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The 7 Day Flat Belly Tea Diet And Cleanse

Claim : Support Your Metabolism

DIY Detox Tea for Flat Belly, bloating and weightloss|Fat Burning Detox Tea: Quick and Easy Steps

This is more ambiguous marketing gobbledygook that really doesnt mean anything.

What specifically does Flat Tummy Co mean by support your metabolism?

Nowhere on the website do they define what this actually means.

This is similar to the nebulous reduce bloating claim where it can mean different things to different people.

Sip Away Stress Sip Away Pounds

Imagine for a moment that youre walking down the beach. The sand is moist and cool below your feet. Seagulls caw overhead, and the waves shush your nerves and soothe your troubles as they caress the beach and slowly slink back. All is calm.

Up ahead, half buried in the sand, you see an antique container of some sort, washed up on the shore after centuries of tossing around in the ocean. A bowl? A lantern? No, its an ornate teakettle, lost in the sinking of a great Spanish galleon. You lift it up, rub the side, and suddenlypoof! A genie appears. And he makes you an offer: Hes going to give you a magic potion that can strip pounds from your body, improve your health, make you more attractive to your mate, and keep you lean for life.

What is this potion?


I know what youre thinking: Mr. Genie, dont you mean I should head down to the supplement store and buy some of that super-expensive stuff that tastes like cocoa powder mixed with Pepto-Bismol? Surely, good old tea doesnt have magical weight-loss powers, does it?

Looking for more immediate results? Another Japanese study broke participants into two groups, only one of which was put on a tea-rich diet. At the end of 12 weeks, the tea group had achieved significantly smaller body weights and waistlines than those in the control group. Why? Because researchers believe that catechins, the nutrients that give tea its nutritional punch, are effective at boosting metabolism.

Tea Saved My Mothers Life It Changed My Life And I Believe It Will Change Yours

Shortly after I was born, my mother developed diabetes. It runs in our family I lost an uncle to the disease, and I have other relatives who struggle with it.

My parents met in South Korea when they worked together at a hospitalmy mother as a nurse, my father as a pharmacist. When I turned 3 we immigrated to America, but language barriers prevented them from pursuing their former careers, so they did what so many educated Koreans have done: They opened a grocery store.

Owning a convenience store is not a good career for a diabetic everywhere you look, youre surrounded by muffins, doughnuts, candy bars. Growing up, I enjoyed all the baked goods I could eat, times 10.

Then, five years ago, my father passed away from complications from a stroke. Shortly afterward, my mother had a terrible fall. Her diabetes was raging out of control.

I remember the day I sat with her, after doctors had told her the limitations of Western medicine when it came to diabetes. I asked her about her time as a nurse in Korea, and what she knew of Eastern medicine. And the same word kept coming up time and again:


It had been a common drink in our house when I was young, but over time we moved away from this life-saving drink toward commercial soft drinks. During a short stint back in Korea, I had rediscovered tea for myself. Now, with my mothers life at stake, I knew I had to act.

And its going to change yours as well.

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I Made Oatmeal With It

Why not empower rice, quinoa and even oatmeal with the belly-fat burning properties of green tea? Tie 4 green tea bags onto a wooden spoon. Fill a small pot with 2 cups water add wooden spoon and tea bags. Bring water to a boil and remove tea bags. Add the grains to the boiling tea water and cook as directed.

I Boosted My Metabolism

Tea Cleanse: 7 Day Tea Cleanse Diet Plan :How To Get A Flat Belly ...

The concentration of EGCGthe superpotent nutrient found in green teamay be as much as 137 times greater in powdered matcha tea. EGCG can simultaneously boost lipolysis and block adipogenesis . One study found that men who drank green tea containing 136 milligrams of EGCGwhat you’d find in a single 4-gram serving of matchalost twice as much weight than a placebo group and four times as much belly fat over the course of three months

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I Peppered Up My Meals

When you drink tea with a salad or soup, make an effort to add some black pepper to your meal. Recent studies have indicated that a compound found in black pepper, called piperine, may help improve blood levels of EGCG by allowing it to linger in the digestive system longer meaning that more of it is absorbed by the body.

What Is Flat Tummy Tea

While the name tells you what it is, this flat belly tea is actually 2 different things which are to be taken at different times. There is:

  • Activate Tea
  • Cleanse Tea
  • Each box contains 1 packet of both.

    The Activate Tea contains 10 natural ingredients said to support your metabolism, give you an antioxidant energy kick and get your digestion ready to start the day on an all natural high. Sounds good but antioxidants dont give us energy.

    The Cleanse Tea contains 7 ingredients said todetoxify your intestinal tract which is then supposed toto help get that tummy flat. Skip down to the detox section for more on this.

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    Flat Tummy Tea Is A Fraud

    ByRachel W.,Jersey City, NJ, Verified Reviewer

    I just received my Flat Tummy shakes, and I ordered four-weeks worth. They tell you it is best to do the shakes twice a day to get the optimum results. Well, they only send you 20 packets for four weeks, which only gives you the ability to only take one a day. I spent $71 bucks on this. To me, this is scamming the customer and price gouging.

