender. While using fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, make sure to use them right away so that the freshness doesnt decrease in value or that the food doesnt spoil.

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Country Farms Super Cleanse

Country Farms makes a cleansing product that comes in powder form, though its ingredients are more heavily processed to accomplish this.

The company boasts that it contains 35 different fruits and vegetables, and while this is true, it also means that you arent getting a particularly high dose of any one fruit or vegetable.

What Is Detox Juice


Detox juice is the nutritious juice that is extracted from fruits and vegetables using different methods, including by hand or with an electric juicer.

With a 3 day detox juice cleanse, you drink only juice and water for a period of time, usually for 3 days. This will give your liver and digestive system time to detox. During the juice cleanse, aim to drink detox juice every 2 2 ½ hours and try to be consistent. Skipping a green juice may disrupt your blood sugar levels and cause you to go off the juice detox.

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Raw Generation Does A 7 Day Juice Cleanse

A few weeks back we decided we needed before and after photos of the weight loss results possible from a juice cleanse, and who better to do a juice cleanse and showcase the results than us! My wonderful graphic designer, Aubrey, and I decided to commit to a 7-day juice cleanse, record our measurements, and take photographs.

Raw Foundation 3 Day Juice Cleanse Detox


This three-day cleanse from Raw Foundation utilizes powder packets of varying flavors to help you reap the potential benefits of your cleanse. It consists of 24 packets that come in four varieties: greens, berry blast, citrus kick and protina. Protina is the real star of Raw Foundations cleanse with seven grams of protein. Like all powder juice cleanses, Raw Foundations detox is very easy to use and ideal for anyone on-the-go. They also use monk fruit extract as a clever sugar substitute that should keep you away from the cookie jar at night.

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Juicing Without A Juicer

If you dont own a juicer, thats okay, you can still make fresh juice! High quality juicers can be expensive. If youre going to buy either a juicer or a blender, Id go with blender.

  • To make juice in a blender, add the ingredients to the blender and blend on the lowest setting.
  • Slowly add just enough water to turn the blender. Puree until completely smooth, adding more water to thin as necessary.
  • Pour through a fine mesh sieve set over a wide mouth jar or bowl. Use cheesecloth or a nut milk bag for a thinner juice.
  • Cons Of The Juice Cleanse Diet

    5 Day Juice n’ Lunch Cleanse Juice From The Raw

    While drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables may have many health benefits, consuming nothing but juice for three days or more is not necessarily healthy or sustainable in the long term. Any health benefits gained are only temporary.

    Children, people who are pregnant or nursing, or those with diabetes or chronic liver, kidney, or gallbladder problems should not undertake a juice cleanse.

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    Juicing For Weight Loss

    People who do juice cleanses may have greater amounts of healthy gut bacteria, which has been linked to weight reduction.

    In one small randomized study, a short 3-day juice-only diet altered the gut bacteria in 20 healthy people and resulted in substantial weight reduction. The weight loss lasted after the study ended .

    The researchers concluded that the weight maintenance may be due to changes in the participants gut bacteria .

    While detox juice diets may lead to weight loss, this is likely because participants arent eating enough .

    Furthermore, when it comes to evidence supporting the idea that juices might help you meet your nutritional needs, its worth noting that many juice-related studies are sponsored by or linked to the juice industry. This raises concerns about potential bias.

    Do Juice Cleanses Help You Lose Weight

    Since were willing to bet very few people opt into a temporary diet consisting of just squeezed fruits and veggies for fun, the next question becomes: do juice cleanses help you lose weight? Again, the consensus among the hand full of health experts we talked to was no.

    Dr. Josh Axe, D.N.M, C.N.S, D.C and founder of Ancient Nutrition explained that Cleanses are unlikely to lead to long-term weight loss because they dont teach you how to sustainably stick to a healthy, balanced diet. They might lead to some initial weight loss, but the weight is likely to return once someone resumes their normal diet.

    He went on to explain that Only drinking juice for several days will also result in calorie deprivation that ultimately leads to a slow down of your metabolic rate. Once your metabolism drops, this makes it harder to lose weight in the long-run.

    Alicia Galvin, R.D for Sovereign Laboratories agreed, explaining that juice cleanses are a short term solution. Initially you may lose a lot of water weight, but as soon as you start eating again, you will likely gain back that fluid.

    Morey also shared that theres very little evidence that juice cleanses help your body detox in any effective way.

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    Are There Any Safety Concerns In Doing A Juice Cleanse

    As with any change to your diet or restrictive eating, the first thing to note is if you are physically and mentally healthy enough to participate. Those who aim to lose weight quickly or replace food entirely should not try a juice cleanse, as it can be a slippery slope to disordered eating. Also, for those of whom are pregnant, nursing, underweight or those with any health conditions, a trip to the doctor or nutritionist is advised before altering your diet.

    The low calorie and low protein content of juice can also cause low blood sugar leading to headaches and dizziness, warned Syn. Also, important to note typically when the body is restricted of calories, they are regained, so a juice cleanse is not a sustainable eating pattern for someone seeking weight loss.

    Another concern is duration. Syn suggests no more than three days, and to make sure to listen to your body and eat whole foods when needed at any point.

    See What Our Customers Are Saying


    *Poll taken by 2500 of our customers who have tried our juice cleanse

    92% Experienced some weight loss during the cleanse

    93% Would recommend Juice From The RAW to a friend

    91% Agreed Juice From The RAW was a good detox

    94% Enjoyed the taste of our juice

    83% Plan to or have done a repeat cleanse within 3 months

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    How Juice Cleanses Work

    Juice cleanses typically come in one, three, or seven-day packages, but go as high as 10-day package for real pros. Each day consists of several juices that are often tailored to different times of day . Some juice cleanse programs also suggest incorporating light vegetarian or vegan meals as well.

    During a juice cleanse you should be limiting strenuous exercise and enjoying stress-free activities like nature walks, yoga, or writing. But before you jump headfirst into a juice cleanse, health experts suggest a period of preparation. After eating poorly, drinking alcohol, getting poor sleep, and being stressed, a sudden juice cleanse can be an uncomfortable shock to the body. An effective two-day preparation period and a gradual two-day finish not only makes the actual cleanse easier to handle but also much more effective.

    For these two days on both ends of the juice cleanse, replace unhealthy foods, drinks and activities with healthy nutrition and light exercise. This means replacing animal products, alcohol, sugar and coffee with green tea, fruit, lentils and rice . During these two days, you should also try to avoid stress as much as possible and get a good nights sleep.

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