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Sham Free Hair And Scalp Cleanser

I Tried A Scalp Steam And My Curls Have Never Looked Better

My First Devacut II 3A & 3B Curls

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There is no better feeling than having your hair washed at the salon. No matter how nice a shampoo I use at home, I never feel that same salon-clean feeling that comes from having an expert deeply cleanse your hair. Recently, I felt my hair and scalp needed a reset, and I began researching ways to really clean my crown of all products. The answer? A scalp steam treatment.

I headed to Spiral , a curl haven located in TriBeCa, where hair health starts with the scalp. Having naturally fine, curly hair, I typically wash my hair twice a week and use a clarifying wash whenever I feel my scalp needs it . But between my passion for trying new hair products and the small amount of time I dedicate to cleansing my scalp most days, my curls felt weighed down. After discussing my concerns, we decided the Hair & Scalp Mist treatment, which detoxifies and removes impurities such as silicone buildup, oil residue, and salt deposits from suds, would be the best course of action.

Read on for my honest experience with a scalp steam treatment.

Meet the Expert

  • Rachel Nazarian is a board-certified dermatologist and fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. She specializes in cosmetic treatments, skin cancer, and dermatologic surgery.
  • Danjela Nika is a hairstylist specializing in curly hair at Spiral , a curl haven located in TriBeCa.

How I Use Terms & Conditions:

After fully rinsing Sham-Free, I flip my hair forward and apply Terms & Conditions to dripping wet curls using the praying hands method. Once the conditioner has been applied to all areas of my hair, I finger-comb my curls with super wet hands to ensure even distribution.

If I notice that some areas feel like wet hair rather than wet conditioner, I apply a little bit more and gently scrunch. Terms & Conditions melts into the hair, becoming one with the water that is already in it. Although it contains some shea butter, it does so in trace amounts, as the tenth ingredient. Terms & Conditions does not feel heavy or greasy whatsoever. It is also suitable for the finest of curls. I always leave Terms & Conditions fully in my hair. I don’t feel the need to rinse any of it.

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients we havent already seen in Sham-Free:

  • As its sixth ingredient, Terms & Conditions has stearalkonium chloride, which can minimize frizz in dry weather. It also increases luster and improves the feel for detangling.
  • Resurrection plant extract appears again as the eighth ingredient.
  • Rose oil appears as the ninth ingredient in Terms & Conditions and as the eleventy ingredient in Sham-Free. This is an oil that strengthens roots in the scalp. It helps the follicle to hold onto the root instead of shedding it. This antiseptic oil also adds shine to the hair, combats dirt and bacteria on the scalp, and unclogs hair follicles.
  • What To Expect During A Scalp Steam

    The unexpected benefit of this treatment was the extensive head and neck massage. “The scalp and neck do not get enough attention or ‘hair time,’ and we hold a lot of tension in our head, so this is a deeply relaxing and beneficial treatment for your hair and scalp,” Nika explained. The treatment started with a massage of my dry hair and head while sitting in the salon chair to understand my current hair and scalp condition before moving to the luxurious spa bed style washing station for the actual steam. The massaging of my dry scalp was something Nika also encouraged me to do daily to encourage blood flow and scalp health.

    Once at the washing station, Nika spent a generous amount of time massaging the Sham-Free Hair & Scalp Cleanser into my hair and scalp. She actually used very little water during this process, which I watched using a hand mirror. Once Nika had thoroughly massaged the hair and scalp, she turned on the steam and covered my scalp to trap the steam against it. During this time, she covered my eyes and continued to massage my temples while also performing aromatherapy to help me relax.

    The scalp steam treatment was followed by conditioner and then styling gel. Nika then placed me under a gentle diffuser to dry my hair. After a short time under the dryer, Nika finished my treatment by fluffing my curls and massaging my dry scalp once more. I left with soft, touchable curls and felt significantly more relaxed than when I came in.

