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Can You Wash Your Face With Dove Bar Soap

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. Hereof, is Dove bar soap good for acne?

“It will moisturize your skin.” And moisturize my skin it did! Within ten days those dry red blights were gone, replaced by disgusting greasy acne, the first I’d ever had. This is because Dove soap is a hunk of congealed moisturizer lotion, and does not wash things.

Secondly, can I wash my hair with Dove soap? Dove soap works great for preventing dandruff. Dandruff is produced from oil, not from a dry scalp. Therefore, bar soap, which is meant to wash skin and remove oils, can also remove the oils in the hair. Instead of using natural shampoos, or even worse popular brands of shampoo, I now use Dove soap to shampoo.

Also, what is the best soap to wash your face with?

The 5 Best Bar Soaps For Your Face

  • The All-Around Best Facial Bar Soap For Most. Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar.
  • The Best Bar Soap For Acne-Prone Skin. Shea Moisture African Black Soap.
  • The Best Bar Soap For Dry Skin. Ethique Bliss Bar.
  • The Best Bar Soap For Sensitive Skin. Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Soap Bar.
  • The Best Bar Soap For Oily Skin.
  • Is it bad to use Dove bar soap on your face?

    If You’re Washing to Remove DirtOpt for a mild cleanser like Dove sensitive skin soap. In fact, most antibacterial soaps are too harsh for your face. So avoid the harsh soaps and choose something that will clean off the grime without leaving your skin too parched.

    Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion

    CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion for normal to dry skin is an oil-free moisturizer that is formulated with three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and protect the skin barrier.

    This lightweight moisturizer uses CeraVes MVE Technology for long-lasting hydration that lasts up to 24 hours. The moisturizer is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, meaning it wont clog pores and cause acne and breakouts. The lightweight texture works well under makeup.

    Cetaphil Ultra Sheer Mineral Sunscreen

    Cetaphil Ultra Sheer Mineral Sunscreen is an ultra-lightweight 100% mineral broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 sun protection in the form of 12% zinc oxide to protect against UVA and AVB rays. The sheer formula hydrates skin without leaving a white cast or greasy or oily residue.

    Like CeraVe, this sunscreen is formulated with skincare actives like niacinamide, a brightening, calming and anti-inflammatory ingredient. It also contains pure Vitamin E a potent antioxidant that soothes the skin. Allantoin from the comfrey plant and bisabolol from chamomile provide additional soothing, softening, and skin protection.

    This Cetaphil product dries to a matte finish, making it ideal for those with combination or oily skin types. It also works well under makeup due to its elegant texture and sheer formula.

    All products in Cetaphils Cheer Mineral Sunscreen Line defend against the 5 signs of skin sensitivity:

    • Dryness
    Cetaphil is Ideal for Normal to Oily Skin
    Cetaphil is a Liquid Formula with a Matte Finish
    CearVe Contains 6% Titanium Dioxide and 5% Zinc Oxide, Cetaphil Contains 12% Zinc Oxide

    CeraVe 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 vs Cetaphil Ultra Sheer Mineral Sunscreen

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    Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

    Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is Cetaphils first and best-selling product. This cleanser uses Micellar Technology to attract and remove dirt, makeup, and oil without irritating the skin.

    Its non-foaming and a very useful property of this cleanser is that it can be used with or without water. This makes it ideal for travel or when you are on the go and dont have access to water.

    This Cetaphil face wash would be ideal for sensitive skin since it defends against the five signs of skin sensitivity: irritation, roughness, tightness, dryness and a weakened skin barrier. Its fragrance-free, non-irritating and non-comedogenic, so it wont clog pores.


    CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser vs Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

    Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

    Ultra Repair Gentle Cleansing Bar First Aid Beauty Soap ...

    CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser is all about moisture balance and is formulated for normal to dry skin. While it removes makeup, dirt, oil, and other debris, it doesnt strip the skin and protects the skins natural moisture barrier. This gentle face wash wont leave skin feeling dry or tight thanks to enriching ingredients such as three essential ceramides , and moisture-binding sodium hyaluronate for hydration.

    This CeraVe cleanser also contains glycerin, a humectant that draws water to the skin, and pure vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that protects the skin against environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution.

    The cleanser also contains CeraVes MVE patented technology that releases the product over an extended period of time to relieve dry skin and improve moisture retention. Accepted by the National Eczema Association, this gentle cleanser is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and non-irritating, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

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    Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

    Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar is a soap-free cleansing bar that contains five nourishing ingredients to cleanse the skin and remove makeup, dirt, and oil without over-drying the skin.

    This gentle cleansing bar can be used on both the face and body. While suitable for all skin types, it is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. Non-comedogenic and free of soap and detergents.


    CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar vs Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

    Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser

    Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser is an instant foaming cleanser that removes dirt, oil, and makeup to reveal clean, soft, and healthy skin. It is formulated with skin conditioners and a vitamin complex, including vitamin B5 and vitamin E to clean and purify skin without stripping it of its natural moisture.

    This Cetaphil cleanser has a self-foaming pump which creates an airy lather. This lather dissipates rather quickly after being applied to the skin, yet it rinses away easily without leaving any film or residue on the skin.

