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The Fail Safe Kit By Nutra Cleanse

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Nutra Cleanse: 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program Unboxing

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How To Pass A Drug Test With Nutra Cleanse

Some potheads will swear on their bongs that all you have to do is drink a gallon of water and eat bread before you are off to pass your drug test. Others say that nothing works except 30+ day abstinence from using cannabis in any form.

It is our recommendation that if you want to pass your next drug test, product aids are a great way to go. In this article, we tell you exactly how to pass a drug test with Nutra Cleanse.

What Are Cleansing Products And How Do They Work For Weed Detox


  • 7 Nutra Cleanse Review: Conclusion
  • Before diving deep into the Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit review, lets understand how these cleansing products work.

    First, you need to understand that fail-safe kits or cleansing products only help remove toxins from your body and can not 100% guarantee to make you pass your test.

    When you intake a drug, weed, it gets metabolized in your system and breaks down into smaller parts.

    The THC component, the main responsible factor for making you high, gets broken down into the THC-COOH, the metabolite.

    Now, this metabolite is considered whenever a drug test is conducted.

    If the limit exceeds the threshold limit, you can pass your test however, you may fail if the quantity increases above the required limit.

    Generally, 50ng/ml of THC is the cut-off level for an employer whenever the drug screening is conducted.

    However, depending upon your consumption of THC, the metabolites in your urine can vary between 20ng/ml to 100ng/ml.

    Therefore, when you are about to give a drug test, you must stay under the cut-off range .

    Further, it would help if you also kept in mind that, depending upon your frequency of marijuana use, the THC compound can stay in your system for several days.

    The THC metabolites or compounds can stay in your system for two months for people who smoke heavily daily.

    And smokers who smoke regularly 2 to 5 times a week can expect unwanted toxins to get out of their system from 10 to 12 working days.

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    How Affordable Is Pass Your Test

    Pass Your Test products come at different price points. Their drug test kits and other drug tests related products are relatively affordable and cheap, whereas their detox programs are a bit on the costlier side.

    Yes, Pass Your Test does have a full refund and a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are eligible for a full refund. This money-back guarantee is valid up to 30 days after your purchase.

    The company offers free shipping for all orders in the USA. But if you need your products sooner, you pay extra for express delivery.

    Dilution & Synthetic Urine

    Fail Safe Kit

    Dilution is one method used by some cannabis users to get THC out of your system. They assume that drinking a lot of liquid causes an increase in urination, which then flushes the pot out of the body. It is important, however, to avoid drinking too much water or any other liquid in a short period of time, as excessive liquid consumption can lead to health problems such as water intoxication. In some cases, this can be fatal. Synthetic urine, on the other hand, is a method used by some marijuana users to pass a urine test. This is a substance designed to resemble the color, creatine level, temperature, and pH level of human urine. Some states in the United States have made the practice illegal. As a result, it is critical to ensure that you are acting within the law for the region you live in when attempting to detox from weed effectively, whether through dilution or the use of synthetic urine .

    Nine states ban the use of adulterants to attempt to evade a drug test, they are:

    See Deal

    The Urinator

    • The Urinator is a reusable electronic device that stores and heats your urine sample to body temperature
    • + 3 Free Powdered Urine Packs

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    Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit Directions

    Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit Detoxification Program Directions:

    Clean Shot: an hour and a half with maybe some time to spare shake the shot container well and afterward drink the shot.

    Clean Caps: Take 4 cases and afterward hydrate in no less than 5 minutes of drinking the shot.

    Stand by 10 minutes and afterward take 4 cases with 12oz of water.

    Stand by 10 minutes and afterward take 4 additional cases with 12oz of water.

    Stand by 10 minutes and afterward take 4 additional cases with 12oz of water.

    This interaction ought to require a little ways beginning to end and you will take a sum of 16 containers, 1 shot and 48oz of water.

    It will take the vast majority at least 3 to 4 excrements to completely clean the poisons off of the body, we prescribe multiple times as a sanity check. Whenever you have peed multiple times you will have 5 hours starting there where your excrements will be all purged, so don’t hold any of them, let them go. Whenever you get to your purifying cutoff time remember to get at halfway.

    Need A Thc Detox Get A Customized Program That Actually Works

    Pass Your Test is the ultimate detox solution. Here’s how they will help you ace that incoming drug test.

    There is nothing as beautiful as having a good smoke it is soul-lifting, fulfilling, and of course, a fabulous yet rewarding experience. A drug test in a few days or weeks can be a bummer.