    I have taken it twice, and the shakes are supposed to suppress your appetite and what is happening to me is it is making me have gas, and I am still feeling hungry. I would think if it is supposed to help flatten your stomach, it definitely shouldnt give you gas.

    One last thing, the company only answers by email, they dont have a customer service number to call. So if you have a complaint or a question, you have to wait for someone to decide whether they want to respond or not. Very unprofessional and I definitely will never order from them again.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    How Can I Get A Flat Belly Quickly

    Get Flat Belly/Stomach In 7 Days – No Diet/No Exercise – 100% Natural Moringa Green Detox Diet Drink

    Just drinking this detox water recipe isnt going to allow for a flat belly overnight. There are several factors that come into play and adjusting your routine to not only be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a day but, other factors help as well. A proper diet thats filled with anti-inflammatory foods, high fiber to help move your bowels, 20 minutes of exercise a day as well as supplements to help reach your daily goal on nutrients we otherwise arent getting.

    I recommend the She Activates Supplements and Protein Powder.

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    How To Meal Prep You Week Of Meals:

  • Meal prep the Spinach & Artichoke Salad with Parmesan Vinaigrette to have for lunch on Days 2 through 5. Store the salad in an air-tight container and the dressing separately in a small container .
  • Make theGreek Muffin-Tin Omelets with Feta & Peppers to have for a quick grab-and-go breakfast on Days 1, 2, 3 and 7. Store in glass air-tight containers and reheat in the microwave on High for 20 to 30 seconds when ready to eat. Freeze any remaining egg muffins in the freezer.
  • Make the Chile-Lime Peanuts and store in a glass air-tight container to keep fresh to have throughout the week.
  • Does Detox Water Work

    The truth is there is not a lot of scientific data pointing to the benefits of drinking detox water, but the evidence that drinking water helps support weight loss and health is plentiful.

    Water helps aid digestion, de-bloat, and curbs cravings. The recommended water intake is eight 8-ounce glasses per day.

    If you dont drink enough, you run the risk of dehydration, which can often present itself as hunger. Or give you a headache. Or both.

    But some folks, like my best friend Amanda, cannot stand the thought of drinking a glass of water much less 8. Ive tried to convince her of the health benefits at least a thousand times, and she always shuts me down. I think there are many Amandas out there and I get it especially if youve been drinking sodas or juice on the regular plain H20 isnt appealing.

    Which is why I think detox water is so popular. Could you get the same weight loss effects from plain water? Yes you could, but whats the point in debating the two if we both know you are more likely to drink the one with fruit or, in this case, tea-infused version?

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    I Shared My Plan With The World

    In just one week on The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse, you will lose up to 10 pounds of stubborn abdominal weight look and feel leaner and lighter, without grueling exercise reset your metabolism to help make weight-loss long-lasting and automatic sleep more soundly and feel more energized dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease beat stress and bring complete calm to your mind.

    Claim : Help Maintain A Healthy Immune System

    3 Day Flat Belly Detox By Doctor 0z To Lose 10 Pounds

    This is a claim that begets more questions. How exactly does the product help maintain a healthy immune system?

    Which ingredients are we talking about here? And specifically how does it interact with the immune system?

    What evidence supports this?

    The onus is on Flat Tummy Co to provide evidence that their tea does what it says on the label.

    If such evidence exists, Id be happy to review it.

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    Im Feeling Fancy How About A Skinny Chai Latte

    You can add some milk to your skinny chai tea to create a tasty brunch worthy skinny chai latte. To keep it an effective low-calorie flat tummy tea, we recommend using unsweetened almond milk to avoid the fat and refined sugar.

    You can just pour some milk in like you do with coffee. Or, for notable fluffiness, warm up a full mug of almond milk on a saucepan on the stove on medium heat. Once it begins to bubble, turn off the stove and add in your skinny chai tea leaves. After 5 minutes strain out the tea leaves, then start whisking the mix over medium heat again until its frothy and hot.

    There you have it! Flat belly tea done fancy!

    Enjoying your skinny chai tea is an easy and flexible way to finish a 7 day cleanse. Our slimming tea has been expertly designed and naturopath approved to help you lose the extra pounds, even while it tastes so good!


    Full of antioxidants and ingredients that work with your digestion and boost your metabolism, our flat belly tea packs a punch in losing bloat and kicking off weight.

    People have been using tea for centuries as an effective, natural way to supplement diets and feel great. Its an ancient but trusted art form of distilling powerful organic ingredients into a form thats enjoyable and easy to digest. And now, weve mastered it with our chai flat belly tea!

    I Drank Tea Right Before Bed

    You probably already know that chamomile tea can help induce sleep . But science is showing that teas actually work on a hormonal level to lower our agita and bring peace and slumber. Studies have found that herbal teas like valerian and hops contain compounds that can actually reduce levels of stress hormones in our bodies, bringing on sleep and reducing the body’s ability to store fat!