    This cleanser is non-comedogenic, so it wont clog pores or irritate the skin. It is formulated for all skin types and proven to be gentle enough for sensitive skin.

    CeraVe is for Normal to Oily Skin, Cetaphil is for All Skin Types

    CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser vs Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser

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    Drunk Elephant Pekee Cleansing Bar

    Drunk Elephant’s vegan soap is both cleansing and moisturizing and contains blueberry extract , honey, and virgin marula oil . A reviewer on Sephora said, “I love this product. I have combination skinâoily forehead, but a very dry nose area. This bar does a great job of removing the oil without drying my nose area. I’ve been using this bar, in conjunction with my Foreo Mini at night. I’ve noticed my skin is smoother and has a healthy glow.”

    Which Mineral Sunscreen Is Better

    Review: Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

    If you want a sunscreen with the highest sun protection, then you should choose Cetaphil, as it has SPF 50 compared to CeraVes SPF 30. Since CeraVes formula is tinted a medium shade, it may not work for all skin tones.

    Otherwise, choose based on your skin type. Those with dry skin may prefer CeraVes formula while those with combination and oily skin might prefer Cetaphil for its lightweight texture and matte finish.

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    Whats The Ph Of Soap: Final Words

    Theres one uber important learning from the above pH of soaps list and its this. Just because a soap says sensitive, baby or gentle, it doesnt automatically mean its pH balanced. Take Johnsons baby soap as an example, independent teams of scientists in 2016 tested it to have a soap pH balance of 11.9.

    Not so skin friendly.

    Be savvy. Know your bar soap pH. Avoid dry skin and be happy.

    Are you a bar soap lover? Which do you use? Want to know the pH of a soap not on the pH of soaps list above? Drop its name in the comments below and Ill be sure to try find out

    Cerave Vs Cetaphil Comparison: Which Is Better

    For each CeraVe vs Cetaphil comparison, youll see a table with similarities and differences between each product so that you can decide what would work best for your skin. What might be the better choice for one person might not be the best choice for someone else.

    Please note that youll see a WHICH IS BETTER section under each of the product comparisons. Keep in mind that there wont be a definitive answer as these picks are very subjective. Product ingredients and benefits will be explained so that you can make the best choice for your skin and skin condition. Prices are not considered as pricing varies and may change over time.

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    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Gentle Cleansing Bar

    A moisture-rich bar soap that gently and effectively cleanses skin from head-to-toe while nourishing and calming, leaving skin hydrated, soft and smooth. It is the daily cleansing solution for all members of the family.

    The creamy cleansing lather rinses off easily and leaves skin residue-free. Itâs formulated with skin loving ingredients, including Colloidal Oatmeal and Allantoin to help calm and soothe, as well as Shea Butter and Squalene to hydrate and help preserve the skinâs natural moisture barrier. Botanical-rich FAB Antioxidant Booster and Vitamin E further enrich this gentle formula.


    • Using a soft cloth, loofa or hands, work bar soap into a lather and apply to the body while bathing or showering.
    • Rinse completely with water. Use daily as needed.

    Cerave Hydrating Cleanser Bar

    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Gentle Cleansing Bar, 5 oz ...

    CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar is a soap-free cleansing bar formulated with 5% moisturizing cream. Ideal for normal to dry skin this bar cleanser removes dirt oil and makeup without stripping your skins natural moisture barrier. It has CeraVes patented MVE Delivery Technology built in to release moisture for up to 24 hours.

    This bar cleanser contains glycerin, three essential ceramides, and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate, nourish and protect your skin. Plus its non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, and accepted by the National Eczema Association, which means that it meets its criteria for use by those with sensitive skin or eczema.

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    Other Customers Purchased Instead

    This moisture-rich bar soap gently and effectively cleanses head to toe, while simultaneously nourishing and calming, leaving skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Formulated with Ultra Repairs skin loving ingredients, including Colloidal Oatmeal and Allantoin to calm and soothe as well as Shea Butter and Squalane to moisturize, hydrate and preserve the skins natural moisture barrier. Botanical-rich FAB Antioxidant Booster and Vitamin E further enrich this gentle formula. The creamy cleansing lather rinses easily and leaves skin residue-free. Free of fragrance and skin irritating ingredients, this head-to-toe soap is safe for all members of the family, even babies. Ultra Repair Gentle Cleansing Bar provides effective cleansing while leaving skin hydrated, soft and smooth.


    • Suitable for all skin types.
    • Calms and nourishes skin.
    • Helps preserve skins moisture barrier.

    Please Note: Formulated with Squalane that is plant derived.


    Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser

    CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser is an oil control cleanser that is formulated for normal to oily skin. It cleanses the skin with a gentle foam to get rid of makeup, dirt, oil, and other impurities without altering your skins natural moisture barrier.

    This gel cleanser removes excess oil without stripping the skin or leaving it feeling dried out. The cleanser is formulated with three essential ceramides, glycerin, low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide to protect, soothe and hydrate the skin.

    Its non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, and non-irritating to the skin. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, this cleanser is ideal for your skin as it is gentle but targets excessive oil that can clog pores and eventually lead to acne and breakouts.

