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Salicylic Acid Cleanser For Acne

Best Salicylic Acid Face Wash For Oily Skin: La Roche


Thanks to its oil-dissolving prowess, salicylic acid is a great pick if you have oily skin, even if you’re lucky enough to not also be battling breakouts. “With a two-percent concentration of salicylic acid, this has been clinically-tested to remove more than 45 percent of oil from skin,” says Dr. Icecreamwala, making this La Roche-Posay cleanser a top choice for those with perpetually slick skin. And not only does this salicylic acid cleanser remove excess oil right away, but it also keeps your complexion from getting greasy throughout the day, she adds.

Best Salicylic Acid Face Washes And Cleansers In 2021

If you suffer from acne and pimples, you know how tough it is to manage this skin condition. Any irritant can cause an instant breakout. If you use a product that contains ingredients that irritate your skin type, you are prone to frequent breakouts. So, you must use cleansers that contain a highly potent ingredient: salicylic acid. These are 10 of the best salicylic acid face washes we recommend.

The type of cleanser or face wash you choose needs to take into consideration your skin type: dry, oily, or combination skin. Most people with acne have oily or combination skin.

Salicylic acid is the most common ingredient in face washes and cleansers designed for acne and psoriasis. It is known as one of acnes biggest enemies and one of the top zit-fighting solutions. Skincare products that contain salicylic acid remove dead skin and clear clogged pores, thus keeping the skin clean and preventing oiliness and breakouts.

People who suffer from acne should always visit a dermatologist before using acne products. Dermatologists recommend using products that contain either salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or a combination of the two. These ingredients are found in both drugstore products and high-end skincare.

Check out our list of the top 10 salicylic acid face washes and cleansers on Amazon.

On this list, youll discover the top 10 salicylic acid face cleansers for every budget.

Is Salicylic Acid Cleanser Safe

Salicylic acid has properties similar to that of aspirin. Even though salicylic acid suits all skin types, a mild tingling is common when applied to sensitive skin.

If there is prolonged irritation, consult your dermatologist. You may be recommended a toner with hydrating and soothing ingredients like cucumber, which works to balance the skin.

Doctors do not advise using salicylic acid when:

  • Pregnant

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Lavo Clarifying Facial Cleanser

The Lavo Facial Cleanser by Bealuz is a strong anti-acne face wash with three active ingredients: salicylic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid. This cleanser does more than the usual salicylic face wash it soothes, removes inflammation, and clears up acne. Since it contains three acids, it works better.

It helps get rid of cystic acne while removing blackheads and whiteheads. It also works as a makeup remover by thoroughly dissolving makeup and pollutants.

The formula also contains lavender and vitamin B, which help reduce any excess oil on your face. It does not contain any toxic chemicals and is irritant-free, which means even people with sensitive skin can use the cleanser.

We had to include this Amazon bestseller because it has tons of great reviews and has a maximum strength formula, which combats all of the issues caused by acne.


  • Versatility: this product can be used by men, women, and teens.
  • It is a cruelty-free formula, which means it is not tested on animals.
  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • The cleanser has a menthol fragrance, which may be irritating to some.

Salicylic Acid For Acne: Treatment Efficacy Products Uses Side Effects

The 9 Best Acne Face Washes at Walmart in 2019
  • Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliative that can effectively treat and prevent acne, particularly noninflammatory acne
  • It can clear pores and prevent dead skin cell, debris and oil buildup
  • This acid can be found in a range of over-the-counter, prescription and medical-grade skin care products such as cleansers, toners, gels, moisturizers and peels
  • Salicylic acid should not be combined with other exfoliative products as this can cause dryness, redness and possibly burns

Acne is a chronic skin condition that develops when hair follicles become clogged with dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum . Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant that works to clear pores and prevent acne formation by breaking down plugs of sebum and debris, and sloughing off dead skin cells. Salicylic acid for acne has been demonstrated to effectively treat and prevent noninflammatory acne pimples.


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Inkey List Sa Cleanser

While this brilliant product is a life saver for people with oily skin as it reduces breakouts and blemishes, if you have a combination skin like mine, it will help you deal with excess oil, blackheads and whiteheads. The addition of 2% of SA will help shed the dead top layer on your skin and give way for new skin regeneration.

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Clearing Wash 2% Salicylic Acid

Peter Thomas Roths Acne Clearing Wash is a constant bestseller in beauty stores around the world, including Sephora. This cleanser is packed with maximum strength ingredients that fight acne. It removes all of the excess oil stuck inside pores and any residue left behind by makeup. If you struggle with pesky bumps and scars caused by pimples, use this cleanser daily to reduce their appearance quickly. Since its a clearing wash, it works instantly to calm the skin and heal scars or inflammation. Consider it a spot treatment and cleanser all in one.

In addition to the 2% BHA, this cleanser also contains allantoin, an ingredient that calms skin and vitamin B5, which has nourishing and soothing properties. People love this product because it is an efficient face cleanser but doesnt dry out the skin. It is paraben-free and has a pleasant citrus scent.