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    How To Contact Flat Tummy Tea

    If you need any other information that this Flat Tummy Tea review did not include, you can reach out to the company via:

    • Email:
    • The Contact Form on their website

    This Flat Tummy Tea review has not been able to find a Flat Tummy Tea Customer Service phone number at this time.

    And a few other at home gym brands we recommend Horizon Treadmill, Tonal Gym, and Peleton Bikes.

    Where To Buy Flat Tummy Tea

    Flat Belly Fix! Lose Belly Fat in 14 day | Flat Belly Fix! Nutrition! The Flat Belly Fix

    All of the brands products are available for purchase You can also find their products in the Flat Tummy Tea GNC section or on Amazon.

    This Flat Tummy Tea review found other retailers in the U.S. and Canada including:

    • CVS Pharmacy

    Flat Tummy Tea has 2 varieties: Activate and Cleanse.

    Ingredients for their Activate tea include Peppermint Leaf, Lemon Balm Leaf, Liquorice Root, Dandelion Root, Cleavers , Fennel Seed, Green Tea Leaf, Caraway, and Cardamom pods.

    Ingredients for their Cleanse tea include Senna Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Cassia Chamaecrista Pods, Liquorice Root, Caraway Seeds, Dandelion Root, and Rhubarb Root.

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    The Best Way To Detox For Weight Loss

    Sometimes you need a detox to cleanse your system and reset your bodys natural capacity to maintain a healthy weight. Our skinny detox tea is just the treat you need when your metabolism is running slow, and your gut is feeling sluggish. Skinny Chai is a flat tummy tea that really helps gets rid of the nasties with dandelion root that cleanses the liver and anti-bacterial ginger root that protects against cellular damage. Its also chock blocked with ingredients that are anti-inflammatory to ease discomfort, swelling and water retention to slim you down for an enviable flat tummy.

    It delivers the best chai taste with all the organic spices famous for the tea. Its no surprise so many Skinny Loving babes have called this one of the best slimming teas!


    Whether you are looking for a 7 day cleanse or 14 day detox tea, you wont regret our ultra yummy skinny chai tea. On top of aiding your digestion, our 14 day detox tea gets rid of bloat and toxins to boost your metabolism, make you calmer, increase concentration and make skin glow.

    To change up your skinny detox teas, you might also consider our popular Berry Antioxidant tea, so you can choose between a spiced milky cuppa and a zesty fruity cuppa anytime it suits you. With our great range you can pick a burning tea in a flavour that excites you!

    Youll Lose Body Fateven As You Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

    Japanese researchers found that levels of antioxidants called polymerized polyphenols, found in certain teas, inhibit the bodys ability to absorb fat by as much as 20 percent. When Taiwanese researchers studied more than 1,100 people over a 10-year period, they determined that those who drank black, green or oolong tea had nearly 20 percent less body fat than those who drank none.

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    Flat Tummy Tea Promotions & Discounts

    Flat Tummy Tea has the following promotions and discounts available:

    • 30% off New Year, New Tummy sale
    • Free shipping on U.S. orders of $50 or more
    • Fast shipping to Canada
    • Flat Tummy Ambassador program refer a friend so that theyll get 10% off their first purchase and youll receive $10 off for every successful referral

    What Are The Benefits Of Doing A Cleanse

    (3 Day) Flat Belly Detox By Doctor 0z To Lose 10 Pounds

    Weight loss isnt the only benefit of doing a cleanse. Detoxing your body can help with everything from boosting your energy levels to balancing your hormones, to keeping your cravings at bay. Here are 6 awesome benefits of doing a cleanse, in addition to weight loss.

    1. Increased EnergyIf you tend to feel sluggish throughout the day, a cleanse can help you get your energy back. While you may feel fatigue early on in your detox, youll end up with more sustained energy during and after your cleanse.

    2. Curbing Cravings and AddictionsCravings occur due to hormonal imbalances, and when you cleanse, youre able to balance your hormones. Cravings can lead to binge eating and weight gain, so its important to put a stop to them as soon as you can. Cravings can also turn into addictions, with processed foods creating a surge of dopamine, leading some individuals to get addicted. Cleanses can stop this addictive pattern in its tracks!

    3. Transforming Your DietIts important that you maintain a healthy diet after you cleanse. Long term sustainable change should be your first priority if you want to lose weight and keep it off. A detox will help you reset the way you eat and the choices you make when it comes to food.

    6. Clearing Your SkinYour diet can have a major impact on your skin, and if youre prone to breakouts and acne, a cleanse could be just what you need. Since youre detoxing your body on a cleanse, youll clear your skin of toxins.

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    I Ate Delicious Meals

    You’ll start your morning with tea, enjoy a smoothie for lunch and then have a delicious dinner made with lean proteins, healthy fats and filling fibers for dinner. Throughout the day you’ll enjoy at least 4 cups of delicious teasthe book is filled with 40 selections, and recipes for every taste and budget.

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