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    How To Use With Or Without Hue:

    There are several ways to use this conditioner. You can apply it to your hair and leave it on for as long as you like, then fully rinse. With or Without Hue rinses off fully without problems. I applied it to all areas of my hair before conditioning with Terms & Conditions, left it in for 10 minutes and fully rinsed. You can also use it as a leave-in. Just make sure you use a dark microfiber towel to dry your curls and a dark pillowcase . Another clever way to use it is by targeting individual areas on dry hair.

    What Is A Scalp Steam

    CurlyWorld Sham

    A scalp steam is a cleansing treatment of the scalp where steam is carefully introduced to help break down buildup and products from the hair. At Spiral , the Hair & Scalp Mist treatment costs $75 . It is designed to detoxify and remove impurities such as silicone buildup, oil residue, and salt deposits from suds – all of which can trap dead skin cells that clog the pores on the scalp. Steam combined with Sham-Free Hair & Scalp Cleanser gently dislodges and unclogs the hair and scalp of buildup. The treatment includes a cranial massage to stimulate blood flow, providing additional benefits to the scalp.

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    How I Use Sham

    I like to detangle with Sham-Free as well. After fully wetting my curls in the shower, I apply a generous amount of Sham-Free to my fingertips and cleanse my scalp with gentle, circular motions for one to two minutes. Then, I apply a palmful on the lengths of my hair, using the praying hands method. I trickle some more water in. The water helps to create a very slippery feeling. Finally, I begin to finger-detangle in a downward motion, starting from the ends and making my way to the roots. Once all the knots are gone, I fully rinse.

    If you have any areas of your hair that repel water, you can use Sham-Free as a wetting agent by applying it to dry hair before wetting under the shower. This will help your hair absorb the water in a more effective way.

    Sham-Free feels very slippery on the hair, while cleansing thoroughly.

    This breakdown of ingredients explains why:

    In any given formula, the five top ingredients are the ones in highest amounts.

    Oils Serums & Frizz Fighters

    With textured hair, “natural oils just don’t make it from the scalp to the hair, so oils or oil-based products are always going to be key,” says Shorter. Whether that’s a serum, oil, or cream-based frizz fighter will depend on your hair’s thickness. “Lighter oils the ones that are like dry oil those are great for all hair types or all hair textures … You don’t want to use a really heavy type of oil on fine hair because it will weigh it down.” And remember: “The thicker the oil, the thicker the hair,” says Shorter.

    You can smooth these products onto wet hair or dry hair to combat frizz at any time. These frizz-fighters are our favorite:

    Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

    In Beauty Lab tests, this serum scored high for fighting frizz in humid conditions, and our testers were impressed with its performance even in Florida humidity. It was our testers’ outright favorite for softening and smoothing hair without weighing it down, despite a texture that has “the feel of olive oil.” Smooth it on thick hair from the midshaft to the ends of dry hair at the end of styling for shine that “almost hair sparkle,” said one tester.

    Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

    Joico K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum

    Moroccanoil Treatment

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    This Is A Recipe By Lorraine Massey Herself:

  • Mix 1 part With or Without Hue in a spray bottle with three parts lavender or distilled water.
  • Spot spritz on dry strands to target visually brassy or yellow areas.
  • You can use it as a leave-in or allow it to absorb as a pre-wash toner before cleansing your hair in the shower.
  • Beths blonde and Katherines gray curls, after using With or Without Hue. These photographs have not been altered in Photoshop.

    In terms of formulation, With or Without Hue has the same core ingredients as Terms & Conditions. At the end of the list, it contains a blue coloring pigment.

    Where You Can Get It

    Curly Hair Products – Cleanser

    Right now, the products can be purchased from the CurlyWorld website. Purchasing all three will set you back nearly $100, so I personally would love to see sample sizes to try before you buy.

    We will be publishing a comprehensive review by our contributor Lindsay Wilson, so you know its going to be thorough! Until then, wed love to hear your first impressions in the comments below.

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    Welcome Innersense Organic Beauty

    Pure Harmony Hairbath

    Increase moisture with this gentle cleansing shampoo, appropriate for fine to medium hair. Crafted from extracts of pumpkin seed, shea butter and coconut oil that purify and cleanse while orange flower oil uplifts the senses. This sulfate-free formula perfectly balances hair, leaving it healthy and full of body, without residue or dryness.