    It will definitely spoil the craving for a good smoke, but the need to keep your job is also as critical as taking a breath. Otherwise, how are you going to buy your weed?

    Maybe the breath thing is overkill. However, you and I know that the job is pretty important. So how do you enjoy a good smoke and still pass your drug test for that new job?

    This is where Pass Your Test comes in!

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    What To Do If You Need To Cleanse Really Fast

    How to pass a urine test for drugs? THC detox kits are a good option, but what to do if you have just 1-2 days? One of the best but potentially dangerous ways to pass a marijuana test is to use fake urine. It is a tool that is supposed to help you pass a urine test, which is notoriously hard to do. This is one of the best urine test hacks because it lets you make a fake urine sample.

    Compared to liquid urine kits, this one is much easier to use, and the urine sample itself appears to be more accurate and true to the actual composition of human urine. Synthetic urine is easier than ever to pass a drug test because it contains uric acid and other natural substances.

    How Does A Cleansing Product Work For Weed

    How To: Set Fail Safe FlySky GR3E Receiver

    First and foremost, if you use CBD products with minuscule levels of THC , your chances of failing a drug test are minimal not impossible, but minimal. THC is the most famous psychoactive compound in marijuana and in most states, if THC shows up in a urinalysis, you will likely be fired.

    Regardless of the drug you take, the active compound doesnt stay in its pure form for very long in the bloodstream. Rather, it breaks down into smaller units in the body via a series of chemical reactions that work to metabolize the compound. Drug tests focus on measuring the level of these metabolized units, rather than the actual active drug compound itself.

    In the case of marijuana, for instance, THC is known to break down into THC-COOH after the liver processes it, and this is ultimately what urine tests look for. Generally speaking the acceptable range of THC-COOH in the urine is anywhere from 20 ng/ml to 100 ng/ml, depending on the cutoff limit that the employer sets. For a lot of employers 50 ng/ml of THC is the normal cutoff level, so if your THC urinalysis screening shows up any higher than this, youll likely fail the test.

    However, it also pays to understand how frequency of marijuana use can affect THC levels in an individuals blood or urine. If you seldom smoke marijuana , the active THC compound will probably stay in your system for 3 to 6 days.

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    Pass Your Test Products

    On the Pass Your Test website, you will find many Nutra Cleanse products with their specific use cases. The Nutra Cleanse detox products help you remove toxins from your body and help you deal with any drug test.

    There is also a wide range of Nutra Cleanse products specifically made for people looking to clear a drug test successfully to get a new job or any other reason.

    Thc Detox Kits: Best Detox Drinks For Weed And Pills To Pass A Drug Test

    If you are in search of the best THC detox kit and weed detox drinks to help you pass a drug test, there are lots of quality options for you to consider. It is common for individuals to get tested when seeking employment or about to participate in a major tournament. But, if you have consumed weed in recent times, THC might be found in your bloodstream and urine. Therefore, to pass the drug test and avoid its consequences, marijuana detox kits and detox drinks work fast in clearing the illicit compound from your body. These methods work best for a urine drug test. Learn more about the best THC detox kit from this detailed article.

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    Tips For Getting The Best Results

    Prior to your official cannabis drug test, be sure follow these guidelines along with following the instructions that come along with your chosen test kit in order to obtain the best results:

    • Avoid toxins for as long as possible before your deadline. The longer you avoid toxins before your cleanse, the better the results will be.
    • Incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle. Avoid high-fat, greasy foods, processed food and fast food that slow the detoxification process.
    • Up your intake of protein and healthy greens as listed in the diet menu included with every Pass Your Test product.
    • Avoid any alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, and non-crucial medications.
    • Try and consume at least 100oz of liquids each day while following the cleansing program.

    Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

    Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit Where To Buy

    Synthetic Urine is another product that produces fake urine that might help you pass a pee test. It comes with everything you need to make the composition and texture of your Urine look as real as possible.

    With the addition of urea and other ingredients, Quick Fixs fake urine is as close to real urine as possible. Also, the heat pad that comes with the set gives it even more value.

    Human urine was used in making the synthetic urine by Quick Fix. It consists of sulfates, ammonia, creatinine, coloring, and uric acid. It is the same as real human urine, in terms of temperature, pH, consistency, viscosity, and weight. There is no chance of getting in touch with anything that could be dangerous. People of any race or gender can also use this substance to pass a drug test.

