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Women’s 7 Day Cleanse Vitamin Shoppe

Follicular/proliferative Phase Aka Spring


Its spring, things are starting to rise and bloom! In response to rising oestrogen following the menstrual phase, the lining of the endometrium starts to thicken again to prepare for implantation of an egg. It is during this phase that we often start feeling lighter, more energised and lets be honest- thriving.

Utilise this new found motivation to fuel your body with a variety of wholefoods to ensure oestrogen levels do not rise too dramatically, higher than normal oestrogen levels can drive period pain, heavy bleeds, sore breasts and bigger mood swings.

This phase is the perfect time to load up on cruciferous vegetables such as kale, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and leafy greens. These types of vegetables are high in sulforaphane and other nutrients which enhance oestrogen detoxification via the liver and bowel.

Another important note on oestrogen metabolism is fibre. High fibre foods ensure you are removing excess oestrogen via the bowel, if you arent moving your bowels everyday this can cause hormonal imbalances. Include more fruits, vegetables and grains.

Hydration is essential to support healthy bowel motions and energy levels so stay on top of your water intake to feel your best during this phase.

Think: Kale slaw, crispy roasted brussel sprouts, flaxseed and chia pudding, rice paper rolls.

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Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse 12 Oz Powder

The Vitamin Shoppe® Women

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How To Use The Cleaner

Youll take The Cleaner in stages. Take four capsules on the evening of day one. Take four capsules in the morning and again in the evening of days two through seven.

When taking this supplement, you will need to drink eight glasses of water, or the ingredients may build up and prove to be ineffective.

How Did The Cleaner Start

The Cleaner detox was released in 2011 from supplement manufacturer Century Systems, Inc. Century Sytems, Inc has a BBB rating of A+. They also have a customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars, though theres only been one review. No customer complaints have been filed on the BBB website.

Scroll below for one of the best products weve seen over the last year.

Below are some of the components included in The Cleaner 14-day cleanse:

  • Ginger root

The Cleaner contains a total of 33 ingredients.

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Century Systems The Cleaner Day Women’s Formula Reviews

Century systems the cleaner day women’s formula reviews -Choose from men’s and women’s 7 or 14 day formulas to. No bitter, bad tasting liquids. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for century systems the cleaner 7 day womens formula capsules at the. Without water it would be just like leaving all of the suds on your dishes. I saw comments on monthly use but that goes against. It includes organ and parasite cleansing in easy to swallow capsules. You only have one bottle and one capsule to keep up with. One type of capsule and no mixing. Body detox, women’s formula, 7 day, capsules 52 capsules dietary supplement. After use of the cleaner, clothes may fit loosely in the stomach area due to the elimination of waste.

The ultimate body detox helps remove waste pounds. Choose from men’s or women’s 7 & 14 day formulas. It will deliver results within 1 to 2 weeks on daily usage. It can get confusing to have all of those bottles and confusing amounts. The cleaner 7 day women’s formula by century systems | the vitamin shoppe.

Century Systems The Cleaner Women’s 14Day Formula 104 Capsules eBay

I stopped taking it immediately. The cleaner is superior for several reasons. It utilizes the powerful ability of natural plant extracts and other molecules perfectly combined to cleanse your colon, liver, kidney and other body organs so as to make you feel lighter and healthier.

Century Systems The Cleaner Women’s 7Day Formula 52 Capsules

Menstrual Phase Aka Winter

One week Detox Diet Plan | 7 Day Cleansing Diet to Lose Weight | Alkalising Diet | Lose up to 5 kgs

The menstrual phase is the first 5 days of your cycle, the first day of your cycle is counted from the first day of your menstrual bleed/period. Declining levels of progesterone eventually lead to the endometrium to shed. During this phase we can feel the need to rest and take it easy. During menstruation we lose between 5-80mL of blood over the course of our bleed, this may sound like a lot but it equates to up to 6 tablespoons. Important nutrients like iron are lost through menstruation especially if you have a heavier bleed so it can be helpful to up iron intake during this phase.