    Color Awakening Hairbath

    Revitalize color treated hair with this color safe gentle cleansing shampoo. Crafted with coconut and pumpkin seed oils, shea butter and other emollient plant ingredients that enhance and protect color, delivering naturally clean, healthy and vibrant hair, without residue, dryness or fading.

    Hydrating Cream Hairbath

    A luxurious hydrating shampoo for thick, thirsty hair that strengthens hair from the inside out. Essential oils of sage and tamanu help balance oil for a healthy scalp while nourishing emollients soften and smooth the cuticle. Deeply hydrating yet lightweight, this silicone-free formula leaves hair bouncy, without residue.

    Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner

    A lightweight daily conditioner for fine to medium hair. Increase moisture with this lightweight, detangling conditioner. Crafted with rice bran oil and aloe to strengthen and smooth the hair length while orange flower oil delivers beautiful shine. The silicone-free formula eliminates frizz, leaving hair hydrated and happy.

    Color Radiance Daily Conditioner

    Hydrating Cream Conditioner

    Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner

    The Most Important Ingredient Is Trust

    Our mild and gentle fragrance free shampoo for sensitive skin is also free of formaldehyde releasers commonly found in ordinary shampoos. No botanical extracts or essential oils. No harsh cleansing agents. Sulfate-free. Protein-free. Gluten-free. pH balanced. Dermatologist tested.

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    How To Use Them

    Step 1. Cleanse or pre-cleanse

    The Sham-Free Hair & Scalp Cleanser is meant to be used as the first step or pre-cleanse step in your routine. To cleanse, the instructions recommend applying just over the canopy of your wet hair, allowing it to absorb. Add extra to fingertips and go direct to the scalp and massage well, gently removing dirt residue, sweat, or build up. Rinse. To pre-cleanse, apply the product to dry hair instead.

    Step 2. Condition

    Terms & Conditions can be used as either a conditioner or a co-wash, or a leave-in, or a detangler. This line is all about the multi-use products! The instructions recommend that you apply a generous palmful to the canopy of your freshly cleansed hair. If youre wondering, the canopy is the top layer of the hair. Next, you’ll allow hair to absorb for a few minutes, then gently comb and glide fingers through to detangle and release knots. Rinse or use as a co-wash or a leave-in.

    Step 3. Tone

    Here’s What I Thought About Lorraine Massey’s New Products Curlyworld

    Lorraine Massey Releases New Curl Product Line: CurlyWorld ...

    Over the past few years, thousands and thousands of curly girls and boys around the world have bought into the idea that to have healthy curls, they need to overload their hair with complicated routines and a series of heavy products.

    The term tame continues to be in the vocabulary of many people and hair products across the globe, as if curly hair is a beast that needs to be controlled daily. Yes, we have made enormous progress in the world of information when it comes to curly hair, but for some reason a lot of peoples concerns remain the same.

    With the aim of simplifying the lives of curly people worldwide and under the vision that less is more, Lorraine Massey has recently launched her brand-new line of products: CurlyWorld. They are artisanal botanical products that are completely free of sulphates, silicones, waxes, artificial oils, and drying alcohols. They are perfect products for the original version of the Curly Girl Method, as written in Massey book, Curly Girl: The Handbook.

    Ive had the opportunity to use each CurlyWorld product on my own curls and on the curls of other women. After testing, studying and finishing each product, I decided to write an honest and detailed review.

    Today, Im sharing my review of CurlyWorlds Sham-Free , Terms & Conditions , With or Without Hue and also sharing a sneak-peak of Leave In Lover .

    Lets get into it!

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    Benefits Of A Scalp Steam

    • Detoxifies the scalp
    • Removes silicone buildup, oil residue, and salt deposits from suds
    • Dislodges trapped dead skin cells that clog the pores on the scalp
    • Revitalizes hair volume
    • Restores curl pattern

    A scalp steam treatment’s primary benefit is the deep cleansing of the hair and scalp. Nazarian explains that “Heat, hot water, or steam, can remove dirt and oil more effectively than cold water or cold temperatures. Using the steam would theoretically improve the cleansing process without requiring harsher soaps or physical techniques.” Nika explained how the steam worked to remove the products, coating my hair strands while allowing me to feel the difference in my hair before and after the steam treatment.