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    The 5 Day Extreme Detox By Nutra Cleanse

    The 5 Day Extreme Detox by Nutra Cleanse is the most popular detox program out there and has been featured in Vice and High Times. The kit permanently flushed THC and nicotine from your body after 5 days and includes 2 home THC testing kits to verify that you are clean after the program is complete. This product is a goto for daily users or those that weight over 200 pounds.

    Is It Safe To Use A Detox Product

    THC detoxes are completely safe. Multiple detoxes comprise diuretics. This requires you to stay hydrated at all times. When using such products, you should always be well hydrated. Also, these products may contain vitamin complexes. These may cause mild digestive issues but nothing serious. All you need to ensure is to follow the instructions as directed with a healthy diet. Not to mention, always speak with your doctor before consuming any detox product.

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    Nutracleanse Fail Safe Kit Reviews In 2022 Is It Reliable

    Updated on June 24, 2022- Written by Christopher

    You must undergo a drug test if you want a new job.

    So, whether you are a daily smoker or a less frequent smoker, you must pass that test.

    Even if you are under employment, still, your employer can ask for a drug test anytime!

    Under which a positive test can result in getting fired from the job.

    Or you can also not get hired for the job in the first case.

    Therefore to pass your test, you need to wait for several months to let your system automatically detoxify, or you need detox products that can help you pass your test.

    It is where Nutra Cleanse Products come into play.

    With this Nutra Cleanse Products review, you will know whether these cleansing products work accurately and if you can trust them for your upcoming drug test.

    Lets find out:

    Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program

    Child Safe Kit Police Endorsement

    Nutra Cleanse Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program is a complete all-in-one product designed to help you pass any drug test. Made for people who are light to moderate users, even heavy users may use it as long as their body fat is average or lower. This works for blood, urine, and hair drug test and is the proper selection for people who need to guarantee they can pass any drug test theyre put through. With the product, you get the Clean Caps, Cleanse Pre-Cleanse Formula, Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Program, and Folli-Cleanse Shampoo, plus more from Pass Your Test.

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    Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit Reviews: Are They Overselling The Detox Potency

    Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit reviews claim this is the most potent detoxification product that you can buy right now.

    In this full review, Im going to work through the claims by looking at the ingredients and instructions for using the Failsafe Kit, to see if the big claims stack up.

    There are some misconceptions about detoxification kits generally that I want to clear up here as well. Youll definitely understand where this falls in the spectrum of available detox products.

    As well as full review of the pros and cons, Ill also cover some other ways that you can pass a drug test at short notice.

    Buying Guide For Best Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit

    When it comes to cleansing your body of toxins, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best nutra cleanse fail safe kit for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. However, there are certain factors that should be considered when choosing a cleansing program. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    1. Why do you want to cleanse?

    Cleansing can help improve overall health and vitality, reduce stress levels, promote weight loss, and improve digestion. It is important to know your reasons for wanting to cleanse before beginning any program. This will help you choose the right method and product for your needs.

    2. How long do you want to cleanse?

    Cleanses can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. It is important to consider how much time you have available for a cleansing program before making a decision. If you only have a few days, then a short-term cleanse might be more appropriate than a long-term one.

    3. What is your budget?

    Cleansing programs can vary greatly in price depending on the products used and the length of the program. Be sure to consider how much money you are willing to spend on a cleansing kit before making your purchase. There are many affordable options available that can still provide great results.

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    Is Passyourtestcom The Best Way To Pass A Drug Test

    Again, this is a subjective question as there is any number of proven methods out there that cannabis users claim will help you pass a drug test. Some OG potheads will swear on their mothers life that all you have to do is drink a gallon of water and eat half a loaf of bread before your screening, while others say that nothing at all works except 30+ day abstinence breaks .

    However, weve legitimately heard of heavy weed smokers having failed drug tests even after going on 30+ day abstinence breaks .

    With that in mind, it is our recommendation that if you want the best shot possible at passing an important drug test, the Nutra Cleanse products from are a great way to go and a small investment to make if it means the difference of keeping your job or not. In our opinion theyre one of the most reliable brands in the industry and compared to other products that weve tried/heard about, they produce far more reliable results in particular, the multi-day Permanent Cleanse programs.

    All in all, if youre going to buy detox to pass a drug test, youll be hard-pressed to find anything more reliable or effective than the stuff available on PassYourTest.

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