We couldnt leave out this cult favorite because its one of the most effective over-the-counter acne cleansers you can find.


  • You only need to use a dime-sized amount to get a full lather so that a bottle will last you for a long time.
  • The formula leaves skin looking soft and glowy.


  • It is an expensive cleanser that costs over $40.
  • It is a citrus-scented product, so it may not be suitable for those looking for fragrance-free treatments.

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Best For Sensitive Skin: Paula’s Choice Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser

  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin

  • Panthenol calms skin

  • Low concentration of salicylic acid

  • Can have a drying effect

People with sensitive skin usually dont tolerate high concentrations of salicylic acid very well, but they still want to keep their complexions clear and breakouts to a minimum. Enter this gentle-yet-effective cleanser from Paulas Choice. It contains 0.5% of salicylic acid, which is just enough to provide the cleansing and exfoliating benefits you want without the dryness and agitation you dont.

The fragrance-free gel is also infused with panthenol to moisturize, calm, and refresh the skin. Reviewers love the lather it creates, as well as the soft, fresh-faced feeling it leaves behind.

Active Ingredients: Salicylic acid | Uses: Cleansing face, treating acne | Fragrance: None

Although salicylic acid can be helpful for breakouts, it is important to know that it can also be irritating, particularly for those with sensitive skin. As a result, it is important to not overdo it and be sure to find one that is good for your skin type. Those with more oily skin may prefer more of a gel based cleanser or a higher concentration of salicylic acid, while those with more sensitive skin may require a cleanser that is also hydrating and more gentle on the skin. ., board-certified dermatologist

  • May be irritating and drying

Active Ingredients: Salicylic acid | Uses: Cleansing face, treating acne, preventing breakouts | Fragrance: Yes

Kama Ayurveda Anti Acne Cleansing Foam Rs 595


Containing plant-derived salicylic acid from wintergreen, this herbal face wash is for those who have oily skin with acne but dont want to use anything that isnt natural. It is a foaming cleanser which quickly soaks up grease and leaves skin dry. However, this product takes time to work and wont show visible changes to your acne or blemishes right away.

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How To Use Salicylic Acid Cleanser For Skin

Salicylic acid acts as a defense against blackheads, whiteheads and minor acne. It can be used like any other face cleanser. Heres how to use salicylic acid cleanser:

  • Wet your face before applying cleanser
  • Massage the cleanser onto your skin using circular motions
  • Rinse thoroughly to make sure you dont leave behind any residue

Is Salicylic Acid Safe To Use For Acne Treatment

Salicylic acid is extremely safe for acne treatment when used in the right concentrations and combined with the right ingredients. Some dryness and mild peeling are possibleand totally normalwhen starting an acne treatment with salicylic acid. This effect is temporary, and the skin will usually adjust to the treatment within a couple of weeks. To prevent over-drying of the skin, it best to avoid using additional toner and other astringents products while using salicylic acid.

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Cerave Salicylic Acid Cleanser

The CeraVe Cleanser is a cult product among beauty gurus. It is an affordable fragrance-free cleanser that removes all the dirt and impurities in your pores, leaving you with glowing, smooth skin. All CeraVe products contain ceramides a type of fatty molecule which helps protect your skins barrier while offering a good dose of moisture. You wont feel like your skin is dry and lifeless after using this creamy cleanser.

This cleanser is suitable for even the most sensitive skin because it does not remove the skins natural oils. The product combines the anti-inflammatory properties of salicylic acid with ceramide moisturizers. CeraVe is the cleanser brand to use if you want to re-balance your complexion and protect your skins natural protective barrier.

We included this CeraVe cleanser because its a must-have product for those struggling with frequent blemishes and breakouts. Its affordable, hydrating, and has all the best ingredients to fight acne. The ceramide formula will repair even the most damaged skin.


  • The product is fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It combats redness while maintaining the skins natural protective oils.
  • A very affordable cleansing product.
  • The product is environmentally friendly it does not contain harmful microbeads.


What Does Salicylic Acid Do For Acne


Salicylic acid is the second of the most valuable medical ingredients for acne treatmentsecond only to the gold standard, benzoyl peroxide. When formulated in the right concentration and with the right PH, salicylic acid is an extremely potent and effective acne-fighting ingredient, which is why it is often found in medicated acne cleansers, treatment creams, and spot treatments.

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Does It Make A Difference Whether You Apply Salicylic Acid Pre Or Post Moisturiser

Broadly speaking, the most potent salicylic acid-containing facial cleansers are serums, spot treatments, & wipes, all of which should be applied before skincare products in order to maximize their effectiveness. If you want to utilise salicylic acid to improve the appearance of your general complexion, employing serums & cleansers will provide you with the quickest benefits and the most noticeable change to the skin’s overall appearance.

Switch Up Your Routine

Itâs important to maintain a balanced diet for your overall health and wellbeing. But if youâre still experiencing body acne, be mindful of any products that may accidentally cause breakouts on body areas theyâre in contact with â think hair products, massage oils, and even clothing. Change your pillowcases regularly and use topical treatments if needed. If youâre active and like to work up a sweat, make sure to shower straight after exercising and wear clean clothes for each session.