Thinking of this phase as Winter can help remind you to eat more warm and cooked foods, these are actually easier to digest as they are partially broken down and can deliver nutrients to our bodies more easily. Incorporating more warming spices can also be a nice way to lower inflammation and pain.


  • Slow cooked meals such as soups and stews. Bonus points for including iron rich foods such as beef, lamb, chicken, lentils or organ meats. Adding a nice source of vitamin C can support iron absorption, always add some leafy greens, lemon juice, strawberries or pineapple with meals.
  • Spices such as turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper. Ginger is a herb that has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is great for period pain and cramps, it has been compared in studies to common NSAIDS like paracetamol and ibuprofen .


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The Cleaner And Customer Service

They offer a no questions asked refund. However, you need to return the unused portion of the product to them. They will also include the price of standard post office shipping in your refund. You can contact their headquarters at 120 Selig Dr. SW Atlanta, GA, 30336 USA for all your customer service inquiries.

Phone number: 1800-THE-WOMAN

There are various detoxifying alternatives, which include:

What Is The Cleaner

The Cleaner is a body detox supplement that claims to promote the proper elimination of waste from the body. It comes in the form of pills. If youd like to contact the company you can reach them at PO Box 43725 Atlanta, GA 30336-0725, or by phone at 843-9662.

There are multiple varieties of the supplement: The Cleaner Womens Formula 7 Day, The Cleaner Womens Formula 14 Day, The Cleaner Mens Formula 7 Day and The Cleaner Mens Formula 14 Day.

  • National Institutes of Health This government agency warns against any products labeled detoxes or cleanses. They go on to say, some detoxification programs can be unsafe and falsely advertised.
  • Journal of Dietary Supplements Finding research into detox supplements is relatively difficult. But, we did find that research doesnt support any claim that says a detox can improve body composition or waist circumference.
  • Journal of Pediatric Surgery Theres also not much research into sennas overall safety in adults, but research in children is inconclusive.

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The Vitamin Shoppe Unveils Expansive Line Catered To Women

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Womens bodies have different nutritional needs to support the physical and emotional changes throughout her lifecycle, and the Vitamin Shoppe now has premium wellness formulas aimed at supporting those unique life cycles with a range of 14 supplements to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health.

Clean Up With This Detox And Cleanse Sale At Vitamin Shoppe


Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.Questions? Reach us at .Sponsored content

New Year New You takes a whole lot of work. It is a noble goal, but it does not just happen overnight. Chances are if you lived in a way that you feel needs to be changed so greatly, your body needs more work than just a new diet and some time at the gym.

Living a life less than ideally can do a number on your body in ways not readily apparent. You can be fit on a visual level, but your insides may be racked with toxins that have accumulated during that life of hard living.

Those toxins can do a real number on you. It will make it a lot harder to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Your body will be a little more sluggish and a little harder to mold. Your digestion can be screwed up which is its own massive problem that has a domino effect. Luckily, Vitamin Shoppe has a sale you should use.

Vitamin Shoppe has a sale going on products that will help clean out your body and detox you in short order. That will get you going at the level your body really needs to make the changes you want.

Check out some of the cleansing items on sale at Vitamin Shoppe below.

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The Bottom Line On The Cleaner

The Cleaner is a supplement claiming to help the body detox and gently remove waste. The supplement contains ingredients that may cause a laxative effect. However, there is nothing in the mix that helps with weight loss.

What we look for in weight-loss support is a program, supplement, or exercise plan that works for real people with support and clinical testing, and we found one.

Among the best weight-loss apps weve encountered this year is Noom. We love that Noom works with nutrition professionals and medical doctors to create the best weight-loss experience and support on the market.

Plus, you can access a free trial offer of Noom just because youre a Dietspotlight reader. Check it out today.

You Are In Right Place

Here are some of best sellings 7 day colon cleanse vitamin shoppe which we would like to recommend with high customer review ratings to guide you on quality & popularity of each items.

