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Spectro Jel Cleanser For Blemish Prone Skin

Spectro Jel Cleanser Does It Really Work


The company promises that this product is specifically tailored with a customized formulation to give users the following satisfactory benefits:

  • Give the face a deeply cleansed feeling by removing the dirt, oil, and impurities lodged on the skin pores.
  • Purifies, softens, and tones the skin for glowing and more youthful-looking skin.
  • Minimizes the harmful bacteria colony on the skin to protect you from infection.
  • Cleans the face without stripping off essential moisture on the face.

This cleanser penetrates the skin pores to remove dirt, impurities, and oil while getting rid of bacteria to keep the skin free from acne and infection. It gently purifies and tones the skin to give it a supple texture and radiate a youthful glow. With a short list of ingredients and a simple formulation, this product gives you desirable results without worrying about drying your skin or having breakouts.

Spectro Jel Cleanser 500ml Pump

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    • Penetrates pores to remove dirt, oil and bacteria that can cause acne
    • Purifies and tones
    • Free from potentially irritating ingredients such as fragrance, dyes, sodium, sulfates, parabens and lanolin
    • Softens and smoothens skin

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    How To Apply Spectro Jel Cleanser

    Using this product twice daily is recommended by the manufacturer for optimal results. As per manufacturer guidelines:

    • Wet the face with warm water and warm a few pumps of this cleanser in your hands.
    • Gently massage in gentle circular motion focusing on the t-zone and avoiding direct contact with the eyes.
    • Cover the face from the forehead to the jowls.
    • Rinse off with water and dry your face with a clean towel.

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    Pros And Cons Of Spectro Cleanser Blemish Prone Skin

    • Form:Cleanser
    • Many verified users were not happy with the lack of result.
    • Spectro Jel Cleanser reviews reveal that this product has an unpleasant chemical smell.
    • This cleanser has a gel consistency that does not lather.
    • This product has an unpleasant chemical smell.
    • This formulation of this gel cleanser is too basic and does not offer many other skin benefits.

    Does Spectro Jel Cleanser Have Any Side

    Spectro Jel Cleanser for Blemish

    Based on the products formulation and ingredients, there may be a few related side effects like:

    • Skin dryness can sometimes occur with too much exposure to chemical agents. Individuals have varying degrees of resistance and experience may vary greatly.
    • Butylene glycol, though rare, can cause skin allergy and lead to hives. Once you have an allergic reaction to it, the body will remember this and may react with other products with this ingredient.

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    Spectro Hydracare Facial Moisturizer For Blemish

    Item dimensions L x W x H 5.7 x 3.8 x 16.5 centimeters
    Recommended uses for product
    • It provides light hydration specifically designed for your acne prone or blemish prone skin
    • Developed in consultation with Dermatologists and is ideal for even the most sensitive skin
    • Fragrance and color free
    • Available in 140 milliliters size

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    • 5 out of 5 starsby tilut-32Mar 31, 2021

      Love this!

      Out of the blue I developed PD and Spectro helps tremendously when I start to have a flare-up. I use it daily and will not use anything else, after trying dozens of different brands. Spectro is the Winner!

      Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned

    • 5 out of 5 starsby momof3254Feb 05, 2021

      Great product

      Great product, cleanses and clears up my skin. No complaints

      Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned

    • 5 out of 5 starsby bkchika92Mar 10, 2021

      Great product overall

      Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned

    • 5 out of 5 starsby belle_4611Apr 29, 2021

      Love it

      Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned

    • 5 out of 5 starsby sfhc47Oct 20, 2020

      Love spectro jel

    What Is Spectro Cleanser Blemish Prone Skin

    Spectro® | We Need to Talk: Sensitive Skin

    Spectro provides a wide range of skincare products that are tailored for every skin type.

    They operate under the premise that every individual has a unique skincare need. This prompted them to formulate and manufacture products according to the skins needs.

    Spectro avoids using allergenic ingredients and chemical preservatives to make sure that their products are safe and will not lead to undesirable results. However, most of the formulas from this brand are unproven and there are reports that many of them are ineffective.

    Spectro Jel Cleanser is a mild and gentle cleanser that aims to prevent acne on blemish-prone skin.

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    Spectro Jel Cleanser For Blemish

    Beauty 100: This is one of the best basics around – unfragranced and perfect for sensitive skin

    Adriana ErmterUpdated

    $13, Spectro Skincare

    Plainly speaking, unsightly and unwanted spots with chapped, red skin are unpleasant to look at and to endureat any age. So if this sounds like you, acne-prone with sensitive skin, this is one of the best basic cleansers around. Ideal for normal to oily skin types, the Spectro Jel experts say it works because its gentle formulation purifies and tones your skin, while simultaneously penetrating your pores to remove the dirt, oil and bacteria that can cause blemishes. We agree, but thats not the sole reason why we like it. The gel-based cleanser is non-comedogenic, which means it wont clog our pores, so over time and with a regular routine of washing and rinsing twice daily, we will actually produce fewer blackheads and pimples. Plus, it is fragrance-, dye-, sodium-, sulphate-, paraben-, lanolin- and soap-free, so it wont strip our face of its natural moisture, either. We appreciate that kind of magic: it conjures clear, smooth, soft and healthy skin, while redness, itchiness and irritation simply disappear. You can thank us later.

    What Are The Ingredients In Spectro Jel Cleanser

    Glycerin: This is a generic medical ingredient used for many purposes. It helps moisturize the skin and quell skin irritation .

    Dimethicone: This ingredient conditions the skin and encapsulates it to prevent bacteria from proliferating .

    Butylene Glycol: It is used in literally thousands of skincare and personal care products. One of the reasons for such wide adoption is that this chemical is relatively cheap and because it has such a wide variety of effects on the skin. For example, its commonly formulated into moisturizers, acne creams. However, it is a chemical & may cause skin irritation .

    Cetyl Alcohol: Fatty alcohols that keep water and oil components from separating in product formulas. Increases the viscosity of products. But it also may cause burning, stinging, redness, irritation, unusual changes in the skin, and signs of skin infection.

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    Spectro Jel Cleanser For Blemish Prone Skin

    I dont really do many cleanser reviews , but I thought Id just add another one on here for you guys. I just finished by 3rd bottle of this, so I think this product is more than ready for a review.

    This was recommended to me by someone as a gentle cleanser that would be good for acne prone skin . One bottle lasts almost half a year, but its about $13.00 per bottle, which does make my wallet cringe slightly.

    This gel cleanser is supposed to be non-irritating and apparently deeps cleans while protecting skins natural moisture.

    As you can see from the above picture, its basically just a clear gel cleanser. It says to massage for 30 seconds before cleaning it off, but I always do 1 full minute. I do that for all of my cleansers, though, so I guess its just a habit.

    On the bottle, it says that its lightly scented. The scent of this product actually sort of bothers me. It smells pretty medicated, with a touch of artificial. Sort of like somebody thought it smelled too much like a hospital or something and then tried to cover that up with some perfume, but wasnt quite successful.

    This cleanser doesnt really feels like its doing anything. It gets skin pretty clean, without drying it out at all, though, which is good. If you have on a light coat of BB or CC cream or even foundation, it will *almost* take it all off. But not quite, so I suggest you use a makeup remover before using this cleanser.

    On the bright side, this never made my breakouts worse.


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