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Water Lemon Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

Homemade Detox Lemonade Cleanse

Cayenne Pepper Tea Hot Lemon Water Morning Mini Cleanse

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This Homemade Detox Lemonade Cleanse recipe is the perfect way to start the New Year. Achieve those resolutions with this easy and delicious spin on the Master Cleanse recipe! This warm lemon detox recipe tastes great, is super simple, and will get you ready for Summer any time of year!

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Is The Master Cleanse A Healthy Choice For You

One evidence-based way to evaluate any diet is to determine whether it meets the USDAs Dietary Guidelines. The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines recommend following a balanced, varied diet that supplies fruits, vegetables, grains, lean meats, plant proteins, dairy foods, and healthy fats.

Deviating from this type of eating plan can occasionally serve your health goals. In the short term, the Master Cleanse may be effective for a quick drop in body weight, though a drastic drop is often not advised by health care professionals. Its not a sustainable weight loss solution and it doesnt provide adequate calories. It also doesnt educate followers on how to eat well after the cleanse is over.

The Master Cleanse does not adhere to USDA guidelines and it is therefore not considered a healthy eating plan.

Use the following tool to calculate how many calories you should consume each day to hit your weight loss goals.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Cayenne Detox Cleanse

This is designed to go along with a colon cleanse but is also good for immune support and detoxifying the body.

The combination of apple cider vinegar, lemon, and cayenne removes toxins, breaks down mucous, kills harmful bacteria and encourages the elimination of waste products.

Start with 4 liters of pure water, 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, the juice of one lemon, and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

Mix all together, drink one large glass in the morning and refrigerate the rest to drink as much as you can throughout the day.

Whatever you dont finish by bedtime, throw away and make the new drink the next morning.

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How To Follow The Diet

During the lemon-honey-cayenne cleanse, no solid food is allowed. All your calorie consumption comes from the drink you make with cayenne pepper, lemon and honey. You can consume the mixture whenever you’re hungry, though it’s recommended that you have at least six glasses every day.

Other than the Master Cleanse detox drink, dieters are advised to drink a quart of warm salt water in the morning to promote bowel movements. If dieters experience constipation, use of herbal laxative teas is permitted.

Dieters are advised to follow the diet for at least 10 days but can continue for up to 40 days if desired. There is no scientific evidence to support the recommendations. Proponents of this diet claim your body needs 10 days to eliminate toxins and the longer you stay on the program, the more weight you’ll lose.

The lack of solid food sets you up for nutrient deficiencies. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, lack of sufficient protein may lead to swelling, muscle loss and thinning hair. The Academies also says a lack of iron can lead to anemia and extreme fatigue. The effects depend on which nutrients are deficient, how deficient you are, and how long the deficiency remains.

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Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking This Lemon Water Every Day

Master Cleanse

A few years ago, my pilates teacher introduced me to cleanse water with lemon and cayenne pepper, which has become part of my daily routine. Plain water has never been my thing, and this combination makes it much easier to up my intake.

Variations of this lemon and cayenne drink are nothing new. In fact, this tonic has actually been around since the 1940s!

So, does it work? Well, anecdotal evidence and lemon water advocates claim that drinking this cleanse water will help your body get rid of toxins, lose weight, and enjoy improved energy.

In terms of actual science, though, there is little compelling research to support the efficacy of detox cleanses or even the need for internal cleansing . It is the liver and kidneys job to rid the body of toxins, and theyre great at what they do best!

Still, there are plenty of reasons to be drinking lemon water. For one thing, its tasty! And one of the most effective ways to actually support your body in its natural detoxification process is to be well-hydrated, so lemon water is perfect for that.

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What Should I Expect As Far As My Body Is Concerned While I Go Through The Master Cleanse

As I said before everybody is going to have a different experience. In general you will see your body go through waves of both pain and euphoria. The first couple of days seem to be the hardest for most people. Your body is going to expel a lot of dark materials when you have a bowel movement, and you might see your tongue turning gray or whitish. Dont panic because thats normal. While your body continues the cleansing process you bowel movements are going to get lighter in color. They will have less body and your tongue is going to change to a pink color which is an indicator that your have a health and renewed system.

Its Not Appropriate For Everyone

Very low-calorie diets like the Master Cleanse are not appropriate for everyone .

Women who are pregnant or lactating should not do the Master Cleanse, since they need larger amounts of calories and nutrients.

It is also not appropriate for those with a history of eating disorders, since restrictive dieting and laxative use may increase the risk of relapse .

People who take insulin or sulfonylureas to manage blood sugars should also use caution before starting a juice cleanse, as they may develop low blood sugar.

Anyone with a history of heart issues should consult with their doctor before fasting in order to avoid possible electrolyte imbalances that might affect the heart .


The Master Cleanse diet lacks many of the important nutrients your body needs, and may be difficult to maintain. This diet is not appropriate for everyone, and may cause unpleasant side effects in some people.