Best results for 7 day colon cleanse vitamin shoppe

  • The ultimate body detox helps remove toxins and waste pounds by thoroughly cleansing colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, and other organs.
  • Take 4 capsules on the evening of day 1, then take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 in the evening on days 2 through 7.
  • Do not use for more than 7 consecutive days.
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • The ultimate body detox helps remove toxins and waste pounds by thoroughly cleansing colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, and other organs.
  • ake 4 capsules on the evening of day 1, then take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 in the evening on days 2 through 7.
  • Do not use for more than 7 consecutive days.
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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More Detail On The Cleaner Ingredients

Ginger root

Ginger is a member of the Zingiberaceae family, along with turmeric and cardamom. According to NCCIH, ginger root may be beneficial to digestion.

Senna leaf

Senna leaf is an over-the-counter laxative. Senna leaf is FDA approved however, senna can interact with several prescription medications, including birth control.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a succulent that is often touted for its therapeutic properties. JNM Journal published research that found that aloe vera may treat constipation and lower blood sugar levels, but more research is needed.


Bentonite is clay made from volcanic ash, according to the Industrial Minerals Association. It is commonly used as a laxative.

Yellow dock root

Yellow dock root is an herb and an ingredient in laxatives.

Dandelion root

The dandelion root is often used in alternative medicine, but according to NCCIH, there is little evidence to support the dandelion root for weight loss.


The flowering buds of the clove tree are said to have medicinal properties. One study, published in the Journal of Natural Medicines, found that clove helped control blood sugar levels in mice with diabetes.

Black walnut bark

Black walnut is used as an alternative medicine to treat almost everything. There is insufficient evidence regarding black walnuts safety and efficacy as a treatment for any medical condition.

Milk thistle

Triphala extract

Elecampane root

Schizandra berry

Cats claw bark

Calcium citrate

  • Fast-acting all-in-one formula

The Vitamin Shoppe Launches Trueyou A Comprehensive Assortment Of Nutritional Supplements Designed For Every Stage Of A Womans Life


SECAUCUS, N.J., Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ The Vitamin Shoppe®, an omni-channel specialty retailer of nutritional products, today announced the launch of TrueYou, an innovative and extensive assortment of supplements that caters to the unique and evolving needs of women through every stage of their lives. Crafted from premium ingredients and backed by science, TrueYou was created to inspire self-care and balanced wellbeing, empowering every womans brilliant self to shine through.

Applying the industry-leading expertise of The Vitamin Shoppe, TrueYou developed a range of 14 nutritional supplements to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health. Available exclusively at The Vitamin Shoppe and Super Supplements stores, and online at, TrueYou is the comprehensive wellness solution for women seeking to become their best selves.

A defining element of TrueYou formulas is the Womens Equilibrium Blend, a proprietary blend of nutrients selected to support a healthy estrogen balance and a womans overall wellbeing. This blend includes Diindolylmethane , a phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and kale, which research has shown to support a healthy estrogen balance calcium D-glucarate, which has been shown to support liver detoxification and estrogen metabolism and organic broccoli sprouts, which provides potent antioxidants and aids cellular health.

About The Vitamin Shoppe

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Day Colon Cleanse Vitamin Shoppe

LifeFood is the ideal sustenance for sustaining life while allowing accumulated materials to breakdown and dislodge in the intestines for safe delivery out of the body. 3) The balance of sugar, fat, fiber and added minerals in LifeFood make all the difference in your ability to be successful, compliant, and satiated while cleansing. Sugar from tree or wild honey fuels the liver to do the necessary work of purging and pulling toxins from where they are stored. Unheated cold pressed oils from olive, flax, and coconut, offer amazing fatty acids with an emphasis on Omega 3s over the more common Omega 6s. Fiber promotes regular bowel movements while giving gut bacteria plenty of good food, while minerals from Celtic sea salt keep electrolytes in balance. 4) Unlike juice that has gone through heating or pasteurization, LifeFood is never heated, so it contains all the necessary enzymes for its optimal metabolization while maintaining a much higher nutrient content and a much higher life force vibration.

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