Monday, November 27, 2023

Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Cleanser

Why We Love It

Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea Cleanser

This natural tyrosinase-inhibiting brightening and lightening formula gives the skin a bright, even, healthy glow. In addition, due to the fact that most pigmentation is triggered from UV exposure, Rhonda adds cranberry seed to increase antioxidant support.

  • Provides Rich, Foamy Deep Cleansing Action
  • Boosts Brightening with Next Generation Lighteners
  • Renews Radiance & More Even Tone
  • Enhances Sensory Experience while Cleansing

1 oz. or 4 oz. | Gluten-Free

Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Cleanser


This is the perfect all purpose cleanser for anyone prone to pigment concerns. When added to a brightening home care program, Skin Brightening Cleanser will continue to enhance the results after any professional treatment. An excellent daily wash for pre and post laser to address pigment concerns.

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