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Cayenne Pepper And Lemon Cleanse

The lemon cayenne cleanse, also called the “master cleanse,” the “cayenne pepper and lemon cleanse,” or the “lemonade cleanse,” is a short-term detox diet similar to a juice fast. The cleanse claims to loosen and eliminate congestion, and this is thought to detoxify your body and help you lose weight.

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How To Ease Off The Master Cleanse

Natural Remedies & Nutrition : About the Lemon Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

When you break a fast like the Master Cleanse, it is very important to slowly ease yourself back into your normal diet in order to avoid serious digestive problems. In The Master Cleanser, Stanley Burroughs recommends the following regimen at the end of your fast:

Day 1Orange Juice Only

Slowly drink several 8oz glasses of fresh-squeezed organic orange juice as desired during the day. The orange juice prepares the digestive system to properly digest and assimilate regular food. If there has been any digestive difficulty prior to and during the changeover, extra water may be taken with the orange juice.

Day 2Orange Juice + Vegetable Soup

Drink several 8oz glasses of fresh-squeezed organic orange juice during the day with extra water if needed. Sometime during the afternoon, prepare an organic vegetable soup as described below. Make enough for 2 meals. Have the soup for the evening meal using the broth mostly, although some of the vegetables may be eaten. Organic whole grain rye wafers may be eaten sparingly with the soup, but no bread or crackers. Store the remaining soup in the refrigerator.

Day 3 OJ, Soup, Veggies, Salad, Fruit

Drink fresh-squeezed organic orange juice in the morning. At noon have some more of the organic vegetable soup.

For the evening meal have whatever is desired in the form of organic vegetables, salads or fruit only. Do not eat meat, fish, eggs, bread, pastries, caffeinated tea or coffee, alcohol, sugar or milk.


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Lemon Cayenne Water Recipe: An Old Time Remedy Made New

When I saw the title Lemon Cayenne Pepper Water, I did a double take. Really? I thought, I cant believe it. You see, when I was a little girl I had nearly continuous respiratory problems. It didnt help that in 1959 when I was seven years old, my entire second grade class and I had pertussis, otherwise known as whooping cough. Lemon cayenne water was one of the ingredients my mother gave me while I was sick.

If youve had your immunizations, the chances are youve never encountered the ugly childhood disease. One of its characteristics is that the sufferer will cough frequently with a deep whooping sound that gives rise to the common name. Today there are medications for the disease. If there were any in 1959, my family didnt know about them.

What does that have to do with a lemon cayenne drink?

If you are a parent, youll do almost anything to help your child shake that horrible cough. For nearly a full nine months, every morning I drank a vile mixture of mullein tea with lemon and cayenne. It helped, but it was years before I learned why. With that history, Im sure you can see why I was happily amazed to see lemon cayenne water being touted as a cleanse and a way to lose weight.

Who Is A Lemon And Cayenne Pepper Water Diet For

This diet is a quick solution for those who are interested in losing some pounds for special occasions, but it is not a permanent solution as the weight lost will be regained once you resume previous eating habits. You must control your dieting habits along with this diet in order to achieve fruitful results, but if this dieting is extended for longer periods of time, it can result in complications such as muscle wasting and nutrient deficiencies. The only solution to control and reduce weight is regular exercises and a healthy diet. If youre already suffering from any medical conditions, you must consult your physician first for better recommendations regarding the use of this diet.

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The Master Cleanse Instructions

Here are the daily and nightly instructions for your Master Cleanse. Begin it with a Salt-Water Flush followed up by consuming your Master Cleanse concoction. Drink lots of water. At night have a laxative tea.

Here are the ingredients

  • 1 Quart of Salt-Water Flush Laxative
  • 1 Quart of Warm Water
  • 2 Teaspoons of Un-Iodized Sea Salt

Through the day drink 60 ounces of a lemonade concoction. You can find the master cleanse lemonade concoction recipe for a whole day below. You can drink all the water you want to help you feel full. The Cayenne pepper will help to suppress your appetite and contains a modest amount of vitamins B and C. Use more if you like.

At night drink some kind of herbal laxative tea. If it has senna leaf it should work quite well. Smooth Move is recommended.

The Recipe for the Lemonade Concoction is this

  • 60 Ounces Filtered Water
  • 12 Tablespoons Organic Maple Syrup
  • 12 Tablespoons Fresh Squeezed Lemon
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper Powder

It can be a difficult process but going through the Master Cleanse can change your life. Again, it is always best to consult with your physician before going through a cleanse.

How To Make The Secret Detox Drink

10 Best Lemon Water and Cayenne Pepper Drink Recipes

The first step in making my secret detox drink is to warm 12 to 16 ounces of water.

Now all you have to do is add your ingredients. Start by adding 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your warm water.

Then stir in ½ to 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon and a dash of cayenne pepper.

The last two ingredients are 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of raw, local honey, which is optional, but will add a little sweetness to your drink.

Stir it all together, and your detox drink is ready to enjoy. I like to have it when its still warm, but you can drink it at any temperature.

