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Wet Nap Hands & Face Cleansing Wipes

Effect On Sewage Systems

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Water management companies ask people not to flush wet wipes down toilets, as their failure to break apart or dissolve in water can cause sewer blockages known as fatbergs.

Since the mid-2000s, wet wipes such as baby wipes have become more common for use as an alternative to toilet paper in affluent countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. This usage has in some cases been encouraged by manufacturers, who have labelled some wet wipe brands as “flushable”. Wet wipes, when flushed down the toilet, have been reported to clog internal plumbing, and public sewer systems. The tendency for fat and wet wipes to cling together allegedly encourages the growth of the problematic obstructions in sewers known as “fatbergs“. In addition, some brands of wipes contain alcohol, which can kill the bacteria and enzymes responsible for breaking down solid waste in septic tanks. In the late 2010s, other alternatives such as gel wipe had also come on to the market.

In 2019, the industry body Water UK announced a new standard for flushable wet wipes. Wipes will need to pass rigorous testing in order to gain a new and approved “Fine to Flush” logo. As of January 2019, only one product had been confirmed to meet the standard, although there were about seven others in the process of being tested.

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