    While almost anyone can benefit from this treatment occasionally, Nazarian is skeptical of its necessity. Nazarian shares that a scalp steam treatment offers a deep clean, but not everyone needs such thorough cleansing of their scalp. “Those with dry hair or brittle hair would not benefit as much since the steam might weaken their hair more and lead to more breakage. People with oilier hair and scalp would benefit the most,” she explains.

    Caitlin Duggan

    The Best Natural Hair Products To Try Now According To The Pros

    Choosing the best natural hair products can be an overwhelming task. Most of us are looking for that one magic product that will grant all of our hair wisheswhether its to define, volumize, seal in moisture, or carry a pleasing scent. The reality, however, is that our natural hair routines require a concoction of many different products to give us the results were looking for.

    So whether youre searching for the perfect scalp cleanser, a new favorite styling cream that defines your hair and brings moisture to your twist-out, or youre in need of a deep treatment to restore hydration in brittle strandshere youll find the best natural hair products to help you create your best regimen and achieve all of your hair goals.

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    Scalp Cleansers & Shampoos

    Scalp care is an essential part of maintaining healthy hair. Scalp therapist and Paul Labrecque salon stylist Bridgette Hills favorite shampoo is Design Essentials Honey Creme Moisture Retention Shampoo, as it doesnt strip the hair of its natural oils. She recommends not to wash your hair too often and, for those with longer strands, to put shampoo products into an applicator bottle so that the product penetrates the scalp more deeply.

    Speaking of applicator bottles, Carols Daughters Wash Day Delight Shampoo comes pre-packaged in one, its gentle foam lather filled with refreshing aloe. Kinky-Curlys Come Clean sulfate-free shampoo features the delightful scent of mandarin orange extract and offers a gentle cleanse, while sea kelp helps balance your hairs moisture. Charlotte Mensahs shampoo is a cocktail of manketti nut and ximenia oils, perfect for dehydrated scalps and parched strands. Golde founder Trinity Mouzon loves the Briogeo Avocado + Quinoa Co-Wash to keep her curls healthythe perfect cleanser that at once removes dirt and build-up while moisturizing and detangling hair.

    Curly Worlds Sham Free Hair & Scalp Cleanser is a sulfate-free, detangling conditioning cleanser that includes the Resurrection Plan to help detoxify and moisturize the hair and scalp. And, for gentle exfoliation of the scalp, one can lean on TPH by Tarajis Never Salty Scalp Scrub that gently removes dead skin cells and leaves it feeling minty fresh thanks to peppermint oil.

    Welcome Curly World Product Line

    Lemon Juice Natural Hair scalp cleanser

    Sham-Free Hair & Scalp Cleanser

    Sham-Free Hair & Scalp Cleaner is a no-sulfate, Curl-by-Curl conditioning cleanser, generously infused with botanicals including the Resurrection Plant. Sham-Free nourishes and protects, giving you a refreshingly clean scalp.

    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions is a hyper-hydrating conditioner that can be used as a co-wash, delivering true moisture and effortless detangling. This conditioner features the Resurrection Plant, delivering hydration that replenishes all Curl, Coil and Wave ratios.

    Leave In Lover

    Leave In Lover is a transparent, no-crunch conditioning gel that seals the hair cuticle layer and defines and hydrates all Curls, Coil and Wave ratios.

    With or Without Hue

    With or Without Hue is a blue, illuminating and color-protecting conditioner for Silver and Blonde tones, specifically for natural hue or color-treated hair.

    Our botanically infused ingredients add shine, and counteract unwanted tones while restoring moisture and protecting highlighted, color-treated, candy-colored and naturally silver hair.

    Curl Hair + Wellness \ 1029 West Lancaster Ave Bryn Mawr, PA \ 520 – 1180 \ Store Hours: Tuesday 10am – 6pm, Wednesday 10am – 7pm, Thursday 11am – 7pm, Friday 10am- 7pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm, Closed Sunday and Monday

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