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    Whats The Ph Balance Of Your Skin

    The pH of what you use on your face matters a skyscraper sized amount. Why? Because you guessed it my fellow skin savvy, your face also has a pH aka a pH balance.

    Over the years what scientists, dermatologists, doctors and healthcare professionals thought ideal skins pH balance was has changed.

    p.s. and the advertising you see/pH claims on bar soap labels, well theyre still catching up!

    Why the change? Well imagine asking someone if their hungry right after eating a 5 course Friday night banquet. The answers a sure-fire no, but ask again in 2 hours and the new answer might be yes, Im ready and raring for dessert.

    Lots of people measure skin pH after washing. Remember water is pH 7? And if you live with hard water, yours might even be over 8.5. Well water alone can immediately change your skin pH. New learnings have been made on skin that hasnt been washed/cleansed/moisturised/buffed/exfoliated/in contact with detergent washed clothes for a day+. When you look at skin pH here, you get a much better understanding of what true natural pH balance really is.

    Its one of the 4 huge reasons why your should stop washing your face so much.

    Cerave Vs Cetaphil: Which Is Better

    best cleanser for sensitive acne prone skin, neutrogena ultra gentle face wash

    CeraVe and Cetaphil are two popular drugstore skincare brands. Each brand offers several dermatologist-approved skincare products that are both affordable and effective. But how do they compare? Well look at similar products between CeraVe vs Cetaphil to determine which is better.

    Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, or are one of the lucky ones that have normal skin, finding the right product for your skin concerns can be tricky when there are so many options.

    Dermatologists often recommend CeraVe and Cetaphil products, so how can you tell which one is better? It all depends on what your skin needs and your preferences in regard to formula, texture, and fragrance. Lets take a look at each brand and compare nine of each of their skincare products.

    This post contains affiliate links, and any purchases made through these links will result in a commission for me at no extra cost to you. Please read my Disclosure for additional information.

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    Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Cream

    Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Cream is all about hydration. This rich cream improves moisture while helping to protect the skins natural moisture barrier. It builds moisture in the skin for up to 24 hours.

    It is formulated with olive fruit oil, rich in oleic acid, a fatty acid that nourishes the skin. This plant oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. The cream also contains glycerin and additional vitamin E to soothe and moisturize the skin.

    This Cetaphil cream is extremely hydrating, so much so that it would probably not be the best choice for combination and oily skin. Instead, this cream is ideal for those with normal to dry skin and even those with sensitive skin. Those with dry skin would really appreciate the intense hydration, moisture, and skin barrier protection provided by this cream.


    CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream vs Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Cream

    CeraVe contains sodium hyaluronate to hydrate while Cetaphil contains olive fruit extract for hydration. The textures are different, as CeraVe is thicker and forms a film on the skin. Cetaphil isnt as thick but leaves skin very hydrated.

    Which Eye Cream Is Better

    CeraVe Eye Repair Cream has long been one of my favorite drugstore eye creams and continues to be after trying Cetaphil for one reason: Cetaphil is fragranced. If fragrance doesnt bother you, Cetaphil could be a great choice for you.

    I really love the ingredient list of Cetaphil Eye Gel-Cream and it moisturizes and hydrates under the eyes and works well under makeup. I just wish it wasnt fragranced.

    While I dont expect miracles from any eye cream, CeraVe Eye Repair Cream hydrates, brightens, and works well under makeup and concealer. Plus, its fragrance-free so CeraVe wins this comparison.

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    Cerave 100% Mineral Sunscreen Spf 30

    CeraVe 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 is a 100% mineral broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 sun protection in the form of 6% titanium dioxide and 5% zinc oxide.

    CeraVe formulated this sunscreen with skin-loving ingredients like three essential ceramides to lock in moisture and protect the skin barrier. Niacinamide offers anti-inflammatory properties, brightens the skin, boosts collagen production and strengthens the skin barrier. Sodium hyaluronate is moisture-binding and helps skin hold onto water.

    This mineral sunscreen is tinted a medium shade to help offset any potential white cast that typically comes along with mineral sunscreens. Its fragrance-free, oil-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

    Multivesicular Emulsion Delivery Technology : First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Gentle ...

    CeraVes Multivesicular Emulsion Delivery Technology is a delivery system that makes CeraVe products more effectual. An MVE sphere holds active ingredients such as ceramides, fatty acids, and water-binding agents. These time-released spheres create multiple phases of moisture release by slowly dissolving and releasing the actives onto the skins surface.

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    Cerave Eye Repair Cream

    Cerave Eye Repair Cream is formulated for dark circles and puffiness. It contains a Marine & Botanical Complex for brightening. It also contains anti-ager niacinamide, hydrating sodium hyaluronate, and three essential ceramides.

    The eye cream also contains pure vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, and soothing aloe. Asparagopsis Armata extract, also known as red algae extract, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and horsetail extract has anti-inflammatory and toning benefits.

    This eye cream uses CeraVes patented MVE Delivery Technology to continually release moisture for long-lasting hydration. It sinks into delicate under-eye skin quickly and works well under makeup.

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