For more intense detoxification, I recommend drinking this detox drink three times daily about 20 minutes before meals for two weeks to flush out toxins. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to cleanse your body and boost your energy, have this drink once a day before breakfast or lunch.

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What Are The Benefits Of This Liquid

With a mixture of lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup, this drink is meant to jump start your metabolism and give you enough calories and carbohydrates to get you through the day. Cayenne pepper is a metabolic booster, while maple syrup is an unprocessed, natural sugar which provides your body with energy. Because lemons contain antioxidants, they help to flush toxins out of your system.

How To Lose Weight On The Master Cleanse/ Cayenne Pepper Diet

Users of the master cleanse, or lemonade diet, are advised not to jump straight into and out of the diet, but rather to slowly ease into and out of the master cleanse diet.

The experts of the cayenne pepper diet recommend following the laid out process because it gives the body a fair chance to prepare for the upcoming liquid fast.

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What To Try Next

  • Want more detoxifying elixirs? Try my Detox Veggie Soup. Not only is it great for reducing bloating and water retention, it’s also really yummy!
  • Want a gentle at-home workout that will help you reduce fat and feel amazing? Try Barre Blend for free.Want to create healthier habits so you can become naturally lean? Check out my simple behavior-modification program that will help you build better habits so you can create a healthier, happier life.

What Alternative Ingredients Can I Use

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper and Lemon Water: Uses and Recipe

Well, there are some like

  • Lemons If you dont like lemons you can try limes. The closer to the original recipe the better.
  • Maple Syrup You can substitute molasses or cane juice for maple syrup. They give you the essential nutrients and calories you need. Molasses and cane juice have proven to be excellent replacements for getting through the Master Cleanse. Dont try to use any other alternative sweeteners because they wont contain the necessary calories and nutrients for the cleanse.
  • Cayenne Pepper Be sure you stick with cayenne because it is the best. There are some alternative peppers you can use though, that will still give you the necessary nutrients for your cleanse. Youll have to do some research on it to see what options you have, but if you can just stay with the Cayenne.
  • Salt For the cleanse you should use either sea-salt or non-iodized salt. Iodized salt should not be used, neither should refined salt or table salts.
  • Laxatives I want to strongly emphasize that you use what is suggested, which is a Salt Water Flush and a Smooth Move . There are a couple of alternatives which are Bentonite and Psyllium. Psyllium is a hefty fiber that you grind up into a powder and mix with a drink. The Bentonite is actually a clay and it extracts the toxins from the intestines. Using a combination of both of them makes a real powerhouse of a laxative. You can also use them individually. I recommend following the Master Cleanse directions to the letter.

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How To Prepare For The Master Cleanse

Give your body a chance to prepare for the fast. Most experts suggest a period of four to five days before you begin the actual lemonade diet.

Day 1Eliminate Unhealthy Foods.

On the first day of easing in, begin to develop more awareness about the foods you choose and notice which are fresh and raw. Begin to focus on these types of food and eliminate all processed foods, meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. Choose organic whole foods.

Day 2 Fruits and Vegetables

On Day 2, completely eliminate all processed foods, meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and processed sugars from your meals. Instead, opt for fresh, organic fruits and fresh, organic vegetables.

Day 3Liquids Only

Switch to a liquid diet to prepare your body and mind for the days ahead. If you have a juicer or blender, then make fresh vegetable and fruit smoothies and juices from organic produce. You can also make light vegetable soups and broths for this day.

Day 4Orange Juice Only

In The Master Cleanser, author Stanley Burroughs cautions readers to break their fast with a day of consuming only orange juice. Use this same strategy for the last day of the easing-in period. Drink several glasses of fresh-squeezed, organic orange juice during the day. If you feel hungry, you can add a tablespoon or two of maple syrup to the juice.

Also, drink plenty of water. At night, in preparation for starting the lemonade diet, take the laxative tea.

Day 5Start the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

Lemon Water And Red Pepper Cayenne Detox

Video taken from the channel: Delightfulace Watson


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Lemon Water and Cayenne Pepper Detox Juice Detox Diet. Juice detox diets, such as the master cleanse detox and cayenne pepper detox, have been gaining Cayenne Pepper for Weight Loss. A review that was published in the May 2017 issue of the Portland Press, explains that Benefits of Lemon.

The lemon, cayenne pepper, honey and water diet is a twist on the Master Cleanse diet, which features maple syrup instead of honey. Popularized by Beyonce Knowles in preparation for her role in the movie Dreamgirls, this detox diet promises to help you lose weight over its 10-day plan.Making this lemon water and cayenne pepper drink is much easy and you can prepare it daily to consume for effective weight loss. You need to put 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in the very warm or slightly hot water .

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it to the maximum. Mix the drink well and drink it!When you are done the cayenne pepper, maple syrup, lemon and water fast you have to ease your system back into eating normal foods. Start with diluted orange juice in small amounts the first day.

Next move to more orange juice a little less diluted and vegetable broth in.Lemon and cayenne pepper detox is a program when you drink only this juice for ten days. This will take considerable restraint, and it may be challenging, but you need to stick to your guns.

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