And take it from us â whatever you do, donât pick your bacne. Pinky promise?

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What Can Salicylic Acid Help Treat

  • If you have any of the following skin issues, salicylic acid can help you get rid of them more effectively.
  • Pimple: Because it removes acne-causing germs & dead skin cells from the skin, salicylic acid is commonly used to treat acne. Salicylic acid is a good choice for acne which is more inflammatory because it cleans pores while also being an anti-inflammatory.
  • Psoriasis & melasma – Skin diseases that cause discoloration, such as melasma & psoriasis, can be treated with harsher concentrations of salicylic acid like a spot treatment. Psoriasis sufferers must consult a dermatologist before using salicylic acid since it might cause dryness or irritation.
  • Oily skin: In order to get rid of pus, oil, & germs that clog your pores, salicylic acid goes deep into the pores. Oily skin also involves the addition of this substance to their daily regimen. Additionally, salicylic acid can be used to treat both blackheads and whiteheads.

What Else Does It Do

Cerave Salicylic Acid Cleanser, SA Smoothing Cream For Acne Prone Skin

So we know that salicylic acid is great to treat acne, but did I mention that it has a ton of other insane benefits, too?

They include, but are not limited to

  • Wart/callus removal
  • Dandruff treatments
  • Skin disorder treatments

Pretty impressive, right?! If this leaves you curious to learn more, we break down literally everything you may still be wondering about salicylic acid and the science behind it here.

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Benzoyl Peroxide Vs Salicylic Acid For Acne

The benzoyl peroxide vs. salicylic acid question is one that is bound to come up when youre looking for an acne treatment. Many acne treatment products and medications contain either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid some products include both.

So, which is the best acne treatment ingredientbenzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid? It really depends on your skin.

Is Salicylic Acid Effective Against Acne

Due to its exfoliating properties, salicylic acid is an ideal treatment and preventative against acne. However, while it does offer some benefit for inflammatory acne, it is more effective against noninflammatory 02999-9/fulltext#relatedArticles” rel=”nofollow”> comedonal) acne.

Comedonal acne manifests as blackheads and whiteheads, plugs of debris that block skin follicles. Papules, pustules and cysts are indicative of inflammatory acne, and are a result of a proliferation of the Cutibacterium acnes Gram-positive bacteria.

While salicylic acid does have antibacterial benefits, it has a greater impact on Gram-negative bacteria. However, salicylic acid can be combined with an antibacterial medication such as benzoyl peroxide to combine the strengths of each for an effective acne-fighting strategy.

Salicylic acid also has antimicrobial properties which does have a moderate degree of efficacy against a range of bacteria, including C. acnes.

Clinical studies have confirmed that salicylic acid does effectively treat acne when used alone and as part of combination therapy. It reduces redness and inflammation and helps dry up and heal pimples.

A study review of four clinical studies found 0.5% and 2% solutions of salicylic acid reduced the number and severity of acne lesions. Another eight-week study examined the efficacy of a 2% salicylic acid cleanser and found a significant reduction in acne lesions.

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How To Use A Salicylic Acid Face Wash

All face washes and cleansers should be used according to the packaging instructions. Use the products daily for a deep clean after all your makeup is removed. Start slowly and use the face wash once a day. Apply a small amount of product onto your fingers or electronic cleaning device and rub all over your face. Scrub the product into your skin for a few seconds and rinse off.

Never use too much product, or you can actually strip away the skins protective barrier. Remember that a small amount of cleanser goes a long way.

D Acne Foaming Face Wash Rs 371

Neutrogena Oil

A cult favourite among dermatologists, this face wash is a great product for those with skin made sensitive by acne. We say this because it contains aloe vera and is fragrance-free. Not only that, it is a mix of AHA and BHA because it also contains glycolic acid in addition to salicylic acid, meaning its ingredients help keep both the surface and deeper layers of the skin buffed. Sunscreen cannot be skipped if youre using this, though.

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When To Choose Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid’s claim to fame is its ability to dissolve pore blockages and smooth out the skin, making it a good choice for blackheads and closed comedones.

If your skin has a rough, bumpy texture without many red pimples, you’ve most likely got comedonal acne, making salicylic acid a good choice for you.

OTC salicylic acid products tend to be less irritating and drying than benzoyl peroxide, so they are a good first-line treatment for young tweens with the beginnings of acne breakouts. For those with a sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid is obviously the better option.

Is It Okay For Me To Apply Salicylic Acid On The Face Every Day

It is possible using a cleanser supplemented with salicylic acid every day because the concentration is minimal and it is rinsed off the face, then there should be no inflammation or irritation to the face while using the product. This can be accomplished by using cosmetics that contain moisturising substances like niacinamide & hyaluronic acid.. It is important to remember the effects of vitamin C in your skincare routine, because it will give your skin a bright, radiant look.

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